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Beauty pageant

Sandy Joil : Canvas to Art of Fashion.



‘’Fashion Is Art And You Are The Canvas’’

We are no more unknown to the world of fashion but the outlook few people have about fashion in an artistic way feels surreal to read and watch. To such humans giving us fashion goals and grabbing the attention of fashion police are the once who see fashion as form of art.

Looking For Fashion Goals? Meet Sandy Joil Pageant Organiser ,Founder Of
Mr Miss & Mrs Universe
Glam World Mr & Miss India

When a person needs no imtroduction because he already has made a mark in the world of limelight needs no inttoduvtion.He Is One Of The Most Well Known And Sought After In The Pageant Industry. In His Career he has Organised And Managed Many Events and flawlessly been Founder And Owner Of Two Beauty Pageants

Sandy Joil Is Currently Based In The City Of Mumbai.He is An Entrepreneur,Fashion Organiser And Event Planner who has been a versatile and dynamic name in the industry.

He Belives “Art Of Living Is The Art Of Giving.”

His Aim Is To Provide A Credible Platform To Individuals From All The Sectors Of The Nations To Showcase Thier Talents And Skills

He Mentioned That There are a lot of talented and capable personalities in our nation, who have capability to do wonder,however due to lack of support and oppurtunities they hesitate coming forward and making a mark.My Motive is to encourage them to come forward and show the world what they are capable of doing.I want to touch as many lives as I can in this venture of mine.I believe that talent has no boundaries and it should stay hidden.If An Individual Has something Special In Him/Her Then the world Should know about it

Kudos to such personality who aspire to inspire and make a remarkable platform for talents to grow and come forward.

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Beauty pageant

Femglam: opening new doors in glamorous industry.



Gone are the times when magazines were only used as a part of the showcase at your house or on the stands on airport and in waiting rooms, because the new definition of magazine is here. Because now fashion magazines are a thing, especially when it highlights the real stories behind every dedicated and determined artist, it becomes a treat for the readers in glam world and outside it also.

And this winter being breezy,cool also turns into an excitement filled winter when we hear about the launch of the biggest fashion and lifestyle magazine of India-Femglam! And we couldn’t control our excitement for its premiere issue!

India’s next generation fashion magazine, Femglam, which has already embarked its path into the digital and print industry is now hitting the newsstands this winter. Femglam Magazine has created an everlasting change in the digital industry and is now ready to take the readers to the next level by setting foot into the print industry with its premiere issue.
Femglam Magazine is the latest glossy on the market, with what has been described as ‘the biggest fashion and lifestyle magazine of India launch’. Copies of this premeiere magazine are to be distributed all over india.

It is the best opportunity and maybe a breakthrough over the ridges for all the aspiring models, designers, makeup artists, bloggers and photographers, jewelry designers, actors, fashion brands, fashion businesses, writers and editors out there. They provide a very unique platform to every artist to unleash and pop up their discovered and undiscovered talents.

This dashing magazine is mainly for youth of today’s generation. They are commited to using their distinctive platform to empower the artists and further amplify their voices in the world of fashion. Femglam promises the readers to provide compelling content, innovative ideas, hot news and much more. It’s your chance to contribute to their premeiere issue.

With the promising Founder / Editor In Chief Rushikesh Raykar,Chief managing director Shivankar Kadu and Creative Director Vijaya Singha we could expect no more but pure class and upto the standard work with Femglam.

Want to set a foot in the industry?? Want to know more about the industry?? Want to experience the journey of the glam world through reading?? Want to know more about the artists?? We are here with the flemglam magazine, waiting for the time when you can grab your copy this winter!

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Beauty pageant

Results announced!Glam World MR AND MISS 2020.



When world needed to stop for a while due to an unseen virus, few of pageants made quarantine extremely interesting by taking pageants online and we were waiting for the results to be announced, so here we are with the results of SANDY JOIL’S GLAM WORLD MR AND MISS INDIA 2020.

The ones who topped the charts in Glam world MISS INDIA included dazzling divas



The Glam world MR INDIA 2020 included the list of talented handsome hunks

Second Runner Up: YASH THORAT. First Runner Up: SANDEEP BK


They were groomed by renowned celebrity groomers in the industry including Anushka Sharma, Snehal Oswal,Priya Rana,Satish Tiwari,Khisar Hussain.

The pageant had famous names behind it including founder Sandy Joil and managing director Amb.Shivankar Kadu.

To know more about Amb. SHIVANKAR KADU click on the link below.

Congratulations to all the winners and runner ups!

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