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Most of us like to read but often we find ourselves boring in between unless you are a voracious reader. Consequently, many of us struggled with finishing books and even more difficult when they are thicker than our wrist. And start feeling that our joy of reading is fading away as it drags us on and the destination never appears.

Books, undoubtedly increases knowledge, focus and your way of seeing the world. It also gives something interesting to talk when you’re discussing around. In short books elevates you in both personal and professional lives. But the problem arises when we are not able to consume the stuffs that are placed in front of us. If you find reading is boring but want to get over this, fortunately there are ways that will definitely helps you to become good reader without breaking your head over them. Embrace this tips and you will be able to accomplish a goal of reading more books.

1. Reading is not task

Don’t keep this mind that Reading is a task and you’ve been assigned to this. It will fade up your interest. Instead, think about the book and content it has. Everytime you pick a book, think that this author knows something more than I do. The mind will automatically be curious to know that and it will create an interest throughout your reading.

2. Slowly and steady

While reading a thick or even a moderate size book, we literally rush to finish it in couple of days or week. You are not participated in a race. Reading is not a short target but long one. Reading slowly and making progress each day not only helps you in finishing the book but gives you more time to appreciate and understand the efforts that author has put in her/his work. So don’t despair, keep going.

3. Reading at same time everyday

As per the research, doing same thing at same time everyday, helps to maintain consistency. That’s why reading at same time everyday helps you to maintain continuity. This has been proven highly effective in overcoming your laziness. Day by day it will improvise your reading habit.

4. Read Multiple books at same time

This strategy may not be work for everyone but if your try and it does, it can actually help you read more book over a long span of time. It’s a challenging and there are chances of getting mixed with the content. In this case you need to pick your genre correctly. Like if you are reading a fiction novel then along with it go for the biographies with some self help stuffs. Biographies and philosophy could be a great combination. This way you can switch from one book to another depending on the frame of mind that your are in that best accommodates it.

5. Use of technology

Reading becomes much more easier than it was before. You don’t need to keep that thick block of oxford dictionary with you. Digital dictionary has a made you easier way to grasp the things. Yes, nothing beats the smell and texture of actual book in your hand. Print format is more comprehensive compared to digital screen. But, sometimes carrying a book around isn’t convenient. Today you can read on tabs, kindle, smartphones as ebook with a several features, also a audiobook will provide a good option.

6. Share what you read

This will help you to make yourself feel constructive. Sharing or passing a knowledge and insights you get from each reading will help inspire someone. Subsequently you can have updates on your graspings. Also you will get more recommendations from other sides too.

7. Buy books that on sale

If you are on frugal, checkout the books that are on sale and buy there. It will be effective way to build your small library. There are so many ecommerce stores that launches book sales, keep looking into it and grow your stack of books. Once they are into your collection, you are gonna read it now or later!

8. Take a notes

While reading any book, always keep your notes diary alongside. Note down the points that you found interesting, make a summary or review or conclusions of the book that you finished. This will be your short note pn that particular. It will help to check your learning as well as the progress you made!

Despite all of this, if there’s no interest on your side to read the book nothing will work. If you have genuine interest then only this habits and techniques can be inculcated. Don’t think too much, grab your copy and start reading and elevate yourself!

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We are hacked already!



We come across various novels and books but there are rare times when we get addicted to the writing style of the writer and we love the way he describes and gets us addicted and we just cannot wait for him to write more!!Similar happens when you place this book in your hands…and guess what boom we are hacked!

The fact that girls find hackers a little attractive! And imagine a hacker writing a book for you and that be a Techno-psycho thriller!( Ps: hacker has got ethics!)

7 Reasons why you should read this Book

Unique and intriguing plot.

I found the plot of this novel to be super amazing that keeps you intrigued throughout. True to his words the author has totally managed to “hack the readers”. The story revolves around a hacker @v! and his friends and how they end up creating a hacking havoc in the city they belong. Who are they? What is their purpose? Will they succeed? It has all been explained in very interesting manner with each chapter in the book ending with a cliff hanger.

Characters you could crush on!

The protagonist appears to be a frustrated IT employee and the office narration though slow at times bring a very realistic picture of corporate life. The evolution of the character or should I say characters is handled brilliantly. And even the not-so-important characters are well shaped. Although I was left a bit disappointed by their abrupt end as the story progresses, Gautam has confirmed he will be writing more books in the hacker series and some of the characters will definitely reappear.

Unique writing style!

I must say, for the new comer, Gautam Mayekar really has a master command over his language. His writing seems raw and real when he describes the frustration of a hacker and also seems vintage when he phrases sentences such as “A cockroach was strolling joyously on the half-eaten pizza lying on the small table, its antennae vying for a signal in all directions, probably blessing the original owner of that pizza.”

Hacking: A treat along with the plot

This aspect of the book is what really makes it unique again. The Software folks can especially relate to the technical jargons mentioned in the book. And the efforts which the author has taken to explain those terms by giving real life examples is what sets this techno-thriller apart from rest of the books. The hacking seems difficult, which is the case if you are familiar with technicalities around it. And yet, with his writing and description the author has made it easy to understand for those with not a very technical background. Even the title of the chapters are written so innovatively in “LEET” language; hacker’s language.

Get ready to experience a thrilling suspense!

I re-read the book to realize that each and every scene has a connection and a secret behind it. Everything written in this book is a build up towards the big reveal at the end. And that is why even when you feel like certain details were unnecessary, continue reading it. Because at the end of the novel, you are satisfied and yet somehow leave with a thinking hat on. If you are into Christopher Nolan, Tarantino movies, then you have to read this book, it has all the elements of those hollywood movie plots.

We are already waiting for the web series!

I am not surprised if this book is soon adapted into a web series or a movie. It is fast paced, unique and has perfect ingredients to be a blockbuster thriller. If rumors are to be believed, some media houses are already working in background to get the deal signed. Let’s wait for the official confirmation thought.

Its the next book you should grab!!!

We have seen 99 percent of books by the new authors tanking in the publishing industry. And yet, this book, though not a mega hit, continues to be among the top reads and downloaded. It deserves a better marketing and visibility I believe. If the word of mouth spreads, this one can really set up a new trend of pyscho-techno-thrillers on the lines of Amish’s mythology trend.

Well now if you don’t buy the book I am pretty sure you have no odea you are missing up on a rollar coaster ride at home!!

And bookworms all ready to raid the book?

Grab your book now!!(Ps: Get ready to be hacked)

Instagram: @gautam_author13

We doing good with your book Mr.hacking specialist author.

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Picky ideas directly from the bookshelf: bet you can’t read just one!



Choosy about books??? Choose wisely!

1. BUT
There are times when we need to correct others or criticize. Always start this process with sincere and honest praise. The problem then occurs when we follow that praise with the dreaded word “BUT”. For example, ” I’ve got to say bro, you’re looking muscular, but your legs look skinny.” So, what started as really nice praise totally collapsed by using the word “but”. The good thing is with some minor tweaking these same words can be said without any negative consequence. Just replace the word “but” with “and” tweak the last sentence. We could say, ” I’ve got to say bro, you’re looking muscular and if you work on your legs a bit more, it will be perfect!”. The book that can give such master lesson is “How to win Friends and Influence people” by Dale Carnegie.

You can buy the book from the link below and start influencing people today!

2. Embrace Constraints

We often think, ” If only I had more more time, I could make more money or get in shape or spend more time at home.” To manage this problem we can shift our focus from wishing we had more time to embracing time constraints. For example, assuming I can only work from 9 to 5, how can I make the most money possible? Assuming I can only write for 15 minutes a day, how can I finish my book? Assuming I can only exercise for 3 hours each week, how can I get in the best shape possible? This line of questioning pulls your focus towards something positive ( getting most out of what is available) rather than negative (worrying about never having enough time). This insightful is from the book “Atomic Habbit” by James Clear.

3. Expectation Adjustment

Expectations have everything to do with happiness and motivation. A hungry teenager in a poor country will have an extremely difficult time understanding why a perfectionist student in a developed country would be depressed for 3 weeks simply because he received a “B” in school. On other hand, a student who expects to fail celebrates for a week when he obtain “B”. The easiest way to become happy may be to adjust our expectations and appreciate what we do have, instead of becoming upset because of things we don’t have. This bog idea is from the book “Actionable Gamification ” by Yu Kai Chou

4. Question of discovery

The common question we ask is “So what you do (for a living)?” Depending on the answer, an invisible status comparison is established which determines who will dominate the rest of the conversation. Instead we should ask questions like “What is your passion?” “What are you reading these days?”  When we ask one another “What are you reading?”sometimes discover the ways that we are similar ,sometimes the ways that we are different. Sometimes we discover things we never knew we shared, other times we open ourselves up to exploring new worlds and ideas. “What are you reading?” isn’t a simple question when asked with genuine curiosity; it’s really a way of asking, “Who are you now and who are you becoming?” This idea is result of book “Good Leaders Ask Great Questions ” by John Maxwell.

5. Someday Syndrome

How many young college graduates have taken demanding jobs in high-powered firms, vowing that they will work hard to earn more money that will enable them to retire and pursue their real interests when they are thirty five? By the time they reach that age, they have large home loans, children to school, credit card Bill’s, house in the suburbs that necessitate at least two cars per family, and a sense that life is not worth living without really good wine and expensive holidays abroad. What are they supposed to do, go back to digging up the roots? No, they double their efforts and keep slaving away with the hope that Someday they will work on their passion. But there is only Monday and Tuesday on the calendar with no room for ‘Someday’. 90% of the people suffer from Someday syndrome. From the book “Sapiens” by Yuval Noah Harari

6. Four capacities

Study of the lives of all the great achievers, those who have made significant contributions reveal a pattern. They all have expanded their four human capacities- Mental (vision), Physical (discipline), Emotional (passion) and Spiritual (conscience). Vision is seeing the world that does not exist. Seeing with mind’s eye what is possible in people, in projects, in cause or in enterprise. Discipline is the price we pay to bring that vision into reality. Passion is the fire, the desire, the strength of conviction and drive that sustains the discipline to achieve its vision. Conscience is the inward moral sense of what is right and what is wrong, drive towards the meaning of contribution. The guiding force to the vision, discipline and passion. From the very insightful book “The 8th Habbit” by Stephen Covey


7. Too many Fucks

Advertisements want you to believe that the key to a good life is a nicer job, a stylish car, a prettier girlfriend. You are bombarded with message to give a fuck about everything. Give a gmfuck about new TV. A better vacation than your co-workers. Why? Because giving a fucks about more stuffs is good for business. Thaugh there’s nothing wrong with good business, problem is that giving too many fucks is bad for your health. It cause you to become overly attached to the superficial and fake, to dedicate your life to chasing a mirage of happiness and satisfaction. The key to a good life is not giving a fuck about more, its giving fuck about less, giving fuck about only what is true and immediate and important. From the book ” The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck” by Mark Manson.

8. Talk like TED

When the top 500 TED Talk speakers were interviewed, their #1 secrete was “passion”. They do it for love, they dont do it for money. Passion leads to mastery and your presentation is nothing without it. Science shows that passion is contagious. You can’t inspire others unless you are inspired by yourself. The most popular TED speaker dont have job a “job”. They have a passion, an obsession, a vocation, not a job. These people are called share their ideas. Invite passionate people into your life. Identifying your passion is one step, but you must share it and talk about what motivates you with other people. Most important link yourself with the others who shares your passion. Thanks to the book ” Talk like TED” by Carmine Galo.

9. Being Creative

Being creative sounds like a hard and abstract task. But creativity isn’t limited to writing, painting and singing. Everytime you make a decision,you have engage in creative thinking. The easiest way to practice creative thinking is come up with more options for a decision. For example,take the task of buying packaged milk. Most of us have our favorite brand, so we run straight to section and grab a box of Amul skimmed milk. But what if you considered a new option? How will Almond milk feed my nutritional needs? You’re thinking creatively! Instead of looking for the only option, think about how you can find the best out of many. That’s creativity. This wonderful idea is from book ” How Successful People Think” by John Maxwell.

10. I Dont know

The more uncertain people are, the more they defend their ideas. When less sure about the situations or subject, they should ideally become flexible. But they don’t. They argue extra hard to convince themselves when they are unsure about the subject. We should honestly define what we do know and stick to those areas. Warren Buffet says, “Know your circle of competence and stick within it. The size of that circle is not very important; knowing its boundaries, however, is vital. Never be afraid to say ‘I don’t know.’ Learned this idea from the book ” The Snowball: Warren Buffet and the Business of Life” written by Alice Schroeder.

11. Small Wins

Life us just a lot better if you feel you’re having 10 small wins a day rather than a big win in 10 years. Breakdown your goals so as to create a consistent feedback loop of small wins. Our subconscious mind doesn’t understand the difference between big achievements and small achievements. It can only differentiate between achievement and failure. It’s the frequency of wins that motivates us, not the size. Says Chris Hadfiled in his book “An Astronaut’s Guide to Life on Earth”. A goal to finish 200 pages book will give us a win-state only after a month. If we broke the goal in 6 pages a day, we win every day. This gives almost 30 positive feedbacks in a month to the subconscious mind.

12. Long term vision

If something is important enough you will even if odd are not in your favor, this inspiring line quoted by visionary entrepreneurs Elon Musk. Irrespective of what our aim is unless we have decided to be in it for a long time it is difficult for us to scale the heights that we are capable of. 2008 was tough year for Musk. Both Tesla and SpaceX was running out of money but this man was in it for long haul. He didn’t care about short term setbacks. He always looked for the future with the hope and was over optimistic in most cases. He pays an obsessive attention in details. For spaceX he wants to reduce the cost of launches and fir Tesla he made it work staying in the game for the long time even though, for years Tesla looked like a disaster. And next is all history. Dont give up. Keep your goal in mind and set long term vision. The lesson I learned from his autobiography book ” Elon Musk” by Ashlee Vance

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