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10 cartoons which made our childhood epic



Today’s generation kids are so stuck in phones with videos games that they miss this wonderful experience of watching cartoons. In our childhood cartoon characters would make the little brain of ours to explore and imagine more and more beautiful things in the world. We as kids watching these cartoons felt connected instantly. Cartoons were our that happy moments from our childhood which would make us forget the pressure of studies, exams. Surely our booster! There are so many of cartoons from our childhood which we used to see on television and talk about it with our friends. The way we used to sing the introduction song and that excitement of waiting for the next episode to telecast, all of that was so precious. We somewhere grew up and have surrounded us with thoughts of career, responsibilities, life! But though some of us have stopped watching cartoons we should not forget what every cartoon taught us and that is being happy and at the end everything’s going to be fine 🙂 So here are some amazing cartoons which made us giggle on our sofa and forget all worries.

Tom and jerry

Tom and jerry is actually a show of friendship! They are best friends ! They fight, eat, cry, laugh, play together. All the time, tom the cat running behind jerry the mouse. The small house of jerry and his love for cheese 🧀 and the way tom sleeping all day long was so relatable and fascinating for us. This show is entertaining us since 50 years and has been amongst the top list of cartoons in india.

Mickey mouse

Well, after seeing the poster itself you might have popped up with the song in your head. Mickey Mouse and his voice is so adorable. Not only him but all other characters were cutest. The way the club house forms in the cartoon, was back then our wish to have a house like that. You surely must try a hot dog dance again!!!


The mascular one! Popeye the sailor man! He just by eating spinach can face anything in his life and beat it. He becomes most powerful. Back then in childhood some of the boys may have thought the same and finally ate the spinach! Well, what’s yours that thing which gives you this strength of fighting anything ? Popeye made us laugh and surely dropped a dream in our hearts of sailing a ship at least once.

Shin chan

“Shinchan shinchan pyaara pyaara” for sure he is pyaara the most! He has special place in everyone’s heart. Though he is mischievous but a wonderful friend as well as a good soul. He can’t see his loved once in trouble and helps in all ways possible. While making us laugh he has taught us many things for life actually.


Doremon? We always wanted a friend like doremon who would help us out with all the problems in life with those cool gadgets! The anywhere door and time machine is most favourite of all. We somewhere connected with nobita and his failures in life but would get amazed by doremon’s gadgets which one would never ever even think of. From hiding the marksheet to dreaming for their adventures to different places we fell in love with this show. Apart from jiyan’s singing this cartoon was epic and has lots of memories. What you think, with whom will shisuka get married?

Ninja hathori

Again a friend we all wished for! The ninja friend, who could protect us and make us realise what’s right and wrong. Of course there are so many people like Amara in our life but the one with bad deeds never succeds is what we learnt. The stunts of hathori and his ninja techniques made us so happy that we used to imitate it all the time with his ding ding ding. Shishimanu and his chocolate roles are ours favourite too.

Sponge bob

The water city!!! There’s nothing more beautiful than a water city where Spongebob lives. A yellow sea sponge named SpongeBob SquarePants, who enjoys being a cook at Krusty Krab, he and his friends with all the adventures they have fun is one our dreams too. Star fish and octopus all around us, living in Pacific Ocean and making food! What else fun could be imagined than this. This cartoon made us dream for the water adventures.

Chota bheem

Dholakhpur is the place we all wants to visit once. We want to meet bheem, chutki, raju, kaliya, tuntun mausi and her ladoos! So much fun happening around this village, bheem and his friends teaching lessons to kaliyaa and his dholu bholu for their mischievous behaviours. We also wanted to be the part of bheem’s group! Like other cartoons this cartoon also taught us that truth never fails. He is our hero!

Mr. Bean

Mr. Bean, a person living his life alone with teddy with him all the time. He taught us to find happiness in small things and every problem has a solution to fix. Though his solutions are sometimes hilarious and bring him in lot of troubles but he also taught us how to run away from troubles and live a calm happy life. He and his car, apartment, and his teddy – perfect life. A man who needs no one. This cartoon is a true comic. It is inspired by the real show of Mr. Bean.

Oggy and the cockroaches.

The cartoon which has voices of our actors from Bollywood make us connect more. The way cockroaches are always behind the food in the fridge make sometimes think of are we also cockroaches? But surely mom will kick us out of kitchen just like oggy does! But here the cockroaches are even more clever and always brings oggy in trouble. All of this is so much fun to watch. Oggy and his never ending house will always remain a mystery for us.

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‘Nehu Da Vyah’



Nehu Da Vyah is not a secret anymore. Neha kakkar the known singer in the country started her singing career by participating in popular indian reality TV show India Idol. She have been an inspiration to many girls through her journey from a contestant to the judge of the same. Recently she have been making news with rumours of tying knot with her boyfriend.
Neha Kakkar confirms her relationship with Rohanpreet Singh officially on October 9 by sharing a post on instagram captioned “you’re Mine” @rohanpreetsingh# NehuPreet. A few minutes later, Rohanpreet also posted a photo with Neha captioned “Meet my Zindagi!” @nehakakkar #NehuPreet. Rohanpreet Singh made his singing debut with the song Bang Gang, and participated in Colors Rising season 2 of which he was the first runner-up. He have also appeared as a contestant in a wedding reality show Mujse Shaadi Karoge, where Shehnaaz Gill and Paras Chhabra were looking for a suitable partner. Rohanpreet posted an adorable picture with Neha Kakkar where he asks ‘don’t we look good together?’ Ever since they have been posting pictures congratulatory messages have been pouring in.
Rumours also went out as the images seems to be a poster of their new song ‘Nehu da Vyah’.Some posts even seemed like everything was done to promote the song. Neha had already given her fans the glimpses of the day when Neha met Rohanpreet’s parents because of which fans and colleagues got confused. The wedding is expected to take place on October 26, as per reports.
The song ‘Nehu Da Vyah’ have been composed by Neha also features herself along with Rohanpreet Singh. The song sung by them comprises some cute adorable moments between both. Netizens have showered immense love for the song released on YouTube. Before the release of song she posted a clip of her Roka ceremony of which a picture went viral few days ago. They surprised their fans with the video of ceremony where both of them can be seen dancing to the Punjabi beats. Rohanpreet can be seen in a pale pink sherwani where Neha glowed in an embellished lilac draped saree. The fans on twitter also couldn’t stop themselves and praised them where one user tweeted “congratulations to @iAmNehaKakkar and #RohapreetSingh for #NehuDaVyah (in reel and real)”. The reel life marriage before real life marriage gives out major couple goals by the cute Jodi NehuPreet.
Now since the song got released, Let’s wait and watch weather all that was a publicity stunt for the song or for their wedding that we were anxiously waiting for.

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22 Years of “Pyaar dosti hai”



Kuch kuch hota hai, it’s not just the movie, it’s a feeling of love, friendship and loyalty~

This movie was released on 16 October, 1998 and now it had completed 22years. Kajol, Sharukh & Rani did splendid performance in this movie. Kuch kuch hota hai has woven the emotions in mesmerizing patterns. This film was one of the biggest hits of its time.

All the songs of the movie are very much catchy and melodious. The plot of the story is amazingly beautiful, which has made everyone love, cry and fall in love at the same time. 90’s era is incomplete without this blockbuster movie.
Kuch kuch hota hai is a pure nostalgia, still people love to watch this movie. This movie is fully filled with human emotions.

Kajol once again won million of hearts by portraying such a fantastic role of “Anjali”, she really did justice to this role. Rani also played too well in the character “Tina” and no doubt “SRK” always hit the screen with his amazing acting and “Rahul’s” character was one of the best role played by him in his entire carrier.
The dialogues of the movie are beyond beautiful! “Pyar Dosti Hai”- this line has touched everyone’s heart enormously.

From the songs, to the acting and the characters , the movie was a legendary success. Kuch kuch hota hai is a real iconic movie, in the history of an indian cinema.

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Bebo and Saif’s 8 years of marriage.



Some love stories are ready made in heaven~

Saif and Kareena has completed 8th year of marriage today. They worked together first in LOC KARGIL movie in 2003 and then in the award winning movie OMKARA too. After that, they two had fallen in love on the sets of “Tashan” movie in 2008.

On October 16, 2012 Saif and Kareena got married after 4 years of relationship. Even though they are from different background and have different upbringing, their marriage broke the narrow prism of religion, culture and age. Apart from love, it seems gratitude and acceptance is the key reasons behind this beautiful inter-faith marriage .

Indeed, they both are just made for each other. The way they holds each other through every thick and thin is really beautiful. They literally proved that age, caste, religion doesn’t matter when you are truly in love with the soul of that person.

And, what is more endearing than this?
Saif Kareena’s love story is just beyond beautiful, this couple catch eyes across the globe each and every time. Kareena and Saif welcomed their first baby, Taimu on Dec 20,2016. And now they are again ready to welcome their 2nd baby. This is how they made their love story an ultimate statement!!

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