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Ever wondered why your boyfriend,male bestfriend, brothers and even girl besties love disha. Heres 13 reasons why!!


Her smile!! Boys go crazy over her smile like its one of the best smiles after that!(please only after Madhuri Dixit)


3.ohhhh wait!!That hotness too!

They surely get confused between hotness and cuteness!!!But fact is she has both!

4.Fitness is the new sexy!

What’s more lovable for a gym lover that she gives some major fitness goals to girls!Surely we are jealous!


What’s more attractive than able to move and curve your body as you want! This becomes a major reason to!

6.Major dancing skills!

We even dont know how many times we adored her while dancing!! Her expressions too!


We love her in action too!! Because she have got moves that can possibly kill someone..ohhh YOU ALIVE?

8.Body you crave for!!

Yesss…this picture is an inspiration to get up and rush to the gym.Because we know after all thats what matters!


Ohh we wonder if her smile makes it more sweeter…wait you got diabetes???

10.Down to Earth personality!

She is randomly get clicked with her fans without any tantrums!!! What you searching for her?


You burning??? Seems you need a fire extinguisher!


In this era of layers of makeup and expensive show of she just steps out to be herself…(girls take this note when you do makeup next time!)


Sorry boys to break your heart at the last moment and congratulations girls your attention is still yours!!

We love her though!

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Iconic Gold Awards 2021



It is a great pleasure to inform that ‘Iconic Gold Awards 2021’ is going to be held super soon! It will be an unique award function as it unites people from different fields and provide them with respect and recognition.

The function will be filled with glamour from the fashion industry, bollywood, sports, art, humanitarian, etc., to make it shine brighter than ever!

The Iconic Gold Awards is being organized by keeping in mind the closeness of International Women’s Day and thus, honouring women power as we all believe that empowering women is our biggest responsibility ; it is also an initiative undertaken by our Hon. Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi.

We all stood together to uphold the pride of the nation during this pandemic and now is the time to bring dedicated personalities on one platform and encourage them by honouring them via this event.

Our single mission is to make the Iconic Gold Awards grand and hope that your support and guidance will help it rise at a higher level and be capable of making our country more proud.

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Taare zameen par to Chhalaang – 5 times bollywood allowed us to travel back to school days!!



School has many treasured memories, and it is always worth cherishing and reliving those memories with our loved ones.
Thus, bollywood has done many movies, which often reflect such moments from our school days. These movies makes us relive the moments of nostalgia!

Stanley ka dabba – Stanley ka dabba is one of the most favourite movie of everyone. This story shows how every school forms group during lunch time and share tiffin boxes. The movie focuses on Stanley who does not carry his lunch box in the school. Stanley is shown as a boy with immense character and goodness. Stanley ka dabba is an incredible movie.

Forming groups in a school , is one of the most important part of a school life. Thus, the story actually revolved around a haunted house, but a major part of the film depicted the school life. Bhootnath is one of the most loving haunted movie.

Taare Zameen Par – Taare zameen par has a special place in everyone’s heart. This movie has created the history. Aamir Khan’s performance was outstanding. The movie delivers an important message – that every child is special to normalising a disorder like “Dyslexia” . This movie is full of emotions, and the character of Ishaan played by Darsheel Safary was phenomenal!

Chhalaang – Chhalaang allows us to relive memories from one of the most loved classes from our school i.e Pt period. In this movie, Rajkumar Rao portrays the character of a Pt teacher. This movie is really amazing, and the performance of Rajkumar is beyond outstanding. Chhalaang hits the blockbuster in the OTT platform.

Hichki – Hichki revolves around the story of a teacher played by Rani Mukherjee, with tourette syndrome, undoubtedly this movie teaches us many lessons – like how one can turn the weakness into the biggest strength. This movie is extremely beautiful and endearing to everyone. Hichki movie depicts many memories related to school life, where one can totally get lost in the nostalgia of school days.

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His post is winning hearts all over the internet!!



Recently, in diwali times “Riteish ” has set an example for all of us. Riteish Deshmukh recycled his mother old saree and make new outfits for him and his two sons!! Since, the day he posted the video in social media, people has been praising him enormously. Riteish has celebrated diwali in unique way, instead of buying new clothes, the actor recycled his mother’s old saree to make kurtas. Really, Riteish made a statement in this diwali. Recycling old sarees is not just the only thing, but old sarees passed on from generation to generation. And, when it is mother’s old saree, then it is not just the simple saree, the saree too old many emotions. It would be great if everyone revive the old sarees in a fashionable manner. Despite of being a famous celebrity , Ritesh does proved that one can’t just let go the mothers old saree and the way he reused his mother’s old saree by recycling it for him and his two kids, is really admirable. His post is winning hearts all over the internet!nning

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