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The Unstoppable : Priyanka Chopra.



A girl who was just 18 and her mom had randomly send her pictures for miss india contest is today a global star. Everyone goes crazy when their ears hear “Priyanka Chopra”. This beautiful lady who dreamt of becoming an aeronautical engineer is today crossed miles away in hearts of people not only in India but even internationally. She is a power pack, a amazing dancer, a beautiful singer, she will make everything just go glitter.

Years and years she has been shining on big screen in bollywood after she made india proud by winning Miss Universe Pageant in year 2000. She had no idea by then what life had written for her.She just was fearless and went on turning evey opportunity into gold. She is one of the finest actress from bollywood and now eternly shining in Hollywood too. She definitely has made us proud deep down in our hearts.

A girl at such a small age , an outsider entering into this huge industry with no connections and creating this remarkable journey is phenomenal. Desi Girl in her initial times had made all her mind to mark her footprints in this industry and so went on working hard and did some amazing movies. Some was a succes some was failure , but she didn’t gave up. ‘Aitraaz’ was one of her initials which gave her break though she played a negative role in it, she nailed it. After some more movies later she was signed for Krishh which was a blockbuster. She was now a star who had made everyone stop and stare and then there was no looking back for her. Her’s one of best movies is said to be ‘Fashion’ for which she had won Filmfare award for best actor in female.

PC’s achievements as the only South Asian winner of the People Choice Awards, a Padma Shri recipient and a National Award winner , she is a self made superstar and so is one of the highest paid actress in India and very much popular! Popular where means she gains above 50 million followers on Instagram itself. She is a real youth inspiration. She believes that everyone one of us can do what we want, we just need to be fearless and should not give up and stand stood accepting all pros cons.

She is also a wonderful daughter. She has a tattoo on her wrist as “Daddy’s little girl “. She lost her father Dr. Ashok Chopra due to cancer in year 2013 . She loved her dad and was very much proud and thankful for his tremendous support as a father.

After rocking her aura in Bollywood she stepped in Hollywood by singing a number. Audience loved her for her singing too. After amazing movies such as Mujhse Shaadi Karogi, Barfi, Mary Kom, Bajirao Mastani and others in bollywood she was starred in American action series Quantico in 2015 and is considered among the few Indian actors who made a successful transition to the West. And later made herself shine brighter in Hollywood.

She met her love of life, Nick Jonas. They grabbed everyone’s attention by their unapologetic love which bloomed out and gave us a thought that it’s true that age, colour, distance, time are just numbers! She had a grand wedding ceremony, a ceremony every girl dreams of! And now is happily married and is Mrs. Jonas.

A star who did more than 60 film in her 20 years of contribution in the industry is now a global star. Time named her one of the 100 most influential people in the world, and in the next two years Forbes listed her among the World’s 100 most powerful women . She has left no page unturned. And still is unstoppable.
Above all of this, she is also a great human being. Priyanka Chopra was appointed as Global UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador in 2016. She has now been associated with UNICEF for almost a decade and a half.

The Baywatch actress is known for her contribution to social causes, particularly those involving children. She has been associated with a number of NGOs to raise awareness about ways to improve the condition of the girl child in India. She is not only a actress who standup by the the hero in the movies shoulder to shoulder but also a hero in real life.
She has also been a part of the UN’s global “Girl Up” campaign, which envisions a world where all girls, no matter where they live, have the opportunity to become educated, healthy, safe, counted and positioned to be the next generation of leaders.

With all her grace, beauty, love which she just simply flaunts is always inspiring and gives us a reason to dream big though things aren’t in what we decided. Dream big Live big!

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10 important things to know for students willing to study in different country :-



1. You should be well informed (Research)

A basic step before moving to a different country is to surf the internet for information and resources.

If you know someone who has studied at the place where you are going that’s the best way to extract a variety of information.

You can contact university personnel for the information regarding your stay and study pattern.

It is always better to be well informed about the weather of the country as it will help you in the bag packing. 

You should have information about the currency exchange rate and carry enough money with you until you find an ATM or open a bank account. You can carry international debit cards with you, which you can use anywhere in the world and these cards are easily available at any nationalised bank in India. 

2. Bag-packing

Ensure that you are carrying all the relevant documents and visas to allow you to study in the country you chose.

Enough prescription drugs for the length of your stay.

Electric adapters – because the shape of the electrical plug differs between continents, it is one of the essential things to be carried along with you.

Laptop and mobile chargers.

Winter in some countries is totally different from what we experience in India so pack lots of warm and waterproof outfits for the winter. Also, carry sweaters/hoodies, jeans, warm sleepers and shoes, coat/jacket, a special occasion outfit with you.

Travel book for the country you are visiting.

3. Prepare for living in a foreign country

From a cultural perspective, Australia, Europe or America are diverse and differ vastly from India. Although you may be worried about butchering the language and being criticised by the locals, the reality is that people appreciate your efforts in adopting their culture. Knowing the local language will benefit you a lot while shopping and travelling, as English is not necessarily spoken in every country.

Try to have some knowledge of the history and political background of the country you are visiting so that you can be more familiar with the people there.

4. Student accommodation

You can contact your university for the accommodation facilities and they will often help you out with this.

You can register yourself on where you can get an idea about accommodation in many countries on a cheaper basis.

Also register yourself on to get an international student identity card. It will benefit you in getting discounts on accommodation charges at many places.

5. On arrival

The first thing you are supposed to do is register yourself with the internal affairs ministry within 24 to 48 hours. Registration will help you to legalise your stay in that country and later may help you in getting temporary residency. However, there are different rules for different countries which you will have to understand thoroughly.

The next important thing is to register at the local Indian embassy. It is of great value because there you will find people with whom you can talk in Indian language and that will somewhat reduce the feeling of homesickness. They might also help in solving any of the problems you are facing in the country of your stay. In addition, they organise a variety of programmes related to Indian culture which can be a source of entertainment for you.

6. Bank account
It is recommended to get a bank account in the country you are studying. This will allow you to pay the bills and keep your money safe. For this, you will require a passport, proof of residence and proof that you are a student.

7. Earning while learning
There are some jobs called ‘blue collar jobs’ which can offer you an opportunity to work part-time so you can earn some extra pocket money for expenses or entertainment. For these jobs, as well as for the jobs you will take if you decide to stay in that country after graduation, you might need a work permit. It is very important to check these details so that you respect the local legislation and work legally.
8. Scholarships for international students
You can speak to your respective universities regarding finances which will be made available for your studies or else you can also find some external charities that can offer you financial aids in the form of a scholarship for studying abroad.
Additionally, you can access the Scholarshipportal website and see what are the scholarships available for you depending on the country where you want to study.
You can also check out the Studyportals Scholarship to get some help on financing your studies abroad.
9. International calling

Living far away from your country and people will make you call frequently to India. In that case, you may ask whether my current phone will work in a foreign country and the most probable answer is yes. However, you will have to change your sim card and will have to buy a new one. After that, you can activate an international pack for calling to India and at very cheap rates.

Another way is to use Skype or Viber from your laptop or computer which will enable you to have a video chat free of cost with your closed ones. You can also use social networking site Facebook for video chat. I don’t think young Indian students will have any problem calling back home. What do you say, guys?

10. Travel

Here the international student identity card which I have suggested will be of value for cheap travelling charges. It will also enable you to shop across various shopping centres where you can get a nice discount with this card.

The best way to travel is using local transport like buses, trams, and trains. You get passes for buses and trains which will significantly reduce your expenses. You can also hire a taxi but it will be quite expensive comparatively.

So, guys, these are a few basic things you are supposed to know while studying abroad. I hope you will enjoy your stay and also will appreciate enormous natural and cultural beauty that awaits you.

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Career options in political science



Political sphere is regularly demented with flesh presser and corruption however, the have a look at of political technological know-how is a noble area, analyzing the functioning of politics and the authorities, main in the direction of a higher information of ways society works.
The have a look at of political technological know-how in India may be traced again to the 2nd century BC to famend philosopher, economist and advisor, Chanakya, who authored the political treatise the ‘Arthashastra’, this means that the ‘technological know-how of politics.’
Whether you need to go into the sphere of politics or clearly enhance your knowledge, crucial questioning, and analytical talents for different careers, the BA (H) Political Science direction is a famous direction for the ones interested by the social sciences.
  The area of political technological know-how even employs a huge form of employment opportunities   1. Civil Services A profession in civil offerings along with the IAS (Indian Administrative Service) and IFS (Indian Foreign Services) is one of the maximum famous picks for the ones reading political technological know-how. The function essentially includes supporting the kingdom run smoothly, influencing the selection making procedure and representing India. As many questions from the initial and major civil offerings tests are primarily based totally on polity, reading political technological know-how will come up with an side withinside the tests.

  1. Politics
    A profession in politics has been gaining reputation with extra younger human beings becoming a member of the sphere in latest times. You can paintings as a flesh presser directly, or you may additionally act as a political analyst or marketing campaign supervisor related to the authorities or a political party. There isn’t anyt any formal direction to enroll in politics, however a political technological know-how diploma will assist you a excellent deal. You can input the sphere through volunteering and searching into political events that suit your ideologies.
  2. Law
    Graduating in political technological know-how could have advanced your analytical and crucial questioning talents so that it will assist you withinside the area of law. Although there may be a graduate degree 5-yr LLB direction to go into the sphere of law, you may nevertheless input the sphere after finishing BA (H) Political Science through pursuing a 3-yr LLB direction and passing the All India Bar exam performed through the Bar Council of India.
    Read More: Law as a Career in India
  3. Political Scientist
    Another utility of the sphere of political technological know-how, the function of a political scientist includes the have a look at of numerous factors of governmental structures, how cities/nations function and interact, and the effect of governmental policies. Apart from analyzing the prevailing situations, political scientists additionally make suggestions for steps that may be implemented. To emerge as a political scientist, you’ll want an MA Political Science diploma or PhD.
  4. Social Service
    Social provider is every other approach of supporting society and those in want while not having to get into real politics and bureaucracy. The profession alternatives have grown with the upward thrust in NGOs, authorities outreach programmes, and with MNCs organising Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) departments. To pursue a profession as a social employee or in social offerings, you may pursue a Master’s diploma in social paintings after your B.A diploma.
  5. Journalism
    A significant majority of the information included in media is associated with politics, and growing public attention approach extra human beings are interested by analyzing the information. B.A Political Science graduates have an intensive information of politics and the political surroundings which makes them best applicants for media roles along with political journalists, editors, and correspondents. To input the media area, you may pursue a post-graduate direction in journalism or mass communication.
  6. Marketing
    Marketing is an necessary a part of each commercial enterprise because it connects the provider with the consumers. Political technological know-how graduates have an information of ways society functions, and the float of strength and political structures that are an asset withinside the area of advertising. For a profession in advertising, you may pursue an MBA or take in short-time period guides/degree guides in advertising after finishing your graduation.
  7. Teaching
    If you revel in the natural have a look at of political technological know-how, coaching can be the proper profession for you. The reputation of political technological know-how as a area is developing and you may educate at college or university levels. To educate, you may want a master’s diploma in Political Science in conjunction with a B.Ed for the college degree, or you may want to clean the UGC NET exam for turning into a university professor.
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