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The Unstoppable : Priyanka Chopra.



A girl who was just 18 and her mom had randomly send her pictures for miss india contest is today a global star. Everyone goes crazy when their ears hear “Priyanka Chopra”. This beautiful lady who dreamt of becoming an aeronautical engineer is today crossed miles away in hearts of people not only in India but even internationally. She is a power pack, a amazing dancer, a beautiful singer, she will make everything just go glitter.

Years and years she has been shining on big screen in bollywood after she made india proud by winning Miss Universe Pageant in year 2000. She had no idea by then what life had written for her.She just was fearless and went on turning evey opportunity into gold. She is one of the finest actress from bollywood and now eternly shining in Hollywood too. She definitely has made us proud deep down in our hearts.

A girl at such a small age , an outsider entering into this huge industry with no connections and creating this remarkable journey is phenomenal. Desi Girl in her initial times had made all her mind to mark her footprints in this industry and so went on working hard and did some amazing movies. Some was a succes some was failure , but she didn’t gave up. ‘Aitraaz’ was one of her initials which gave her break though she played a negative role in it, she nailed it. After some more movies later she was signed for Krishh which was a blockbuster. She was now a star who had made everyone stop and stare and then there was no looking back for her. Her’s one of best movies is said to be ‘Fashion’ for which she had won Filmfare award for best actor in female.

PC’s achievements as the only South Asian winner of the People Choice Awards, a Padma Shri recipient and a National Award winner , she is a self made superstar and so is one of the highest paid actress in India and very much popular! Popular where means she gains above 50 million followers on Instagram itself. She is a real youth inspiration. She believes that everyone one of us can do what we want, we just need to be fearless and should not give up and stand stood accepting all pros cons.

She is also a wonderful daughter. She has a tattoo on her wrist as “Daddy’s little girl “. She lost her father Dr. Ashok Chopra due to cancer in year 2013 . She loved her dad and was very much proud and thankful for his tremendous support as a father.

After rocking her aura in Bollywood she stepped in Hollywood by singing a number. Audience loved her for her singing too. After amazing movies such as Mujhse Shaadi Karogi, Barfi, Mary Kom, Bajirao Mastani and others in bollywood she was starred in American action series Quantico in 2015 and is considered among the few Indian actors who made a successful transition to the West. And later made herself shine brighter in Hollywood.

She met her love of life, Nick Jonas. They grabbed everyone’s attention by their unapologetic love which bloomed out and gave us a thought that it’s true that age, colour, distance, time are just numbers! She had a grand wedding ceremony, a ceremony every girl dreams of! And now is happily married and is Mrs. Jonas.

A star who did more than 60 film in her 20 years of contribution in the industry is now a global star. Time named her one of the 100 most influential people in the world, and in the next two years Forbes listed her among the World’s 100 most powerful women . She has left no page unturned. And still is unstoppable.
Above all of this, she is also a great human being. Priyanka Chopra was appointed as Global UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador in 2016. She has now been associated with UNICEF for almost a decade and a half.

The Baywatch actress is known for her contribution to social causes, particularly those involving children. She has been associated with a number of NGOs to raise awareness about ways to improve the condition of the girl child in India. She is not only a actress who standup by the the hero in the movies shoulder to shoulder but also a hero in real life.
She has also been a part of the UN’s global “Girl Up” campaign, which envisions a world where all girls, no matter where they live, have the opportunity to become educated, healthy, safe, counted and positioned to be the next generation of leaders.

With all her grace, beauty, love which she just simply flaunts is always inspiring and gives us a reason to dream big though things aren’t in what we decided. Dream big Live big!

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Dealing with success and failure



Success or failure- it is your choice !
In the world full of competition either you succeed or fail. But what is success and failure? Actually it is more than winning and losing. It depends on our perception of our mind. We have all seen winners whose success turned them into their own downfall. And we have losers who took their losses positively and turned their defeat into a victory.Failing is inevitable, but becoming failure is choice. Real success is when you accept given opportunities and give your 100 percent of best efforts and not thinking about results.It is discovering potential each and every day.

Is success means acquiring only fame and money? Yes and no.It is needed to some extent but fame and money are shallow goals unless they are a way to help others.
Every time we want success. When we were kids we and our parents wanted to be good in every field. Then as we grew up we focused on our grades .Then again to get a good job and goes on till end. It means success is never ending because it is a process. Success may stumble but never stops.Anything worth pursuing is worth failing and remember fail as we pursue it.
When researched on successful people all around the world one common fact is learned that their success mantras are nearly same,If you can eliminate the word impossible if you program yourself to think positively and look for possibilities ; then you too can say bye to failures and hello to success.

The right attitudes they are fundamentally important in defining ones success and failure. Analysing oneself, looking your limitations, your faults ,your shortcomings and fears to build a pillar of faith in life. When we look at bumblebees because of their body shape and aerodynamics it not possible them to fly but they fly reason behind that they are never told they cannot.
Failures doesn’t mean you have failed it means you are not succeed yet. It doesn’t mean you accomplish nothing it means you learned something. It doesn’t mean you have wasted your life it means you have reason to start fresh. Failure doesn’t mean you should give up but it try harder. But in case of some people they don’t fail because they can’t succeed but they fail by aiming low and continue to live with it entire life.
Always remember ‘Success is never ending and failure is never final.’

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Things to do before choosing your career.



We are always told.

  • 10th is most important, study hard, you will get a good college and fir life jingalala!!!
  • 12th is career shaping time, study hard once you enter college then life’s good!! (Life has become a LG product)
  • Graduation is most important study hard and then you will earn and enjoy!!
  • PG is most important… the last thing you should do in your career and then you are a free soul..!

And all our lives we question when will our life go the way our parents used to tell us!!

Understand you have to learn whole your life.

Man remains a student all his life whether it is learning to talk,walk or it is learning the art of living.Once you are born you get on a ship to learn and it lasts from your nursery to till whenever you are active in your life. So never think you can stop learning and start enjoying, the art of happy career is to enjoy while learning.

Struggle begins

However if you learn to work hard and out up your ambitions at the young age like in 10th and 12th standard you become a warrior, you can face any challenge that comes to you in your career. Take both the standards sincerely (there’s a difference between being serious and sincere)

Here are few tips to do before choosing career path.

1. Sit back with a pen and paper

After you are done with your main exams and decide to chose your career and follow the path take a pen and paper in your hand and start.

2. Start writing the jobs you would love to do.

Start writing any options that strike your mind including your favourite sports,hobbies and anything that you always wanted to become.

3. Scratch out

Now sit back and think for a while, scratch out the options you think are emotionally driven,illogical or impractical.

4. Discuss with your parents.

The remaining options should be shown to your parents because they are best advisors you could ever ask. They know the practical things in this world and would guide you write.

5. Research

Research on the fields you shortlisted and are interested in. Many times it happens like the field we are interested in does not yield good results for our livelihood. So somethings should be kept as hobbies and some as careers. Choose wisely.

6. Explore

There are many career options that you don’t explore much or are unaware of, so make sure you go through all the options before you come to any conclusion.

7. Talk to experienced

Talk to people who are experienced in particular field or who have cleared particular examinations, this will give you a deep outlook to the path you are going to walk on and what others say who already did this.

8. Talk to experts

Talk to career counselor or advisors. They will tell you more fields in your interests and guide you professionally which will make you more confident towards your career.

9. Take your time

Career option determines the life you want to live and you are about to live so take your time to choose what you want, do not hurry because this will lead to imbalance of your mental well being and your confidence if it goes wrong.

10. Back up plan

Last but not the least , most important. HAVE A BACKUP PLAN. This will make you more secure towards your career and also reduce the chances of failure. This is something many students don’t do and end up messing up. So sit back with your parents and have a back up plan.

All the best.

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