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#sidnaaz: Forever trending in our hearts!



Its heartbreaking but the broken heart still has #sidnaaz trending on the top of it. Siddharth Shukla left us too soon but left behind full hearts with lots of love! No other couple ever enjoyed a fanbase like them and they will forever stay in our hearts.


Bigg boss is a well famous reality show which recently completed its 14 seasons with the winner Rubina Dilaik. This show is based on a theme where many celebrities live inside one house for three months and shows their personality to the audience and lastly, Janata decides who is capable to lift the trophy. This show is gaining so much love from the audience since its very first season but when questions about which season was so popular then everyone agrees on season 13.

Well, what was the reason season 13 is still in the buzz?

Then people say the friendship between asim and Sidharth, a controversy between Rashmi and Sidharth, love angle between paras and Mahira but mainly everybody loved the hot and bubbly chemistry between Sidharth and Shehnaaz which is #sidnaaz
Sidharth Shukla, everyone knows this handsome hunk from the entertainment industry. He is tall, aggressive, and has a deadly combination of his marvelous smile and on this side here’s Panjab ki Katrina kaif ” Shehnaaz gill ” who is cute, funny, and the main attraction point of the show. Both are opposite to each other, but when they come together they make wonderful pair. Maybe that’s why fans started this hashtag sidnaaz..which is the combination of Sidharth and shehnaaz during Bigg boss 13.

When Shehnaaz entered the house, she cherished everyone by her personality. Whereas our hero was busy sorting out his cold war with his ex costar Rashmi Desai but soon Shehnaaz and Sidharth became good friends. The audience had seen #sidnaaz doing Masti together and that’s what fans loved about them. Shehnaaz called herself “flipper” and used to change her side during the season.

As initially, she was a it attracted towards paras chakra who already has an image of desi playboy. But every time paras chose majors over Shehnaaz, made choice clear for Shehnaaz. But soon, after a big fight between Sidharth and asim, paras played his master card and became a close friend of Sidharth.

The Bigg Boss squad

The new squad of Sidharth, Shehnaaz, Paras, and Mahira sets a new friendship goal. During the show, Vikas Gupta mainly known as the mastermind of season 11 came as a proxy of Devoleena Bhattacharya and he is the one who told Shehnaaz and Sidharth about this hashtag #sidnaaz and the way fans showering love on both of them.

Shehnaaz and Sidharth both were focused on the game. However, Shehnaaz was a bit emotional towards Sidharth. That somehow she became more possessive and toxic towards Sidharth coming it as she is emotionally attached to him. On the family weekend, Shahnaz’s father ad iced her to focus on the game as she has a high chance of winning the show. But between heart and mind, shehnaaz chose a heart. And always being the backbone for Sidharth. The funniest incident of them was, during a final episode where everyone was busy getting ready. Sidharth spotted clearing doubts in shehnaaz’s mind.

Everyone loved their cute nokzok.

Even after the season, the couple spotted together at many places which is why they were always in news. On the show, related to shehnaz ka swayanwar…Sidharth amazed everyone with his surprise guest appearance. They worked on one song project “shonashona”, in which their chemistry won everyone’s heart.

In biggboss 14, Sidharth came as toofani senior. During one segment, when guahar khan was teasing him he cleared "I have a girlfriend at home" hearing this guahar showed happiness for both of them. Netizens took this point and created a flood of tweets trending sidnaaz.

Many times this rumored couple spotted together at the airport and through social media, they always seem to praise each other. Recently, on the actress’s birthday, she shared one video on Instagram, in which it is very clear she was enjoying her birthday with Sidharth and her family. Fans love the cute bond they both share, and fans always try to trend sidnaaz.

Even after the one year of Bigg boss, Sidharth’s and shehnaaz’s name comes in first and second rank respectively on the most searched name from tv industry.
Later on, they cleared they are just good friends but never opposed their fans respecting fan’s feelings. And as usual, fans showered their love by trending Shehnaaz every time. Asking about plans, Shehnaaz is getting many offers for music albums and she is busy doing that and as of now, she is not thinking about commitment. Sidharth is soon will be seen in broken but beautiful season 2 which is the sequence of alt Balaji’s original web series and talking about marriage plans he is not ready yet!

Recently, one photoshopped picture of sidnaaz went viral in which laal sindoor was on Shehnaaz’s forehead showing as shehnaz and Sidharth are married. But lately, it comes as it was just one fan’s wish, now it just matters of the fact how seriously both of them take fans’ wish?

#sidnaaz will be seen trending in our hearts forever and ever.

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Double Dhamaka as Dhamaka had Dhamaka on Netflix!



Kartik Aaryan literally had a Double Dhamaka as Dhamaka trends on Netflix and he is applauded for the performance that exactly releases during his Birthday week! HE must be celebrating this Double Dhamaka in his life as audience enjoy it on netflix while secretly wishing it to be released on theatres.The recently launched movie, ”DHAMAKA” is in quite talks nowadays. It is a remake of the 2013 released Korean movie named, THE TERROR LIVE.  Directed by Ram Madhvani, Dhamaka ia a action thriller movie starring Kartik Aryan as in the lead role. He does a preety well job in justifying the character in the movie, the struggle and the sacrifice by him adds the extra spice in the movie.

Lets talk the 10 points about the movie which shooks the audience in the certain generes

Reasons why will it is a Double Dhamaka!

Why is the movie worth watching?

Well the answer to this question lies everywhere, a perfectly action packed thriller movie which will never miss to shock you in every single scene. The plot of the movie revolves around a phone call which threats the whole city by stating to blast off the ‘sea link’. The whole struggle in finding the person, the media role, the twist turns etc make an adrenelin rush in your body. The excellent performance by the actors make it more intensifying. The tension in the movie will never left you feel bored.

How the movie was put together?

The movie was all kept together in a very short time period. The movie was shot for 10 days in a singlr room itself. There was a lot of end moment jobs, edits, setups which were definitely not an easy job to be pulled out. However, movie dosen’t seems that it has been put all together at the last moment. It never felt like a last minute hack job at any stance. All the scenes have been preety well kept one after another and no rush is found. It copes to a good excent with all the other thriller movies.

Excellent roleplay and direction.

The role play in the movie was very well executed by every single character. The lead role of Arjun Pathak, enacted by Kartik Aryan is one of the hot topic of gossips nowadays among the casting community of bollywood. He payed justice to the intensity, feelings and the mental state of the character keepin in mind about his past life struggles. Event the actors other than Kartik has done a pretty well job in their scale. You can feel the intensity, stress and tension while watching the movie. You can fell every scene of the movie and never feels like scripted or boring

Mirror to the society.

Dhamaka has played a significant role in showing the harsh side of the society, especially the media. Soon as the protagonist tells the boss about the phone call the boss directly starts the orders to go live. This scene justifies that the news channels are blindly runnig behind the views and the rating, they don’t care wether the truth is shown ore not, all they care about is the ratings and ultimately Money. If the content shown by the media, which is blindly trusted by a lot of Indians is not true then how can we believe that there is a proper functioning of the government to make country stable.

Importance of True Media in growth.

Media is an very impotant part of communication of the government to the people. By the means of media the citizens get aware of every single thing taking place in in the country. They trust their media to such an excent that they can trust it blindly. This increases the burden up on the media to telecast only the truth. Seen in the movie that Arjun only shows the truth despite that his boss wanted to go live without any investigation or proof. But Arjun’s honest pays off at the last in finding the person. Now who was he? To find that out you need to watch the movie yourself.

Significance and power of media.

Dhamaka purely displays the power of the media in the country like India. It was observed that the person who plot the bomb called Arjun Pathak, who was a news anchor in a news channel named as Bharosa 24/7, to convey his demands. He wanted apology from the minister for an past incident. This signifies that the power, significance and reach of media is so high that it can influence the minister himself, despite of being an VIP.

Best in the class performance.

The story of the past of the main character Arjun Pathak is very dramatic and struggleful. The pain, struggles he faced in his life were really harsh upon him and he still is not completely out of it. The pain which was in need to be justified with excellence is very well pulled over by Kartik Aryan. Kartik Aaryan made a double dhamaka by his acting and excellent performance. His actions, reactions, emotions etc build a complete connection with the audience. There isn’t any single point in the whole movie where you would feel disconnected or bored.

Excellent Screenplay, Script-writing and Direction.

The most hot topic about the movie is that it has been shot in only 10 days and that too in only one single room. There was a great pressure over the screenplay team and the camera crew to get the best shots possible But the end results are amazing. The direction of the movie is very well assigned off. Ram Madhvani is the director of the movie, who is already known for his excellent works in the past. He is very well known for his mind-blowing films such as Aarya, Neerja etc. The cinematography of the movie is very well carried along with the scene and the expressions. Overall a very well executed job done by the whole team.

Unbelieveable Execution.

The whole movie has been shot in 10 days that too in a single room. Can you believe it? How is this even possible to make such a masterpiece in just 10 days. Well this only possible if one has a very firm dedication towards the work or the art he is involved in. Despite of all the difficulties the team might have faced the end result is very amazing and is very well appreciated also loved by the audience. Its clear that nothing is impossible in the artistic world if there is need to create something amazing.

A must watch movie for thriller seeking audience.

The movie is a completely packed thriller with bars of expectations which it fulfills as well. Everything about the movie is very well planned, executed and whether it be direction, performance or pulling the whole movie together. This is a pure masterpiece which is a must watch experience.   

We wish Kartik Aaryan a Dhamaka on his birthday along with Dhamaka on the Netflix! A double Dhamaka for the Dhamakedar Actor!

If you havent watched Dhamaka yet here is the trailer link!

Dhamaka (2021) – IMDb

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Entertainment Archives – PARADOX (

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Producer ‘Deepak Rane’ signed South Actors for his next Pan India film



Many experimental things are happening in Marathi cinema. Producer ‘Deepak Rane’ is going to do a different experiment in his upcoming movie. The main thing is that in this movie, you will get to see the confluence of the best actors in Marathi and southern film industry. Moreover, this movie will be screened in Pan India. This upcoming movie is currently being discussed in the film industry.

Deepak Rane has produced many blockbuster movies like ‘Mi Nahi Ho Tyaatla’, ‘Duniyadari’, ‘Pyaar Wali Love Story’, ‘Tu Hi Re’, ‘Lucky’, ‘Khari Biscuit’. He also directed TV Serials like ‘Dil Dosti Duniyadari’, ‘Duheri’, ‘Freshers’, ‘Anjali’ and ‘Duniyadari Filmy Style’.

A source in the know reveals, “The shooting of this upcoming movie, produced by Deepak Rane, will start soon. The movie will feature well-known Marathi actress Shivani Surve, Kesari fame actor Virat Madke, Ashwini Chawre and Prasad Khandekar. Famous South star Kavish Shetty, the lead actor in the popular Kannada film ‘Jhilka’, and Megha Shetty the famous actress of the Kannada serial ‘Jothe Jotheyali’, as well as Arjun Kapekar and Suresh will play important roles in this upcoming movie.

Producer ‘Deepak Rane’ says about his upcoming ‘Pan India Film’, “Cinemas are currently being screened globally. So to expand the scope of cinema, we have selected famous actors from Marathi and South film industries. We want to have Pan India release of our film. The title of this movie will also be announced soon”

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