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90s Bollywood fashion back in game!



90s Bollywood fashion is back in game? Hell yes! We have proof! Fashion keeps coming and going but when fashion makes a comeback it’s there to stay! We are talking about the 90’s fashion trends from Polka dots to Velvet, it’s all back! Retro looks enjoy a different place when comes to styling.

  1. No line, only Polka Dot!
    Polka Dots is a classic 90’s style but even in 2021, it is not out of fashion! Polka Dot dresses, Polka Dot blouses all look so classy but super stylish. From Alia bhatt’s stylish polka doted dress to Priyanka Chopra Jonas’s royal saree to Deepika Padukone’s Classic Polka dot look, everyone steals the scene with polka dots. Wearing heavy jewels with the dots, you can always make everyone’s eyes fixed on you.
Alia Bhatt in polka dot dress
Priyanka Chopra in Polka doted saree
Deepika looking stunning in Polka Dots
  1. Denim, no drama!
    It is the most elegant fashion look from the 90s. Denim on Denim is yet another style statement that 90s blessed us with. From Deepika to Mira to Katrina all these beautiful ladies look so stunning in Denim shirt on Denim jeans, giving it a effortless look. Keeping it light and breezy, this minimal look has always been nothing but comfortable–for travelling, movie nights, impromptu meet ups and even casual outing.
Deepika in White Denim
Mira rocking the denim look
Katrina Kaif keeping it minimal
  1. Dazzling in Dungarees!
    Always have and always will be the style for all generations. From kids section to maternity section, you can always find Dungarees making their way in your closet. Dungarees are the cutest yet most charming look. You will always find your favorite celebrity wearing one. Dungarees are best for outings, college wear and even grocery shopping. Wherever you go while being in it, we promise you a lot of praises.
Katrina’s famous Jagga Jasoos look
Image Courtesy: Herzindagi
Bhumi in Dungaree
  1. Hoops- as big as possible!
    Well well, hoops came in fashion and never really went anywhere but in our closet. With new packaging, hoops has been the most affordable and chic earrings. From Simple sliver hoops to pearl hoops, statement hoops and what not, hoops have been rebranded into something elegant. Whatever you want to wear, hoops are the best fit for it. Our favorite actresses are loving this accessible 90s fashion and we are loving them in it!
Shraddha Kapoor rocking hoops
Oversized hoops
Sara rocking hoops with ethnic
  1. Star in Sequin!
    Sparkle, sizzling, sexy; these three adjectives are best fitted for sequin dresses and tops. This famous 90s trend did not even need any new wrapping, it is as old as new in its own way. Sequin tops were the highlight of Poo’s character that was every girl dream outfit and very recently Bebo wore sequin dress on Koffee with Karan, no second thoughts on how she can still make sequin look so stunning. Many of your favorite actresses are seen wearing sequin dresses while promoting and partying. Have a look.
Poo looks PHAT
Kareena for Koffee with Karan
  1. Velvet- sophistication in style!
    Velvet has been trending when it comes to styling retro looks whether be it wedding or Met Gala! Always is the season to wear Velvet! Velvet clothes are made for all the seasons and they look stylish at all events. Velvet tops are the new in and this trend is loved by everyone. They look chic, stylish and royal. The versatility of this fabric is not new, it goes long back and it has always stayed one of the most effortless clothing of them all. The supremacy of Velvet is not limited to any local event, it is royal in it’s own way, so much so that Priyanka Chopra Jonas wore a velvet dress to Met Gala. Do we need to say more?
Priyanka looking royal in Velvet
Kiara Advani looking classy and chic
  1. Accessorize it with Choker!
    All types of Choker were famous back in 90s bollywood fashion and now they are back with a new style. Chokers were very popular during the 90s and in almost all outfits, they worked simply marvelous from dresses to tops to skirts to even shirts, chokers made everything looked perfect just like the choker which our dhak-dhak girl Madhuri Dixit Nene wore in hum aapke hai koun.! and made us fall in love with the style. Even today, chokers are wore with ethnic wear and the simplest black lace choker makes the outfit looks super stylish.
Rocking the pearl choker lock
Jacqueline in simple lace choler

90s bollywood fashion is here to stay for long time and you will see it in long run!

We love all these Retro looks from 90s and their comebacks. What are your thoughts?

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How to wear a saree in different style?



How to wear a saree in different style is the most common question that comes in mind of a saree lover! Saree is the most timeless piece of clothing. Experimenting with saree has become the latest trend.

Add a punch of drama on your saree drape with these unique draping styles!

Pant Style Saree:

Drape the saree around your pants and get a perfect glamorous look instantly. This style is very much comfortable to carry. If you want a casual yet gorgeous look then definitely try this style. A new way to style saree more gracefully. This style is very much on trend nowadays. Pant style sarees are an ideal and comfortable style to carry for parties. Flaunt your saree in this unique flattering draping style. We have seen Shilpa Shetty and other celebs beautifully flaunt this type of saree however it requires a good amount of confidence to carry it. So here is a tip for you: Practice carrying the saree beforehand to avoid accidents.

Cape Style Saree:

Just pair the saree with a cape and embrace the stylish version of saree. It is one of the easiest ways to glam up the look. This style is very much modern and effortlessly you can get a gorgeous look. This is one of the versatile styles to follow for a gorgeous look. You can never go wrong with this draping style. This style can give you a flawless look. If you want to explore yourself more gracefully than definitely try this draping style and get a bold look easily. A sheer cape can do wonders and make you look stand out out of all the saree looks around you!

Pair it with a belt!

Saree paired with a belt is on a huge trend these days. Saree is the new upcoming fashion trend, replacing the designer suits and dresses.Saree paired with fancy waist belts make the attire more smarter and stunning. You can choose this style for any occasion. This is one of the most trendy styles, which has been adorned by women immensely. Just add a definition to the whole look by fixing a belt, and you are perfect ready to rock the floor. Belt gives a slimmer look and brings focus on the waist area displaying the perfect curve! So bring your curvy side on!

Front Straight Pallu Style-

Instead of usual pallu style, choose this front straight style for a ravishing look. This draping style can enhance the personality effortlessly. Front straight pallu style can give you a perfect chic look. This draping style is again back in trend. This style is an absolute perfect option to showcase the designs and embroidery of the pallu. Front straight pallu style is very much easy to wear and it can easily give you an ultra modern look. A front pallu adds an extra glimpse to your outfit.

Saree With Sharara Pant Style-

You can take your saree style to the next level by just draping it over sharara pants.You can try this draping style for any occasion. This style is very much classy and modern. Add an extra beauty to your look with this unique draping style. The charm and elegance of this style is very much beautiful and bold. This draping style can easily lift up your overall look. Give your fashion a modern touch with this ravishing draping style. This is perfect for haldi or sangeet ceremony to get you into dancing shoes elegant yet comfy outfit.

Add jacket to it!

It is the best hack for winter weddings as jacket is the solution to cold and now also a fashion statement! You need to wear the jacket that looks like the fashion statement and goes well with the outfit. It can be a go to outfit for the professional events at your office where you need to look formal yet elegant!

Waterfall drape:

It is the new in style drape which looks like a waterfall is making rounds on social media. With the unique look to the saree it widens the scope of normal saree look. It is ideal for the functions were you can carry a heavy yet simplistic drape. And styling it with a belt is always safest option! Waterfall drape is your answer to the question how to wear a saree in different style.

Hope this article helps you to style your saree in different ways and dont forget to tell us in the comments in what different styles you did like to wear your saree and flaunt it everyday or on the D-day!

We hope we resolved your query for how to wear a saree in different style.

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We asked girls most attractive things about men! Check out top 5!



In today’s world it’s an undeniable fact that everyone out there wants to look good. Who wouldn’t, right? An ordinary man can look extra ordinary by adopting few things in his clothing sense. These are top 5 attractive things about men.

But one should keep in mind attractive clothes never attracts the person. The way you carry out them, they way you present yourself will make you stand out among the crowd. I am not thoroughly saying the clothes don’t attracts the person, they do attract but we should know perfect combinations, day today styles and should be updated according to the trend.

If you apply few things surely you will be able to impress or attract the person. Here are the few tips will make you look sexier.

Rolled sleeves:

This seems quite simple. The rolled sleeves? Yes, the rolled selves can make you look incredibly sexy and attractive it is one of the top 5 attractive things about men. Women find forearms attractive – If you work out 5-6 times a week, incredibly your forearm will impress anyone out there. When you wear a long sleeve shirt do try this, it will suddenly make you look 100x more attractive. This makes you look manly, cool, bit casual and totally approachable. The best thing about this style is that, it works on any kind of long sleeve clothing- a sweater, button-down shirt, Henley, jackets etc.

Well-fitting Suit:

Mostly men look stunning in the suits. This is the time when you attract the person or leaves your impression behind. That’s the reasons why the all women find Zayn malik sexy. Its not only because he is a good-looking man. It’s because he is a handsome hunk when he’s wearing the suit. Well-fitted, clean cut and the classic one. The thing here matters is not just about what you are wearing, its also about how you’re wearing it.

You won’t look attractive, sexy, capable and powerful in the suit if the fit isn’t right. To get the right fit, make sure the jacket suit fits good at your shoulders snugly. The important thing the sleeves should just end 2 fingers about the wrist bone. Pants should match the jackets, with a proper length and proper fitting. If the fits don’t match your size you can go with personal designed suits.

The stylist shoes :

You won’t believe but the most of people starts looking at you right from the shoes. The shoes are among top 5 attractive things about men, the first things the attracts the attention of many peoples. Actually, shoes can make or break even the most attractive outfit for man. Generally, men don’t care much about the shoes and goes with any kind of shoes with any kind of outfits. This thing may make you look unattractive to women. If you don’t know much about the shoes try wearing the leathers shoes. It will make you look attractive. According to survey it is stated that women seem to find men who wears these shoes as more masculine, intelligent and sexually mature.

Solid tee or Henley:

The solid tee and Henley are the simple outfits for men that will make you look attractive. Talking truly Henley are undeniable sexy. They are also considered better then pain tee. Sometimes solid tee may go out of the style but Henley never go. Mostly the Henley go matching with jeans or any casual pants. It said that in a sea of men wearing t shirts, you will stand out. While still enjoying the comfort of wearing the casual clothes.

Leather jackets:

The leather jackets the nuclear when you talk about attractive things about men. The leather jackets are tough but very smooth to touch the women attention. Leather jacket over a solid tee can make your looks upgrade to grade A.

Leather jacket is the thing that all men need to add into their wardrobe. Talking about the facts wearing the leather jackets makes a guy feel more confident. The most important thing man who looks confident can make anything he wears sexy and stunning. Its doesn’t matter he do have a good brand clothes or a good physique. But if she carries himself and look secure with himself and capable of things happen. Then he will be the sexiest man in the room.

IMP:Make sure you don’t judge anyone’s character or a personality with his/her brands. Start investing in yourself, because that will make you look sexier. Investing in a wardrobe won’t make you look sexier. The worst but best truth of today’s world is women finds the men sexier and more attractive who works on themselves, for their dreams, for their passion.

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