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Retro looks:Glimpse in 1990s fashion styles



Fashion keeps coming and going but when fashion makes a comeback it’s there to stay! We are talking about the 90’s fashion trends from Polka dots to Velvet, it’s all back! Retro looks enjoy a different place when comes to styling.

  1. No line, only Polka Dot!
    Polka Dots is a classic 90’s style but even in 2021, it is not out of fashion! Polka Dot dresses, Polka Dot blouses all look so classy but super stylish. From Alia bhatt’s stylish polka doted dress to Priyanka Chopra Jonas’s royal saree to Deepika Padukone’s Classic Polka dot look, everyone steals the scene with polka dots. Wearing heavy jewels with the dots, you can always make everyone’s eyes fixed on you.
Alia Bhatt in polka dot dress
Priyanka Chopra in Polka doted saree
Deepika looking stunning in Polka Dots
  1. Denim, no drama!
    It is the most elegant fashion look from the 90s. Denim on Denim is yet another style statement that 90s blessed us with. From Deepika to Mira to Katrina all these beautiful ladies look so stunning in Denim shirt on Denim jeans, giving it a effortless look. Keeping it light and breezy, this minimal look has always been nothing but comfortable–for travelling, movie nights, impromptu meet ups and even casual outing.
Deepika in White Denim
Mira rocking the denim look
Katrina Kaif keeping it minimal
  1. Dazzling in Dungarees!
    Always have and always will be the style for all generations. From kids section to maternity section, you can always find Dungarees making their way in your closet. Dungarees are the cutest yet most charming look. You will always find your favorite celebrity wearing one. Dungarees are best for outings, college wear and even grocery shopping. Wherever you go while being in it, we promise you a lot of praises.
Katrina’s famous Jagga Jasoos look
Image Courtesy: Herzindagi
Bhumi in Dungaree
  1. Hoops- as big as possible!
    Well well, hoops came in fashion and never really went anywhere but in our closet. With new packaging, hoops has been the most affordable and chic earrings. From Simple sliver hoops to pearl hoops, statement hoops and what not, hoops have been rebranded into something elegant. Whatever you want to wear, hoops are the best fit for it. Our favorite actresses are loving this accessible 90s fashion and we are loving them in it!
Shraddha Kapoor rocking hoops
Oversized hoops
Sara rocking hoops with ethnic
  1. Star in Sequin!
    Sparkle, sizzling, sexy; these three adjectives are best fitted for sequin dresses and tops. This famous 90s trend did not even need any new wrapping, it is as old as new in its own way. Sequin tops were the highlight of Poo’s character that was every girl dream outfit and very recently Bebo wore sequin dress on Koffee with Karan, no second thoughts on how she can still make sequin look so stunning. Many of your favorite actresses are seen wearing sequin dresses while promoting and partying. Have a look.
Poo looks PHAT
Kareena for Koffee with Karan
  1. Velvet- sophistication in style!
    Velvet has been trending when it comes to styling retro looks whether be it wedding or Met Gala! Always is the season to wear Velvet! Velvet clothes are made for all the seasons and they look stylish at all events. Velvet tops are the new in and this trend is loved by everyone. They look chic, stylish and royal. The versatility of this fabric is not new, it goes long back and it has always stayed one of the most effortless clothing of them all. The supremacy of Velvet is not limited to any local event, it is royal in it’s own way, so much so that Priyanka Chopra Jonas wore a velvet dress to Met Gala. Do we need to say more?
Priyanka looking royal in Velvet
Kiara Advani looking classy and chic
  1. Accessorize it with Choker!
    All types of Choker were famous back in 90s and now they are back with a new style. Chokers were very popular during the 90s and in almost all outfits, they worked simply marvelous from dresses to tops to skirts to even shirts, chokers made everything looked perfect just like the choker which our dhak-dhak girl Madhuri Dixit Nene wore in hum aapke hai koun.! and made us fall in love with the style. Even today, chokers are wore with ethnic wear and the simplest black lace choker makes the outfit looks super stylish.
Rocking the pearl choker lock
Jacqueline in simple lace choler

We love all these Retro looks from 90s and their comebacks. What are your thoughts?

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Black and Red Lehenga- The new combo alert!



Lehenga- The Ultimate Desire Of Every Girl And all you need is a new combination that would bring the best put if a lehenga and what more exciting than the combo black and red lehenga!

Life is short so make each day count by styling it in a red and black combination.

“Red & Black”, is the colour of superiority and elegance.

And, when it comes to red and black combo lehenga, then literally every girl can flaunt with this unique colour set of lehenga.

We have experienced lehengas in many colour patterns but now, it’s time to choose something different which can make you stand out in the crowd. Red & black combo lehenga patterns are really amazing! These colours always allure the whole attire perfectly. Red & black combination is itself a statement!

These colours have become a huge sensation for brides. Nowadays, brides mostly prefer to wear simple colour pattern lehenga with the embellishment look. And, this unique colour combo lehengas are just for weddings. This set of lehengas are so simple yet very gorgeous. Red & black can make anyone look gorgeous and stylish. These two colours are just a perfect combination for every girl. 

You can explore many different patterns and designs in this colour combination. The glamour of red and black are really beyond beautiful. It’s just a perfect fit for every girl. You can easily ensemble the lehenga with jewellery sets like necklace, bangles and jhumkas.

You can enhance your look gracefully in this colour pattern.

A red and black lehenga is all you need to steal the limelight. It comes in diverse categories, you can easily choose this colour pattern for any occasion.

A lehenga set in red and black can brighten up your whole look.

Red and black inspires you to go more bold and beautiful.

No other colour does that quite like red and black. This combination is a stylish option to wear. These sets are extremely flattering. If you are looking for a more femining way to rock, then be sure to choose red and black colours. Red and black always gives a modern twist to your look. You can achieve a relived appearance and chic style from this red and black look.

So, what are you waiting for?

Just grab this colour combination and make yourself a style statement with Black and Red lehenga!

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Eyeliner styles that will add more drama to your eyes!



Eyeliner gives your eyes the most expressive look. It enhances your eyes and gives you more of a dramatic look. Its really hard to decide which eyeliner styles that suits your face so we bring you all the options!

Here are some eyeliner styles, you would love to explore-

Natural Eyeliner Style-

It is the most simple style, you can prefer this style for your everyday makeup look. It gives your eyes a natural beautiful effect. Just apply a stroke of eyeliner and you are ready to go! This style elevates your eyes and makes your eyes look bigger and brighter. Eyeliner is the one makeup product that everyone considers a staple. Natural eyeliner style adds a level of bold and elegance to your look.

Long-Winged Eyeliner Style-

Create a dramatic style with a long winged eyeliner. This style can flaunt your look amazingly. Eyeliner is the most important part of eye makeup, just wing the liner and you are ready to rule the world. This style makes your eyes appear wider and draws more attention towards your eyes. Undoubtedly, the long winged eyeliner style is one of the classiest looks out there!

Vintage Winged Eyeliner Style-

Create a vintage look with a stroke of eyeliner. Draw the wing at a low angle and just highlight it with some bold colour eyeshadow, and you are all ready to grab the attention towards your eyes. This eyeliner style is a timeless classic. This style will make your eyes pop for a statement look. Vintage winged eyeliner style makes your eyes standout and appear more attractive.

Swan Eyeliner Styles-

This eyeliner look is perfect for any party occasion. Just draw the eyeliner at the inner corner of your eyes for a swan look.This eyeliner style can give you a bold and chic look effortlessly, and it is one the most trendiest styles. You can choose to be as dramatic as you want with this swan eyeliner style. This style can flatter any eye shape. It is one of the easiest trends to carry out. You can never go wrong with this eyeliner style.

Glittery Eyeliner Styles-

Add some glitter to your eyeliner and get a glam look instantly. Apply the glittery eyeshadow to the eyeliner for a chunky look.This style is very much in trend these days. Glittery eyeliner style is everywhere at the moment.This is a simple go to style, which you can choose for any party look. Glittery eyeliner style can make you stand out of the crowd. Nothing can match the perfection of glittery eyeliner style. It is a good addition of style to your whole makeup look.

Short-Winged Eyeliner Styles-

This eyeliner style may seem to be simple, but it is actually one of the most on go trends.Short winged suits all face types. Create a thin line across the upper eyelid and finish up with a small arched wing.This short winged style looks good on any eye shape.Short winged style goes great with any outfit. Ace your eyes with the wings. Add some spark to your eyes with the winged style.This style can absolutely give you a privilege to adorn this gorgeous look.

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