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Those were the times when heavy jewellery defined modesty and now…just a statement piece makes it to the news!

Wearing jewellery makes you feel confident and beautiful. Enhance your natural beauty and makes you discover the beauty of your facial creations through jewellery. Jewellery has the ability to highlight women’s different side of personality.

Jewellery defines hardwork put into it for placing every stone and creating something different everytime.Jewellery with high standards of craftsmanship, detail and quality makes a piece straight out of imagination. One would just instantly fall in love with alluring piece of jewellery when it is made just for your type of personality.

The minimal drop diamond earrings on such a magnificent outfit is just on point. The look makes you feel the diva in you and also makes you believe in the power of simplicity.

Necklace crafted with rare argyle pink diamonds which not only glows the outfit but also the charm on the face. Every women deserves such splendid jewelry. Also the ring acts as cherry on top or would I say topping in your pizza!

Not a traditional look? So what! A woman can shine just by wearing diamond tops.It has just increased the value of classy look. Surely a woman can be beautiful and professional at the same time and how can we not go gaga over bebo when she can look elegant with only statement earrings!

Festive season comes every year and outfits ideas do not change much. But guess what jewellery with such alluring exquisite designs can surely make you look different every festive season!!! It highlights all your personality and makes you look stunningly gorgeous! We just love how you can highlight all your ear with this ear pieces and give it a festive look!

Radiant rosecut spiral earrings with emerald studded around the mesmerising diamonds is just out of the world. These types just makes you grab everyone’s attention in any occasion. Simplicity at its best! You could just wear the ring to your office and still can justify the office look.

Colombian emerald in the centre with minor diamonds aside is a perfect elegant bridal design. One could surely reign love for this timeless classic by adorning it. Diamonds are love! How could someone resist and this piece just makes your collar bones look more gorgeous.

The delicate neckpiece studded with beautiful shimmery diamonds completes the look by all ways. The complete vintage inspired. No matter how you dress these diamonds will never fail highlighting you in the crowd and also the neckline and round necklace makes the perfect combination!

Jewellery is what bride needs when it comes to flaunting the bride vibe. The trendy choker design with eclectic patterns of detailed stones is what royalty can be an example of. The heavy diamond studded golden earrings are like one could just go nuts by seeing them. Craftsmanship is beyond appreciation! We bring back times of the modesty with these!

A flawless outfit needs flawless accessories. Those diamond rings are dream of every woman. These ring could easily grab the whole outfits thunder and lighten the mood all around. Also they make your hands look like princess and increase your confidence instantly.

Now ladies, you know what to grab next when you go shopping!



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Missing Traditional attires?



Radiate your elegance in traditional outfits!
No wonder, traditional outfits are one of the most exquisite attire to wear!
Choose your best amongst these gorgeous dresses.

Front slit suit- You just can’t let go this piece of dress. It is modern and trendy and makes a good addition for any occasion. This art silk suit with unique designs gives a flourishing look to the whole outfit. Choose this style if you would like to go bold!

Patiala salwar kameez- Salwar kameez is always one of the favourites. The colour variation of this Patiala salwar is just too effing beautiful. You can add contrast dupatta to this . The delicate embroidery done on this salwar makes it eye-catching. This Patiala salwar style is ever present.

Open high neck suit- Look at this gorgeous suit with a V neck in the front. The heavy embroidery designs in this suit looks very ravishing and stylish. The front part of the dress is decorated with buttons ,that add extra charm to the dress. This new style of traditional dress is a perfect choice for any festive season.

Lace salwar kameez- No matter whatever the occasion is! Every girl love undoubtedly love to wear salwar kameez. Salwar suit is also changing in trends today. This gorgeous dress can brighten up any complexion. The top part of the kameez is made with lace and the bottom is a pant style. You can make statement the whole outfit with a dupatta.

Woven net kurta- Net kurta- is one of the most trendy outfit. This long pattern kurta has an additional net designs that adds extra charm to the whole dress. You can choose this beautiful kurta for any occasion. The printed designs at lower part makes it more elegant and stunning.

Lehenga saree- Nowadays, lehenga saree has become a huge sensation. The gorgeous saree and lehenga are converted and turned into a single piece. This set of lehenga is so gorgeous to put on. You can style this look with heavy jewellery’s . The designs in the lehenga express the spirit of modernity.

Net saree- Nothing can match the boldness of the sarees. This net saree is itself a complement. The designs and embroidery worked on this saree is really very much elegant. And, this saree is lightweight to carry off as well. The little details of artwork on the saree is really amazing.

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Latest Christmas Outfits-



From a glittery dress to a velvet trouser suit, celebrate the most wonderful time of the year by getting more glam!
This Christmas wear a most gorgeous clothes, and add extra spark of joy to your life.

Tafetta dress- This mini dress is a bang on trend for winter. Tafetta dress is an absolutely go to choice for this Christmas season. The satin fabric finish adds extra chic shine to the dress. The tiered and oversized cut makes it perfect for the Christmas day.

Bicolour Sequin Dress- This sequin dress is very much extraordinary for the Christmas Eve. The cut out detailing of the dress is really amazing. Sequin dress aren’t just for Christmas, you can wear this sparkly style all year round. It’s bound to get you in the festive spirit.

A Slip Dress- A slip dress was the most trendy style in the 90’s . This black is perfect to wear on Christmas day. This is a timeless dress, with a lot more of elegance. A slip dress is a festive favourite. Glam your look up with heels or with black ankle boots.

Velour Blazer with Feather Cuffs- If you want to rock the floor on Christmas Eve, then this velvour tracksuit is the one for you! This is a very sophisticated dress to wear on this Christmas season. And, the main thing is, this is a comfortable yet stylish outfit that can spark a whole lot of joy when you put it on!

Rosetta Maxi Dress- Maxi dress with boots is a perfect combo to wear in this Christmas. The dress features two subtle side slits and the side cut of the dress adds boldness to the whole outfit. Rosetta maxi dress is the epitome of luxuriously elegance and sophistication. This best selling outfit will be your new favourite for this season.

Shimmering Satin Dress- Shimmery dress is always a good idea for any occasion. This chunky shimmering dress is itself a compliment. Shimmering Satin Dress is breaking all the fashion rules and it has become a huge trendy. This dress is a perfect party piece you have been looking for!

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2020 Winter Makeup Trends-



No wonder, makeup has a significant place in the hearts of every girl.
Whether you are just ravishing makeup around your house or you need to put together a look for a socially dustanced hang out, you’ll definitely want to try these trends before Dec 31.
These amazing makeup looks will make you the showstopper for sure!

Plum Shades- Dark plum shades are one of the bold colour, which has the power to instantly make you feel like the most powerful person in the world. This shade can brighten up the whole look. You just can’t let go the dark plum shades!

Winged liner- Winged liner is as trendy as it has ever been. You can choose to be dramatic as you want in the winged liner. Winged liner add subtle touch of beauty to your eyes. One of the reasons winged has remained so popular is because it can be adapted to flatter different eyes shapes.

Flaming Red- This shade has its own identity. This season, the red vibrant colour has become huge trendy than ever. There’s no better pick-up than some bold red lipstick. A red lipstick is a complete look in itself. Red lipstick surpasses beauty trends , living in its own league as a beauty classic.

Purple Eyeshadow- Purple eyeshadow is a perfect blend of luxury and royalty. This colour is absolutely phenomenal for any occasion. You can add some extra chunky glitter to vibrant the bold vibe.

Blue Lids- Make yourself more radiant with the blues! This season , embrace the wintry lids and let your eyes do all the talking. This blue combination is just beyond beautiful. It’s a easiest way to add a bold element into your eyes!

Shades of Orange- Orange shades has become a go to colour for any bold and gorgeous look. Orange eyeshadow, in particular is seriously on trend and the perfect way to add some colour to your makeup look. Embrace this eye makeup trend for fall.

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