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Those were the times when heavy jewellery defined modesty and now…just a statement piece makes it to the news!

Wearing jewellery makes you feel confident and beautiful. Enhance your natural beauty and makes you discover the beauty of your facial creations through jewellery. Jewellery has the ability to highlight women’s different side of personality.

Jewellery defines hardwork put into it for placing every stone and creating something different everytime.Jewellery with high standards of craftsmanship, detail and quality makes a piece straight out of imagination. One would just instantly fall in love with alluring piece of jewellery when it is made just for your type of personality.

The minimal drop diamond earrings on such a magnificent outfit is just on point. The look makes you feel the diva in you and also makes you believe in the power of simplicity.

Necklace crafted with rare argyle pink diamonds which not only glows the outfit but also the charm on the face. Every women deserves such splendid jewelry. Also the ring acts as cherry on top or would I say topping in your pizza!

Not a traditional look? So what! A woman can shine just by wearing diamond tops.It has just increased the value of classy look. Surely a woman can be beautiful and professional at the same time and how can we not go gaga over bebo when she can look elegant with only statement earrings!

Festive season comes every year and outfits ideas do not change much. But guess what jewellery with such alluring exquisite designs can surely make you look different every festive season!!! It highlights all your personality and makes you look stunningly gorgeous! We just love how you can highlight all your ear with this ear pieces and give it a festive look!

Radiant rosecut spiral earrings with emerald studded around the mesmerising diamonds is just out of the world. These types just makes you grab everyone’s attention in any occasion. Simplicity at its best! You could just wear the ring to your office and still can justify the office look.

Colombian emerald in the centre with minor diamonds aside is a perfect elegant bridal design. One could surely reign love for this timeless classic by adorning it. Diamonds are love! How could someone resist and this piece just makes your collar bones look more gorgeous.

The delicate neckpiece studded with beautiful shimmery diamonds completes the look by all ways. The complete vintage inspired. No matter how you dress these diamonds will never fail highlighting you in the crowd and also the neckline and round necklace makes the perfect combination!

Jewellery is what bride needs when it comes to flaunting the bride vibe. The trendy choker design with eclectic patterns of detailed stones is what royalty can be an example of. The heavy diamond studded golden earrings are like one could just go nuts by seeing them. Craftsmanship is beyond appreciation! We bring back times of the modesty with these!

A flawless outfit needs flawless accessories. Those diamond rings are dream of every woman. These ring could easily grab the whole outfits thunder and lighten the mood all around. Also they make your hands look like princess and increase your confidence instantly.

Now ladies, you know what to grab next when you go shopping!

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Handbags – The essence of elegance!



Handbags are considered as a fashion statement, it plays an essential role in the life of a women!
Handbags has many wide variety of range, and one can choose them according to their choice.

Wristlet – Wristlet is a small hand bag with a short carrying strap, which resembles like a bracelet. A Wristlet is similar in size to a clutch but it is usually self contained with a zipper. They are very much lightweight to carry.

Bowler bag – The name of the bag is inspired from the bowling ball bags. One just can’t let go this sort of bags. Bowler bag is very much comfy to use. This bag comes in a medium sized shape with short handles.

Kelly Bag – Kelly bags are a great way to showcase woman’s beauty. This bag always looks stunning. It actually looks like a Satchel with a type of metal clasp in the front. Hermes Kelly Bag is very much famous and one of the most coveted bags in the world.

Clutch – Clutch bags are always in trends, Clutch is a slim, flat handbag without handles or a strap usually carries by women on any occasion. Slim and primarily hand are perhaps the two qualities which define the bag enormously.

Satchel – Satchel is every woman’s go to choice. It can give an outfit a more sophisticated look. This is a rectangular bag with a flap that fastens in the front with a single or double buckle along with a long strap.

Miniaudiere – What a flawless beauty this bag is! This is actually a jewelled case which acts as a bag. They have a hinged framed, decorated with beads, crystals which embellished the whole bag. Miniaudiere are box clutches that are small enough to hold in one hand.

Hobo bag – Every women prefer this bag for daily use. This bag is just beyond beautiful, characterized by a crescent shape under the handle. This bag has a distinct silhouette which make it looks adorable.

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F for Fashion.



“The best way to enjoy fashion is to wear ,what you love and be yourself”!
Fashion is one of the essential mode, which express the style of a person. The mixture of contemporary, vintage and Indo-western has become tremendously popular in last few years. A lot has changed over the last decades and so has the fashion industry in India.

Trends are the most important factor which boost the fashion level of every person. Fashion trends are very much dynamic, having style is good when one feels comfortable in what one is wearing! Fashion does defines the person, it has been decades now but the trends of fashion are still ongoing, nobody can ever get bored of fashion style and trends.

Fashion is incredibly important to emerge one’s personality, style has a purpose and it definitely embellished the outer look of a person. It’s a form of an art, that’s we can surround ourselves every single day. Fashion can simply add another layer of joy into our daily life.
Fashion and style is the ultimate self expression of a person, clothes that we wear say things about us in a tremendous way. Fashion is a big part of personal identity and culture!

Fashion , trends and style has become the huge part in everyone’s life. Fashion has many variations and divergence. It can change one’s personality and does can turn the entire look of a person.Fashion is the clothes we wear, the shoes we walk and the style we talk. Currently, fashion trends are often cyclical, designer’s always tries to follow the past decades and re recreate the style with modernity!!

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Desinger Bridal Lehengas.




Neeta Lulla is a well known fashion designer, who has been famous for her divergence of designs and uniqueness. Now, it’s been two decades and she’s really doing great, everytime she tries to bring royality to her attires. Well, this pattern of lehengas has become a huge sensation for brides. Nowadays, brides mostly prefer to wear a simple lehenga with the embellished look. And,this ivory colour Lehenga is just perfect for weddings. This set of lehenga is so simple yet gorgeous, and brides can easily manage to wear!

Manish Malhotra is one of the most leading desinger since very long, his each and every desinger bridal lehengas are really beyond beautiful! He is known as the ace desinger. His outfits are an unique take on traditional desings for a bride. Look at this red bold lehenga with heavy golden embroideries and desings. Every bride can sets the bar with this ultra gorgeous red bridal lehenga.

Anita Dongra is a noted Indian fashion designer. Her designs display a fondness of heritage craft traditions. She always brings uniqueness to the lehengas and also showcase the vibrant colours and prints with heavy embroidery. Every bride would like to wear this set of lehenga. Designs are amazing and it is adorned with sequins, pearls, zari and zardosi craft and paired with an embroidered blouse along with two beautiful dupattas in a colour pink and powder blue.

Tarun Tahiliani is one of the most renowned indian fashion designer. He always comes up with the new designs and patterns. And, his attires always portray the royality! What a wonderful bridal lehenga it is! Every bride can rock the floor in this lehenga. This is a handcraft raw silk lehenga, embroideries are embedded with pearls, paired with a blouse and a dupatta. The lehenga on its own a pretty piece. Brides can style this look with heavy jewellery’s.

Sabyasachi “the name itself make a statement in the world of best designer’s. Traditional and very exquisite is his style and he makes the most of it. This golden embroidered lehenga is just amazing! This lehenga set is really versatile and it can be worn with heavy jewellery to intensify the look. For those bride’s who find red is overrated, can definitely go for this golden lehenga .

Jayanti Reddy, is famous for her banarsi desinger lehengas. Jayanti always works with traditional silhouettes. Her designs express the spirit of modernity. This purple Banarasi Lehenga is very much elegant and bold. The way she put the designs in the lehenga is really splendid. This heavy embroidered lehenga is stunning, which can totally match the desires of every bride.

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