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Main apni favourite hoon! – Women’s Trendy Fashion.



Fashion has been a priority to everyone. The change in it is evolving day by day. Specially to a woman. There are so many outfits varieties a woman could wear and the list is never ending. Apart from traditional wears some western wear which are into trend which makes a woman more beautiful and confident. Different outfits, different looks! And these varieties are so fun to pair with each other.

Sheer jackets have been in trend now and are quite constant because of its advantage of being casual as well as party wear. These jackets are transparent and so are worn upon skin tight tops.

Jumpsuits are in fashion since many years and still and not outdated. It looks flawless on any body type and its different varieties like denim, hip knots, bell bottom etc just makes it even more beautiful.

Skirts! Barbie doll is what someone would say looking at you wearing these beautiful skirts. Skirts are more worth wearing with the skin tight and knot crop tops. Skirt of chiffon, denim are very attractive.

LBD (Little black dress) are basically love to every girl out there! Zipped, Off shoulder, Chiffon frilled any many more varieties in LBD makes the black colour go more sharp. These LBD when wore with leather jackets (long/short) gives it a more rich look.

Casual though classy is what our generation needs. Every day going to office and wearing those boring clothes is definitely not what we want! So here’s Long Blazers which can go with jeans, short skirts, short denims, jeans.

Oversized hoodies paired with knee boots or a high block heel it will just make a girl look cutest. Hoodies can be flaunted alone by just pairing it with good boots and also with ripped jeans, or also with short jeans.

Denim jackets gives a woman bold look. It could a short denim jacket, Body fit denim jacket, Long oversized denim jacket. These jackets are worn from decades now and pretty sure will continue in future decades.

Off shoulders worn with jeans, skirts or track pants they are just fabulous. Different varieties like denims, woollen, body fit crop top etc these all makes those collar bones highlight!

Military jackets or tops are also in one of the all time fashion trends. These could be long jackets, short jackets or body tight tops. They make every outfit look more catchy.

Ripped jeans are basically in different varieties. Skin fit jeans ripped on knees, ripped jeans with stockings inside, one cut ripped jeans, high waist ripped jeans. All these goes with any tops like oversized, crop tops or a jacket-top look.

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Desinger Bridal Lehengas.




Neeta Lulla is a well known fashion designer, who has been famous for her divergence of designs and uniqueness. Now, it’s been two decades and she’s really doing great, everytime she tries to bring royality to her attires. Well, this pattern of lehengas has become a huge sensation for brides. Nowadays, brides mostly prefer to wear a simple lehenga with the embellished look. And,this ivory colour Lehenga is just perfect for weddings. This set of lehenga is so simple yet gorgeous, and brides can easily manage to wear!

Manish Malhotra is one of the most leading desinger since very long, his each and every desinger bridal lehengas are really beyond beautiful! He is known as the ace desinger. His outfits are an unique take on traditional desings for a bride. Look at this red bold lehenga with heavy golden embroideries and desings. Every bride can sets the bar with this ultra gorgeous red bridal lehenga.

Anita Dongra is a noted Indian fashion designer. Her designs display a fondness of heritage craft traditions. She always brings uniqueness to the lehengas and also showcase the vibrant colours and prints with heavy embroidery. Every bride would like to wear this set of lehenga. Designs are amazing and it is adorned with sequins, pearls, zari and zardosi craft and paired with an embroidered blouse along with two beautiful dupattas in a colour pink and powder blue.

Tarun Tahiliani is one of the most renowned indian fashion designer. He always comes up with the new designs and patterns. And, his attires always portray the royality! What a wonderful bridal lehenga it is! Every bride can rock the floor in this lehenga. This is a handcraft raw silk lehenga, embroideries are embedded with pearls, paired with a blouse and a dupatta. The lehenga on its own a pretty piece. Brides can style this look with heavy jewellery’s.

Sabyasachi “the name itself make a statement in the world of best designer’s. Traditional and very exquisite is his style and he makes the most of it. This golden embroidered lehenga is just amazing! This lehenga set is really versatile and it can be worn with heavy jewellery to intensify the look. For those bride’s who find red is overrated, can definitely go for this golden lehenga .

Jayanti Reddy, is famous for her banarsi desinger lehengas. Jayanti always works with traditional silhouettes. Her designs express the spirit of modernity. This purple Banarasi Lehenga is very much elegant and bold. The way she put the designs in the lehenga is really splendid. This heavy embroidered lehenga is stunning, which can totally match the desires of every bride.

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Black is a statement by itself. A “LBD” symbolises effortless elegance, simplicity and style. LBD is always iconic and timeless attire. Today, the dress remains as popular as it was a century ago.

Lace Dresses – The lace LBD is a perfect attire to flaunt oneself. Lace Dresses has stylish designs which amplify ones look. This outfit can turn the look in a ravishing way and theses dresses has a delicate design, which makes the dress more bold and pleasant!

Dresses With Sleeves – Every girl can make a statement with this dress. These dresses are a great way to showcase one’s beauty. This pair of outfit is very much appropriate for any glamourous look.

One just can’t let go this pair of LBD. V neck Dresses are very much classic and elegant, this style comes in different forms and suits every body shapes and sizes. They are very much comfy and reliable to wear!

Classic Black Dress – A classic LBD is an absolute perfect attire for every woman’s wardrobe. The design of this dress is amazing, a stylish neckline are just classic and fashionable. This classic Black dress is just phenomenal and one can wear it in any event.

This outfit is very much perfect for any party. This LBD always embellished the look and it had unique and sophisticated design texture, which makes the dress more gorgeous and stunning.

LBD for wedding – Oh yes! One can definitely wear black to a wedding. A black dress can brighten up the look. This attire can keep one’s look effortlessly stylish. This dress for wedding is just perfect.

Black Cocktail Dress – How fashionable this cocktail dress is! They are perfect for any party night, this LBD falls just above or below the knee. This cocktail pair of dress is really very much bold and gorgeous.

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Ranveer Singh – The Gaga of bollywood?



Ranveer Singh – The Gaga of bollywood?
Current heartthrob, Ranveer Singh knows how to depict the style in a trendy way, he has a queer ability to turn his fashion outfits with ease. Ranveer never feared of being judged for his fashion statement, he always convey himself the way he felt to!

This poster print suit wore by Ranveer is just beyond imagination of anyone. He never just focus on being glamorous , he always tries to be the one who can attract the people with his uniqueness and style. Ranveer always play with colours to express himself more in a certain way to entertain people.

There is absolutely no outfit that won’t be nailed by Ranveer, especially when he puts it on the sassiest batik prints. He is just flawless in any outfits. His each and every looks always receives a huge appreciation from the fans.

That’s some absolutely different and unique style of Ranveer. No one can ever stop him! In this brown three piece along with a pink loose shrug, Ranveer is giving another turn to his fashion sense. He is the real style icon in B-town. He is a trendsetter and had redefined fashion with his quirky style.

It doesn’t matter what the occasion is! Ranveer always surprises the people, with his extreme fashion skills. Here, he wore a long black kurta with button down pattern and scarf on along with the side tucked inside a waist belt. He is just ravishing the look.

Ranveer is the man of madness and craziness. He always wears what he is drawn to! He is possibly the only actor who has access to a lot of really interesting things. Ranveer is the only one who can wear ghagra with a plazzo. He always keeps on experimenting with his attire, he always rocks and blows his fans away with his fashion skills.

Ranveer Singh is all about versatility, he always carries himself with all guts and glories. Ranveer is absolutely popping himself in yellow hat dressed with white shirt and shorts, this funky outfit makes him more bold and energetic.

Look at this style of Ranveer, he is just a stunner! In the gleek glasses on with grey suit and button down inside coat, he is portraying himself more in a distinctive way. Ranveer is looking ultimate stylish in this skirt pattern outfit.

Well that’s something which has attracted a lot of attention. Ranveer is just flaunting in this blue coat flares along with a kurta. He is the only actor who lift up the game of style. Ranveer is highly experimental actor when it comes to fashion and trends.

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