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how to start a dry fruit business how to start a dry fruit business


How to Start a Dry Fruit Business. Things you must know!



If you have a question in mind How to start a dry fruit business and all questions related to that then this article is perfect for you!

  • Well friends do you all want to start your own dry fruit business?
  • How to start with?
  • Do you Analyse the market before starting your business ?
  • Do you have demand for your business in the market?
  • Is it necessary to start a business at the right place ?
  • Is the dry fruit business profitable?

So above questions comes in everyone’s mind before start a business which are necessary . Let me help you with the information and more tips on how to start dry fruit business and grow your business. So today i will tell you about the dry fruit business if you work hard you can easily earn 45 to 50 thousand rupees monthly.

⁃ By the way, dry fruits are also used in large quantities in sweets. But in the recent past, adulteration in sweets has increased in great quantity.
⁃ Especially on festivals, along with the demand for sweets, adulteration in these also increases a lot. In such a situation, people prefer to take dry fruits instead of buying sweet.

What are the things needed for Dry Fruits Business

how to start a dry fruit business:

Where to buy dry fruits – 

There are many states in our country where dry fruits are cultivated on a large scale, such as South India etc. You can get the highest quality dry fruits in these places. By the way, Chandni Chowk of Delhi is also there. It is very famous for the business of dry fruits. Here you will easily get dry fruits at very low prices and in wholesale prices. Here you will find dry fruits both loose and packed.

Selection of Location –

The right choice of location is very important for any business. It is very important to have a shop in the right place.    

Demand for your business- 

India is a country where festivals and celebrations go on almost throughout the year. Due to which the demand for dry fruits remains throughout the year.  The demand for dry fruits increases especially during the winter season. Both the demand and price of dry fruits increases in the winter season, for this. If you buy and stock dry fruits at a low price, then the profit can increase manifold. Keep in mind that it is very important to take care of dry fruits while stocking.

Packing and Packaging

Nowadays, customers believe more in packing goods than loose goods. So if you can easily sell dry fruits by packing them well and putting your company or brand’s label on it. Packaging is a key aspect when distributing dry fruits.

License and registration process

It is also necessary to take a certificate from the FSSAI License – Food Safety and Standards Authority of India ie the Food Safety Standards Authority of India, it gives certificates according to the quality of the food item.

Maintain Good Quality–  

it is important to maintain good quality of your dry fruits in the business i.e Taste, Expiry date

GST –  

It is necessary to get GST registration done, you can also do this process online.     

Marketing and promotion:

While there are tons of competitive distributors of dry fruits, what can set you apart is the promotion and sales strategy you adopt. Social media, advertising, banners, TV, offers, discounts, Google listings, etc., are all effective channels to promote your brand.

Cost and Profit Margin

Friends now know how much money it takes to start a dry Fruit business, how much money is required to start this business, so I want to tell you that you can do this business up to 50 thousand. You can begin to if you’re going to do it in a small way, then you can buy the goods in Whole-cell, open dry Fruit and pack it yourself and sell it at a higher rate. In  the business of dry fruits, you can earn a lot of profit with less investment. There is a margin of at least 10 to 20 percent in this business depending on the channel you select i.e. Online or Retail.

Loss in forecast period –

High price of dry fruits can hinder their market growth during the forecast period.  Furthermore, loss of efficient vitamins in dry fruits (as they are lost during the dehydration process) may obstruct the growth of dry fruits market during the forecast period

Chitra Vyas, a seller with Flipkart, is a techie-turned-entrepreneur. After completing her MTech in Electronics, she worked with Infosys for a while before starting up on her own. Hailing from Bikaner, she moved to Hyderabad after her wedding.               She decided to do the business of dry fruits that would fall under the “essentials” category. Thus Soft Art, her brand of dry fruits, came into being. Things did not go great in the beginning. “While we were happy, we had another category to cash in on, we got only around 20-30 orders in a day. But with the help of Flipkart, which always helped us with training, customer reviews, and feedback whenever we started a new category, sales started picking up,” says Chitra. Since its inception last year, Chitra says Soft Art has grown by 5X and is now an established dry fruits brand. She also clocked over 1,000 orders during Big Billion Days. 

Conclusion– Here is how you can Start Dry fruits business from scratch and make huge profits. All across the world, there is a rising demand for dry fruits due to general health awareness. In the end, we can only tell you that the better your dry fruits will be, the longer the sales will be as good. By the way, dry fruits naturally prove to be good and evil. Never keep dry fruits in a cool place. Otherwise, dryfruits are prone to spoiling.

You can also refer to this link for more business ideas.

how to start a dry fruit business

This entire process can cost around 1-2 lakhs, just a tiny expense and peace of life. So what is the delay? Let us start today the business of dry fruits and fulfill your dreams, your needs.

Disclaimer: It is the basic idea to how to start a dry fruit business in India. Please refer to expert guidance when required.

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