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Food mood

We know what are you craving right now!!!



Food food everywhere??Food is first love??Are you a foodie?

I am sorry for watering your mouth in very first pic but seriously How can you not miss a PIZZA?

Ohhhh….so you asked someone out for a coffee and lockdown happened…woopsie…you can enjoy the photo though!

This perfectly sums up our summer vibes!!!We just want to grab our bikes and reach a food destination!

Dessert lover??? I guess you have got a sweet tooth and a sweet personality too?? Anyways coffee always makes it even!

So now as you have got mad at me for increasing your cravings here is what you can try home!

Isn’t this delicious??? Now don’t rush to your mom to make her do this!

Uhhh the colours are making us crave more!!!

Remember the dialogue from 3 idiots….?? Dhokla,phaphda!!! Still we love it!

Be a food junkie after this lockdown!!

Its time to raid the foooood!!!!

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