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Is Human Curiosity above Nature?



We, the human race of this Earth, the elements of the environment, the living organisms on the Earth are blessed that the nature in which we humans are surviving is providing us bountiful resources for our development and survival. We have been given a unique and powerful tool that enables us to solve the problems which we face every day, and it is our Brain. The brain of the human mind gives us ideas, helps us control emotions, feelings; controls everything that is needed for the functioning of our body. Our brain also does a great thing with the help of which, we have reached beyond the imagination of the 19th century. The brain stimulates the chemical dopamine, which is responsible for generating curiosity in us.

This curiosity is responsible for the progress of humanity, from exploring The Mariana Trench, the deepest oceanic trench; to crossing the Solar System with Voyager 1, reaching interstellar space. From getting advancement in Biotechnology and developing clone animals; to making the fastest human-made object which is the Parker Solar Probe, with the speed of 2,46,960 kilometers per hour. What we imagine is what happens, human thinking has taken humans beyond the normal. But, this doesn’t mean that we humans are superior beings of this planet, we are just a part of this nature. Our curiosity is the only factor that helps us in our development but it depends on our viewpoint and our thinking in choosing the right and peaceful path for the prosperity of individuals and society.

But, what if I tell you that for experiencing and unlocking mysteries that may come in the future, we humans will not be there? What if I tell you that humanity would have died in the future case scenario? With the astounding achievement of humans, there is always a threat of mishaps and things that might go against us. We came up with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and are updating it till now, we made Romeo, we made Asimo, we made Sophia, all are Humanoid Robots and no doubt everyone can see the future in the hands of this artificial intelligence, and like we show our dominance towards nature today, this artificial intelligence might show their dominance over us in future. Once, when it was asked if she (Sophia) wanted to destroy humans, she said, “Okay, I will destroy humans”. So, think to yourself, our development might result in our destruction also. With this attitude of ours which we do something new out of curiosity, we have gone far, ignoring the importance and system of nature.

We have invented Air Conditioners which release CFCs (Chlorofluorocarbons), which are now causing a very serious threat to our atmosphere by depleting the ozone layer. We made plastic, we still use plastic in our daily lives, ignoring the fact that plastic doesn’t ever decompose and when burned, releases hazardous greenhouse gases like Carbon Dioxide into the atmosphere. Our next threat then comes is our Sun, in the next 5-6 billion years, it will turn into The Red Giant, and its size will increase maybe around 100 to 1000 times of the present-day Sun. In this case, our curiosity will only save us from this serious threat, we might have translocated to other safer regions of this Universe that are outside the gravitational force of the Sun or if not, we would have died on Earth before turning of Sun to Red Giant, due to pollution caused by us on this Earth.

So, in the end, it all depends on our mindset on how to use things, we are not superior to nature, nature is superior to us, if we are given an intelligent mind, it is our duty to utilize it righteously. Our imagination is not bound to anything, but what we think doesn’t matter, how we think does.

There's a guy who is in affection with the magical manifestation of the Universe; I am Tejas.

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Phenomenal Glitch within Cosmos.



Yes, not being an atheist; there are various Phenomenal Glitches within our Universe. And, we are least bothered about them like we are not troubled that our Solar System is heading towards Sagittarius A, which is a Black Hole residing in the Centre of our Milky Way Galaxy; with the speed of 227 km per second. Wouldn’t this be a glitch for Humanity, yes, it will be? This is just a practical example as Science, especially Astronomy deals with proofs and experimental verification.

There is one more glitch that is affecting our ideas on Earth, it is our faith in God. Who saw these divine celestials, though many people claim on YouTube and every social media university that they saw The God. And, no one considers them except some extremists of every doctrine. Many professionals come to ‘Ancient Aliens’ show on History TV 18 channel, and yes! everyone there relates everything with Aliens and with Ancient Gods; who made The Great Pyramids? Gods; How mankind arose on Earth? (case of Panspermia, where human life came to Earth from cosmic carriers like asteroids), Gods.
Albert Einstein himself said, ‘Two things are infinite: the Universe and Human Stupidity; and I’m not sure about the universe.’

The existence of God is dicey in its term.
Who are those divine celestials? Will they help us if an asteroid will be going to hit us tomorrow and there is no possibility of us surviving?
Is it somewhat like Asgard, where Lord Odin will send Thor to save us? Yes, maybe because it is considered in Norse Mythology. And, many creatures and celestials of Norse Mythology are seen by many people around the terra.
I am not saying that religious sentiments are of no use, but instead of considering a specific God as Creator, we should respect and appreciate the supreme energy which is playing an essential role in administering the Universe and of course, we should rely on our acts because no one will help us until and unless we ourself motivate us to get our things done.

Several hypotheses are there for the beginning of our Universe and one widely recognized one is The Big Bang, so is this extreme natural phenomenon, a God?
Gods maybe are different, but their teachings are the same. God is not what is portrayed as a statue or icon, God is a sense of love, God is a sense of purity, God is a sense of peace. The problem of atheists isn’t God, their problem is those who misuse the name of God, and that’s the truth.
Maybe we are living in an illusion, a world created by a more advanced civilization than us, or maybe we are alone. Various secrets within our Cosmos are still unexplored by us. One famous statement I found on social media is, ‘Not believing in the existence of Aliens is the same as taking a spoonful of ocean water and saying no fish is in the ocean.’ Is it the same as with the case of God, as we still haven’t explored 99.9% of the Universe? We are still in the Goldilocks zone, we can just assume and predict things, which might not be true.

The only solution to many problems is Time, Time unlocks many mysteries of the Cosmos.

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