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Prasad Vidhate aka Saint in baggy: A complete package!



Prasad Vidhate well known on the social media as @saint_in_baggy. He is an Actor, You tuber, Vlogger, Social Media Influencer, Engineer and much more. It’s rightly said engineers can do anything. Prasad had a very ordinary childhood like many of us. And now we are enjoying his extra ordinary 20’s life and creativity. Mostly he creates content on instagram and you tube, -the spoofs and parodies. I am sure while surfing over reels you may have seen him and enjoyed the content.

Prasad Vidhate shares his elite story with Paradox India and we would love to share with you all.

1.Was acting your forever passion ya waqt ki koi gheri saazish?

Prasad Vidhate:

“When I was in school I was interested in performing in annual functions, drama competition and dance competition but did not got enough opportunities and support by my teachers. Soon completed my 10th and I enrolled for an acting workshop of almost 15 days and luckily – got a chance to work with one of the finest actor and director from Marathi industry. But due to lack of experience on stage I struggled for almost 3 years to get on stage. I  had to let it go because of my 12th boards. When I reached in the 2nd year of my graduation in civil engineering I performed in an art circle activity and in the same year I directed 2 plays from my college for WJIVH we received 4 individual prizes and then the journey began. Till my final year I have been the part of several plays including one act, long length and 2 act plays and had enough experience to apply for NSD (2 times), rejected every time …Bahahaha. But I continued the theatre in Pune and simultaneously got a chance to perform in a sketch for YouTube channel – a small role of almost 20 sec. I worked with almost 4 to 5 YouTube channels but the growth was slow but still continued, finally in 2019 I got a chance to be the lead in one of the play named ‘ The Father of 669 ‘ which ranked 2nd in the intercollege competition all over Pune. The best part was I got a prize named – CHATURASRA (multitalented actor). I was felicitated  by the well-known actor, writer and director Mahesh Manjrekar, which boosted my confidence even more.

    At the end of 2019 I went to a trip to Lehi Ladakh for cycling and almost uploaded 8 vlogs on my channel followed by some sketches in the lockdown, I uploaded 2 web series named

 – Mai Bhi Youtuber and Usual Ka Alag Visual on my YouTube channel (Saint In Baggy). 

Finally in the month of Jan 2021 one of my reel took off on Instagram and the world changed, the moment for which I waited for 2 years arrived within a blink.

And yes Acting is my passion and also waqt ki ek gheri saazish.”

2.Which was the first role you played in theatre or on stage, which holds something special?


“The first noticeable role I did in a play was in 2019 named ‘The father of 669’ the play is close to my heart and if I get a chance to time travel then I would surely go back to the process of this play.” 

3.What was the idea or story behind the username Saint in Baggy as it seems to be very deep and unique?


 “The name denotes the personality I want to be. Saint word itself defines that a person has given away all the materialistic elements, is calm and holding onto peace while Prasad is completely opposite, a person always thinking of content , busy working on the toes and love being busy. I also love wearing loose clothes which provide me a comfort in all the hectic schedule and work . So the name is the combination of these 2 aspects and I came up with it, so as to constantly remind myself that keep working and one say you will be a saint in baggy clothes.

So that’s the simple logic behind the name ‘Saint in baggy’.

4.The way you present yourself is quite unique, is there any influence from epic stories casted on TV during Lockdown?


“Talking truly, not a series from lockdown but I love the content made by TVF and I follow the channel since the ‘TVF pitchers’ and I always wanted to create something like, Tripling , Kota factory and sketches as well . But in the process I follow is the content should be strong on paper and elevated while performing and post production, the content should be relatable and easy to understand.”

5. From where do you get your inspiration or ideas for your content?


“My inspiration is the love given by the viewers. Most of my videos are experimental and if the audience get attached/hooked to the video the analytics and comments speak out loud and yeah that’s my inspiration. This gets me on the toes to come up with something more interesting on the table.”

6.How does it feel to be more Saint In Baggy than Prasad Vidhate?


“Being saint in baggy feels more responsible, always need to be up to the mark , always be on the toes, value for what you have achieved. I want them to be different and I try to do so because Prasad Vidhate is all about the journey and I wanted to live the journey and not the achievement.”

7. You have a YouTube channel as well . What’s your favourite thing to do vlogging or content creating ?

“That’s tricky question, well I am in a phase were I believe in being consistent on the platform .So whatever comes in the frame first I will do that. Even if it’s a sketch, short film, vlog, voice over  video anything. But personally if you ask me to choose 1 then I will go for content creating.”

8. So you have done theatres. Can You tell a little more of your background?


“Well if you ask me what do I love more ? The theatre or content creation ? I would say theatre cas because I love the pressure you have on stage and there are no retakes, it takes a lot of effort , group coordination and rehearsals. I enjoy the process that takes to build a play and I have a lot of respect for this because it took almost 3 years for me to reach onstage to perform as a character and I believe god made me learn all the elements that happens at the back of the stage so as to be respectful to the art that takes place on the stage. Lot of memories are associated with theatre as it has been almost 8 to 9 years that I am associated with theatre taking some gaps due to academics though”.

9. You have done a short film 2 months back Motichoor ke Ladoo. Can you tell more about it, how did u get the story, inspiration and all ?


“This has always happened to me that whenever I wanted or wished for something, god has always made me work hard for it and has given me several opportunities to do it, rather pushed me on the road which he decided is good for me and I guess this is all about life. On the similar thought I wanted to do something and while jamming with my mates we came across some stories, initially it was a series of 4 short films but then we made 2 . One is Motichoor ke Ladoo and the second is yet to be released as it in the post production. The short film (motichoor ke laddoo) is all about – god helping you in the journey of your life, ‘wo agar problem solve nahi karegenge par usko jhelneki takad jaroor denge’. 

We shot the short film with a crew of 7 excited and dedicated  individual with almost – 1 not up to the mark camera, broken and jammed lens, zero makeup. It took us 3 days to shoot the short film and we enjoyed the process and I know god was with us the whole time.”

10. What will be your message to the youth who wants to make a career in acting or content creating ?


Message for aspiring content creators!

See what he says on content creation and acting on our instagram page @paradox_india.

There is an amazing live interview session coming up on the Paradox soon, where Prasad Vidhate will share his journey, experience, laughter and much more. Stay tuned on Paradox India.

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Top influencers in India who enjoy heartfelt admiration.



In this era of influencers where a common human comes up to inspire and influence life of people to much higher extent than we ever know! Here are some top influencers in India who are admired for the influence they make on peoples lives!

1.Komal Pandey

She is the queen of unconventional fashion. She make concepts that not even big names in the fashion industry can. Her way to present fashion is unique, unlike other fashion bloggers, her style is refreshing and you will be amazed to see something never before seen on her account. Her massive following floods her comment section with appreciation and she deserves each bit of it! Ladies and Gentlemen, that is Komal Pandey for you! Making boring outfits, fun and stylish! Here our some looks that will make you fall in love with not just her style but traditional clothing.

2.Ankush Bahuguna

Ankush Bahuguna has come a long way. His content is simple yet very relatable. His way to make everyday chores funny is what we all love about him. We are sure if you watch his videos, you will have a constant smile on your face. Lately, he has also launched wing it with ankush, where not only does he experiments with make-up but also always manages to make the other person look stunning. He also talks how makeup is gender neutral and tries to break many stereotypes about makeup and men. The newness in his content makes the audience give him constant love and support.

Dolly Singh

Dolly Singh is one of the most chilled out, putting all the middle class facts out there kinda person. We have seen her moving out of her parents’ house and then gifting them one, Dolly has come a long way. Dolly’s content often reflect daily life and bitter truth about the reality in a sarcastic way. Dolly was recently seen in Bhaag Beanie Bhaag. Her journey has been an inspiration to all those small town girls who were told to that city lights are not meant for them. Clearly, Dolly spilled some sass and silenced everyone with her success and facts!

4.Abhijeet Kain

Well, well, Internet gave us Abhijeet Kain and we thank internet for that. His style is different and extraordinary. His way to present a content through music is commendable and within no time the idea was liked by the audience as well. It is truly never before seen. Using song lyrics and making a situation out of it is not easy and his content shows that a good amount of time goes into researching. His content is a treat to eyes and ears and it is definitely a must watch material. His acting skills will make you laugh for sure. We binge watch it all the time, do you?

5.Ronit Ashra

This FAMOUS content creator is just 17 year old. A pandemic gave him the idea of duplicating the actions of famous celebs on camera and making people laugh. He replicate not only the actions but outfits as well to the most extend. His videos takes a lot of efforts, research and talent to makeup. His videos are hilarious to make you laugh. Recently, Swiggy partnered with Ronit in a very sleeky way and it touched one million within no time.

6.Sejal Kumar

Sejal first started with YouTube and later on joined Instagram to reach out to more people. Her fashion sense is every girl’s dream closet. Recently seen in Engineering girls , she is now at her top game. Her skills do not stop at acting, she is an amazing singer and a flawless dancer too. She has always embraced criticism in a positive way and had always tried to put her best foot forward and that shows with her crazy and consistent fan base.

7.Kusha Kapila

For wholesome content, she is the best. Her content’s main ingredient is Fun. Each of her character from Billi Massi to *Ab dekh rahi hu* mummy. Her content is har ghar ki kahani. Kusha was also seen in Ghost Stories. Being her usual self, Kusha always talks about body positivity and many other women centric issues. Kusha’s Instagram account is fun and fact mix. Her ability to convert everything into enjoyment is amazing. You will get the content you signed up for. Kushika Kapila surely deserves highest spot in top influencers in India !

No doubt these top influencers in India make a huge impact on our society like Komal Pandey who inspires to dress as we love or Ankush Baguna who breaks stereotype!

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influencer stories

Eesha Agarwal – Bagging Crowns, acing acting and more.



Eesha Agarwal is beautiful Indian actress and model. She represented India at a national and international platform and achieved many titles, awards and crowns. She made a huge contribution in beauty pageant by winning for India. She made our country proud including millions of people out there. And soon she became inspiration to masses. So far, she has won

1. Miss India Exquisite 2015
USA (Baltimore).
2.MIilestone Miss India International 2017
3.Global International Princess2017
Russia (Moscow).
4.Miss Beauty Top of The World 2019
Europe (Latvia).

And Miss photogenic Queen, Miss SICC Pune in 2014 and many more such titles.
She also done the regional movies in Telegu, Marathi and Tamil. Also played a cameo role in Bollywood movie Kahi Hai Mera Pyaar. Soon she will be seen in new Marathi movie called Back to School. The fact about her is that she is a nutritionist and completed her Masters in Commerce.

Q. After doing Masters and many things in life wasn’t it a though decision to pursue a career in beauty pageant?
“When I was kid, I always wanted to be in front of cameras and dance. I have grown watching Aishwarya Rai, Larra Dutta and Madhuri dixit. I was always interested in extra activities while completing my education. I took the training in the pageant and modelling. Through pageant I started my journey. I was sure that I wanted to something in this field and continued my career since 2014”.

Q. In starting days how you managed the fear and all negative thoughts that usually hits our mind. What was your reflex?

“Yes, there was a fear of uncertainty, I wasn’t aware what will happen next or will I get the work. I was clueless, just the thing is I listened to the few artist’s advice and I was going with the flow. Soon I learned and realised many things which I wasn’t aware of. Just I was following a mantra NEVER GIVE UP and then things started happening. Everything is going fine but still I know I am a struggler.”

Q. You won many awards national and international, what was the best moment of your life?

“The best was first one – Miss India Exquisite which I won in Delhi. I was thrilled and shocked, really, it’s happening with me? Then soon she said you won, she crowned me and said now you are going to USA. Then I travelled to USA and represented India.”

Q. Who supported you most of the time throughout journey.

“My parents and my sister has been always been there for me in my life. they have always supported me.”

Q. How many awards do you have till now?

“There are many awards, but I have four crowns. I hope this year also I will represent India in a very big pageant.”

Q. If anyone wants to start career in modelling and pageant, what advice will you give to them?

“A girl or boy who wants to enter into, he or she has to work on her/his body, looks, attitude and everything. They need to enhance them at every step, need to work on themselves much. They should be aware what the actually wanted to do. As of now they can start with photo-shoot and work on building their portfolio and a proper profile.”

Q. What extra skills do you have apart from being an awesome model and actor?

“As I mentioned I am nutritionist I was working as nutritionist, I can cook well, I can do painting which I started during first lockdown. I like doing working out, doing yoga and reading books. Just I like be myself.”

Q. What will be a just one thing which you would like to carry in future?

“Its difficult to answer but one just thing that I would definitely love to carry in future is being an Actor. If I get the opportunity to work in Bollywood I will work. Even I give the auditions whenever there is good project. As I live in Pune, I give auditions, I like to do Marathi movies, people are good so I feel like family, like a home.”

Q. What was the course, studies or training which you pursued to be in pageant and Modelling?
“I started with pageant and took training in the pageant and modelling. The training helped a lot to get selected in pageant. There was also a process of self-learning behind it.”

Q. Who is your favourite model or a role model whom you follow?

“There is no particular but follow their work, their style, their attitude and everything. There are so many models. Talking about role model I grown watching Aishwarya Rai, Larra Dutta and Sushmita Sen so they are my role models.”

Q. what’s your views on the clothing’s, they should be designer or simple?

“It doesn’t matter its designer or a simple or a roadside cloth. The thing matters how you carry yourself with that. How you present yourself. Clothes doesn’t matter much the thing Is that I should look good in clothes not the clothes good on me. That’s the only thing we should Remember always.”

Q. How would you define modelling, what is modelling to you?

“Modelling is not just about clothes; modelling is the way you present something. Being Model is the one who is showcasing the particular thing, brand or service to masses. Good tools can make good things.”

Q. How you maintain yourself and what’s secret of your beauty?

“I keep transforming myself, I work on myself a lot. I do stick to the basic things a proper time work out and a clean diet. I don’t do something bizarre, just these things. The basic thing is that we should take care of yourself. For me, beauty comes from within and radiates out into the world. without being comfortable in your own skin and sure of yourself you can’t be beautiful.”

Q. What are your views on the fame and likes where usually people run behind?

“As I started working initially, I was having like 10-20 likes but it doesn’t bother me. Fame and likes are secondary, we should work for ourself, should do quality work and the fame and likes are by products of it. We should focus on main product and reaction not on by products. The work matters these things are temporary.”

Q. What was the toughest moment you faced till now?
“The journey till was not that easy. The toughest moment was once dealing with casting director who was just flirting around and his Moto wasn’t good. Being girl dealing this situation, coming out from it was the toughest moment. Although this thing makes you tougher.”

Q. If you are given a chance to work with someone, who would it be and why?
“I would love to work with Prabhas, I love Prabhas. I am his fan since Bahubali. I like his personality and everything. Moreover, you can say he is my crush.”

Q. What are your future plans about your career?
“I just will like to go with flow. If opportunity arises and I feel it’s good I take it. If I like the thing or concept, I will definitely will work for it. I just don’t plan my years and life. I just work and enjoy each day. Just I plan for today and tomorrow.”

Q. What’s your mul mantra of life?
“There are many not a particular one, but I just wanted to be unique rather than to be the best. Being best will make you the number one but being unique will make you only one. Upgrading, working hard and Never give up are of my core mantras.

Eesha Agarwal surely inspires all to be the one who aspires and inspires!

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