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himanshu malhotra interview himanshu malhotra interview


Himanshu Malhotra interview: “For me everyday is a new day”



Himanshu Malhotra is a very well known name in the entertainment industry of India. He is an Actor, dancer, social worker and a motivational speaker. Himanshu Malhotra was also seen in many Indian serials, reality shows and movies. He also grabbed the NACH BALIYE trophy in 2015 and also a contestant of KHATRON KE KHILADI: FEAR FACTOR in 2016. He was also seen in the recently released movie ‘SHERSHAH”, playing the role of Captain Rajeev Kapoor.

Here are some questions we asked Himanshu about his journey till date.

What keeps you motivated everyday?

Himanshu Malhotra: For me everyday is a new day. Usually what people do is they make their past, their present and spoil their future thinking of that. I am still not at the stage where I can consider every moment of my life as a new moment but still I try to make every day of my life productive.

What were the thoughts that brought you in the entertainment industry?

Himanshu Malhotra: The desire of being famous was the first motive of mine to step in the industry. I used to play cricket in my childhood, and dreamt to have a successful career in the same. But wasn’t successful in that, then thought to try acting as I was already into dancing. Basically all this started just to get fame, also it was very immature as all these incidents happened when I was 18 or 19 years old. But eventually you realize that all the arts such as acting and dancing are way beyond being famous. Its magical, its spiritual!

Despite of acting, what made you thing of being a motivational speaker?

Himanshu Malhotra: I never consider myself a motivational speaker. It’s the people who calls me motivational speaker. I just share my experiences with my life that I have gone through, maybe as a friend, a mentor, a teacher or an elder brother, or whatever. This is the reason why we call organization a, ‘ SHARE AND GROW INITIATIVE’ , and our tagline is ‘ we share, we grow’.

We cannot actually motivate anyone, we can only inspire someone by something deep from our past experiences. I believe that the rule of universe is that if have done something wrong, I realize it and tell you not to make the same mistake, to make your life better, that is how we co-exist in universe. The same is done by our family, parents, elders etc. if somehow I can help you transform you, add value to your life, society, mankind, than I am happy.


Himanshu Malhotra: The biggest myth that exists is that the people are wrong, bad influences, bad industry, but its simple that people are not bad or wrong it’s the situation which makes a person right or wrong, good or bad. Some people rise and some people fall due to these situations or circumstances. Everything is easily visible in the Film industry and thr Television industry due to the following of the celebrities and stars. Everyone makes mistakes in their life either me or you, the mistakes bu celebs are highlighted and exagarated which create rumours.


Himashu Malhotra: Firstly, I would salute to the courage, the enthusiasm, the spirit of the Army men for their selfless duty towads the country. We were blessed to be around them, the trained us, shared us many experiences and incidents, the discipline and willpower. It was the most pleasurable and enriching experience of our life. The whole team of Shershah is blessed and thankful for such experience.

The best part was it was loved by the people at a great extent. We were a bit nervous related the release of the movie on Amazon, we thought that cinema halls would have been a better place. But we were blessed by the soul of late Captain Vikram Batra sir that the movie was a huge success after the release. The IMDB ratings, tags on post, online appreciation made it all worth it at the last. A great thank you to Dharma Production, Amazon Prime and whole team. Shooting in Palampur and Kargil was a the most cherishing experience of our life.


Himashu Malhotra: A show named ‘BHAGOMALI’ , which was telecasted a few years back, had a character named ‘ GUDDU SHUKLA’, who is still appreciated. It was a very beautiful show, though it was a difficult task to shoot it back then. Still the character was very deep and had touched my heart and has taught many things for my acting, this was the most memorable role I played.

Talking about the role which I think didn’t suited me was in the movie, ‘ WAJAH TUM HO’ by T-Series. I was playing the negative character, which had a rape sequence on a women which I think didn’t got well with me.


Himanshu: Make your skills your first priority. People think looks and body would help them ti be well established but it is not the scenario. You need to come prepared as no-one wants to teach you, they wants you to come prepared. Learn dancing, attend workshops, do theatre, this would help you build skills and your portfolio. Looks and physical fitness are just a part of acting. It is required at some points but the skills needs to be your first priority. Secondly, don’t get demotivated. The sparkle, the parties, the failures etc would distract you but you need to keep in mind what got you here. You left your family, your city, town just to live your dream and follow it, so stay focused and concentrated.


 Himanshu: Definitely I would choose reality shows over all the other three, especially dance reality shows as I am fond of dancing. I think reality shows are the only platform where you can showcase you talent. It gives you your identity. You don’t want to be known by a character you played, you want to be known by your name and that is what reality shows helps you to get. We play character to be known that this person played the character.


Himanshu: The experience with the show was actually very intresting. I remembered the first stunt I peformed in which I was hooked up on the 18th floor of a building and I need to jump up on a sheet. I think that this show connects you to yourself. When you are about the peform a task facing your fear, you get many thoughts in you head, this helps you to know youself, it helps you to overcome you fear, it helps you to control your anger and negative thoughts. I think this is the most beautiful part of the show.


Himanshu: I think my wife, Amruta Malhotra is the biggest inspiration and motivator for me! At the time of Khatron Ke Khiladi, when I was nervous, I had a fear, I didn’t knew swimming, at that time she was the one who said me that you can do it. She has always pushed me in one way or other to do various tasks. She believes in trying and getting experience wether you succeed or not that is not the point at the beginning, just try and get experience. Rather than her all the people who achieves something escaping their boundries motivates me, wether it be Hritik Roshan, Amitabh Bacchan, M.S Dhoni and so on. Kind people are the best in inspiring.


Himanshu: I would love to do dancing with the stars, that is JHALAK DIKHLAJA, whenever it happens.

And talking about any biopic then I woulf like to to a biopic on any athlete. Neeraj Chopra would be a wonderfull personality to have a biopic on and I would look forward for it.


Himanshu: It is a proud moment for all of us. With the help of a few such personalities we uplift our country. There is some kind of a pressure which the society puts on us regarding these kind of sports, and it needs a great spirit and courage to tear it apart and rise with flying colours. A salute to the players who brought gold, silver and bronze for the country.


Himanshu: I personally am very fond of sweet food items, so Puran-Poli is currently my favourite maharastrian food item. My mother-in-law makes it everytime for me and I enjoy eating it a lot. Sometimes I start my day with Poha as well which I also enjoy eating. Being a Punjabi it was a bit amazing for me people eating Poha and Pav Bhaji in the breakfast.

 I eat staple homemade food and avoid packed and processed food.


Himanshu: I actually want to visit Bhutan once. I have heard that is a very beautiful country. If we talk about travelling in the nation then I would love to explore the eastern side of the country Darjeling, Shillong, Gangtok and ofcourse Kedarnath is a dream place for every Indian to visit. I will plan to visit it soon with my friends.



Himanshu: If you want to be extraordinary then you need to go through the line of being ordinary.


Himanshu: Don’t focus on the result, focus on the process.


Himanshu: See an platform as an opportunity, life does not ends there. Don’t get demotivated with failure.


Himanshu: I see a lot of people who stays distracted continuously. I will say that complete the task you start. We usually start one task then get distracted and leave it. We don’t need to do this, once we start the task try to complete it.

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This was the interview with the very positive Mr. Himashu Malhotra. Hope this brings a bit positivity in your life and helps you to start your day with new enthusiasm and positivity.

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Devina Kaur : Redefining ideologies with grace.



Devina Kaur:  Author, creative entrepreneur, researcher, inspirational speaker, radio host and producer of the 𝐁𝐑𝐈𝐋𝐋𝐈𝐀𝐍𝐓𝐋𝐘 𝐒𝐄𝐗𝐘 show with Devina Kaur and founder of the Sexy Brilliant™ Global Revolution. 

Sexy Brilliant™ is a non-profit foundation dedicated to removing toxic shame and raising human consciousness. At the heart of Sexy Brilliant ideology lies the universal concept that we are all worthy of love.

Devina Kaur has developed her signature, life-changing KAUR™ process , which teaches empowerment through self-knowledge, self-love, and radical self-acceptance. Her book  ‘Too Fat Too Loud Too Ambitious’, first book in the Sexy Brilliant™ series that puts special emphasis on the KAUR™ process. Her online courses are changing lives all over the world, as her students learn to rediscover their divine authentic selves!
Devina Kaur is also a full time single mother, a yogi, a martial artist, and a lover of both animals and people alike.

In addition to the formal bio, please share your inputs for the following:

1) There’s nothing more brilliant than a woman owning herself and spreading the knowledge to others. But assuming you always pen down your experiences that shape you what led you to write the book.

Ans- Putting together my book ‘TOO FAT, TOO LOUD, TOO AMBITIOUS’ was a personal challenge in writing and it was deeply intimate because for me it was symbolic to how far I’ve come not only in terms of my career but also as an individual. I hope by sharing more of myself with the world in the most authentic yet brilliantly sexy and unapologetic way that others find the courage to do the same. Life is such an adventure, we all have problems and challenges however being resilient are the key. It’s resilience that took me from where I was as a person to where I am today. My journey will never stop. My creative self-expression is something I look forward to sharing with the world and those I love. Writing is just one of the many ways I do that. 

2) Did you know you were always going to do this? What drives you and how do you balance goals and experiences?

Ans- I was born and raised in a traditional Punjabi family in India, I was constantly told that my body was too fat to be loved, my laugh was too loud and masculine and that my ambition was too much for the world. Through years of therapy and professional help, I have UNLEARNED this previous conditioning and discovered that my inner wealth was never too fat for me to celebrate, my laugh is perfect to attract the right people and my ambition is never too much. Today, I can confidently say that my biggest motivation stems from wanting to inspire others to be their divine authentic selves, especially in a world that reminds us daily what is wrong with us—whether it’s our bodies, our minds or whatever it is that makes us unique.

My voice may be too loud for the world but it has never been too loud in my journey towards making my dreams come to life.

That is ultimately what the Sexy Brilliant™ non-profit foundation is all about. Being uniquely, perfectly YOU and removing the shame and stigma associated with being authentic. I want to leave a legacy that speaks to what I have to offer this world; I want the Sexy Brilliant community to feel encouraged about who they are without feeling ashamed of being the truest version of themselves. Everybody has something to offer. We need to celebrate one another for the value that each of us bring to the table, and extend that table for future generations. So to answer your question, It is a calling that was inspired by my unlearning process and is part of me confirming my right to be me. I want that for everyone!

3) Is there a passion that you are working towards and How?

Ans- I’m working on a short book series that will help guide those who are going through various challenges in their lives for instance addictions, insecurities, eating disorders to regain purpose. As somebody who has struggled with addictions and eating disorders myself, these issues matter to me because I know the journey of going through them can be hard and lonely. The purpose of the series is to help people find their sense of self and to make them understand that they are worthy of healing and love. With this being said, there are so many exciting things I am working on because I’m the type of person who is always buzzing with ideas and strategizing with my wonderful team. I want to change the world and empower people through the work of the Sexy Brilliant non profit foundation in removing toxic shame and raising human consciousness

4) To make your story relatable to those who might need some inspiration, on empowering women, can you share your challenges as a woman in your line and how you overcame them?

Ans- Challenges come on the path to true success, and nobody is exempt from experiencing difficulties that will ultimately test our strength and courage. My journey has been filled with many challenges, from overcoming addictions, to living a lonely life in the world of a start-up business. Enduring a semi-arranged marriage, to being a full time single mother. It’s not easy, however, I am thankful for the entire journey because not only have I grown from my experiences but I’ve learned alot from them.

I always say there is strength in numbers and that means actively seeking out support from people that love you and you look up too. Getting the right team and professionals is key to a good support system in your life. When you are surrounded by spiritually wise, genuine people you will be more inclined to find joy in daily things. This has motivated me to achieve my goals and face challenges. It makes the tough times seem less of a burden to me.  

I have struggled with depression and I just want to say, If you are struggling with dark thoughts, remember that no part of you is your own enemy. Welcome every moment and feelings and treat every emotion like a gift; never be ashamed to seek professional help to grow into a version of yourself that you would be proud of—in spite of all the difficulties you face, know they will shape you into a stronger, more resilient person.

5) What advice do you wish to give to someone who may be in a similar situation as you?
Ans- Don’t wait for others to make things happen, don’t wait for permission and let go of the labels. When you practice radical acceptance of others you also make room to be less self-judgemental.  

Never change yourself to fit the standards of the world and those around you. Being authentic is something that nobody should fear because authenticity is the new currency of the world. Embrace yourself in such a way that it leaves no room for the other people to treat you less than you deserve. Be kind, patient and have compassion for yourself. Don’t rush according to other people’s timeline at the same time don’t delay any further the happiness you know you deserve.

Be respectful to your friends, family and strangers alike but understand that they all speak and judge from their own perceived level of consciousness. Your challenge is to unlearn the old programming while listening to your own intuition and inner voice. Never be afraid to follow your dreams because the world needs to hear them. Understand that not everybody will love or cherish you the way you think you deserve. As long as you have yourself and are surrounded by those who want to see the best in you, nothing else matters.

6) What is your life motto, quote, belief that keeps you motivated to your goal?

Ans- Always Sexy! Always Brilliant! Is my mantra. What I have learned after surviving the startup world is that it is important to be flexible in your goals. That also means to stay focussed but be willing to change course as you receive new information. Dream big, energy follows intention. 

7) Lastly, tell us about your book! What can we expect from it?

Ans- When you read ‘Too Fat Too Loud Too Ambitious’ I think some readers might be a little shocked by my openness and honesty. The book has its racy moments as I talk about sexual pleasure and my relationship with my body. I hope that readers will find it refreshing and eye opening. My goal is to lift the veil of shame by talking about the things that many people feel too guarded to talk about for fear of judgment. I just felt that it was important to lead the way for others by showing them they are not alone and the path to authentic self-love does not have to be so scary. The KAUR™ process that I outline in the book is meant to provide a clear illuminated path that is easier to follow to help you find your own sexy brilliance.

To know more about Devina Kaur:


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Dolly Jain: Inspiring generations ,one pleat at a time!



Dolly Jain has been an inspiration and a flag bearer of no work is small or non-monetizable, no dream is small and everything starts at home! From draping saree as a world record in 18.5 secs to draping it in different styles may that be celebrities, their weddings or working with big designer houses!

1) You were a homemaker with impressive saree draping styles which apparently turned into your profession!
How would you describe your journey?

Dolly Jain quote
Inspiration from our very own Dolly Jain

2) “Saree is India’s traditional wear which is somewhat fading away”. People choose to wear more western outfits.
What is your opinion on this statement?

Dolly Jain: I don’t agree with this because about Saree-I could say, like, 10 years down the line, people had literally stopped wearing sarees. They jumped into, like, you know, the young ones jumped into gowns and the moms, like our moms who are wearing sarees on regular basis started wearing Kurtis. But I have I mean, I would say maybe 1% of my effort, but I have seen a huge, huge comeback of sarees. Now, not only the moms but also the young girls and the young generation. They love to wear Saris. They just need an occasion and an opportunity to wear saris. Whether it’s a school farewell party or get-together a meet. I think they all have started wearing sarees in different, different ways. Clubbing with jackets, denim, and skirts. I would say that saree would always be there. And, uh, saree has done a huge comeback

3] We have read on the internet about you setting up a “Limca book of record” draping saree in just 18.5 secs, which is commendable!!
What sort of riyaz did you do to get this accurate and swift?

Dolly Jain: If you believe me, I didn’t do any practice. I didn’t do any Riaz. I literally did nothing. It just so happened that I was draping saree and my daughter came up to me and she said, Mom, you drape Saree so fast I said, Yeah, I was draping and she said, Okay, let’s record it. And obviously, when we were recording, my speed was a little more but didn’t know that I could make it up in 18.5 seconds. So it just happened. Basically, I didn’t practice. I didn’t do anything. And once that happened, we sent it to the people, and that’s how it just worked. So I literally didn’t practice, and I don’t practice the speed. What I only practice for coming up with new styles for the next generation.

4] There are innumerable saree materials and draping styles followed in each corner of India. Which style of fabric is your favorite one?

Dolly Jain: um, I think, I loved every fabric. I don’t know why I’m never able choose any specific fabric! Because I live in Bengal, So I love Dhakai. Born and brought up in Bangalore, I love the Kanjivaram as well. Um, even a net fabric came in. I loved the net. Now it’s organza and organza has been my all-time favorite. So I think if you just ask, then I could say An organza saree. And I love draping it where people just find this fabric very, very difficult. I find it the easiest to drape organza Saree.

5) “There is a drape for every personality, every occasion, and every mood. I have visualized them all” a well-said quote by you.
What impact did you want to always make with the quote and the work?

Dolly Jain: Definitely, there is a drape for every personality every occasion and every mood this is so rightly said ! See if I just see my Granny and if she wore something like a net saree with an open pallu I don’t think so I will be able to take up my granny !! It’s also about the personality and it’s also about the age. I think there are few fabrics which just defines your perfect sari for that perfect age ! So I think like a net sari for a young girl with toned body and everything if she’s wearing it, I would just say that she looks gorgeous in that sari with that same saree on my granny in the same way I think would not appeal to me for every occasion!

I have like a beautifully fully embroidered saree and you know if it is something like a sad moment definitely that sari doesn’t suit the occasion ! If it is a happy moment and you’re wearing a white plain saree which has no detailing and there’s no jewelry will be so weird. So I just feel every saree has got an occasion, every saree has got its personality, every saree has got its mood and it just takes the shape of the body and it just fits so well ! I would say that you just need to know what is your type and what is your kind which country you’re moving in what is your society around and then decide the drape and then decide the sari I think that’s so much much smarter way to do it !

6) Besides this stressful professional life, how do you cope with the pressure and balance your personal life as well?

Dolly Jain: This is a very difficult question. Professional life and personal life, I think these are two, different streams. And it is so difficult to balance both. But I think women are programmed by God in such a way that they can manage and they can balance both.

My kids have grown up now, but when they were young, I think that was the time when I really miss them a lot. When a girl child is born especially, I don’t know about the boy child, because I don’t have a boy! But when a girl child is born, her mother always wants to see her grow, from the first time she walked, from the first teeth to the first word she spoke. the school, the dances, the activities everything!

I think she just wants to cherish every moment, but that apparently couldn’t happen with me because I was so busy with my work that I had to balance both there are alot of times when I think my husband has been like a good mother to my kids and he’s taken care of them. So I think my kids have grown up more with the dad than with the mom. But today when I look back I just wish I had a better way to balance both but somehow I think my kids have not been complaining they’ve been very happy, they’ve always been with me, they’ve taught me so many things and they never gave me stress. I think that is so important.

Dolly Jain with her beautiful daughters and family

If a lady is growing in her career it’s so important for the whole family not only the kids, the husband , the inlaws everybody to be one and support the person so that she could stand and you because she believes in herself! So I think if you make the situation difficult I think she will do what she wants to do but the situation the work mode and every surrounding becomes very difficult for her. I’m blessed that nothing of this sort happened!

7) In your entire career, what is the contribution of designer Sandeep Khosla sir who insisted you do celebrity clients and help you pursue it?

I can’t thank Sandeep Khosla because he’s been the person who has actually seen my art. He was the one who introduced me to the big houses, from Ambanis to Bajaj to Mehtas to Jindals. He is the one who actually saw that she can do much more and, you know, the diamond doesn’t know its value. I could call myself a diamond here, but the person who was actually engraving the diamond, in that beautiful ring! That person knows what value this is, and then who’s wearing it. So I think, Sandeep saw all of this in me and then he literally groomed me and pushed me into society, and that’s how I am where I am.

8) Speaking of celebrities, you have draped outfits for Deepika Padukone, Isha Ambani, Priyanka Chopra, etc. Working with many celebs, who would say was the best experience amongst all of them and how?

I can’t see any one celebrity. When I did Sonam Kapoor, she was the best bride for me, when I did her drape for the wedding, it was like such a beautiful dream wedding then I did Deepika then I did Isha Ambani then I did Akash then I did know Alia at that time and I’ve done a couple of projects with her. I didn’t Antara last you know wedding so i feel everybody has got its beauty and they’ve always been so kind and so polite to me. I never had a problem with them they’ve always loved my work!

They’ve always appreciated my work so can’t name anyone but I’m glad that you know I could come up to this stage where people initially thought that I’ve gone mad and I’ll never be able to make a career out of it today. They all want to start a career in Saree draping, I think that’s like a huge thing for society and it’s also a learning thing for the society that never look upon any work, No work is big or small it’s just the way you look into it!

9) You draped Natasha Poonawala’s outfit in the world’s enormous fashion event i.e Met Gala? How’d you initially felt when you were given this opportunity? Were you excited or nervous or anxious, etc.?

Natasha Poonawala at Met Gala draped by Dolly Jain

Sabyasachi had called me up for Natasha Poonawala drape, it was a very happy moment doing something for the Met Gala and you know representing India. When Natasha was doing this and all the way calling me from Calcutta to do this gave me a huge huge honor! Also I proved myself that I am capable!

You know it’s not always someone else credit sometimes you should give the credit to you! You are capable, that’s the reason people hire you, people call you because you know your job very well and it is no joke to be at the Met Gala!

I’m glad Sabhyasachi who is one of India’s favorite and one of the best designers of our country and not only country but world-renowned designer saw this in me and when I was given this opportunity I didn’t have a look at the sari didn’t know what I was doing but just saw the whole thing like a day before and was very nervous definitely but I have always been very confident in my work because I know when it comes to Saree I can’t go wrong! So I think Saree is like my baby and I just handle it with lot of love. So it just falls so beautifully on the person whom I’m draping.

Dolly Jain with Sabhyasachi Mukherjee

10) What message would you like to give your well-wishers?

Dolly Jain:One message that I would give to all my well-wishers, my friends, my followers, my instant family, my Facebook, my youtube, family, every single person, every single woman living on this planet. I would just say one thing God has given everyone 24 hours and we all have been blessed with something or the other special thing. But what actually happens is in that 24 hours, we give our precious 16-17hrs to the family, not even thinking that you know we might need that half an hour for ourselves. I’ve spoken to so many women and they say OK we don’t have time, We don’t have time!

I know how to do this but I don’t have time I just say that it is fine to give your 12 to the family it’s fine but then I think in that 12 if you can just squeeze in things and give that half an hour or 30mins to the thing that you would love to do you would want to do I think you will also excel in your field. It might be a storytelling thing, it might be poetry, it might be listening to music, it might be dancing, writing poems, singing it, or might be playing an instrument but that period should be yours!

You should just feel happy that apart from all the other routine work that you’ve been doing as a mother, as a wife, as a daughter-in-law blah blah blah you have also done something that you cherished and was your hobby, and when that hobby turns into a fashion when that passion turns into a profession you never know!

So it’s time for you to start today, there is no tomorrow! Say in this 24 hours, I’m going to do this this this and that 45 minutes should be included in your agenda, no matter what you do but that 45 minute shouldn’t move so I think we all can do it is just how we plan it! You have to basically direct your mind and be very strict about it and then just see the magic happen all the best guys ! I love you all stay safe stay blessed.

We hope Dolly Jains Interview will inspire you to follow your dreams and work harder towards them!

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