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Madhura Joshi Divekar tells us her story, passion and more.

Madhura Joshi Divekar



To start with interviewing Madhura Joshi , we first need to admit the actress is 10 times sweeter in person than her bright sugarcane like smile! Madhura seems to be really genuine and a friendly person. She easily adds herself in any kind of environment, this all reflects her values and beliefs. Initially the interview started as a formal question answer session which was planned but later the interview turned in a brief talk and we found that Madhura is so herself in every bit she does !She is very clear regarding her career and life. Along with being an awesome actor, Madhura is also a wonderful singer.

She played versatile roles during dramas in theatre. We enjoyed watching her before in “saare tujyachsathi’’ and now we are drooling over her role in ongoing serial “Shrimant Garachi Suun”.

Team Paradox and her fans were excited to know about her life, journey and her ongoing career. We could barely find a source to do so. So, team Paradox reached Madhura Joshi-Divekar and asked some questions that we actually wanted to know and her fans were waiting for!

Q1. Acting has forever been your passion ya “WAQT NE KIYA KOI HASEEN SITAM”?

Madhura Joshi: Acting was always my passion, when I was schooling in I participated in drama. I was awarded by the best actor award for that drama and my acting journey started. My father was so supportive and my aai (Mom) did many directions and acting while she was in college. So I think acting and singing is something in my genes.

Basically, I belong from a family that has musical background, so I was always zoned by the artistic environment. While I was in 8th grade, I participated in school drama and I received silver medal of “Rajya Natya” for best actor. In 10th grade I was nominated for “Balashri Puraskar”. Hence, I received scholarship of Balashri for acting and singing. While I was in 8th grade, I lost my father and at that time acting and drama helped me a lot, due to these artforms I came out of the trauma of losing my loved one. Art surely heals.

Q2. What kind of roles you enjoy playing onscreen and which kind of roles you find challenging?

Madhura Joshi: I played various role during theaters. Once I played a challenging role in drama, my role was of “vairagyaa” ,that was the lead male role for the drama. Switching character and playing role is quite challenging but I enjoyed that thing. On the TV front in serials I got to play characters that are kinda of aggressive types but now in ongoing serial I am playing very sweet and innocent character so that’s a new experience for me though. I love playing Bubbli type of character.

Q3. Who are your personal favorites in the industry (male or female actors)?

Madhura Joshi: In this industry, I am blessed that I got the opportunity to work with “Aishwarya tai”. She helped me a lot. I belong to a family with lot of singers,so my voice is very thin, she helped me to bring the base in voice. I learned different things from her.She is moreover my guru on set. There are many fantastic people in industry and I can’t name one but I like Amruta Khanvilkar, because her aura is something different. I get very positive vibes from her personality.

Q4. What are your views regarding the character Disha you played in last serial saare tujyachsathi?

MJ: I think many things were challenging for me. It was my first time in industry to work on sets. So, moving from theatre to TV was beautiful journey. It was challenging though but I loved that process. Disha’s character was kind of bubbli. I loved playing Disha during saare tujyachsathi. Hope so in future I will get something like this or more.

Q5. If given a character from Bollywood to play onscreen which character will you love to play and why?

MJ: There are many characters in Bollywood but, I like character of bubbli from bunty and bubbli. Bubbli character is more like my original self. I genuinely loved the character of Kangana from movie Queen. Whenever I am alone or with people I try to play any of character which strikes my mind. So in industry Shehanaz Gill, apparently seen in big boss. I loved to play her character along with the dialogue in Punjabi accent.

Q6. Tell us one experience when you were struggling in initial days.

MJ: There are many things which helped me a lot. I used to learn things from people around me and from my team. Even a small thing teaches us many lessons. Just a example of spot dada on set, they work really hard and they even don’t complain about things. Their level of dedication towards their work motivates me a lot. I think acting, direction, music are on side and dedication of crew member is on another side. I learned dedication, patience and many small things from them.

Q7. How is it working with Yashoman Apte, Rupal Nand and Gautamee Deshpande?

MJ: Yashoman and Rupal, they both are awesome. In ongoing serial Yashoman is my brother, so there is actual kind of bond between us too. We enjoy, we eat and sometime we fight too. Rupal is very supportive and friendly, moreover she treats me like her younger sister. Actually, whenever she sees me, she feels like her younger sister is around. Working with her is fun. Gautamee and me were so close to each other, during shooting we were always together. We use to have fun together and sometimes we both used to sing and turned sets melodious!

Q8. Do you re watch yourself on tv? What are your first thoughts when you see yourself?

MJ: Yes, I do watch my serial. But during my first serial I use to rewatch the episodes a lot. Because I used to learn many things by rewatching it, it helped me to improve. Seeing first time on tv was an awesome experience. It was like dream come true, that was awesome feeling. I can’t even express that feeling in words. I watch episodes because I am curious about editing, direction and a keen editor too.

Q9. Along with being a good actor, Madhura you are also wonderful singer, so singing skills helped you?

MJ: Just, in this ongoing serial before few days ago in a scene I was asked to sing fee lines of a song, I sang few lines of that song as the scene demanded and surprisingly after that everyone on the unit were singing that song. I felt so happy by seeing this. I got appreciated too for that song. And in last serial I use to sing along with Gautamee Despande. So, we were called as chotta Carvan and mothaa Carvan.

Q10. A small message to your fans.

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Priyadeep Kaur : Published author at 19!



Priyadeep Kaur is a published author at age of 19. She is the transpiring novelist and her work has been sighted by Shri. Narendra Modi – Prime Minister of India. Priyadeep spent her antecedent days in Shiv Ki Nagari Kashi – Banaras. She is proficiently known as Kashi Ki beti in her hometown. She is awarded with Uttar Pradesh (U.P) Gaurav, Atal Samman 2018, and the title Shaan-e-Kashi. 

More about Priyadeep:

Priyadeep currently is staying in the ‘City beautiful’- Chandigarh. She furthermore worked with a national TV channel of Rapper Badshah. ‘Millions Of Faces in a Face’ is her first book, which received massive love from readers especially from youngsters.

Her second book named Oscar for loving, Grammy for Not! is listed as the best-selling book on the amazon and she grabbed the best-selling author title. Apart from studies she was also highly interested in extracurricular activities during her school days and now Priyadeep Kaur is a published author at age of 19.

Q. When did your journey into writing began? 

Priyadeep: “I am fond of writing back from school days. My grandmother passed away, I found dairy of dad- he had written a poem dedicated to his mom. The poem was very heart touching and emotional. So, I felt like I should also start writing, then I started writing small poems and about things happening around. Then I also started writing parodies on teachers just to express my thoughts. When I was in grade 10, then I started compiling my writings together. That time I use to read novels from ‘Chetan Bhagat’, ‘Nikita Singh’ and from many other novelists too. So, at that time I thought should try writing a book. That’s how the journey started.”

Q. When did you realised that you should be a writer and your writing should get published?

Priyadeep: “Actually, as soon I completed my first book writing, actually I started writing that book when I was in the 11th grade. So, I at that time it was bit hard for me to get things done in a commercial way to get my book published and it took lot of time for that. Then I started doing research how to get book published and I also mailed my work to many publishers. So, I got few replies and with one of the publishers I got my book published. And soon it was available for reading.”

Q. What was the most surprising thing you learned while writing novels?

Priyadeep: “I learnt my things from my novels and one thing I want to mentioned is – there is very slight difference between the things we imagine and things which really happen. I think people who are into writing are a kind of overthinkers, they think a lot. They think from different perspective and try to create an anonymous situation out from it. Being writer, I imagine many things but they are not into real life. So, its very important to keep imaginary world and real life separately and keep the things sorted.”

Q. A person can’t be a writer if he/she doesn’t have strong emotion, what are your views?

Priyadeep: “I would not agree on this personally, but a person can be a writer if they are not good grammar, even if they are not having a particular knowledge of language and to portrait things. Emotions are necessary for writing; we need to feel the situations in that particular way. Although very body has emotions it’s not necessary that to be a writer you should have strong emotions, with time and practise you can achieve it. I agree emotions play a vital role in writing and every one of us have emotions and everybody can write.”

Q. What was your childhood dream?

Priyadeep: “I wanted to be singer actually, that was my childhood dream. When I was 4 years old, my dad introduced me to pandit Anurag dixit. He uses to conduct my classical music classes and I was fond of performing in school and at many other places. So later I started to go in shows and started performing at very small age. I also used to sing local songs at that time. Since 12 grade I started performing- singing and also recorded few songs. At that time, I was also busy into writing and getting book published. So, writing made me feel somethings, like that’s what I want to be. So, I continued by writing.”

Q. What are the techniques and strategies you keep in your mind while you are writing?

Priyadeep: “Actually I try my best to justify the title, which I have given to the book. I think title should be always justifying. Then draft your story accordingly so you can keep the track of it. So, I make the points and draft and then start writing the book, so it’s easy for me if I need to add on few things in between. Mainly I focus on the words and vocabulary add it accordingly. I prefer to sketch the character and his nature, so its easy to maintain and build the story.”

Q. Generally how long does it take to complete a book?

Priyadeep: “My first book I completed in six months. And it took lot of time to complete my second book, because I have joined the office and started working at production house in Chandigarh. Now I am launching my next book, so it took me around 3 months to complete it, which I stared writing during lockdown. So, it’s in pipeline and will be out soon. Although it depends on the time and story to complete a book, it may differ from writer to writer.”

Q. How was your experience working with Badshah sir as a creative producer?

Priyadeep: “It was a very nice experience; I had a wonderful time with the team. We also shoot few songs and I learned lot of things about real life and reel life. I determined the people are so much different in real life, then we usually see in reel life. Specifically talking about BADSHAH sir, as we see his personification in songs, he is completely different in real life. He is very sweet, innocent and humble person. In real, he is not much interested into parties. He is very hardworking and fully dedicated to his work. The whole team was amazing, I got few friends too and the overall journey was awesome for me. I learnt many things from them.”

Q. Can you tell us about the moment when you meet Shri. Narendra Modi (Prime minister of India) and you and your work recognised by him?

Priyadeep: “It was an awesome moment for me, I am very grateful for that. Talking about my family they have framed the photographs and pinned to wall everywhere in my house. For them it was a very proud moment. For me it was a very happy and different kind of adventurous moment. I wrote a letter to PM office randomly and unexpectedly I got response to launch my book by him. I think that was one of the best moments as of now in my writing journey.”

Q. What are your future plans?

Priyadeep: “My next book is coming in November and I am also doing a freelance work in Chandigarh right now, it’s a project of 6 months. So, need to go to Ahmedabad for that work. I have completed two more books in lockdown so I will be planning about there editing and publishing. Due to covid I have many projects pending, so when things will settle need to complete the projects and shoots.”

To know more about Priyadeep Kaur published author at 19- journey and about her life. And some intresting facts- Watch full Instagram interview session with her on IGTV – Paradox India.

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Nishtha Sharma : Voice India Kids Winner tells us her journey!



Nishtha Sharma is an Indian ace singer. She is from Sultanpur, Uttar Pradesh (U.P), India. Nishtha is winner of the voice India kids-2016. Finalist of the Superstars singer 2019. She is daughter of Mrs Geeta Sharma and Mr. Jay Prakash Sharma. She was born on 25th March 2006. She was just 10 years old when she won the voice kids. Well known songs by her are Sau Aasmaan Cover in 2017, Udd Chala in 2017 and Ek Tak in 2020. Nishtha loves Vamps, One Direction and Justin Bieber and looking forward to get chance to collaborate with them in future. Check her profile

Nishtha Sharma voice India winner

We had an awesome interview session with her on Paradox. She shared her story and views during the live interview session. Here we would love to share an interview with you.

Q. When you started your journey as a singer? 


“My Mom and dad have an institute, so some of my friends from the institute, filled out my form for the Indian idol junior. There was no preplanning – luckily, I was selected from Lucknow and then I went to Delhi. I was qualified and received a golden ticket to Mumbai. There were 3 theatre rounds in Mumbai and I cleared 2 of them. At that time a felt bad but then I realised I have to do something in singing that will make my parents feel proud. Then I realised reality shows were the opportunity for me. Soon in 2016 I participated in voice India kids season 1 and the journey being a singer was started with blessings of many people.”

Q. Which was the first song you prepared for your first audition?


Sorry but at that time I was little young and now I am not able to recall the song particularly. But during the super star singer there I was, which I have uploaded on you-Tube called ‘Ghar more pardesiya’. This song received lot of love from people and crossed 1 MILLION views. Many people loved that song and I would love to sing few lines of it”.

Q. What were your obstacles during this musical journey and how you faced that situation?


“Talking about the obstacles there no such a big obstacle till now, with God’s grace and people blessings everything is going fine. But when was part of a reality show I realised I don’t have a collection of prepared songs, that time it was bit tough for me but soon later I stared working on songs and listening more songs. There was rejection in audition at many points but I think that’s part of journey. I believe rising and learning up for the failures is the key to achieve everything you dreamt of. If you are bouncing back to achieve something in life, for sure the god will be by your side.”

Q. During your journey how social media helped you or what’s the importance of social media in your journey? 


“I wasn’t much aware of the social media in initial days but soon after voice I started being on social media. It really helps me to connect with people out there. So, I can connect with them, talk with them. I feel very happy when I see the love coming out from fan pages and people out there and always think it’s only the mean that have connected many people with me which I wasn’t aware of. I feel very blessed to get such a bag of love from people and I try to interact with many people. Social media is my partner which helps me to send my love and gratitude to all the people via my songs. And thanks all of you being part of journey and I love you all”.

Q. If you were not into singing then in which field you would be? 


I am good at studies; you will not believe but I am among the studious students. If was not into singing then I would definitely achieve something big into this field. I am kind of person who likes to happen things according to me. It like I say then soon people should do it or listen to me. So being good at studies I think I would be a CEO of a company or something like that.”

song during interview session by Nishtha

Q. How you manage to balance your music and studies simultaneously?


Actually, my mom and dad always thought me the importance of the studies in life. I know the studying will actually help you a lot, to know more about things and it will upgrade our vision to see world. Studying is as important as music in my life. Talking truly education is base and music are my toppings. I give nearly equal time to both the things. It not hard to manage the things when you actually love to do them, so you will never find any excuses to cut off your studies. Yea I love doing it.”

Q. What are your future plans?


“I was part of reality shows. I won the voice and I was among finalist in one. Then recently I was been announced as a brand ambassador of ‘beti baccho beti padao’. I wanted to do something unforgettable in singing field and always dream to see myself in the list of top singers. I always wanted to be a playback singer and I am pretty active on social media I keep posting the contents. Its pleasure to be able to connect to people who follows me for the music and entertainment and keep them entertained all the time with my music.”

Q. Whom do you consider as role models?


“Talking about models there are many personalities out there. I keep learning from many of them and learned many things from my mom and dad. As I mentioned I wanted to be playback singer. So, I wanted to be like Latta ji, Asha ji, Shreya ji. I get motivation from them and wanted to achieve something like them in my life.”

Q. As you are the brand ambassador of ‘beti bachoo beti padao’ so how you look up to it? what you want to tell us about this thing?


actually, this was announced when I was in the Mumbai at that time. When I came back from the Mumbai there was a ceremony and I was told now you are the brand ambassador. So, from that day my motive was, there is more importance of the girls in every field.  We should support the girls. There are many places where the girls are not given a chance to follow their passion and not even a support to do things in life.

I always try to encourage the girls and make people aware of things by arranging multiple virtual meets. I think everyone should get encouragement including young and old peoples out there to do something in their life. They have this right but just they are unaware of it. I try to spread awareness and encouragement among the masses. During the session many people says I wanted to be like Nishtha but I always say be I wish you achieve everything you wanted to be and not like but more than that.”

Q. What are views on feminism as because many people out there are taking it in a wrong way? what do you think about it?


“I think there should be no discrimination. I always say everyone has own rights. The boys have their own rights and girls have them too. I think sometimes the things gets messed up, people take it in a wrong way. Recently I was called at the event and there was I long jump competition, the girls and boys both of them participated into it. They asked me my views on competition. I said want to appreciate all of them as because everyone has done a hard work to achieve it. The boys and girls have done same amount of hard work. I don’t want it to happen that the hard work and achievements of boys should get dissolve they should be appreciated for that and girls too.

I think both of them are on same side and will walk together at every step. Everyone should be given equal rights and respect, actually they have the rights. And it happens sometimes people take it in little wrong way but soon everyone will understand this thing with time.”

Watch full live recorded interview session with Nishtha on out Instagram IGTV and few songs sung during live in the reels section on @paradox_india .

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