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Mirror Image Man of INDIA- Piyush Goel



Mirror Image Man of INDIA, Piyush Goel. This title was given by media and his readers, for his writing in the mirror image style. He is an Indian Writer, Author, Mechanical Engineer, Public Speaker. He has written several books in the mirror image form. He is the world record holder and well known for his writing books in the mirror image form.

In 2012, he set the world record by writing world’s first needle book MADHUSHALA of HARIVANSH RAI BACHCHAN by using needle in mirror image. Piyush has written several books in Mirror image, including Bhagavad Gita, Sundara Kanda from Ramcharitmanas, Sai Satcharitra, Durga Saptashati, Meri Ikyavan Kavitayein of Atal Bihari Vajpayee, the former Prime Minister of India. He also wrote the World’s first Bhagavad Gita in mirror image, reportedly by Hindustan Times.

Piyush Goel was born on 10th Feb 1967 in the lap of Mother Ravi Kanta and Father Dr. D.K. Goel. Piyush Goel always believes in new Creation and Imagination, by profession, he is a Mechanical Engineer but by passion, he is Motivator, Cartoonist, Local Cricket Umpire, and Mirror Image Writer. He has the experience of more than 25 years in Various Companies. His three mathematics papers were published in International Research Journal. He also wrote a book that contains 110 motivational quotes – “Sochana to Padega Hi”.

He started writing in 2003 and had written 16 books in certain Mirror Image style up to now. He even had written the famous book ‘Gitanjali’ of Rabindranath Tagore using Mehandi Cone, ‘Chanakya Neeti’ using Wooden Pen and Ink, and his own book ‘Piyush Vani’ using the Liner Fabric Cone Liner.

Piyush made 600 caricatures in one frame using only single pen. By now Piyush Goel has completed 16 books in Mirror Image with different Objects like Pen Needle Carbon Paper Mehandi Cone Fabric Cone Liner and Iron Nail …and Fours books have been published …and hope his 5th Book(Fiction) in 2021.

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Interview: Tejas Barve



We can`t get over the fact yet that we are not seeing ever so charming and handsome star from Mrs.Mukhyamantri everyday with our parents and secretly blushing and also finding ourselves totally crushing on this star Tejas Barve.We are not so secretly stalking him on social media too!

We are so sorry boys but Tejas Barve is just raising the bar higher with his smile and looks that can kill! (I know most of you girls can relate to this and are jealous if you are a boy!)

From Zindagi not out to Mrs.Mukhyamantri his eyes did the magic, so his acting touched many hearts with his roles that made him a household name.

So for you guys I asked some Real questions to the actor while wishing we met in person!

Was acting your forever passion ya waqt ne kiya kya haseen sitam?

I can`t say it was passion but I loved to mimic people around me, my teachers, my parents but I had no idea I would be an actor some day and this helped me later on! But I was somehow always attached to art whether be in music form(I used to play Tabla) or acting in fests later on.

Which role you love to play onscreen?

I don`t have such list of roles I like playing, I try to play every role I get convincingly. that I like playing some particular role. I love to explore the versatility as an actor. And fortunately I have got different roles to play in my journey whether that be a teenage boy from Zindagi Not Out or a obeying son and a husband balancing two roles in Mrs.Mukhyamantri. I have loved playing every role from my heart.

Who is your favourite from the industry?

I can`t choose one because I haven`t taken any course in acting as such but through out the journey I learnt it from various actors from Laxmikant Berde to some budding artists, my journey has been graced by every actor out there. But for a special mention Sushant Singh Rajput have inspired me a lot and I relate to him a lot. Also not to forget, Shah Rukh Khan has great influence on my life and thoughts, he is someone I have always looked upto.

How was it being a Zee face?

Its every artists dream to work on Zee and fortunately I have worked for Zee Yuva as well as Zee Marathi. I am very thankful to Zee because due to Zee I reached almost every household in Maharashtra. As a child we always have a dream to feature under Zee banner and of course for me it was a dream come true moment.

Which Bollywood character you would love playing online?

There are many roles that I would like to play and I am well aware that to reach that level of acting it would take a lot of time but if given a chance it would be some Amir Khan role because I find his movies unique and worth watching say Akash from Dil Chahta Hai, you need to potray that character in such a manner that it wouldn`t look vulgar nor Sober. So I would definitely like to hop into something like that.

What was your experience while struggling in the initial days? Did you thought that this would come so far

I did various plays in my 11th and 12th. The first year of my college I participated in every event I can because I thought it was my last year to do so and from second year I took external because as a normal middle class student I wanted to settle down so immediately after that I started to interview for companies in Pune. Never thought I would take my acting this level seriously and pursue acting as my full-time career it was all destiny I guess.

How does it feel to be more samar than Tejas barve ?

Actually I guess being summer is a responsible task because he is one of the ideal personalities we can find and also in the serial summer is always under the pressure and very opposite at my house atmosphere is more friendly. But with samar he was always under pressure but still calm, composed and sweet. Of course there are many similarities between us and that is the reason I could play samar other more convincingly on screen

Do you watch yourself on screen what are your thoughts on it?

No I don’t usually watch myself on screen I don’t like to actually! When someone tells me that this scene you have played brilliantly then I watch it and also if someone tells me that this scene can be improved I watch it just to see what improvements were needed in the scene.I usually think watching your self on screen again and again limits yourself to yourself and you can’t explore more and more.

What are your ultimate goals in this acting career?

Ultimate goal is to explore various characters to tell different stories to play some challenging roles convincingly and more importantly it is important that you yourself and acting well playing a role along with the audience. So ultimate goal is to explore and prepare myself to be a better actor.

What message would you like to give to your fans?

Thank you Tejas Barve for taking out time to know more about you!

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Madhura Joshi Divekar tells us her story, passion and more.



Madhura Joshi Divekar

To start with interviewing Madhura Joshi, we first need to admit the actress is 10 times sweeter in person than her bright sugarcane like smile! Madhura seems to be really genuine and a friendly person. She easily adds herself in any kind of environment, this all reflects her values and beliefs. Initially the interview started as a formal question answer session which was planned but later the interview turned in a brief talk and we found that Madhura is so herself in every bit she does !She is very clear regarding her career and life. Along with being an awesome actor, Madhura is also a wonderful singer.
She played versatile roles during dramas in theatre. We enjoyed watching her before in “saare tujyachsathi’’ and now we are drooling over her role in ongoing serial “Shrimant Garachi Suun”.

We team Paradox and her fans were excited to know about her life, journey and her ongoing career. We could barely find a source to do so. So, team Paradox reached Madhura Joshi-Divekar and asked some questions that we actually wanted to know and her fans were waiting for!

Q1. Acting has forever been your passion ya “WAQT NE KIYA KOI HASEEN SITAM”?

MJ: Acting was always my passion, when I was schooling in I participated in drama. I was awarded by the best actor award for that drama and my acting journey started. My father was so supportive and my aai (Mom) did many directions and acting while she was in college. So I think acting and singing is something in my genes. Basically, I belong from a family that has musical background, so I was always zoned by the artistic environment. While I was in 8th grade, I participated in school drama and I received silver medal of “Rajya Natya” for best actor. In 10th grade I was nominated for “Balashri Puraskar”. Hence, I received scholarship of Balashri for acting and singing. While I was in 8th grade, I lost my father and at that time acting and drama helped me a lot, due to these artforms I came out of the trauma of losing my loved one. Art surely heals.

Q2. What kind of roles you enjoy playing onscreen and which kind of roles you find challenging?

MJ: I played various role during theaters. Once I played a challenging role in drama, my role was of “vairagyaa” ,that was the lead male role for the drama. Switching character and playing role is quite challenging but I enjoyed that thing. On the TV front in serials I got to play characters that are kinda of aggressive types but now in ongoing serial I am playing very sweet and innocent character so that’s a new experience for me though. I love playing Bubbli type of character.

Q3. Who are your personal favorites in the industry (male or female actors)?

MJ: In this industry, I am blessed that I got the opportunity to work with “Aishwarya tai”. She helped me a lot. I belong to a family with lot of singers,so my voice is very thin, she helped me to bring the base in voice. I learned different things from her.She is moreover my guru on set. There are many fantastic people in industry and I can’t name one but I like Amruta Khanvilkar, because her aura is something different. I get very positive vibes from her personality.

Q4. What are your views regarding the character Disha you played in last serial saare tujyachsathi?

MJ: I think many things were challenging for me. It was my first time in industry to work on sets. So, moving from theatre to TV was beautiful journey. It was challenging though but I loved that process. Disha’s character was kind of bubbli. I loved playing Disha during saare tujyachsathi. Hope so in future I will get something like this or more.

Q5. If given a character from Bollywood to play onscreen which character will you love to play and why?

MJ: There are many characters in Bollywood but, I like character of bubbli from bunty and bubbli. Bubbli character is more like my original self. I genuinely loved the character of Kangana from movie Queen. Whenever I am alone or with people I try to play any of character which strikes my mind. So in industry Shehanaz Gill, apparently seen in big boss. I loved to play her character along with the dialogue in Punjabi accent.

Q6. Tell us one experience when you were struggling in initial days.

MJ: There are many things which helped me a lot. I used to learn things from people around me and from my team. Even a small thing teaches us many lessons. Just a example of spot dada on set, they work really hard and they even don’t complain about things. Their level of dedication towards their work motivates me a lot. I think acting, direction, music are on side and dedication of crew member is on another side. I learned dedication, patience and many small things from them.

Q7. How is it working with Yashoman Apte, Rupal Nand and Gautamee Deshpande?

MJ: Yashoman and Rupal, they both are awesome. In ongoing serial Yashoman is my brother, so there is actual kind of bond between us too. We enjoy, we eat and sometime we fight too. Rupal is very supportive and friendly, moreover she treats me like her younger sister. Actually, whenever she sees me, she feels like her younger sister is around. Working with her is fun. Gautamee and me were so close to each other, during shooting we were always together. We use to have fun together and sometimes we both used to sing and turned sets melodious!

Q8. Do you rewatch yourself on tv? What are your first thoughts when you see yourself?

MJ: Yes, I do watch my serial. But during my first serial I use to rewatch the episodes a lot. Because I used to learn many things by rewatching it, it helped me to improve. Seeing first time on tv was an awesome experience. It was like dream come true, that was awesome feeling. I can’t even express that feeling in words. I watch episodes because I am curious about editing, direction. I am a keen editor too.

Q9. Along with being a good actor, Madhura you are also wonderful singer, so singing skills helped you?

MJ: Just, in this ongoing serial before few days ago in a scene I was asked to sing fee lines of a song, I sang few lines of that song as the scene demanded and surprisingly after that everyone on the unit were singing that song. I felt so happy by seeing this. I got appreciated too for that song. And in last serial I use to sing along with Gautamee Despande. So, we were called as chotta Carvan and mothaa Carvan.

Q10. A small message to your fans.

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