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Pixoury: Know the story of Ace designer Hrishiraj Sugre



We are sure you had atleast once in life shared this art on your instagram story by Pixoury and felt Nostalgic! But have you wondered who is the man behind this? What does he exactly do and aspire?

Here are all the answers to the questions you ever wanted to ask to man behind Pixoury- Hrishiraj Sugre.

What made you start Pixoury?

Hrishiraj – As a hobby, I started initiating, I started learning graphics through online tutorials. youtube & before for 1½/2 years before lockdown started pixoury. [PG in International business)but then I lost clients in lockdown & then people also stoped following then I thought I should draw graphics of celebs & music so that people can Tome & follow me. First I did a ZNMD project & posted it on FB & then this famous group on Facebook settlekari trades & then they posted on their own page which I didn’t expect & I got like
400-500 audience over there so with that confidence I continued & the Hrithik sir, Farhan sir liked it so I got more confident & then in Dec reeds got introduced, so I shared my work on reeds & then ppl started posting it on their stories, status & all & again there 18.00 was a down period again started & then how it’s going with the flow.

What do you think is this all about patience and hard work?

Hrishiraj – Yes, u can say that but more important is to focus on what people would love to watch, If you decided to work on content on the same thing till it gets viral, patience is important but not too much that u are leaving the other opportunity.

You have not learned graphics professionally or academically so what was your plan?

Hrishiraj – I was planning for PHD, but then my family had issues, so me and my friends who are with me since, I decided to open a marked agency, we started & then clients were there, we used to help hire graphic designers, so that time I got interested in that field & I thought I should do something on my own, on YouTube I learned graphics & then for the first time my friend trusted me & allowed me to design his company logo & then people loved it, so then I got more & move clients only for logo. But then I didn’t have any portfolio so they used to gimme the amount according to their own will. So I started learning various courses online and then now it’s pixoury.

Why pixoury?

Hrishiraj – I had to register it, at first I thought about illustration but then whenever I applied it got rejected.They said come up with something unique, abstract, so I thought my whole work is on pixel so pixoury, nothing much like definition and all.

What was your exact motive when you started pixoury?

Hrishiraj – To be honest, I never imagined that these many people would watch. I enjoyed making it, people loved watching it listening to it. Also at first when the lockdown was announced, people were not ready to adopt. I thought it would be entertainment for people sitting home, like that.

What’s the secret behind your awesome graphics?

Hrishiraj – There is nothing secret, I have also uploaded 2 tutorials on igtv, but then too people kept asking about the figure movements, eye blinking and all, so over there I would say it’s up to you how you play with the software and all.

How much time does it take to complete 1 post?

Hrishiraj – At first when I was learning it also took 1-2 weeks, but now it takes 4-5 hours.

How did you feel for the first time when the celebs used to repost it on their stories?

Hrishiraj – It felt good, sometimes I am scared is the figure proper and all.

So, when u sit in front of the laptop the whole day what’s your mom’s action?
Hrishiraj – At first she used to scold me but then slowly when she got to know how am I getting successful, then it was all normalised for her.

What was your passion before pixoury?

Hrishiraj – I was more into academics, planing for a PhD. Nothing passionate about something. Just hanging out with friends and all. But now it’s graphics.

We all know pixoury tell us something about you(Hrishiraj).
Hrishiraj – Just a normal human being, not a photogenic. Working in graphic designing that’s it.

What are the other types of applications for once you get professional in the field?

Htishiraj – Frankly a pen and paper are also enough for an artist. If I need something to draw, some people imagine and draw on their own and that is the beauty!

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Boyband MJ5 India’s answer to K-pop



Mj5 have impressed us with perfectly synchronised performance not only in India.India’s youngest and coolest boyband are seen grooving over their latest released song Ziddi with nicely suited outfits and some killer dance moves. What makes this song a delight to watch is it’s storyline which is lot relatable!! Like every boy has a girl in life who is Ziddi and can’t be convinced at all! So, the song relates to many of us and the lyrics just rotates in our mind for over a day reminding us of that ! From beats to lyrics, outfits to moves and from choreography to lyrics everything about the song is just so perfect that we just cant get over it !! The beats of Ziddi and moves of MJ5 are some really fantastic combination. Trust us, you will never regret because these champs never let you down be it music or dance!
Q. As we all know dance is fun and everyone loves to dance, so what do you think anyone can dance?
Mj5: “Yes anyone can dance to enjoy and have fun, but everyone can’t dance professionally. To dance professionally we need to give time, need to learn things and work hard to achieve that professionality. Although everyone’s body has some kind of rhythm and the vibe over it, so I think everyone can dance but not professionally.”
Q. What does a dance feel for you or how can you describe it?
MJ5: “Basically every one of us loves dancing, literally if we hear the song, we automatically start dancing. Yes, dance if fun and also dance is love.”
Q. Being professional dancers, you have a hectic schedule, so what do you think about the profession of dancing as a career?
MJ5: “The journey and training to be a professional dancer is very hectic, that’s true. That’s the time where we need to give our best. Apart from that, we are professional now so we enjoy and have fun, we do shows and also practise together. Being professional dancers, we need to be prepared, we need to take care of our body and manage our daily schedule properly, being dancers there is a lot of physical work. We need to do training, rehearsals and maintain ourselves. Although training is fun.”
Q. Which one is your favourite performance collectively as MJ5 and which is closest to your heart?
Mj5: “I think we all will have a different answer for this question Kartik- mine is Dhoom Machale which we performed at dance champions. Rohit- for me it was 2013’s audition Vishnu-for me it’s 2017 we performed mutual. Himanshu- we also performed for Shahrukh Khan sir so that one is also our favourite, sir blessed us during that performance and also performed with us. That was a magical moment for us.”
Q. What’s the main motivation that is behind your success which helps you going on?
Mj5: “We have been part of the competition in 2013, 2017 too. The environment and nature of the competition motivated us to push our limits, to grow and to be a better version of ourselves. We always try to be ourselves in the competition situation so the best of us can come out. We always try to do new things so that helped us a lot.”
Q. Recently this year you debuted with a music video called Bawaal and now with Ziddi. So, what was the key idea of making your own music dance videos?
MJ5: “Actually the situation demanded that thing, we also got feeling now the public wants to see us in our own music videos. The second thing sometimes performing on the other song caused copyright issues, so we thought why not start making our own music videos. We trained ourselves for these music videos. So, we debuted with Bawaal and we released Ziddi, where Ziddi is all about dance number and dance number.”
Q. In recent times there is a lot of buzz about Ziddi, it’s so thrilling and the choreography is brilliant- what’s the process behind making such an awesome video?
MJ5: “When we get the actual music track so we are in the environment of that song, listen to it many times again and again. While vibing we get some natural body movements and steps so we link and collect them and improvise them. Although it’s a long process and music video takes a lot of time and effort. We usually choreograph songs ourselves, ultimately it also helps to maintain and enhance ourselves.”
Q. What was your emotion behind the song Ziddi and behind dance and lyrics?
MJ5: “Ziddi is a mood booster, it’s such a song if you are sad or out of a mood. As soon as you listen to it, you start vibing over and get some natural body movements. Ziddi – basically rejoices and energies you in some way. Talking about the lyrics, it’s based on real and daily life situations. The situation where a boy wants to express his love to a girl who is Ziddi. We guess some of you have gone through this situation. Although every one of us is Ziddi in some or another way. Basically, Ziddi is made for the people to have fun and dance.”
Q. Doing choreography and practising a lot for Ziddi, so what do you think what’s the value of fitness being a dancer?
MJ5: “Not only for the dancers but also the value of fitness is too much now for all of us. We have to be fit, fitness not only makes you look good but also keep you physically and mentally sharp and active. Working out and exercising also help us to be indisciplined.
Q. Which is the song you continuously listening to and vibing in a loop?
MJ5: Add the part of the answer from an igtv in video format. Where all members together say Ziddi.
Q. What are your plans after Ziddi, please can you give a glimpse of that?
MJ5: “We do have a bag full of songs, so we will choose one among them and will work on that. After that, we will be back again with one more bang. Although you will get updates about what we are into on our social media, so stay tuned and connected.”

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Siddhi Idnani A glimpse of her journey-Interview.



Here is an interview between Anushka Dave and Siddhi Idnani presenting us with an infotainment session.

Siddhi Idnani, a multifaceted personality, working actively in Indian film industry as a Fashion model, Dancer and actress expressing her career experience with our interviewer Anushka Dave.

1. How do you introduce yourself in three words?

Siddhi: Honestly introducing myself in three words is very tricky. There is so much about me to tell. I like to express myself in a short sentence –“Girl who decided to pursue her dreams.”

2.If you had to choose your hobby apart from acting and modelling, what it would be?

I believe that internal beauty adds more beauty to external appearance and apart from acting and modelling, I like to go with dancing as a hobby!

3.You are one of the biggest fans of Priyanka Chopra, what inspires you the most about her?

The journey she went through inspired me a lot. She is not from the film industry but she carved herself for every bit of it. Her motivational words always inspired me.

4.Your parents belong to the entertainment industry? How did it influence you?

My mom is an actress. My dad is an accent trainer and vocalist and he enjoyed doing that. Initially, I was not interested in this industry but I grew up watching it. After the long run, I began enjoying it.

5.Being a skincare enthusiast, Can you break some skincare myths?

I prefer skincare than make up. And I would say water is more important for skincare. Night care routines including moisturizer and sunscreen are mandatory.

6.What you have learnt from the beauty pageantry ?

It is not only about wearing gowns and accessories. It primarily needs mental strength. They contestants should be so focused. They should be brilliant, disciplined and to learn from daily basis.

7.How much time will you be taken to prepare for a 30 seconds advertisement?

I nearly take a day or a maximum of 2 days for an advertisement and for completing the whole process includes editing, adding musics etc..takes 15-20 days.

8.How you are passionated with vernacular languages?

Every industry is so interconnected (Kollywood, Tollywood, Bollywood….).North Indian actors prefer to move south and the same way the south Indian actors prefer to move north and yeah I am learning…

9.What would you like to advice the upcoming aspirants of entertainment industry?

First and the foremost thing is to pursue your dreams. If She/He is a nice person and believer of their own, definitely they will achieve. So, be persistent.
Thank you mam and best of luck for your future endeavours.

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