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Puneet Gupta Founder of Astrotalk : Exclusive Interview



When there is a question if Astrology works for real, one man who made Astrology an online platform and gave easy access to Astrologers and believers who himself has a very interesting story about the prediction and continues to be one of the most active and influential people in business- None other than Puneet Gupta!

Here is a quick Interview of him.

1) Why are you so passionate about astrology?

Puneet Gupta : The thing is that astrology has happened to me instead of me chasing astrology to make a profession out of it, which is why I am always curious to explore more of it. In fact, you will be surprised to know that there was a time when I didn’t even believe in astrology. 

I quit my job in 2014 to do something in the field of Ayurveda. The startup went downhill, and I lost all my savings. After seven months of fighting depression, I finally decided to move to Mumbai for a job. When I was working in Mumbai, a friend called me to ask if I would like to co-found an IT company with him. I was confused if I should say yes to the offer as the failure of the previous startup was still fresh in my memory. It was then a colleague of mine, who is also an astrologer, offered me a future prediction.

Clearly, as a non-believer in astrology, I wasn’t interested, yet agreed when she insisted. She predicted that I will start a startup soon, which, however, will shut down in two years. Thereafter, I will start another business, she added. The IT company I and my friend started did shut down after two years when he left. That was when I began to believe in astrology. I connected with my ex-colleague again and amidst the chatter, found the idea to start


Astrotalk founded by Puneet Gupta

Five years into starting Astrotalk, I have witnessed numerous stories of astrologers helping people come out of their problems, which stiffness my belief in astrology. It is also what inspires me to explore new ideas and ways in which I can bring out the best of astrology because I have finally realised that when it comes to astrology, the sky’s the limit. 

2) How did you start your journey in this field?

Puneet Gupta: When the astrologer’s prediction came true for me, the first thought that struck my mind was that if astrology can help me, I can also help many others out there. The idea was not to impose astrology on someone but let them try it for themselves and develop an opinion of it. That’s the only reason why we still give first chat free to every user. 

For starters, I solely built the Astrotalk app to provide one-on-one video consultation to our customers. Although the response and reviews were decent, the wait time was hurting customer retention. Hence, we slowly switched to call and chat consultation. Regarding funding, thankfully, I had enough from my last startup to start with.  

3) What all problems did you face till date in your career?

Puneet Gupta: I lost all my savings in the first startup, which was the biggest setback. I had literally locked myself in the room for seven months as I couldn’t face my family and friends. However, today when I look back, I see it as a waste of time and something one should never do. If you are trying something different in life, you should feel proud of it instead of worrying about people who aren’t even trying. 

Another blow came when I had to shut down a successful IT company clocking half a million dollars in revenue. All I had in mind was that I am back to square one with no sight of the future. Yet, I am thankful that life played its part well.

When it comes to Astrotalk, the biggest problem was finding genuine astrologers. I had to personally convenience good astrologers and give them advance from my own pocket to retain them on the app. Today, Astrotalk is a bootstrapped firm making 55-lakh/day in revenue and a number of astrologers want to join us.

4) What was your family and friends’ reaction to your start-up idea?

Puneet Gupta: More like “ye to roz ka ho gaya hai abb.” They have always known that I have a knack for startups and entrepreneurship and have even supported me throughout my journey. Astrotalk wasn’t the first startup idea they were listening to from me, but the fact that I was doing something in the field of astrology surprised them more. 

5) How was it to leave your job?

Puneet Gupta:It was a decision I made overnight without giving much thought to it. Actually, there is a story behind it. I had a terrible breakup just the day before I quit my job. The exact last words of my ex before she left me were – “my dad owns a Mercedes, and you don’t even have a car.” 

When you are in your early 20s, such words hit you like a bullet. The resignation was a reaction to it as I promised myself to do something big in life. But soon I realised that life is no script where you can write “5 years later” and skip to the good part. Having no source of income does scare you. Yet, things worked out anyways. 

6) Who all were there for you in your Ups and Downs?

Puneet Gupta: My family, of course, has always been there for me through thick and thin. They would tell me that we are here for anything you need, and those words can really calm you down. Secondly, an old school friend of mine was a blessing in disguise when I was in the depression stage of my life. He not only helped me come out of the trauma but also arranged a job for me and even lent me money when I needed it the most. I have only a few friends, but all of them are to die for. 

7) How does it feel to be an owner of $10 million?

Puneet Gupta: Ha ha!! Honestly, as a child, until we don’t have a particular toy, we constantly crave it. But once we get it, life seems normal, the toy seems normal. It’s the same with money. Now with money in the bank, the greed of it has almost gone and whatever I do, is all about creating an impact on society. Also, what I am satisfied with is the fact that I have kept the promise I once made to myself.   

8) What is the reason behind such a simple lifestyle?

Puneet Gupta: Simple background, I believe. I am fortunate to earn well, but I don’t see much change in life with money. The only difference in my personality is that I try to value my time over everything else. I would not think twice before investing money in anything that saves me time. 

9) What are your hobbies and interests?

Puneet Gupta: I am really into writing and Cricket. I write a lot on Quora and LinkedIn about my entrepreneurial experiences or simple life experiences. 

10) What is the best award that you have received?

Puneet Gupta: I believe in rewards and not awards. Customer satisfaction is the only reward I care about. So when customers ping me on social media or through the app to let me know how Astrotalk has helped them fight their problems, it is the best feeling ever. 

11) What is the one advice you would like to give to upcoming entrepreneurs?

Puneet Gupta: I would suggest that you should never be scared of starting something of your own. There is always an audience you can tap. All you need to do is focus on solving customers’ problems. Also, don’t shy away from experimenting. Most of the best campaigns of Astrotalk are the result of some weird experiment of ours. In fact, it is the only way to survive the entrepreneurial world.

Indeed Puneet Gupta is one of the influential people in business you would come across and he keeps on sharing valuable knowledge with us on Linked In. Make sure you don’t miss on his tips! Also check out his platform Astrotalk if you are an astrology lover!

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Meera Joshi: An all rounder personality



Meera Joshi: An all rounder personality

Meera Joshi is an all rounder personality, from working as an assistant choreographer in dance reality shows such as ‘street dance’, being a contestant in ‘Dance India Dance- season 4’ and holding 3 world records and 3 Indian records along with being a dubbing artist and an influencer. She had won all of our hearts. Let us see what Meera has to say.

Meera Joshi’s instagram:


Q1). Can you tell us about your journey as a dancer and a choreographer…. 

Meera Joshi: So my journey as a dancer and a choreographer started with participating in the ‘local mandals’ and that’s when my mom realized that I like dancing, and then I joined dance classes. My father was a bank manager, and he used to transfer every three years. So, in Ratnagiri I learned Kathak for two years, Bharatanatyam for seven years in Satara, and in Pune I learned Latin American dance styles. By then I started participating in inter-college competitions and I won prizes. That’s when I realized that dancing is not just my hobby, maybe I want to pursue it as a profession. Then I joined many dance groups in Pune and became a side dancer and danced behind Marathi celebrities. 

After that I started giving auditions for dance reality shows as well and finally got selected for my first ever show in 2010 “Street Dance”. It was a group dance competition and so I was a part of a group. I used to go from Pune to Mumbai. In 2011, I got into another dance reality show. By the time I graduated in German language, I stood third in University. That was the time to decide whether to go for post graduation or go to Mumbai.

My family was a little skeptical about this profession because living in Mumbai- a completely different city and getting a job with this profession was a little difficult. So my family wanted me to go for post graduation and then join some IT company or become a translator. But with the help of my mother I went to Mumbai, and that was the first time my mom let me travel alone. I was going to Infinity (there are a lot of rehearsal halls) for the rehearsals and I asked the auto guy what the fare would be and it was a shock for me hearing the price. But some lady overheard me and asked to share the fare and that was my first ever ride in Mumbai. And overall it was really welcoming.

The real Job

Then I freshened up. And that was my first day of work, in 2012 as an assistant choreographer for “Dance India Dance- little Champs” where Faisal Khan was the winner and I was assisting Prince Gupta, that was a team of Faisal Khan. After that eventually I got recognition and I assisted many choreographers such as Jalak Dikh Jaa… and simultaneously I was improving my dance styles such as hip hop and contemporary dance etc because it is difficult for a classical dancer to catch up. And finally in 2013, in “Dance India Dance, season 4” I was a participant. 

But then a few rounds later I realized that something was wrong with my back and the channel people took x-ray and things. And they found out that something was wrong with my spine and they suggested that we should stop here due to the medical emergency but I insisted on being a participant as it was my dream. And Mithunda insisted for me that if I was that willing, then let me continue as a contestant.

But I knew somewhere that my back won’t be able to support and after top 14 I got eliminated. And then I started helping people by assisting them with choreography. I assisted Sumit Shahil, Puni Verma for Bajirao Mastani then again Shimla Mirchi film and for Poster boys etc… And after almost 13 reality shows I realized that I can do something more. And I decided to do something on camera which had less dancing and eventually started auditioning for acting. 

Q2). You have been an all rounder, a dancer, choreographer, an actress, dubbing artist and an influencer… Do you think your fans might have much higher expectations from you?

Meera Joshi: “I think people will keep expecting till you die” whether in a professional life or personal, people will expect something or the other and that’s a natural human behavior… and if you’re a stage performer, people will keep on expecting more and more the next time.. And there’s nothing wrong with that. That is something which motivates you to grow. And do better than before, going to an upper level. And that’s why I’m here today, I expected something from myself. My parents, my well wishers, everyone around me expected me to grow. And that’s what led me to give auditions, become a side dancer to the main dancer and even start acting. “Expectations are the key to growth.”

Q3). What do you love to do the most amongst all the professions that you do?

Meera Joshi: Well i really cannot pinpoint any one profession among these, i like dancing cause that’s where I started and as a choreographer if I am not able to do any dance steps or if I don’t fit in the dance or the song. I have this vision which I portray through others by teaching them and reaching to the audience. The vision that I have, I love to share it with others. So, I love to choreograph as well. 

Even in acting, I got to explore many characters and that is what I love the most. Dubbing is also the same, that’s when I got to know that my voice is also a charm in itself. While influencing was also fun, back then not many Marathi influencers were there in the industry. I did some projects for clothing brands and beauty products and I remember not shopping for almost 2 years. And I loved the perk of free shopping plus earning out of them. So I enjoyed every profession that I perceived. 

Q4). While shooting for Bajirao Mastani, you got an inspiration to start your career in acting… is that true? What inspired you to do so? 

Meera Joshi: Before Bajirao Mastani, I was already pursuing several professions and as an assistant choreographer I thought till when will I just keep assisting. And getting a good movie where I can be the lead choreographer would have been a lot difficult plus it would have taken me years and years… As movies were the only option where we could choreograph or showcase our skills back then.

So I had to choose a profession which will give me recognition by face. And acting was it. That’s what I realized on the set of Bajirao Mastani. And then with zero experience in theater or acting I started giving auditions for acting. I had no mentor or a guide who can provide me with acting guidance or who can help me get a role in a movie. That’s where I had to struggle and even now after 13 years in the industry, So, I guess that will go on till the end. 

For one and a half year I wasn’t able to crack any auditions and I still remember my first audition where I had to give an introduction and I asked them “what does that mean?” So yes it was my learning period and initially I did crowd roles such as praying in the temple while the hero and heroine are the main focus. And then I’m glad, my parents were really supportive, especially my mom was very supportive of everything that I did. Even financially but again I had this to earn money myself. So yes I did  projects as well.

Q5). You are such a beautiful lady, is there any secret to your beauty? 

Meera Joshi: Thank you so much. I think every soul is beautiful in their own way but of course that is off camera. I have been called ugly many times and been rejected for that. It’s like maybe you’re pretty and cute but you’re not a heroine material. Even for the skin color, they said, “you’re not fair enough so you don’t fit into our projects.” Thank you again, but I don’t think there’s any secret to it. I guess being positive and being around positive people, living a healthy life can be called the secret. 

Q6). You have 3 world records and 3 Indian records in dancing… How do you feel about this achievement?

The first world record:

Meera Joshi: The world record things actually just happened, it wasn’t planned. I love trekking and traveling. So, I got in touch with this man named Anand Bansode- he is the Everest man of India. He climbed Everest. He asked me if I want to join them to climb “Kokan Kada” and hoist the longest flag on 26th of January and make the world record. And I said okay I’d love to do that. 

The second world record:

And then the second time in Lockdown, everybody was trying to be active on social media. That’s when five Marathi actresses decided to dance Antaksari, a kind of thing which included recording dance pieces. So I got to dance to a song that starts with ‘ka’. And I danced to “Kanta Laga”. So others did the basic dance steps as they were not dancers but actresses. So I decided to dance outside the house as it wasn’t able to shoot inside. And my mom helped me with it, literally climbing on top of the car to shoot me. Then I edited the video as I had a little basic knowledge about it. But the other actresses pointed out that my video was not shot inside the house despite the theme being ‘lockdown’ and they pushed me off the project which made me a little sad.

Then I thought of posting it on my social media anyway and it blew off. So I started creating dance reel content and at that time people didn’t shoot these kinds of videos. And then I was traveling to Kachchh, Gujarat and I told a passenger to shoot a video on ‘chaiyya chaiyya’ of me. There I shot a one minute video. And people loved it. So, I thought I should do everything together, traveling, dancing, shooting etc… So I clubbed everything together. 

The third world record:

And then I was traveling to Chopta…we started at 3am in the morning and reached there at 7 for sunrise and we shot a video and I checked if anybody had shot a video here because it was the world’s highest Shiva temple. And nobody had performed surprisingly. So I contacted Anand Bansode and asked him if we can do anything about the world record. And then I sent it for approval and within fifteen days I got approved and I was the first actress to perform at the world’s highest Shiva temple. This news went viral and people actually loved it. 

After that I went to Hemkund, which is the world’s largest Gurudwara. So I almost trekked for 16-17 hours and then I performed there and again sent it for approval and it worked out again. So yes that’s how the 3 world records happened. 

Q7). What are your upcoming plans and goals? 

Meera Joshi: Well my plan right now is to earn more money by working hard and my goal is to buy a nice house of my own and on my own in Mumbai. Like I’ve been living in Mumbai for 13 years and paying rent. And in my family everybody has their own house, it’s only me who doesn’t have anything on her name yet. So that’s my dream right now.

Q8). How was your experience working on Amazon for “Crimes Aaj Kal”… Do you plan to work again in the future? 

Meera Joshi: My first web series was Myra, it was in lockdown and we shot it on a sample flat in Nagpur. My second web series was “Indori Ishq” in which I played the role of Alia. And people loved it. Basically, I got a call from the casting director and he told me he wants my audition for a character and they sent me the script. So there were two characters, one was Alia, a 21 year old college passout student and the other was a prostitute. So I thought obviously, the second role would be for me as I was 29 back then. But the director told me he wants me to audition for Alia. And I was glad because I thought people still consider me as a young actress. And my co-actor was Ritik Shauri and he was 20. He was almost 10 years younger than me. 

I was really conscious about how I would look because being a 30 year old and acting to be a partner of a 20 year old was a different thing. So matching up to him was a difficult thing but then people loved my character. And then I got selected for “Crimes Aaj Kal”, I was auditioned three times. And they asked me if I was an athlete and then I said I am a classical dancer. But then I wasn’t able to match three other guys who were really tall and athletic. And my director was like you said you were an athlete what happened  but eventually we shot the scene…

Q9). Considering how busy your schedule might be, how do you find time for yourself?

Meera Joshi: I don’t think it’s a difficult task for you to find time for yourself if you love yourself. Because if you love yourself, you’ll find time for yourself anyhow. And in my profession we don’t have a routine so I get time for myself when I don’t have any work. I watch films, go for a walk, eat well.. And I love street food and I keep myself happy with that. I love to spend time with myself, I’ll always find “me time” even if I have a busy schedule. So finding time for myself is not a big task. 

Q10). Out of all characters, which one is your favorite and why?

Meera Joshi: Every character that I played was different. So I don’t think I have any favorite character. In Marathi films, people viewed me as an evilish, villianish and glamorous personality while in Hindi films I was viewed as the soft ‘sanskari’ girl. People viewed me really differently, there was this contrast and it really confused me. Which also helped me portray many different characters though. In Marathi serial, I have played a Witch and then I’ve also played an evil daughter in law. And then in ‘Chandana’ a short film I played a poor girl living in a village, fighting for the right to basic education. That was something really heart touching.

“Indori Ishq” for that, i played a character of a 21 year old college passout student. Being a 30 year old I had to act as a partner of a 20 year old actor was a difficult and a different task. And for ‘Crimes Aaj Kal’ I played a cop, so again it was really different. And in Myra I got to be a heroine. So yeah, “There’s a lot and many colors to explore.”

Q11). What are the three things that you would like to change about yourself? 

Meera Joshi: I think I can be more ignorant about a few things and take everything a little less seriously because not everything needs to be answered. Let’s say somebody passing a comment should be ignored. And it’s not necessary to pay attention to everything that happens around you. I guess that will make me happies. Sometimes I really tend to give too much attention to trollers and that makes me a little dejected. Being ignorant becomes a necessity sometimes and I am trying to do that.

Second thing, I think I should be a little more patient. Not that I’m too impatient but the More patient I am the more things will come to me. 

Lastly, this is a funny thing but if God could change my dusky skin tone, and make me a little fair then maybe… maybe I could get more work. In a funnier way though. Now I’ve got acceptance about myself, my skin tone, my body and I think I’m very comfortable in my skin. I love myself. 

Q12). If you are given a chance to visit any fictional world, what would you choose and why? 

Meera Joshi: To be precise, Harry Potter. Back then when I was in school Harry Potter was the ultimate crush. And Hogwarts is something I would love to visit if it is possible and I am given a chance to.  

Q13). Your fans might be eagerly waiting for you to say something to them… So anything?..

Meera Joshi: For upcoming projects, there’s a new movie “Orange Lily” that is going to be released and I’m playing the title role and a few upcoming item songs are to be released. Keep loving me and keep giving me your love and support… Every artist needs that. Be careful of what you have to say to anybody because it might hurt them and rethink it. They might end up making different decisions which they would not if things were a bit different. So yes, keep loving everyone because everybody is working as hard as you are. Life is beautiful, live peacefully.

It has been a 13 years long professional journey in Mumbai and I’m grateful to my parents  because of them I was able to pursue my hobby as a profession. Especially my mom, without her I wouldn’t be able to be what I am today. Also grateful to everyone who loved and supported me, without them growing wouldn’t have been possible. It inspires me to do better projects. So thank you very much. Please keep loving me. 

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Ashish Patil – THE enthralling journey of the LAVNIKING!




LAVNIKING Ashish Patil. B.Sc (computer science) from Birla College Kalyan. Specialized in Bollywood, classical, Semi-classical, Folk, and contemporary dance in Marathi and Hindi industry for 19 years now. Recently was a Finalist of a Dance show. High Fever Dance ka Naya-never on TV.

An energetic, awe-inspiring, and imposing grand Classical – Semi-Classical Dancer and Celebrity Performer who breathed dance from his childhood and his passion took him to India Satellite First Dance Competition Boogie Woggie attained applauds by winning the competition. Passion turned into Fascination and in his teens, he shot to fame by winning the most acclaimed award for his splendid Classical Choreography in 2010 Eka Peksha Ek. A habit of delivering fresh moves to feature innovations in his dance forms and finally that one platform which he had dreamt day and night shot recognized him as one of the Best Classical Semi-Classical Dancers. And as a performer and an outstanding choreographer in  Eka Peksha Ek – Season 2. And as the judge in Dholkichya Talavar.

1)Can you tell us how you started on this journey?

Ashish Patil : I have done my B.Sc IT from Brila College, Kalyan. And yes! I am an IT student and have been dancing since I was four. When I was young my mother used to see me moving around the house and as the saying goes mother always knows what her child is capable of? So it was my mother who first figured out that I can be a dancer.

The mother is always the first teacher and in my case, my mother is the one who taught me dancing. I am not a trained dancer and have not taken any formal training initially. Also, there was this show on Doordarshan “Chitrahar”, we used to watch it and my mother would point out the expressions of the contestants and tell me that that’s how I have to express myself when I dance. So yes that is how my dance journey began.

2) What impact did dance have on your life?

Ashish Patil : As a child one certainly needs a platform to express and develop oneself and dance has always been that platform for me. Since I was young I was always fascinated by Indian dancing and loved the feminine kind of dance. Because of that, I was called names in school and college time. But dance was something that me feel like the happiest man in the world. I used to forget myself and go into a zone. I believe that when I dance I reach to the almighty and feel near him somehow. And at times I cry after my performances. So dance gave me a platform through which I can express and find myself.

3) Is there someone from the industry that had an influence on you?

Ashish Patil: Since a young age, I was very much influenced by Madhuri Dixit. And during that time Madhuri numbers were very famous on “Chitrahar.” And yes I used to see her and fall in love with her dance. I used to tell myself that I would dance someday on television. I have always loved her song “Chane ke khet me”, it’s very expressive and that is one dance that influenced me as a young kid. Also of course Juhi Chawla and Sri Devi have influenced me a lot but Madhuri Dixit if I must say is my first love for dance. 

4)Your journey is filled with hardships. How did you overcome the challenges?

Ashish Patil: Yes, the journey was difficult. Though we live in a society where men and women are equal still a guy wears a kurta and is teased and asked why are you dressed like a girl? SO ever since I was young it was difficult to walk in public because people used to call me names when I passed by. So the journey of being a dancer, contestant, performer, and now a judge on a reality show was not easy as I had waited for nineteen years. I have struggled for nineteen years in this industry. I have worked hard and learned so much for so many people, good and bad.

And also what to do and what not to do. I feel that if you want to become a dancer the first and most important skill required is to believe in yourself that you can do it. And I always believed in myself. I am passionate about my work and dedicated to my talent and am always focused on the goal. So to achieve anything in life I have four steps: Patience, Dedication, Passion, and Staying true to yourself.

5)What inspired you to pursue Indian classical dancing?

Ashish Patil: I have always loved the sound of ghungroo. My sister used to learn Bharatanatyam but could pursue it as it was not taken positively by our family. But the sound of ghungroo, the costume, I used to love the colors. And so this is how I started discovering that this is Bharatanatyam, this is Kathak, Lavni, and so on. Our Indian culture is filled with so many colors and I am obsessed with it, especially the bright colors. So I guess the colors and sound of ghunhroo brought me toward Indian dancing.

6)Who has played a major role in your life?

Ashish Patil: As I mentioned earlier my first and foremost supporter has always been my mother and she has always believed in me. She used to lie to me when I went to the competitions as my father never liked me dancing. As I used to do Indian dancing, his friends used to always question him –  how will he earn? Who will marry him? Stuff like that. But my mother has always supported me in whatever I did. She loved watching me on stage because I was the happiest when I performed. Also, she is my critic and my number one fan.

7)How do you manage the negativity that surrounds an artist?

Ashish Patil: Yes, it is challenging, especially being a male classical dancer. In India, we worship all the gods and goddesses but most of them don’t know the story about them. And I always feel that the god of dance “The Natraj” He himself is a Shivsakti which is a rare combination. So my mother encouraged me saying I am blessed with this combination so make the best out of it. Initially, I was bothered about what people thought but they were not going to save me when I met with an accident or they were not going to pay my bills.

So now all I care about is what my parents and loved ones say. I have gone through many ups and downs on my own and faced them alone. I feel that every problem has a solution. And if the problem doesn’t have a solution why worry? So just do the best with what you can and I just do that.

8)What are your thoughts on the life of an artist in the entertainment industry?

Ashish Patil:The industry looks very glamorous for an outsider. People are like he works in the entertainment industry and what a life he lives. But the most difficult life is that of an artist. People who work in a company have their timings fixed but when an artist has to work day and night because that’s what we are paid for. Many times there are night shoots or shoots in hot sun. It is very difficult for an artist to maintain the same energy throughout the song. Because the song is of just 3 minutes but the shoot goes on for das. So I think an artist’s life in the film or any industry is challenging but it is up to you how you manage it.

9)What kind of people do you like to work with?

Ashish Patil: Initially, I walked on this journey alone. But as time passed by people joined and now I have my own team. And I believe in trying to give love and appreciation to people which I did not get at the start of my journey. So I always work with those people who are focused and dedicated in what they do. And I love working with such people. A team is important because when you work with a team your project hits harder. Because there are a lot of creative minds. Yes, I call them team and not assistant because they are like my family members who are by my side. Also, I feel that when you are working as a team you need to be a good leader. And not a boss. 

10)What advice would you like to give to someone who is suffering on their journey?

Ashish Patil:When you work the best way toward your goal, not initially but somewhere at some point you will be successful. And once you reach there by default you get fame. These days fame is easy due to social media. But I feel that it is just a moment of fame like an elevator that works on its own speed, we cannot control it. But when you are climbing the stairs and you fall you can get up. You can control yourself because you are walking on your own.

I believe that one needs to fight their own battle. It is like when you climb the stairs you can feel each step. Same way when you take the hard route you can sense the feel who stood by you and can feel a sense of respect for them. I always believe in the line –  Give respect take respect. Last but not the least – “Kehte hain agar kisi cheez ko dil se chaho; to puri kainaat usse tumse milane ki koshish mein lag jaati hai”

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