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Shivanjali Porje : Making everyone drool over expressions.



Shivanjali Porje is an Indian social media star – Instagram content creator, influencer and child artist. She creates beautiful reels over Instagram and have gigantic fan following base. We all know for the astounding combination of cute expressions, dance, acting and amazing lip-syncing videos. She made her debut as a child actress in character ‘Mau’ at Karbhari Laybhari (Zee Marathi Serial). She has more than 2.3 million and still computing fan base over Instagram till date.

More About Shivanjali:

Shivanjali was born in Nashik district on July 7, 2013. She lives in Shevgedang in Igatpuri taluka of Nashik Maharashtra. She is daughter of Mr. Vishnu Patil Porje and Mrs. Jyoti Porje. Pratik and Tushar are her siblings.  She is taking her education from Nashik itself at ‘Nashik Cambridge’, currently she in 4th grade. In future she wanted be an IAS officer and also a film Star.

Shivanjali Proliferation Chapter:

Shivanjali and her brother used to upload small videos on social media platforms since 2019. Firstly, the used the tik tok platform to make video, on tik tok they received ample amount of support and reach. Soon later after the ban of tik tok, then Pratik choose the Instagram reels for her videos. On Instagram they gradually used to upload the videos regularly. She started getting lot of love and support from the people.  In late 2019 in December her video in song ‘Agar tum sath ho’ received lot of love from people and went zealous. Within due course it crossed 50+ million views. In conformity with it, every video is crossing millions of the views and getting enormous love from people.

Recently there was a reel trend on the Instagram called ‘Blink and Express’. And guess what? Shivanjali made a video on that song and bagged the crown of the holding the title of the most viewed Instagram reels 2021. Her eye-opening expression and the cuteness melted people’s heart and love glittered on her. Everyone watching the reel was holding a smile and was in aww zone and adore her talent. Astonishingly it was the OMG juncture when her video crossed the 259 million supernumerary views on the Instagram. You can check her Instagram reels section if you wanted to feel the same as I said. Check this out @shivanjaliporje.03.

Recently we had incredible interactive session her. Where we went a step closer to her life with few entertaining questions and a fleeting choose between game. You can check out our official Instagram page @paradox_india to see that live session on the IGTV. Although here is short glance into the session with Shivanjali and her brother – Pratik Porje

Q. What you like most Acting, dancing, singing or something apart from it?

Shivanjali: “Yes! I like all of them acting, singing, dancing very much and I also like drawing.”

Q. How this journey started?

Shivanjali (Pratik): “We used to upload the videos on tik tok and later on reels, then ultimately it started getting love from people and this is how journey is going as of now with love and support.”

Q.  In future, what you wanted to be?

Shivanjali: “I want be a Collector.” 

Q.  Want to share any of your fun and frolic moment with us?

Shivanjali: “I like to enjoy and do fun and frolics. Usually, my brothers and me have lot of fun- fight and laugh with some frolics.”

Q. Who is your favourite actor or a singer?

Shivanjali: “I like singer. I like Arijit Singh and his songs very much.”

Q. As we know you like to watch Tarak Mehta ka Ulta chesma , who is your favourite character from it? 

Shivanjali: “Yes! Character? I like Jethalal.” 

Q. Who loves you the most?

Shivanjali: “My Mummy and Pappa love me most. And my dada (brother) loves me little more than that.”

Q.  What are your nicknames and which one you like most?

Shivanjali: “I have nicknames called Shiv, Shivanjali at home and many other given my people too. But I like to called as Shiv mostly.” 

Q. You like to travel? and with whom and where?

Shivanjali: “Yes, I like to travel with my family and especially with my brother. I would love to go to Mumbai, Pune or other places with him.”

Q. Which is your favourite cartoon? 

Shivanjali: “I have two favourite cartoons, first ‘Tom and Jerry’. And the second one is ‘Shinchan’.”

Q. How you manage making reels and video?

Shivanjali (Pratik): “Yes, it takes bit efforts and need to give daily 1-2 hours of time for it.”  

Q. Whom you like most from Karbhari Laybhari Veeru (Nikhil) or Piyu (Anushka)?

Shivanjali: “I like both of them Veeru and Piyu. I also talk with them sometimes”

Q. What are your hobbies apart from singing, dancing and acting?

Shivanjali: “Apart from this I like three things- Playing, Watching Tv and watching Reels on Instagram.”

Q. Can you sing or act or mimic for all of us? 

Shivanjali: “I like Shinchan. I will say his Dialogue. 


Q.  What you want to say to your fans?

Shivanjali: “Thank you So much all of you for the love and support. And always stay with me and by my side.”

A FUN ZONE with Shivanjali (Choose between):

1.Ice-cream or chocolate?

Shivanjali: “Ice Cream”

2.Black or purple?

Shivanjali: “Black” 

3. Acting or Singing or Dancing?

Shivanjali: “Acting and Singing.”

4. Mummy or Papa or Dada?

Shivanjali: “All of them. But to choose one then Dada.” 

5. Cats or dogs? 

Shivanjali: “Dog and also I have dog and I like to play with him.”

6. Beaches or Mountains?

Shivanjali: “Beaches”’

7. Pizza or Burger?

Shivanjali: “Burger”

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Rajesh Yadav drops some major inspiration for us!



If you watch reels all day we are sure you have once in your scrolling journey came across Rajesh Yadav and if you binge-watch OTT content every day and Campus Diaries is your favourite show then you must be friendly with Sandy! Paradox gets candid and stocks up the inspo from none other than Rajesh Yadav!

Rajesh Yadav Sandy from campus diaries
Rajesh Yadav

1) When did you begin creating material professionally? Was there ever a spontaneous notion or incident that altered your perception of content creation as a profession?

Rajesh Yadav: In December 2015 I started making content, and by God’s grace, my first video drew a big audience. My second video later went viral, making the characters well-known. As my first video went viral, I was motivated to work even harder on my content creation and no longer had to worry about making this my career.

2) Were there any other role models you admired before beginning your journey?

Who motivated you to keep going?

Rajesh Yadav: I liked watching TVF and AIB’s funny and caustic videos before I started working in this field. After seeing their work, I became a fan and started making videos.

3) When did your life change for the better?

Rajesh Yadav: Creating my first video marked a turning moment in my life because I had never before considered a career in the arts or as a content developer. Although I didn’t have much experience in this sector while I was in college. I joined a theatre organization because I had some free time, and I worked there on the weekends.

4) How did you find acting as Sandy in the Campus diaries?

Rajesh Yadav: Sandy from Campus Diaries was my first role in a web series. Due to his many varied characteristics, including the fact that he begins as a friend and ends up as a villain, Sandy is an extremely distinctive character. I had never portrayed a somewhat pessimistic role before. For the first time, I had the opportunity to participate in something brand-new; perhaps the second season will have even more surprises.

5) Whoever would you like to work with if you had the chance to work with any artist in the world, and why?

Rajesh Yadav: Shahrukh Khan is the person I would choose to collaborate with if given the chance. Shahrukh Khan is someone we have all admired and been inspired by since we were young kids, no matter where he is today. I’ve wanted to meet Shahrukh Khan since I was a young child, and if I ever had the chance to work with anyone I wish, Shahrukh Khan would be my first choice.

6) What difficulties did you face at the beginning of your journey?

Rajesh Yadav: The major obstacle I had to overcome at the beginning of my adventure was learning how to produce original and creative videos for the audience. My goal was to come up with concepts that I might potentially employ in novel ways over the long term rather than to produce something that couldn’t be used in the future. Thankfully, I had only encountered these challenges in my first video.

7) Your thoughts? Is that your greatest success to date?

Rajesh Yadav: Any success I may have feels enormous to me as a regular person who enjoys watching superstars and I always had fantasies about meeting them. Nevertheless, now that I’ve recently collaborated with Nawazuddin Siddiqui, communicating and working with them. It is an accomplishment. After following him in college and attempting to meet him, it’s an enormous accomplishment for me to be able to communicate and work with superstars.

8) What is your greatest professional goal?

Rajesh Yadav: We are all aware that every one of us has different goals. My current objective is to play the main character in a movie or web series so that I may discover my talent and exhibit it to others. This is my current objective, and after I reach it, I’ll think about pursuing some more challenging objectives.

9) How have you found performing and writing for MensXP? It is a truly new platform that requires robust connectivity in order to function.

Rajesh Yadav : Four years of working with MensXP has been a wonderful experience. You can work there with complete creative freedom whether you’re writing or acting. It’s critical that you are given the freedom to complete your task on your schedule without interruption. As a result of the drastically different environment you find yourself in, the genre is quite varied and contains humor.

10) What is the final message you would like to convey to your supporters and well-wishers?

Rajesh Yadav: I can only advise my well-wishers to take care of themselves. In this society when everyone is scrambling for something, we all neglect to take care of our physical and mental health. Sometimes we continue to put our physical health first while ignoring our mental health. I, therefore, urge every one of my well-wishers to take care of both themselves and others around them.

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Anuj Saini from being face of advertisers to singles!



Anuj Saini a pre-dominant face of advertising industry is ruling the Indian entertainment industry. Recently he was seen in Gandhi Godse Ek Yudha as character of Naren . He also featured alongside actresses like Jacqueline Fernandez in Mere Angne Mein and Dhvani Bhanushali in Vaaste. he is also seen in many advertisements which includes KFC, Sprite, Nivea, Cadbury,Tata and other known brands.

When did you start your career as an actor?

Anuj Saini: After graduating with a degree in civil engineering, I moved to Mumbai and began my acting career there in 2017.

How has your experience been in the advertising industry? You have been their favourite face for years.

Anuj Saini: Advertising is quite competitive; for a single ad, about 5000 candidates audition, but only one girl and one male are chosen. I’ve spent 6 to 8 hours working on a clothing advertisement set, and I love it. Once we start producing advertising, it’s wonderful, and I get to enjoy creating television commercials.
Just keep trying, improving, and being patient are key characteristics in this field.

What was your first show and how was your first experience working in that show?

Anuj Saini: It was a music video for the song VAASTE that I appeared in. That was my very first acting experience, and it was a great one. The great Rajkumar Santoshi sir’s Gandhi Vs. Godse, my debut movie, will be released in theatres across India next month

As acting is not a cup of tea for everyone! How did you know that you can do it as an actor?

Anuj Saini: It takes months of preparation for a three-hour test (a movie), and acting is a 24-hour career where you have to get better every day with no turning back.

There were so many superstars back in the days so who inspired you the most to become an actor?

Anuj Saini: The actors who most inspired me to pursue acting were Shah Rukh Khan, Nawazuddin Siddiqui, and Sushant Singh Rajput. Due to their consistency in remaining where they are and doing their best up to this point, we are all aware that these people didn’t got support from others in the industry.

Which achievement means a lot to you and is there any other achievement you look forward to achieving?

Anuj Saini: It meant a lot to me when I was chosen for my first feature film, which will be released in January, because I had no familiarity and many talented people chose me for the role. This is a huge accomplishment for me And I have a lot of accomplishments I want to get to.

You have met many different personalities from different fields. Who was most inspiring and why?

Anuj Saini: Anuja Patil, a former player for India, influenced me greatly with her personality . She changed the outlook of way of communicating with others. She is incredibly generous.

What do you want to share that many people don’t know about you?

Anuj Saini: Although I’m a big introvert and am really shy in real life, there is a switch that allows me to be completely different in front of the camera.

What message would you like to give to upcoming actors who follow you?

Anuj Saini: Keep working and hustling. Bombay is a city where one phone call has the power to completely alter your journey, but it will take time for that call to reach you. Until then, stay positive, put in a lot of effort, and don’t give up.

Lastly, what is one message that you want to give to your followers and well-wishers?

Please continue to support me; I’ll do everything in my ability to make you all smile.

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