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Svetana Kanwar is as ‘Bomb’ as her – THE BOM SQUAD.



Svetana Kanwar, founder of “The Bom Squad” which is an all girls dance group. These girls have participated in may competitions and have won as well. The red-haired girl is very famous for moves which she fusions with the Bollywood music, which also makes her go viral on the internet. Have a look at the questions she answered on an interview with the Paradox about herself, her journey, her struggles and many more.

An exclusive interview with Svetana Kanwar:

What are your thoughts on dancing in India as a profession?

Svetana Kanwar: Honestly, I started dancing to  14 to 15 years back. At that time period, choosing dance as a profession was very difficult and the mindset of the people denied accepting dancing as a career. But the time have changed now, people accept it as a full time job to be a dancer. Still mant parents thinks that you are not a dancer until you win a reality show or even take part in it. It’s the mindset which needs to be changed, other than that there are a lot more opportunity for the young generation to take it as a career.

What does dancing means to you? How do you feel when you dance?

Svetana Kanwar: The answer to this question changes according to the phase of life I am in. Also my age plays an important role In describing it. If you would have asked me this question 10 years or 5 years back then my answer would be different each time. There was a time when dance used to be my entire life but now it is an very important part of my life. It helps me express myself, makes me confident, make me realise reality, basically it is a stabilizer in my life.

What would you say to people who wants to take dancing as a career?

Svetana Kanwar :Also it depends on time, if I talk about myself I had times when I could hardly breathe and there were also the times when I had much and much time to breathe, and this is what life is. Being a self-employed dancer is not a stable job but it gives you joy, satisfaction and mental peace. You can be choreographer, teacher, dance artist for movies, content creators and many more. You have got many platforms which can help you to be a professional dancer.

What difference did the Pandemic has made in your field?

Svetana Kanwar: It has made a huge difference for me. First lockdown was very productive for me, because of online classes I have learned so many new things. But the second lockdown was not that great as many things were going on and there was shortage of money. All my plans, which I would be accomplishing 6 years down, l want to do it now. My goals have been shifted. Covid has been a teacher for everyone and has taught something to everyone in a good or a bad way.

Which BOM Squad performance is closest to your heart?

Svetana: We did a performance called #metoo, I get goosebumps even thinking about it. I remember, we wrote every incident of our life and not only the small ones but also the big ones. It was about 26 minutes long and when we presented it, we made it around 2,5 minutes. It was very memorable for us as we were able to express what we were feeling and the response we got was overwhelming. So this was something very different that remains close to my heart.

What is your driving force which got you this far?

Svetana: I haven’t ever imagined my dancing career as it is now. When I was younger I never imagined that this many people would know me, I would be this big name in the dancing industry. But yes it feels great. When I started I had thoughts to achieve even more which I am not able to achieve till date. But it feels good to know that your work is appreciated and ypu are known among your rivals. Whenever someone says me that I wont be able to do it, I always did it. This is the which keeps me driving towards the success.

What are your moods like when it comes to dancing, keeping apart your achieving spirit?

 Svetana: The mood which keeps me dancing, and also the reason why I love Jazz so much is sensuality. It is the thing which is easy to adopt for me. I can quickly learn it and is very easy for me to express myself in that. I think pain is a mood which come to me easily as well.

Apart from Jazz what are the other dance styles which you love to do?

Svetana: I think contemporary is the form which I love practicing, although I am not in that good shape in which in can practice Contemporary or even Jazz, because I have not been traning myself much. Other that this I enjoy dancing in the Bollywood style a lot.

How was your struggling phase?

Svetana: I was a non-dancer which is the most struggling part in my initial days. I was very weak on rhythm and body movement. I left my marketing management course to be a dancer but I was very bad it. My teacher used to make me stand in the corner of the last row, that’s how bad dancer I was. I am not a fast learner but I can work really hard to learn something and that is the reason why I call myself as a good teacher.

What I think is I have built resilience because of my struggles. I have also struggled because of my weight, there is a great difference from now in my body weight. I always use to hear I cannot dance as I was fat but that was the mentality at that time. It was a struggler had a phase of lot of learning as well as I wanted to build a name of myself in the outside world. It has been a good journey and still is. I am still learning and will continue doing.

What would be the 5 best qualities that you would pick out of yourself?

Svetana: Its always hard to praise yourself but still the qualities would be…

  1. I am very Hardworking.
  2. Also I don’t give up easily.
  3. I would call my Stubbornness as a good quality to some extent.
  4.  I am at a certain level where I can emphasis with others.
  5. Being emotional and sensitive is considered as a negative quality but I don’t think so.

What are your upcoming projects?

Svetana: Yes, there are a couple of projects coming, I cannot talk much about them. But yes there are a few collaborations as well. December and January are more personal then professional as I am travelling. I will start teacing from January and I am very excited for that.

Whom would you consider as your Role Models?

Svetana: There are lot of people who are my role models. It changes according to situation as there are so many brilliant people out there with so many qualities. But the people who I constantly look upto would be Galen Hooks, Brian Friedman and Jojo Gomez. For leadership qualities I look upto M.S Dhoni, and Suresh from Kings United has also built a great team as a leader.

Where do you see yourself after 5 years?

Svetana: After 5 years, I don’t see myself in the city like Mumbai, I see myself in Banglore or Goa or Dehradun or Dubai or Doha. I basically see myself in a nice big home, starting my own academy or classes. Because I don’t see Mumbai as a learning culture any more and so there is less Teaching culture as well. I want to get back to teaching and that’s where I see myself in the next 5 years.

What was your most significant failure and how did you overcome that?

Svetana: I think it is my struggle itself. All the failures were at the struggle phase only like I was a camera shy, I couldn’t dance infront of the camera. I don’t believe in failure bit instead I take it as learning.

What are your fears now?

Svetana: I fesr of losing my fame which I have earned in these many years with my hardwork. I fear that 2 or 3 years later no one would recognize who Svetana Kanwar is. I think this is the biggest fear.

What would be your advice to the freshers in dancing industry?

Svetana: I would say that don’t let your fall or failure stop you from what you are trying to achieve. It takes time, hardwork and a certain amount of luck to reach at the top of any field you want to achieve. The whole thing is about not giving up, you are allowed to take a break but not to quit.

This was Svetana Kanwar along with her interesting journey and honest answers in front of you. She has travelled a log way to achieve what she has today and all her hardwork, sacrifice and dedication has payed off to her with such a good name among the dance industry.

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Suzanne Bernert:”Winning hearts is my greatest achievement.”



Suzanne Bernert, an indian actress who was born in Germany is quite known for her appearance in the Hindi movies and serials. She is known for her works in movies like Ramdhanu- The Rainbow, Honeymoon Travels PVT. LTD. and serials like Kasauti Zindagi Ki, Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat and Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai. Recently she came up for an interview with Paradox and answered some of the interesting questions.

Suzanne bernert
Glimpse from accidental Prime Minister

Lets have a look at the Question which she answered during the live interview on Paradox India.

Has acting been you childhood dream?

Suzanne Bernert: Yes, acting has been my forever dream since my childhood, but being an actress in the Indian film Industry was never planned. I started acting in Germany, had my stage debut there. It was just a accidental encounter with a film director from India when I was in Dubai.

What you love about Mumbai?

Suzanne: There is something very addictive about the city. You miss it when you are not here. Despite of the Pandemic times there is always something happening here which I like, the thing which I don’t like is the infrastructure here, no matter what we build, we still have more people in the city.

Are you a fan of local street food of Mumbai?

Suzanne: Yes I am, I enjoy eating Vadapav but there has to be a very little amount of spices in that, because still I am not habitual to the spicy food of India. I need to take my Ayurvedic pills after having spicy food cause it causes me stomach ache or acidity. Chat and PaniPuri is also one of my favourite street food, I find D-Mart having good PaniPuri stalls.

How were your initial days in the film industry?

Suzanne: I had a lot of struggle with the food, the climate and the language. I got the script, but could not understand because I don’t know Hindi. There was a lot of things going on the set at a time, so there is a very less possibility of getting help from others cause everyone is assigned with a work to complete within the time. This was the struggle I faced but my collegues used to help me with that.

How was experience in Kasauti Zindagi Ki and Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai?

Suzanne Bernert: All the shows have a different kind of experience which is unique. One thing I can say is that I always had a very good team in each show. For a time being they become your family, because you meet them everyday, work with them everyday and talk to them everyday. So there is always a good experience and no comparison between any show. I feel very blessed that I have done so many shows.

What is your preference: A Movie or A T.V Serial?

Suzanne Bernert: I am having web series as my upcoming projects which are kind of related to T.V but are short termed. As of now, I just want to be on set everyday, work everyday. And you never know what comes because I played the roles of Daughter in law in the initial days a lot and then suddenly got something different. Something different always comes to your way from what you expect.

Who is your favourite co-star to work with?

Suzanne: My husband, Akhil Mishra. Because sometimes you get so busy with the work that youi don’t even get time for eachother, so working togeather is always fun. Sometimes he used to come to the set during the Ashoka serial and similarly I visit him during the shoot of Uttran.

You have worked in multilingual film industries like Bengali, Marathi and Hindi. How are these industries different from each other?

Suzanne Bernert: The Marathi and the Bengali movies always seems like an family project because they are small and intimate. Whereas in Hindi movies there are a lot of people and too many things going on. You want to be nice with everyone but at the same time you don’t know everyone. And my recent Malayalam movie experience was also very good, I would love to more of South Indian movies.

What keeps you focused and motivated?

Suzanne: I started Yoga in the lockdown. And I feel it has helped me a lot, I feel more focused more controlled on my breath, my tune, my acting. So I would recommend everyone to start practicing Yoga and meditation.    

How do you manage your Personal and Professional life?

Suzanne: I believe in go with the flow and also we don’t have children so that also makes it quite easy to manage both.

What would you consider as your greatest achievement till date?

Suzanne: I think winning the hearts of all the people here is my greatest achievement. The show, Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat was the reason for all my achievements, because after that show I got recognized by the people on the streets on South Bombay.

How was your experience in playing the role of Sonia Gandhi in the movie, Accidental Prime Minister?

Suzanne: Playing a role of someone who is alive is always challenging. I used to watch her videos on repeat and tried to be real. I used to be me, when I wear the saree and the wig, but the moment I put the spectacles on it makes me feel the character. There was something in the glasses which made me Sonia Gandhi.

Who is your role model?

Suzanne: I think you take different things from different people. My mother, my grandmother, my husband are my role models. And in acting, Austrian actor named Klaus Maria Brandauer, whom I also met once.

What are your favouraite movies?

Suzanne: There are so many of them. For T.V show I would say Blacklist and in movie I saw Out Of Africa with the same emotions after 20 years. Sometimes I also like to watch the 90’s movies.

How do you deal with the trolls and the negative rumors of you?

Suzanne: I came across some such haters on twitter. I love to grow from the trolls by the unhappy people who want you to be unhappy.

How was yor experience with the show 7RCR?

Suzanne: We had roles on almost all the big political leaders of the country. We took actual photographs and recreated the whole incidents of their past life and that was the show.

How was the webseries, Stage Of Siege 26/11?

Suzanne: It was shot in the year 2019, but came out the previous year. It was a similar experience as of Ashoka serial, and I also did Jhansi Ki Rani with them, which was the third project, so it felt like all the familiar faces and for the first time when I worked with the foreign directors. It was a little hard in understanding their slangs for the first time, but was a pleasant experience gradually.

Anything about Amir Khan?

Suzanne: He is a very normal guy. Working with him and achieve what we had at time was all about the chemistry infront of the camera. Which also makes it one of my favoiraite projects. He also makes you feel really confident.

What role preferances you would choose for your future projects?

Suzanne: I always find that whatever I get offered is more than what I was imagining, so it upto the universe about my future roles.

Any message to the City Of Dreams, Mumbai?

Suzanne: Just keep working because it is a happening city. There is always something happening here, which is very good. So just Never Give Up.

What are your future projects?

Suzanne: if everything goes well, hopefully I will be working and will be on the sets again. It was supposed to be in the may but it is already over. I cannot reveal the names but I am very much excited for them.

This was the interview with very talented Suzanne Bernert in which discussed about her past life, struggles, likes and dislikes and many more.

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Himanshu Malhotra interview: “For me everyday is a new day”



himanshu malhotra interview

Himanshu Malhotra is a very well known name in the entertainment industry of India. He is an Actor, dancer, social worker and a motivational speaker. Himanshu Malhotra was also seen in many Indian serials, reality shows and movies. He also grabbed the NACH BALIYE trophy in 2015 and also a contestant of KHATRON KE KHILADI: FEAR FACTOR in 2016. He was also seen in the recently released movie ‘SHERSHAH”, playing the role of Captain Rajeev Kapoor.

Here are some questions we asked Himanshu about his journey till date.

What keeps you motivated everyday?

Himanshu Malhotra: For me everyday is a new day. Usually what people do is they make their past, their present and spoil their future thinking of that. I am still not at the stage where I can consider every moment of my life as a new moment but still I try to make every day of my life productive.

What were the thoughts that brought you in the entertainment industry?

Himanshu Malhotra: The desire of being famous was the first motive of mine to step in the industry. I used to play cricket in my childhood, and dreamt to have a successful career in the same. But wasn’t successful in that, then thought to try acting as I was already into dancing. Basically all this started just to get fame, also it was very immature as all these incidents happened when I was 18 or 19 years old. But eventually you realize that all the arts such as acting and dancing are way beyond being famous. Its magical, its spiritual!

Despite of acting, what made you thing of being a motivational speaker?

Himanshu Malhotra: I never consider myself a motivational speaker. It’s the people who calls me motivational speaker. I just share my experiences with my life that I have gone through, maybe as a friend, a mentor, a teacher or an elder brother, or whatever. This is the reason why we call organization a, ‘ SHARE AND GROW INITIATIVE’ , and our tagline is ‘ we share, we grow’.

We cannot actually motivate anyone, we can only inspire someone by something deep from our past experiences. I believe that the rule of universe is that if have done something wrong, I realize it and tell you not to make the same mistake, to make your life better, that is how we co-exist in universe. The same is done by our family, parents, elders etc. if somehow I can help you transform you, add value to your life, society, mankind, than I am happy.


Himanshu Malhotra: The biggest myth that exists is that the people are wrong, bad influences, bad industry, but its simple that people are not bad or wrong it’s the situation which makes a person right or wrong, good or bad. Some people rise and some people fall due to these situations or circumstances. Everything is easily visible in the Film industry and thr Television industry due to the following of the celebrities and stars. Everyone makes mistakes in their life either me or you, the mistakes bu celebs are highlighted and exagarated which create rumours.


Himashu Malhotra: Firstly, I would salute to the courage, the enthusiasm, the spirit of the Army men for their selfless duty towads the country. We were blessed to be around them, the trained us, shared us many experiences and incidents, the discipline and willpower. It was the most pleasurable and enriching experience of our life. The whole team of Shershah is blessed and thankful for such experience.

The best part was it was loved by the people at a great extent. We were a bit nervous related the release of the movie on Amazon, we thought that cinema halls would have been a better place. But we were blessed by the soul of late Captain Vikram Batra sir that the movie was a huge success after the release. The IMDB ratings, tags on post, online appreciation made it all worth it at the last. A great thank you to Dharma Production, Amazon Prime and whole team. Shooting in Palampur and Kargil was a the most cherishing experience of our life.


Himashu Malhotra: A show named ‘BHAGOMALI’ , which was telecasted a few years back, had a character named ‘ GUDDU SHUKLA’, who is still appreciated. It was a very beautiful show, though it was a difficult task to shoot it back then. Still the character was very deep and had touched my heart and has taught many things for my acting, this was the most memorable role I played.

Talking about the role which I think didn’t suited me was in the movie, ‘ WAJAH TUM HO’ by T-Series. I was playing the negative character, which had a rape sequence on a women which I think didn’t got well with me.


Himanshu: Make your skills your first priority. People think looks and body would help them ti be well established but it is not the scenario. You need to come prepared as no-one wants to teach you, they wants you to come prepared. Learn dancing, attend workshops, do theatre, this would help you build skills and your portfolio. Looks and physical fitness are just a part of acting. It is required at some points but the skills needs to be your first priority. Secondly, don’t get demotivated. The sparkle, the parties, the failures etc would distract you but you need to keep in mind what got you here. You left your family, your city, town just to live your dream and follow it, so stay focused and concentrated.


 Himanshu: Definitely I would choose reality shows over all the other three, especially dance reality shows as I am fond of dancing. I think reality shows are the only platform where you can showcase you talent. It gives you your identity. You don’t want to be known by a character you played, you want to be known by your name and that is what reality shows helps you to get. We play character to be known that this person played the character.


Himanshu: The experience with the show was actually very intresting. I remembered the first stunt I peformed in which I was hooked up on the 18th floor of a building and I need to jump up on a sheet. I think that this show connects you to yourself. When you are about the peform a task facing your fear, you get many thoughts in you head, this helps you to know youself, it helps you to overcome you fear, it helps you to control your anger and negative thoughts. I think this is the most beautiful part of the show.


Himanshu: I think my wife, Amruta Malhotra is the biggest inspiration and motivator for me! At the time of Khatron Ke Khiladi, when I was nervous, I had a fear, I didn’t knew swimming, at that time she was the one who said me that you can do it. She has always pushed me in one way or other to do various tasks. She believes in trying and getting experience wether you succeed or not that is not the point at the beginning, just try and get experience. Rather than her all the people who achieves something escaping their boundries motivates me, wether it be Hritik Roshan, Amitabh Bacchan, M.S Dhoni and so on. Kind people are the best in inspiring.


Himanshu: I would love to do dancing with the stars, that is JHALAK DIKHLAJA, whenever it happens.

And talking about any biopic then I woulf like to to a biopic on any athlete. Neeraj Chopra would be a wonderfull personality to have a biopic on and I would look forward for it.


Himanshu: It is a proud moment for all of us. With the help of a few such personalities we uplift our country. There is some kind of a pressure which the society puts on us regarding these kind of sports, and it needs a great spirit and courage to tear it apart and rise with flying colours. A salute to the players who brought gold, silver and bronze for the country.


Himanshu: I personally am very fond of sweet food items, so Puran-Poli is currently my favourite maharastrian food item. My mother-in-law makes it everytime for me and I enjoy eating it a lot. Sometimes I start my day with Poha as well which I also enjoy eating. Being a Punjabi it was a bit amazing for me people eating Poha and Pav Bhaji in the breakfast.

 I eat staple homemade food and avoid packed and processed food.


Himanshu: I actually want to visit Bhutan once. I have heard that is a very beautiful country. If we talk about travelling in the nation then I would love to explore the eastern side of the country Darjeling, Shillong, Gangtok and ofcourse Kedarnath is a dream place for every Indian to visit. I will plan to visit it soon with my friends.



Himanshu: If you want to be extraordinary then you need to go through the line of being ordinary.


Himanshu: Don’t focus on the result, focus on the process.


Himanshu: See an platform as an opportunity, life does not ends there. Don’t get demotivated with failure.


Himanshu: I see a lot of people who stays distracted continuously. I will say that complete the task you start. We usually start one task then get distracted and leave it. We don’t need to do this, once we start the task try to complete it.

For more information about Himanshu Malhotra:

This was the interview with the very positive Mr. Himashu Malhotra. Hope this brings a bit positivity in your life and helps you to start your day with new enthusiasm and positivity.

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