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Kuntal Joisher:World’s first vegan to scale Mount Everest



Hello everyone!!
We interviewed extremely talented, motivated, strong, determined for his passion, world’s first vegan to scale Mt. Everest. Software engineer by profession and mountaineer by passion. Yess… it’s Kuntal Joisher.

  1. How u became a mountaineer?
    Kuntal Joisher: Just to clarify i m not a professional mountaineer, it’s my passion, engineering still pays my bills. It was just a simple vacation in Shimla, when we reached at the top of the mountain we were climbing, from that time i fell in love with mountains, at the top state of mind was so calm and it was all where i started.
  2. Tell us about the change in your life from past to the present.
    Kuntal Joisher : In many ways my life is changed, like earlier i was such an unhealthy person, weighing 110 kgs, no interest in physics fitness, no interest in climbing any mountain, there are many changes but i m going to point out one that’s today’s Kuntal is a lot more patient than the past. If i and the past Kuntal were sitting in the same room i would have not talk to him. There is a drastic change.
  3. What was your family reaction on your decision to the summit?
    Kuntal Joisher: When i took that decision i decided to discuss it with my family, ofcourse if i was single, i would have not but with family comes responsibility, unfortunately that time my dad was suffering with the dimensia disease at an advance stage, so i sat down with my mother and wife, I said them climbing Everest is the biggest dream of my life, I really want to do it, my family had the idea about the deaths on the expedition of Mt. Everest, people dying, loosing their toes, fingers, 1000 of people getting injured every year, they didn’t say no but they were worried about my health. I am giving a disclaimer, do not do this with your parents, I gave them 2 options, I will go to the top and be happy OR I will not go and stay as dead alive at home, I did emotional blackmail. But over the next 5-6 yrs I demonstrated them that I am a good, safe, strong climber. If i feel any risks or anything on an expedition I will come back to them. I think that anyone who has a risky dream not only mountaineering like anything, it would be good to sit down discuss, explain them why you are so passionate, that you are prepared for what you want to do.
  4. Tell us about your experience in physical training as a vegan?
    Kuntal Joisher: I want to point out that physical training as a vegan or non-vegan don’t have that major difference. People say there is less protein, it’s not like that, but you have to plan your diet smartly like if you want to go to the top of the world you need that top diet plan for your physical fitness. There is no rocket science in that. People just hype that a lot. Plus vagan is not a diet it’s a lifestyle, an ethical choice of a human.
  5. How did you prepare yourself mentally for the expeditions?
    Kuntal Joisher: If you want to be mentally fit, with my opinion start staying physically fit, for example I say I workout 300 steps up and down, I live ina 4 floor building, so 75 times up and down. So pany people get tierd from every angle. But le after finishing say to my body lets to some more, my body is tierd, but I push myself more. So what I want to say is using physical fitness as a medium you can improve your mental fitness. Also if you have any fear, get over it. Start confronting it but under a supervision. I had fear of heights, I overcome it. Build experience.
  6. Tell us about your first expedition to Mt. Everest?
    Kuntal Joisher : To experience first I did 2 attempts, in 2014 17people died on the expedition, in 2015 we were in the middle of 7.8 magnitude earthquake, biggest in the last 100 years. Plus an avalanche hit the base camp, I would say that, that time I miraculously escaped death, I got a second chance. In 2016 I went again I noticed the managers of the lodges said that i am lad, i cale in 2014, 2015 and now again in 2016, it was funny, we laughed. So smoothly on May 19 9:20 in the morning we were just a few steps close to the top of the world, so Mingma said come fast when he reached at the top,he was with me, hes my mentor,brother,guide, family, he is just a rockstar, my first thought was, okay its done Everest is done for now and all, but then this was just for 15-16 seconds and then automatically tears came from my eyes, I called home I had a satellite phone and said I am on the top of the world. It was such a great moment of my life. If i have to give credits 70% I would give to Mingma, 25% to my mother and wife and then 5% to me as i was just putting one step after the other. In 2019 me and Mingma went again for the summit to Mt. Everest, this time we went from the chinese side, at 9:30pm de were at the last base camp and from there we climb for 4 hours at night. There is a second step rock face, it’s 40 feet long, it’s a hard section, both of us were there as 3 people ahead were stuck. We went further then, i thought if i give up i will return home, with regrets and then sadness so we went to the top, when we reached at the top I said Mingma lets take a picture and then return, because it was the second time, I was tierd, i said lets just take a pic and then start descending, as the weather was bad, complicated so i thought lets just stay happy and safe. In 2019 13people died on Everest.
  7. What did you feel when you almost died by doing what u love?
    Kuntal Joisher : As a mountaineer we talk about death. If i say, i was scared, there was no place place to run everywhere there was snow, but more than sacred i was so sad like now i will be dead. But luckily i escaped that death, and i m so grateful that i got a second chance 10000 people died in that earthquake in nepan 500000 people become homeless, so i m so grateful since 2015 i see my life as a second chance.
  8. Tell us about your experience at the Hillary step.
    Kuntal Joisher: In 2015 earthquake, the 2 bolds defines that step dislodged in that earthquake so now there is just a snow patch over there a slope. People who climbed before 2015 have experienced it.
  9. Today many people like mountaineering, everyone wants to climb Mt. Everest, what should be the procedure according to you?
    Kuntal Joisher : First is you should stay physically fit, do a mountaineering course, go step by step like 4000, 5000, 5500 treks in Himalaya, experience high altitudes and then 8000, once the course is finished don’t stop try more, in snow, in ice, do at night, as i said build experience and then automatically there will be a call from inside that you are ready for the expedition to Mt. Everest.
  10. How you manage the finance for the summits?
    Kuntal Joisher: When I went in 2014, my employment sponsered me, I worked in the company for 14-15 years, they saw my journey they said they will sponser me. In my second attempt i did crowd funding online and offline some gave 500, some 5000, some 50000 and some anonymous people gave 300000, they said, they can’t go but they can through me. And in 2016 i said i did everything now i took all the savings from ly career, took some loan from my brother, also i took loan from the companies of mountaineering in Nepal. So if u want to summit to Mt. Everest you have to be ready for the finance planning, its important.
  11. What are some protein rich vegan dishes?
    Kuntal Joisher: Tofu, its one of my favourite, its like paneer in vegan form, wheat gluten, and in tegular basis dal, nuts and all.
  12. What was the best moment of your life?
    Kuntal Joisher: There are 2, one when i was on the top of the world and second when my daughter cale into my life, most precious ones.

Kuntal Joisher has always be passionate, determined and extremely hadworking towards his goals. From this interview we have much more to learn.

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Shridhar Mankar: A saviour who takes just 5 minutes!



Shridhar Mankar who fairly is regarded as the saviour by many Computer Science students and related branch students, it does justice to his work! From making their academics easier with 5 minute videos to helping quick revise some topics this 5 minute engineer is a boon to the online community of students who prefer learning complex concepts through youtube. And with this interview you will know why he enjoys so much following and love from his students and subscribers!

  1. How has your Engineering background influenced the content you published?

I finished my engineering degree with a background in computer science, and now that I’m talking about my channel, 5 Minutes Engineering, I aim to provide answers to questions concerning CS. Since it took me 4 years to complete my CS engineering, I strive to provide solutions in my channel in a matter of five minutes. Both are connected because I am applying what I have learned over the course of my four-year journey and providing topic-related solutions within five minutes in the most easy manner. Additionally, I picked up time management skills while studying engineering, and I try my best to represent that in all of my videos. so that it takes less time for those watching, who also get the solution, and can also enjoy learning from it.

  1. What difficulties did you overcome to transition from Engineering to Content Creation?

I absolutely will not deny that it wasn’t difficult for me. Since it was something I had never done before, it was challenging. I had a difficult time changing from being an engineer to a content creator. I was the first person in my family to enter this industry, therefore I knew less about it and there was no instructor or someone to guide. Additionally, there are many challenging phases that people go through when you begin something new. However, I wanted to start a new and fresh concept for the people that could help in their growth as professionals. In the beginning, it was challenging to record using my camera because at that time, not everyone could afford one. I used to record it using my mobile instead, but it was challenging to look at the camera constantly, so I used to keep my toy nearby while recording and used to teach it so that I could record my topics’ related solutions. Students used to visit my channel throughout examination season, and that gave me the inspiration to keep going. It’s my turn to help the students in the finest and simplest manner possible. It was definitely challenging, but I’m glad to see that it benefits so many people broadly. I started this during my third year of college engineering, and I plan to grow my channel enormously.

  1. Could you briefly describe your college life?

Speaking of my college experience, I actually started crying during the first lecture on my first day of college. I cried because I was unable to respond to my professor’s basic conceptual questions on computer science. I wasn’t even sure I understood the questions he was asking at the time. due to the fact that I completed my 12th grade education through PCMB and had no prior experience of computer science. Above that, I noticed that my classmates were answering questions with thorough justifications and even engaging in debate with the professor. I got scared when I saw the scene in my class, but I didn’t give up; I kept working on myself and began making changes. Because of my persistence, I have reached this point in my life where I am doing interviews and people are watching my videos and learning from them. I went from being a student who struggled to understand basic computer science engineering topics to now making videos on YouTube and assisting many students in passing from it. All of this is a result of my perseverance and mentality of never giving up on myself. I was completely focused on my studies during my time in college, so I didn’t participate in any cultural activities and, when I did, it was only to enjoy as an audience. I ranked among the top students in my department. I first started interacting with people when I went for my masters.  

  1. Which of your YouTube-related experiences have you found to be the most rewarding, and how have those experiences benefited your life and career?

YouTube has given me a lot of things. First of all, it has given my life direction in ways I could never have imagined. In addition, while working on it, I have learnt a lot from YouTube. I’ve discovered through YouTube that I can be a teacher who can simplify complex concepts. I used to teach the subjects during exam time, so learners would write and do well on their exams. Therefore, I then considered turning everything I had learned into an audio-visual format that would be helpful to many students taking exams. There is no alternative for YouTube, in my opinion, and it is the finest platform for those looking to start for a larger audience. It is the most priceless compliment a student can give to a teacher, and YouTube has made it possible for me every time I post a video and get to see those three magical words, “thank you sir.” When you receive feedback from others, it greatly motivates you to work more. For this reason, I am truly thankful to God for the learner’s feedback that I am currently receiving. YouTube has been extremely beneficial to me.

  1. What are your YouTube channel’s future goals, and how do you see its content evolving over the coming years?

We need to keep up with the times in this fast-paced world. As you can see from my youtube videos, I attempt to teach topics simply but in a more practical approach because students are more engaged in practical ways than in other ways. This also applies to the teaching profession. We must remain current in teaching as well, first in terms of knowledge, then in terms of upcoming new technology, and finally in terms of curriculum. As I previously stated, if you compare my current videos to those from the past, you will see a difference in the amount of practical advice I tend to give with conceptual solutions. I constantly work to integrate new technology and curriculum updates as the students become more involved. I’m working on it and will continue to work on it because the process is ongoing.

  1. What made you want to pursue a career in engineering, and how did you begin?

I’ve never considered becoming an engineer, and when I was younger, I didn’t even know what engineering was, so I didn’t consider it. However, I achieved grades above 90% in both maths and biology during my 12th grade year. People assume that if you are good at biology you will enter the medical field, and if you are good at maths you will enter the engineering field because maths is the dominant subject there. After giving it some thought, I decided on engineering because I had read that while medical required a large budget, engineering could also be accomplished on a smaller budget. This was my only goal, therefore I chose engineering with the idea that I would find employment after finishing my studies. But after enrolling in engineering, I discovered that we must specialise in a specific area. There were many alternative areas, but I decided on computer science because everyone around me told me it had a wide range of opportunities. As I previously stated, when I chose computer science as my area of speciality, I knew nothing about it. However, because of my persistence, I am now the person teaching on this subject.

  1.  What led to the start of 5 min Engineering ? 

5 minutes engineering has a pretty interesting backstory, When I was in my third year of college and it was examination time. I used to study everything at home before coming, and I never saved anything for the last minute. In order to ask me to clarify a few issues to them before the tests began, my classmates would gather around me at that time. I used to explain things to them so they could score marks. This was routine, but one day my peers informed me that although you were explaining concepts to them, there must be more people outside of this college campuses who needed assistance. They suggested ideas for videos because I had real proof—my classmates—that the topics I was discussing would help them do well on their exams. I can even make videos about the topics and assist people after that. I started making videos and posting them on YouTube because, as I’ve already stated, it’s the finest platform for reaching a wider audience. I didn’t receive much feedback at first, but as soon as the examinations started, my videos received a lot of views. At that time, I had only posted 25 videos, but I still received a lot of views during exam time. I was inspired to work harder after that. People began to give me positive feedback and create memes. The journey that I began when I was in my third year of college is still going strong and will be working on it much more effectively.

  1. How do you bring your expertise to your videos?

I create information in a way that requires that it be knowledgeable, simple to grasp, and short to create. I make an effort to create videos that students won’t view under stress but instead learn from in a more efficient and entertaining manner. The planning, updating, searching for examples, and creation of visualisations that take place behind the scenes are what give the camera its simplicity and flexibility. My whole focus is on making sure that the students understand the material on a deep level, especially so they will never forget it and so they can achieve good grades. Since the name of my channel is “5 Minutes Engineering,” it is maintained in a way that considers people’s mindsets. They would assume that it would be simple and quick because it only takes five minutes. It then says engineering, indicating that I will solely cover engineering-related topics in my five-minute presentation. However, because some topics are too broad and can be challenging to cover in five minutes, we still provide the best answer we can.

  1. Who is your favourite youtuber ?

I typically watch the videos of one particular YouTuber, whose channel is called Craylyf Rohit. He is Rohit Sharma in real life, and he is one of the persons whose videos I enjoy watching. I spoke with him and found him to be such a wonderful person. He tries to portray a cheerful existence through his vlogs, plays practical jokes, and engages viewers in his work. And this kind of content is something that people nowadays actually need. I like viewing his video, and he is like a genuinely nice person.

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Rajesh Yadav drops some major inspiration for us!



If you watch reels all day we are sure you have once in your scrolling journey came across Rajesh Yadav and if you binge-watch OTT content every day and Campus Diaries is your favourite show then you must be friendly with Sandy! Paradox gets candid and stocks up the inspo from none other than Rajesh Yadav!

Rajesh Yadav Sandy from campus diaries
Rajesh Yadav

1) When did you begin creating material professionally? Was there ever a spontaneous notion or incident that altered your perception of content creation as a profession?

Rajesh Yadav: In December 2015 I started making content, and by God’s grace, my first video drew a big audience. My second video later went viral, making the characters well-known. As my first video went viral, I was motivated to work even harder on my content creation and no longer had to worry about making this my career.

2) Were there any other role models you admired before beginning your journey?

Who motivated you to keep going?

Rajesh Yadav: I liked watching TVF and AIB’s funny and caustic videos before I started working in this field. After seeing their work, I became a fan and started making videos.

3) When did your life change for the better?

Rajesh Yadav: Creating my first video marked a turning moment in my life because I had never before considered a career in the arts or as a content developer. Although I didn’t have much experience in this sector while I was in college. I joined a theatre organization because I had some free time, and I worked there on the weekends.

4) How did you find acting as Sandy in the Campus diaries?

Rajesh Yadav: Sandy from Campus Diaries was my first role in a web series. Due to his many varied characteristics, including the fact that he begins as a friend and ends up as a villain, Sandy is an extremely distinctive character. I had never portrayed a somewhat pessimistic role before. For the first time, I had the opportunity to participate in something brand-new; perhaps the second season will have even more surprises.

5) Whoever would you like to work with if you had the chance to work with any artist in the world, and why?

Rajesh Yadav: Shahrukh Khan is the person I would choose to collaborate with if given the chance. Shahrukh Khan is someone we have all admired and been inspired by since we were young kids, no matter where he is today. I’ve wanted to meet Shahrukh Khan since I was a young child, and if I ever had the chance to work with anyone I wish, Shahrukh Khan would be my first choice.

6) What difficulties did you face at the beginning of your journey?

Rajesh Yadav: The major obstacle I had to overcome at the beginning of my adventure was learning how to produce original and creative videos for the audience. My goal was to come up with concepts that I might potentially employ in novel ways over the long term rather than to produce something that couldn’t be used in the future. Thankfully, I had only encountered these challenges in my first video.

7) Your thoughts? Is that your greatest success to date?

Rajesh Yadav: Any success I may have feels enormous to me as a regular person who enjoys watching superstars and I always had fantasies about meeting them. Nevertheless, now that I’ve recently collaborated with Nawazuddin Siddiqui, communicating and working with them. It is an accomplishment. After following him in college and attempting to meet him, it’s an enormous accomplishment for me to be able to communicate and work with superstars.

8) What is your greatest professional goal?

Rajesh Yadav: We are all aware that every one of us has different goals. My current objective is to play the main character in a movie or web series so that I may discover my talent and exhibit it to others. This is my current objective, and after I reach it, I’ll think about pursuing some more challenging objectives.

9) How have you found performing and writing for MensXP? It is a truly new platform that requires robust connectivity in order to function.

Rajesh Yadav : Four years of working with MensXP has been a wonderful experience. You can work there with complete creative freedom whether you’re writing or acting. It’s critical that you are given the freedom to complete your task on your schedule without interruption. As a result of the drastically different environment you find yourself in, the genre is quite varied and contains humor.

10) What is the final message you would like to convey to your supporters and well-wishers?

Rajesh Yadav: I can only advise my well-wishers to take care of themselves. In this society when everyone is scrambling for something, we all neglect to take care of our physical and mental health. Sometimes we continue to put our physical health first while ignoring our mental health. I, therefore, urge every one of my well-wishers to take care of both themselves and others around them.

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