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Kuntal Joisher:World’s first vegan to scale Mount Everest



Hello everyone!!
We interviewed extremely talented, motivated, strong, determined for his passion, world’s first vegan to scale Mt. Everest. Software engineer by profession and mountaineer by passion. Yess… it’s Kuntal Joisher.

  1. How u became a mountaineer?
    Kuntal Joisher: Just to clarify i m not a professional mountaineer, it’s my passion, engineering still pays my bills. It was just a simple vacation in Shimla, when we reached at the top of the mountain we were climbing, from that time i fell in love with mountains, at the top state of mind was so calm and it was all where i started.
  2. Tell us about the change in your life from past to the present.
    Kuntal Joisher : In many ways my life is changed, like earlier i was such an unhealthy person, weighing 110 kgs, no interest in physics fitness, no interest in climbing any mountain, there are many changes but i m going to point out one that’s today’s Kuntal is a lot more patient than the past. If i and the past Kuntal were sitting in the same room i would have not talk to him. There is a drastic change.
  3. What was your family reaction on your decision to the summit?
    Kuntal Joisher: When i took that decision i decided to discuss it with my family, ofcourse if i was single, i would have not but with family comes responsibility, unfortunately that time my dad was suffering with the dimensia disease at an advance stage, so i sat down with my mother and wife, I said them climbing Everest is the biggest dream of my life, I really want to do it, my family had the idea about the deaths on the expedition of Mt. Everest, people dying, loosing their toes, fingers, 1000 of people getting injured every year, they didn’t say no but they were worried about my health. I am giving a disclaimer, do not do this with your parents, I gave them 2 options, I will go to the top and be happy OR I will not go and stay as dead alive at home, I did emotional blackmail. But over the next 5-6 yrs I demonstrated them that I am a good, safe, strong climber. If i feel any risks or anything on an expedition I will come back to them. I think that anyone who has a risky dream not only mountaineering like anything, it would be good to sit down discuss, explain them why you are so passionate, that you are prepared for what you want to do.
  4. Tell us about your experience in physical training as a vegan?
    Kuntal Joisher: I want to point out that physical training as a vegan or non-vegan don’t have that major difference. People say there is less protein, it’s not like that, but you have to plan your diet smartly like if you want to go to the top of the world you need that top diet plan for your physical fitness. There is no rocket science in that. People just hype that a lot. Plus vagan is not a diet it’s a lifestyle, an ethical choice of a human.
  5. How did you prepare yourself mentally for the expeditions?
    Kuntal Joisher: If you want to be mentally fit, with my opinion start staying physically fit, for example I say I workout 300 steps up and down, I live ina 4 floor building, so 75 times up and down. So pany people get tierd from every angle. But le after finishing say to my body lets to some more, my body is tierd, but I push myself more. So what I want to say is using physical fitness as a medium you can improve your mental fitness. Also if you have any fear, get over it. Start confronting it but under a supervision. I had fear of heights, I overcome it. Build experience.
  6. Tell us about your first expedition to Mt. Everest?
    Kuntal Joisher : To experience first I did 2 attempts, in 2014 17people died on the expedition, in 2015 we were in the middle of 7.8 magnitude earthquake, biggest in the last 100 years. Plus an avalanche hit the base camp, I would say that, that time I miraculously escaped death, I got a second chance. In 2016 I went again I noticed the managers of the lodges said that i am lad, i cale in 2014, 2015 and now again in 2016, it was funny, we laughed. So smoothly on May 19 9:20 in the morning we were just a few steps close to the top of the world, so Mingma said come fast when he reached at the top,he was with me, hes my mentor,brother,guide, family, he is just a rockstar, my first thought was, okay its done Everest is done for now and all, but then this was just for 15-16 seconds and then automatically tears came from my eyes, I called home I had a satellite phone and said I am on the top of the world. It was such a great moment of my life. If i have to give credits 70% I would give to Mingma, 25% to my mother and wife and then 5% to me as i was just putting one step after the other. In 2019 me and Mingma went again for the summit to Mt. Everest, this time we went from the chinese side, at 9:30pm de were at the last base camp and from there we climb for 4 hours at night. There is a second step rock face, it’s 40 feet long, it’s a hard section, both of us were there as 3 people ahead were stuck. We went further then, i thought if i give up i will return home, with regrets and then sadness so we went to the top, when we reached at the top I said Mingma lets take a picture and then return, because it was the second time, I was tierd, i said lets just take a pic and then start descending, as the weather was bad, complicated so i thought lets just stay happy and safe. In 2019 13people died on Everest.
  7. What did you feel when you almost died by doing what u love?
    Kuntal Joisher : As a mountaineer we talk about death. If i say, i was scared, there was no place place to run everywhere there was snow, but more than sacred i was so sad like now i will be dead. But luckily i escaped that death, and i m so grateful that i got a second chance 10000 people died in that earthquake in nepan 500000 people become homeless, so i m so grateful since 2015 i see my life as a second chance.
  8. Tell us about your experience at the Hillary step.
    Kuntal Joisher: In 2015 earthquake, the 2 bolds defines that step dislodged in that earthquake so now there is just a snow patch over there a slope. People who climbed before 2015 have experienced it.
  9. Today many people like mountaineering, everyone wants to climb Mt. Everest, what should be the procedure according to you?
    Kuntal Joisher : First is you should stay physically fit, do a mountaineering course, go step by step like 4000, 5000, 5500 treks in Himalaya, experience high altitudes and then 8000, once the course is finished don’t stop try more, in snow, in ice, do at night, as i said build experience and then automatically there will be a call from inside that you are ready for the expedition to Mt. Everest.
  10. How you manage the finance for the summits?
    Kuntal Joisher: When I went in 2014, my employment sponsered me, I worked in the company for 14-15 years, they saw my journey they said they will sponser me. In my second attempt i did crowd funding online and offline some gave 500, some 5000, some 50000 and some anonymous people gave 300000, they said, they can’t go but they can through me. And in 2016 i said i did everything now i took all the savings from ly career, took some loan from my brother, also i took loan from the companies of mountaineering in Nepal. So if u want to summit to Mt. Everest you have to be ready for the finance planning, its important.
  11. What are some protein rich vegan dishes?
    Kuntal Joisher: Tofu, its one of my favourite, its like paneer in vegan form, wheat gluten, and in tegular basis dal, nuts and all.
  12. What was the best moment of your life?
    Kuntal Joisher: There are 2, one when i was on the top of the world and second when my daughter cale into my life, most precious ones.

Kuntal Joisher has always be passionate, determined and extremely hadworking towards his goals. From this interview we have much more to learn.

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Nishtha Sharma : Voice India Kids Winner tells us her journey!



Nishtha Sharma is an Indian ace singer. She is from Sultanpur, Uttar Pradesh (U.P), India. Nishtha is winner of the voice India kids-2016. Finalist of the Superstars singer 2019. She is daughter of Mrs Geeta Sharma and Mr. Jay Prakash Sharma. She was born on 25th March 2006. She was just 10 years old when she won the voice kids. Well known songs by her are Sau Aasmaan Cover in 2017, Udd Chala in 2017 and Ek Tak in 2020. Nishtha loves Vamps, One Direction and Justin Bieber and looking forward to get chance to collaborate with them in future. Check her profile

Nishtha Sharma voice India winner

We had an awesome interview session with her on Paradox. She shared her story and views during the live interview session. Here we would love to share an interview with you.

Q. When you started your journey as a singer? 


“My Mom and dad have an institute, so some of my friends from the institute, filled out my form for the Indian idol junior. There was no preplanning – luckily, I was selected from Lucknow and then I went to Delhi. I was qualified and received a golden ticket to Mumbai. There were 3 theatre rounds in Mumbai and I cleared 2 of them. At that time a felt bad but then I realised I have to do something in singing that will make my parents feel proud. Then I realised reality shows were the opportunity for me. Soon in 2016 I participated in voice India kids season 1 and the journey being a singer was started with blessings of many people.”

Q. Which was the first song you prepared for your first audition?


Sorry but at that time I was little young and now I am not able to recall the song particularly. But during the super star singer there I was, which I have uploaded on you-Tube called ‘Ghar more pardesiya’. This song received lot of love from people and crossed 1 MILLION views. Many people loved that song and I would love to sing few lines of it”.

Q. What were your obstacles during this musical journey and how you faced that situation?


“Talking about the obstacles there no such a big obstacle till now, with God’s grace and people blessings everything is going fine. But when was part of a reality show I realised I don’t have a collection of prepared songs, that time it was bit tough for me but soon later I stared working on songs and listening more songs. There was rejection in audition at many points but I think that’s part of journey. I believe rising and learning up for the failures is the key to achieve everything you dreamt of. If you are bouncing back to achieve something in life, for sure the god will be by your side.”

Q. During your journey how social media helped you or what’s the importance of social media in your journey? 


“I wasn’t much aware of the social media in initial days but soon after voice I started being on social media. It really helps me to connect with people out there. So, I can connect with them, talk with them. I feel very happy when I see the love coming out from fan pages and people out there and always think it’s only the mean that have connected many people with me which I wasn’t aware of. I feel very blessed to get such a bag of love from people and I try to interact with many people. Social media is my partner which helps me to send my love and gratitude to all the people via my songs. And thanks all of you being part of journey and I love you all”.

Q. If you were not into singing then in which field you would be? 


I am good at studies; you will not believe but I am among the studious students. If was not into singing then I would definitely achieve something big into this field. I am kind of person who likes to happen things according to me. It like I say then soon people should do it or listen to me. So being good at studies I think I would be a CEO of a company or something like that.”

song during interview session by Nishtha

Q. How you manage to balance your music and studies simultaneously?


Actually, my mom and dad always thought me the importance of the studies in life. I know the studying will actually help you a lot, to know more about things and it will upgrade our vision to see world. Studying is as important as music in my life. Talking truly education is base and music are my toppings. I give nearly equal time to both the things. It not hard to manage the things when you actually love to do them, so you will never find any excuses to cut off your studies. Yea I love doing it.”

Q. What are your future plans?


“I was part of reality shows. I won the voice and I was among finalist in one. Then recently I was been announced as a brand ambassador of ‘beti baccho beti padao’. I wanted to do something unforgettable in singing field and always dream to see myself in the list of top singers. I always wanted to be a playback singer and I am pretty active on social media I keep posting the contents. Its pleasure to be able to connect to people who follows me for the music and entertainment and keep them entertained all the time with my music.”

Q. Whom do you consider as role models?


“Talking about models there are many personalities out there. I keep learning from many of them and learned many things from my mom and dad. As I mentioned I wanted to be playback singer. So, I wanted to be like Latta ji, Asha ji, Shreya ji. I get motivation from them and wanted to achieve something like them in my life.”

Q. As you are the brand ambassador of ‘beti bachoo beti padao’ so how you look up to it? what you want to tell us about this thing?


actually, this was announced when I was in the Mumbai at that time. When I came back from the Mumbai there was a ceremony and I was told now you are the brand ambassador. So, from that day my motive was, there is more importance of the girls in every field.  We should support the girls. There are many places where the girls are not given a chance to follow their passion and not even a support to do things in life.

I always try to encourage the girls and make people aware of things by arranging multiple virtual meets. I think everyone should get encouragement including young and old peoples out there to do something in their life. They have this right but just they are unaware of it. I try to spread awareness and encouragement among the masses. During the session many people says I wanted to be like Nishtha but I always say be I wish you achieve everything you wanted to be and not like but more than that.”

Q. What are views on feminism as because many people out there are taking it in a wrong way? what do you think about it?


“I think there should be no discrimination. I always say everyone has own rights. The boys have their own rights and girls have them too. I think sometimes the things gets messed up, people take it in a wrong way. Recently I was called at the event and there was I long jump competition, the girls and boys both of them participated into it. They asked me my views on competition. I said want to appreciate all of them as because everyone has done a hard work to achieve it. The boys and girls have done same amount of hard work. I don’t want it to happen that the hard work and achievements of boys should get dissolve they should be appreciated for that and girls too.

I think both of them are on same side and will walk together at every step. Everyone should be given equal rights and respect, actually they have the rights. And it happens sometimes people take it in little wrong way but soon everyone will understand this thing with time.”

Watch full live recorded interview session with Nishtha on out Instagram IGTV and few songs sung during live in the reels section on @paradox_india .

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Tirth Parsana: one who gives a laughter pill



“Laughter is the best medicine” it is rightly said that laughter keeps a man happy and healthy and with the same motive in life Tirth parsana follows this and tries to make at least 100 people laugh and happy in a single day , and with no doubt he is successful in doing so.

We had a very insightful and hilarious session with our very own Tirth parsana who is a content creator. We will take you in depth of how insightful this session was.

Question 1 :
What is your definition for content creating?

Tirth : content creation for me is adding value to people ,you just don’t lip sync you have to provide something that none of the created does , that’s when you can claim the tag of a content creator .

Question 2 :
When did you start making content and what was your mindset when you began doing this?

Tirth : For me everything began from YouTube in the year 2017. I love surfing YouTube and watching random videos that gave me an idea of making videos on YouTube. In my loneliness I wanted to explore the internet, find friends and make videos it’s then , when I began with my vlogging channel followed by tiktok .

Question 3
How important role does criticism play in your life ?

Tirth :
Even before I started making videos I was mentally prepared for criticism. I knew I would be facing this part of my life where I would receive criticism and that would demotivate me but the deal I made with myself helped me to stay sane. Criticism is a very important part of growth.

Question 4
What niche did you select when you started this journey ?

when I started this journey the niche which I thought off and started with was , comedy.

Question 5
How do you describe your journey as a comedy content creator till date ?

Tirth :
This Journey of content creation has not been so easy for me as it’s been for other creators. I believe the struggles I went through in the journey was very different from others.In my journey the biggest obstacle which I faced was my account being locked several times whenever I reach to a good number of followers, be it in the platform of Tiktok or Instagram my account was blocked not once not twice but several times I have gone through the same phase but guess what I never gave up on this and continued making videos just to challenge the situation that how many times will a particular platform blocked my page. Which was disheartening.

Question 6
You have been talking about numbers. How important is the followers number for you?

Tirth : followers are important. It is one source which motivates you to be who you are and to make content to make them happy . Numbers are important because that tells me where I am going with this content creation.

Question 7
Who is that one person who has always motivated you in your journey?

Tirth :
in this journey of mine I would like to say that I was my biggest motivator day and night .

Question 8:
Can anyone be a content creator? What do you say about it?

Tirth : yes anyone can be a content creator if they have the will and determination to and not give up

Question 9
Where do you get all these funny ideas to make your videos?

Tirth :
I go through many videos and surf many Instagram videos and YouTube videos to generate ideas for my content.

Question 10
According to you, what is the best quality you have in yourself?

“never give up” I say this to myself and I would like to give this message to everyone saying never give up ,if you have the will to do it you can do it.

This was a very insightful and a very Khiladiyon session with your very own favourite content creator Tirth parsana who is self determined and confident in what he does with this I salini Gupta sign off.
Thank you !

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