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Not just on 2 oct, Gandhism is forever.



Mohandas karamchand Gandhi, the father of the nation, had been one one of the most revolutionary men in the history of India. In his memory, on his auspicious day of his birth, we celebrate it as Gandhi Jayanti. Gandhiji inspired all of us towards freedom and secularism. His words have a huge landmark and they affected us in a great way.

“An ounce of practice is worth more than tons of teaching. “
Gandhiji was a man of his words. He not only advised people to practice non- violence and truth, but he Himself did practice in his entire life. His motive behind saying this is that by buffing heroic speeches and commanding, no man can gain respect in his life by others. Rather, he ought to execute those binding principles to make a real difference in yourself and others.

“An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind”

Once when gandhiji was arrested by the British officers. He sat in the middle of two English officers and just then, one of them said to Bapu ‘Donkey’ and the other said ‘arse’ as if directing towards him. Just then, Bapu said, “I am neither a donkey nor an arse, but I am actually sitting between both the two. ” This is how Bapu calmly shut their mouths without raising a hand. He always said, if a person slaps you on your left cheek, offer him the right one too. Revenge never works out well if you want go be equal.

I object to violence because when it appears to be good, the good is only temporary. The evil it does is permanent.
  The father of the nation always was the biggest supporter of peace. He knew that one can never achieve anything through harmful purposes. Once in Chauri Chaura during Non- cooperation movement on 4th Feb, 1922,the demonstrators set a police station on fire due to public outrage. It led to the death of 3 civilians and 22 policemen. Gandhi Bapu halted the movement immediately to stop further hazards. This shows how motivated he was towards his oath

Its easy to stand in a crowd. It takes courage to stand alone. When we have someone besides us, we always have the confidence in ourselves to achieve something. On the contrary, when we are all alone on our own, it makes us feel insecure of our decision power as we ourselves would be only responsible for our mistakes. Gandhiji taught us not to fear. If you are truly right against a 100 who are wrong, do not be afraid. Stand up for yourself. Clearly, when he was in Africa, he fought against racism alone and established a movement there.

I will not let anyone walk through my mind with their dirty feet.
A mind is only pure when it’s not filled with the stench of scepticism and uncertainty. He always had a dynamic control over his rash actions. Someone else’s negative energy and words should never demean your self esteem which hinders your ability. Gandhiji was an epitome of self control.

Twenty years from now, you will be more disappointed By the things you didn’t do than the things you did.
Regret is always painful after you let the best opportunities slip out of your hand due to the fear of not being victorious. Gandhiji taught us that it is completely normal to fail in life. That is what makes you human. So don’t waste any chance to do what you love or you will always feel contrite when you wish you could have experienced them.

Strength does not come from  phphysical capacity. It comes from indomitable will.
The step one of success is go wish to gain it. The beliefs to do something helps you make history lasting a long time. The main attribute to win the world. Gandhiji was not a strong person. But yes, his capability to change the world came from his strong determination. That is what made him a better person.

Gandhiji had inspired a lot of Indians and people all over the globe to be a better person by his motivational thoughts. He made a huge impact kn everyone’s life in a huge way. On his birth anniversary, his big deeds and reminisced and he is remembered. He changed the world for good. For a better tomorrow. In a gentle way, he truly shook the  world.  

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Pseudo secularism or constructive secularism in India?



Secularism is the sacred n holy principal of India because it’s part of India’s nature.
Republic of India cannot be alive without the secularism . Either there’s secular India or  India that we know will cease to exist. So no religious group or a political unit holds a way here. To be precise secularism is the foundation of India. But it is practiced according to convenience making it pseudo secularism in some parts of India.

Secularism was the holiest principal of national movement and Indian Constitution 
If the secularism doesn’t exist nation will shatter into pieces.

Now u may say that 80 percentage of Indian population belong to one religious then let majority rule the nation.What’s role of secularism here?
Firstly 20percent minorities means approx 25 crore population which is nearly the population of United States. So it becomes a huge number accordingly.

Secondly democracy doesn’t mean  majorities rule in sense that majority is defined by birth.
In democracy, it’s majority that rules irrespective of religious ideology provided that we can be the part of majority someday on the basis of similar opinion.

Third Hindu religion is very ancient and deep tradition which is itself very diverse. Northern Hindu n southern Hindu share  same religion but the belief, rituals, tradition are highly variable.When we hear the word secularism we think it’s for the minorities but we forget that India is nation of minorities. Every individual is a minority here on religious or linguistics basis. 
If there are riots in Mumbai against Hindi speaker it doesn’t concern whether he is Hindu or Hindi speaker. So secularism is the principal to protect every single person 

But secularism is hypocritical because in the name of secularism the policies which are framed in nation, the thought , the intellectual efforts that has been put in and the politics that has happened is hypocrisy.

Today secularism has turned into such a ugly word that it has lost its value and the amount of positive impact it possessed at a point in our Indian framework, the one word which United entire India for Gandhi ji’s Dandi march. Is it the impact of government in poer? NO,this politics of secularism is done since independence and also few times destroyed the minorities.

By making triple talaq a centre of attraction Is serving party hiding the reality of Sachar reports of last 10 yrs ? Does reports states that today in India Muslims neither have education nor jobs? Are they facing discrimination in housing? Is security of Muslim family concerned? Is Politics has been done by engaging community on symbolic issues n ignore the real issues they face?

There are many questions unanswered when it comes to secularism and this makes spelling secularism in country like India a matter of hypocrisy.

So Secularism is sacred for our nation which has become a part of hypocrisy. All we can say is India is a secular nation and we are part of such sacred culture. Its our due responsibilty as a nation to stop it turning into pseudo secularism.

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