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10 Cute puppies!



Its said that dogs are man’s best friend. They can make you smile and forget all your worries behind and play with them. Dog is said to the loyal, and by loyal it means loyal than a human being. Dogs understand as they live around us. They are caring and protective just like our loved ones. We human beings have caste, religions, colour discrimination but guess what dogs don’t differentiate with each other they are same though they are not intelligent as a human being is. So here are beautiful breeds of dog which will melt your heart. Well puppies, must say are the cutest animal one could ever see. They are so adorable!!! And it’s like we take care care of them like a baby since its birth and get attached to it alot. Puppies are cuteness overloaded.

Golden Retriever

Oh god! Look at those beautiful cute eyes! Golden Retrievers are known for their super sweet and friendly personalities, but they love to have jobs, too. They were bred as working dogs, after all! Their gentle demeanors combined with their serious work ethics make Golden Retrievers the perfect pooches for hunting, rescue, and therapy jobs. They are surely the one who might just lighten up the home!


Believe it or not, Pomeranians were originally used to herd animals and pull sleds across landscapes! In the past, Pomeranians weighed around 30 pounds a stark contrast to today’s Poms, which weigh between four and seven pounds, on average. Sometime during the 19th century, Pomeranians were bred to a smaller size, so they could be kept as companion dogs. OK! So “I might seem cute, but i am not sure if you can hold the heavy me!” 😉


If “I did not do anything, please don’t look at me this way” had a face! So innocent! Rottweilers were bred to be extremely strong and robust, so they could easily herd large animals, pull carts, and serve as super-effective security dogs. And due to their history as powerful herders, today’s Rottweilers have the charming habit of forcefully bumping into things including other animals, people, and inanimate objects. ” I am sorry for the bump but can’t help”


Eyes! All one could see is eyes! This cute little husky will just look at you and you’ll be like awww!! Huskies are well-known for their ability to run for hours on. But here’s something many people don’t know that they can sprint for hours without food, and without tapping into their bodies’ glycogen (carbohydrates) or fat stores. They accomplish this caloric miracle by regulating their metabolisms for performance. Pretty amazing, right?” I am a strong do you see”


Furry furry all over! So soft one could just cuddle all day night! Well-known for their sweet, “Sammy smiles,” Samoyeds are one of the oldest dog breeds in the world. Originating in Asia, these fluffy dogs were bred by the Samoyede (located in Persia) to hunt, pull sleds, and herd animals. Many historians think that Samoyeds were beloved as furry family members, too.

Maltese dog

“Can i have your attention please?, well i am the older one so love me more” It’s believed that Maltese dogs are one of the oldest dogs in history, boasting an impressive 2,800 years, or so. And since then, they’ve acquired a long list of nicknames, like the comforter dog, Maltese lion dog, Maltese terrier, the Roman ladies’ dog, and the Spaniel gentle. Its number of names tells how Adorable it is.

French bulldog

” I am the cutest,trust me! Oh you are confused why i am named as French bulldog? ” As their name implies, French Bulldogs are cousins to English Bulldogs—but did you know they were bred for a very specific reason?
Long before we had climate control, English artisans—particularly, English lacemakers—would use toy-sized Bulldogs as lap warmers while they worked in their shops. When the Industrial Revolution hit England, many of the country’s artisans moved to France, where their skills were still in demand. It’s likely that the toy-sized English Bulldogs bred with terriers in France, resulting in the Frenchies we know today.


Chihuahuas have had their fair share of fame. But these tiny doggies aren’t just glitz and glam they’ve got some serious brains, too. In fact, in terms of brain-to-body size ratio, Chihuahua’s brains are bigger than any other dog’s. So as its said don’t judge a book by it’s cover – “I am beauty with brains”

Dapple dachshund

What’s a dapple dachshund, you say? A dapple dachshund has the same ancestry, personality, and overall appearance as a standard dachshund, but generally has a single-colored coat with spots. Even if the doggy only has one spot on her entire body, she’s still considered a dapple dachshund. “One spot or two spot, doesn’t matter, look at my ears, aren’t they adorable? “


What’s more beautiful way to explain that black colour is so heart whelming ! Their tall, lanky bodies and light-colored eyes make Weimaraners stand out among other dog breeds, but many Weimaraners’ eyes change colors as they age. They’re often a very light, bright blue during puppyhood and transition to amber or a grayish blue as they age. Regardless of their eye color, these pups are still pretty striking, right? 🙂

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