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A Ray of hope



You already have lost the battle because you lost hope!

A flower reminds you that however small life span you can always hope delivering joy and bringing smile on others face however broken you are inside!!

You are always dangerous inside the cage or outside that…all you know is you are a lion in any circumstance you just need to roar and get it going day by day!

Sky is your limit, you just have to remind yourself that nothing can stop you from achieving anything all you need is hope,determination and huge dreams!

When world is against you, theres a ray of hope and that’s your hugging you and telling you everything is going to be alright!

Theres always a ray of hope! Hope will get you going…may that be biggest problem of your life or however down someone puts you…you are stronger than you ever know!

In tough times, laugh like a kid, play like a kid and let go like a kid.. The innocence is something that will help you through life sometimes!

Greatest example of preserving hope are the warkaris travelling to religious destinations during palkhis and able to do that hoping to find peace through it.

They give us immense hope to wake up next day and be grateful to the food we get.

One thing that we have to preserve is to hope that something good is going to happen and get through journey called hope.



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Comet NEOWISE; now visible and won’t be again in 6800 years



Comet NEOWISE has been gracing the sky from several early mornings and if you missed this fascinating object due to the habbit of getting up late will now be visible in the evening sky as well! Throughout this month, comet NEOWISE has been putting a grand show at dawn sky by glowing bright enough for skywatchers to spot with naked eye.

This fleeting phenomenon will be visible now, that lasts for a week or two only and it won’t be back for almost 6800 years!! We wonder what that icy traveller will see the next time when it pass by!

Over the next few days from 15 July to 25 July, it will visible in the evening at around 7 pm IST. Sky gazers will be able to spot a celestial object with a head and tail for a few minutes after sunset nearly about half an hour. Comet is expected to be visible with the naked eye, if sky shows some mercy with the clear sky and cloudless habitat. Though comet is getting faint than it was a week ago but can still be seen in the evening after sunset near the horizon in North-West direction. Align yourself towards and wait for the comet to rise high enough for you to spot a fuzzy star like object with a tail. Avoid trees and buildings to have a clear view of Northwest horizon.

Image courtesy: Spark astronomy India

The comet will be gradually higher each night, just below the Big Deeper/down the Ursa Major constellation. With each day passing, its elevation above the horizon will improve and you can easily spot it. On July 16 it will be about 16° up in the sky from horizon and can be seen about an hour. Try using a mobile app to spot the constellation like SkyView, SkyMap, Stellarium, Star Walk available on respective stores. Don’t miss this, one of the very few naked comet of the 21st century.

Comet will make its closest approach to Earth on July 22-23, 2020. It will pass at 103 million kilometers from the Earth. The good news is that if comet continues with its brightness, the view during that time is expected be nice and clear. Binoculars and telescope will give you the spectacular breathtaking glimpses of NEOWISE. If not Binoculars or scope but do have a good camera, you can capture a great shot, setting a few seconds long exposure image of approximate area. Trying different zoom settings will results into the comet’s nice tail.

Actual photograph of comet NEOWISE

Comet are the most fascinating objects in the solar system that are seen with a head and a tail. They are made up of rock, dust and ice with a typical size of few meters or kilometers but less than 30 km. They keep on wandering about their elliptical orbit spending most of the time in the outer part of solar system. This comet NEOWISE was discovered recently on 27 March by NASA’s Neowise space telescope. Its official name is C/2020 F3 NEOWISE.

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Te Amo.




No doubt Titanic pose is the epic #couplegoalclick but love is beyond the stars and sky and its every way of being imagined is beautiful. Here are some beautiful couple pictures which has its own commitments and love is spoken here.

Getting old together is a final commitment. Today’s generation is so lenient in giving up relationships that casual relationships and some more have come into existence. We are not ready for adjustments, compromises, accepting the thought that no human is perfect and a person cannot always be the same. Every emotion should be accepted by each other. And that’s how you cross a long way together.

A relationship without trust is like having a phone without service and what you do with a phone with no service? You play games! You cannot love without trusting a person. Trust is building block of love and so there’s us in TR US T. When you have trust that your partner loves you no matter what then you have the reassurance, the relationship will survive even if you have arguments or fights.

Every relationship needs space but that does not mean there’s no more so called “spark” remaining in the relationship, its just that two individuals are mutually bound in the relationship. Understanding how much personal space is important is key to creating a happy balanced relationship.

Once you enter the gates of love together and then its a one way road, no come back! Being with each other in thick and thin, a commitment of facing all of it together, life long promises is what will keep the journey happy. Times may get tough but that is when love comes in action.

When you think of a wish when you see a shooting star is life but when you meet that shooting star in a person that’s what is love. And life is incomplete without love ,care, belongingness. It’s not love if you can’t lighten each others life just by existing. Promising to stay with each other in sides of light and dark, holding each other in arms and smiling at the worries.

These are some real couple goal clicks. What are you upto?!

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Celebrating Indianess!



We are meant to celebrate the uniqueness we have because we Indians are too proud of certain things but are we proud of small things we have?

We are a population of different castes, interests, religion, opinions and still we manage to celebrate EID, DIWALI and every possible festival we can!! We have no barriers when it comes to celebrate India win over Pak!!

Our huge population doesn’t stop us from being ranked in one of the developing countries because we have an undying spirit whether it comes to working 9 to 7 or dancing on zingaat!

We have got Indian jugaads!! Even our gully cricket is next to national sport! And going home after our batting is over is also a next jugaad to save time! We even have our own jugaads at home… remember the tap that you fixed with a cloth last time?

We display our art everywhere may that be in oscars or walls our public places…We have got enthusiastic artists!! And also we have got people who still think with their heart and sometimes use brain… Remember your Mom predicting the story of next daily soap?? Ohh not that! I am talking about Indians reaching International level with their intellect!

We are unique in our way!! The mutual thing we have is respect for our country and we are worshipers of our own work!

Our farmers are our heroes who work really hard to feed such a huge population. We are primarily dependent on our farmers, our festivals are also based on our agricultural products and we worship food. We surely owe it to our farmers who have responsibility to feed such a huge population.

Our developing IT sector is the next destination along with developing cities but one thing remains common is sense of belonging! You would find Indians dancing on streets even out of our country when we win a cricket match!! Every fan DIL SE INDIAN!

We have stored unique knowledge from our generations may that be yoga, grandmothers recipes and mythological stories! Remember drinking that distasteful kadha when you were sick???

We have got gossip in our genes!! But that helps us in someway!! Atleast during this lockdown … Remember your mom asking your masi about the realtive that don’t even exist for you!!

Kyuki humare mohalle mein chand rehta hai!!! On a serious note we not just have families at our home but whole society is our family, remember neighbour Aunty complain about you to your mom??? They treat you just like your child!

There are still many areas where India needs to work on but we have never ending spirit to lift our country up, may that be through small steps or some major steps by the government.

But there’s always a Ray of hope and we have got millions of hopes to take India to developed country from a developing country!!We will make it there one day because we have got some serious talent!

Photos: Darshan Shah

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