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All you need to know about Indo-China tension.



The casualties of 20 Indian soldiers in a brawl with Chinese troops were the deadliest clash in the Galwan valley in Ladakh, India.China’s military force halt in the territory of India on the Line of Actual Control, the first combat deaths experienced since 1975, and the first such in the Galwan Valley since the 1962 war. The violent encounter in decades between the nuclear nations, China and India aroused at disputed border high in the Himalayas did not involve any exchange of gunfire.
Some Indian soldiers died after slipping into the river in the valley below. Others were injured and hit to death. The numbers remain unclear for the Chinese casualties.The LAC is the de facto border between Indian and Chinese controlled territory, while the further India-China border is disputed. Also in the Indian perception the LAC is 3,488 kilometers long, while the Chinese uphold that its length is only 2,000 km. In addition to controversies over the length of the LAC or where it runs, India and China also put declaration to sizable pieces of territory under the other’s control.

According to Ajai Shukla, a security analyst and retired colonel of the Indian Army, Chinese troops pursue to seize the area between Fingers 4 and 8 in the Pangong Tso sector of the LAC as well as the area up to  Patrolling Point 15 and PP 17 and the heights dominating the Galwan Valley. Doubtless, Chinese soldiers are reported, “to have infiltrated the Depsang area, which is located to the north of Galwan, in the Daulat Beg Oldi sector.”So what’s affecting China? These steps are just taken to grab the chunks of Indian territory or its the grudges among military force?Well, the simplest explanation perhaps is that China is reacting to India’s undertakings to bolster border-area infrastructure in Ladakh after the completion of the DSDBO road. After India’s actions into Doklam in 2017, China is possibly very sensitive to Indian activity along the disputed border.

Around Galwan, specifically, China may be craving to pre-empt an Indian struggle to improve its links to the LAC.Its strategic value is that it engages Leh to DBO, nearly at the base of the Karakoram Pass that separates China’s Xinjiang Autonomous Region from Ladakh.

Prime Minister Modi’s statement on the clash last week on the sacrifices of the soldiers that “would not go in vain”, was to explain the sentiments of nation. But simply revenge is the answer? No, in order to solve the issue, the first step the government is indeed to do is showing accountability to its people by enlightening the nation about LAC, including incidents in Ladakh and Sikkim. Enforcing battalions withdrawal from all the regions occupied in the last few weeks by Chinese army will be true justice to martyred soilders. Both the MEA and the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs have amended on restoring peace, but without full restoration of the status quo ante, answer to casualties, as well as some commitment to withstand fully by any agreement, which accounts for the justice and peace in future is like the discussion in vain and playing a blame game.

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Punjab farmer’s rebel to farm bill passed.



Protests quaked several states on Friday as farmers came out to the streets to oppose the three agricultural marketing Bills passed by the Parliament earlier this week.
Farm bills are seen to deliver freedom – not to local farmers, but to private capital, believes the farmers. And so, the farmers’ organizations across the country gave a call for a lockdown to protest against the three bills passed by Parliament.
1.Produce Trade And Commerce (Promotion and facilitation) Bill, which simplified the entry of private players in food grain purchases.
2.The Essential Commodities (Amendment) Bill and
3.The farmers (Empowerment and Protection Agreement ) on Price Assurance and the Farm Services Bill.

The government has already informed that these reforms will hasten the expansion in the sector through private sector investment in assembling infrastructure and B2C supply chains for farm produce is not only the national markets but global markets too. It’s intended to help small farmers who relied on direct selling and can’t bargain either for their produce to get a better price or invest in technology to improve the productivity of farms.
The bill on the Agri market seeks to allow farmers to sell their produce veggies outside APMC ‘mandis’ to whoever they want. A huge margin of benefits can be achieved due to cost-cutting on transportation and reduced competition. However, these 3 amendments could imply loss of the ‘commissions’ and ‘mandi fees’.

As soon as farmers jotted down the points of their losses out of the fear that the government will withdraw the MSP regime that already had guaranteed prices in food grains, a rebel initiated. Despite reassurances from the government, farmers believe that the bills will render the current MSP procurement system ineffective, leaving them at the mercy of “big farmers”.

Amarinder Singh, Chief Minister of Punjab, expressed hope for agitating farmers who protested against agricultural bills and said The Union government with its ill-conceived and unconstitutional farms laws pushed the farmers to the brink, forcing them to come out on roads and endanger their life in Covid-19 pandemic, as agriculture is the backbone of the state. According to farmers, it will destroy the farms’ sector with ruthless disregard for the farming community. But according to the BJP-led Central government, these bills will help small and marginal farms by mandis and sign agreements with agricultural business firms doing away stock-holding limits.
As many as 31 farmers organizations under Bhartiya Kisan Union have joined to complete the shutdown of Punjab according to The Hindu. These Unions had called a statewide bandh on September 25 and 1 October. Apart from that 14 trains have been canceled. Even ‘The Kisan Mazdoor Sangharsh Committee’ announced Rail Roko turmoil till September 29. Though the protestors said they will protest in their own areas but Delhi is on high alert and preparations are done to deal with eventuality at borders. Farmers rely on governments for fair prices for their produce. Governments are required to step in and help the farmers as prices go low.

What is the government saying?

The bills will facilitate a barrier-free, inter-state, and intra-state trade and business outside the physical reach of markets acquainted under State Agricultural Produce Marketing legislations.
Prime Minister Modi blamed the rumors of protests. “BJP karyakartas should reach to farmers and in simplified language to inform the intricacies of new farm reforms, ” he said.
Also, assured that they will free the farmers of middlemen and other bottlenecks.

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The Chinese friendship!



38 Days after India banned popular video-sharing platform TikTok and 58 other Chinese mobile apps in the country citing security reasons, there has been a wave of rage and doubt about the reasons they are banned. After a lot of research into this, came to discover a chain of data theft and espionage Chinese government funds into the Indian economy that will leave you stunned. TikTok, a Chinese video making application owned by bytedance and indirectly managed by the communist party of China has a lot to tell you inside its system.

Chinese investors corner major stakes in 18 out of 30 Indian unicorns which stands at $4 billion. Tiktok, which was then the larger social media platform in India had 200 million users. A numerical which far beyond what we knew. These data contains crucial information about your whereabouts, your likings, dislikings, relations and your contact details. As much as these are sold to corporate telecoms, they are saved in this server in Beijing.

These Chinese tech companies are a national security threat to India and violate the confidentiality of the user’s database. Conducting espionage around the world would be no less than legal in China where there is a law that states that whoever required by the government will have to give access to the company database. This came as a blow to me because I never wondered that a lack of democracy can lead to lack of security too!
Social media platforms owned by Chinese giants are known to censor posts, videos and information on topics like Tiananmen Square
There were 36 calls from children and adults were received by the
counsellor of Tamil Nadu at the 104 helplines regarding TikTok bullying, Tibetian independence, the religious groups like Fallen Gong and Hong Kong.

The most worrying part is the reach of two Chinese companies namely Huawei and ZTE in the Indian Telecom Sector including the Indian military establishment. The establishment data states that more than 60% of the software and hardware related to the telecom being used in India, the state-managed BSNL are either managed by Huawei or by ZTE. Huawei’s supposed links to PLA (People’s Liberation Army). However, these security concerns were sidelined before because of the fact they sell things at a cheaper rate than any other company but not anymore. India’s sovereignty is the first and foremost concern now.


It is not suitable for children and not educational. Children were vulnerable and might get uncovered to sexual predators. In 2019 India alone has obtained 88.6 million TikTok users regardless of the inappropriate content it holds. There has been a significant rise in deaths in India among TikTok users

while filming of videos and adhering to many challenges that appear on the app. The accomplishment of shortlived ‘Micro-Fame’ compels these users to stand out unique in each one of such challenge.

There have been 55 deaths around the world and 40 of them are in India with another data of uncountable people injured as they were either completing some challenge or making a music video. Apart from this, there are numerous cases of injuries and bizarre activities people opting for. Since the users of the app are of a young, impressionable age, a lot of criticism surrounding the app was about the addictive nature of TikTok. People started making videos in odd places, moving traffic, putting their lives at risk. The app also invited criticism from parents over the open interface of the app, where children can interact with strangers via the app. This can also invite possible predators and molesters. Speaking about the ban, writer and educator, Kartik Bajoria said, “As parents bringing up a new generation of children that are exposed to a myriad of potentially damaging stimuli, especially in the form of media, be it sexually explicit and violent video games, a barrage of pop culture through films and music that objectifies women, and countless other visual messaging such as advertising & branding that instils a wrong sense of self that is purely dictated by materialism; we need to be awfully careful.
Being “TikTok famous” was a common goal for high schoolers — and controversial. The company has faced child data privacy fines by the FTC and has been linked to several deaths in India; it has been accused of banning certain content, both politically sensitive and not.

After spending 5 months of “home sitting”, the Indian neighbour cannot be trusted in any sense. It’s the time India should find solutions to these crises locally and should encourage and protect the potential start-ups to be an alternative to this eventually.

You can guarantee neither a Chinese gadget nor a Chinese friendship!

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Faceoff: Real or fake encounter



How Vikas Dubey was encountered?

How powerful the contacts of Vikas Dubey are seen during absconding, he had already received a tip-off hours before the police attack, his accomplice Daya Shankar Agnihotri uncovered the fact. So, while he fled from Kanpur, his presence was noticed by a shopkeeper in Mahakal Temple, Ujjain after the photo was circulated by UP police.
Vikas Dubey had purchased offerings for God and bought a Rs 250 ticket for VIP darshan at the temple. As he was leaving, the security guards asked him his name after the pinging of the shopkeeper, and an argument ensued. The cops caught him but he reportedly showed a fake ID proof, but on pushing a policeman and drawing punches from the cops. He is noted to have screamed his identity out-“Main Vikas Dubey hoon, Kanpur wallah.”
The MP Police then reached their UP companions and confirmed Dubey’s identity, said by Manoj Kumar Singh.

The Special task force (STF) vehicle in which Vikas Dubey was transferred over the border, overturned because of heavy rains in the region near Kanpur’s Sachendi area. Also, Four policemen were injured in the accident.
Dubey tried to flee taking a pistol of the injured officer, after being hustled by the police team, he was asked to surrender but he started firing with the motive of killing them. The police team shot back in self-defense after which Vikas Dubey was wounded. He was taken to a hospital, where he died during treatment,” Kanpur Police said in a statement.

Now, a total of five gang members of Dubey have been assassinated so far in encounters by the police since July 2, the day of the attack. The others toed down were Atul Dubey, Prem Prakash Pandey, and Amar Dubey. Police also identified 20 collaborators of Dubey who were with him during the attack. So the actions are taken by police in order to eliminate crimes and deliver justice.

But yet the societal face off remains unanswered, whether the encounter was fake?
Furthermore Samajwadi Party chief and former Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav claimed that the killing was staged to protect the government from falling.
Also, Bahujan Samaj Party leader Mayawati has urged the Supreme Court-monitored examination into Vikas Dubey’s killing in police custody.

While BJP leader Uma Bharti congratulated the police, also put forward few questions on her tweet. “1) How did he reach Ujjain 2) For how long was he in the vicinity of the Mahakal temple? 3) Given that his face was splashed so much on TV that anyone could recognize him, how did the police take so long to recognize him?”

It’s a dilemma which remains unanswered and now the questions are raised, but answers on the cost of our officer’s death? Maybe the encounter is just a move to hide some untold truths, but after his deeds, was he allowed to prevail free? Yet it’s not late. Raise voice on every wrongdoing and bring a change in society. Because we are the people who can bring change.

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