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Short story by pdv

Short story: Expecting the unexpected.



Run or Ruin.

She stepped on the stage as if the princess was walking on the clouds of her dream but her eyes spoke as if she was inviting a rebel. With gorgeous red saree and golden border, the border surely was a deep replica of her life, the only best thing on a plain life! The red roses on the bun with smooth black hair with white small flowers tucked in and that deep back gave a tint of beauty preserved for ages, the curves that anyone could slip upon, her delicate style of walking, the bangles falling slowly on the wrists, the intricately designed shawl that she pulled off with utmost grace and what caught my attention was the reddish-brown Mehendi that made her a bride everyone dreamt of. She gracefully turned back on the stage to call someone and I did look into her eyes and oh my god her eyes! She carried calms on the sea and desires in the fire. She was too heavy of a lady to handle! The blush on her cheeks was unnoticed because her smile was what caught everyone’s attention, the waistbelt she wore perfectly revealed her figure and her voice as if I heard just two words but they were as sweet as the dessert on the right corner! Well, it’s really hard to choose between beautiful ladies with flat tummies and tasty food including all yummies!

Well, wait! Did I forget to check out the groom! Well as I am straight and perfectly into women, this happens! I just tilted a little to the boy sitting with a cream sherwani and the red dupatta but wait he looks a little older than her, he was around 40, this made me wonder why is this happening, she looks in her late 20s and why would a lady like her marry someone way older, without looks and money I guess wasn’t the factor here. Well, I could think of only one line ‘ Pyaar Diwana Hota hai, mastana hota hai’ as they say love is blind but she looks to be too smart to be blind.

Ohh wait, her beauty was too catchy to catch my attention! Well I wasn’t the usual barati here to dance, eat food and judge relatives of course.. No No no!! Not here for matrimonial purposes too! Nor it’s my principal ke beti ki shaadi! Well, I am here as a photographer, just an internship thing for me to get away and become the best model photographer to every best photoshoot Bollywood will ever have! But I guess today I am being an investigating officer for the wedding because this doesn’t look like a perfect match but not all matches are meant to be perfect because our Indian patriarchy wants women to sacrifice and get through a marriage with dignity rather than to be happy being a divorcee.

“Excuse me??” A voice from behind stuck my ear. It was a girl with a pretty lehenga and giving me the bridesmaid vibes. I was keen to listen to her until she spoke a word, every boy’s nightmare, the word that pinches our ears, sometimes pierces when it’s our crush! And….she spoke the same word to me and I broke a little inside!

“BHAIYA,SUNNIYE!”  Arghhh…my ears needed damage control!

But the next line healed me!

” Bride needs a solo photoshoot, please come to the garden shoot location in 10.”

Well, I was a hell of nervous, the girl I was crushing on 10 seconds ago, I needed to look into her eyes and attempt my suicide, I mean, of course, tell her ‘mam please smile and then die a little inside’ Did it sound like love at first sight for me?? But wait she will be taking 7 pheras in a while and my 7-second crush won’t last! 

I rushed to the shoot location with my camera and stuff was waiting for the bride to arrive, she finally came with 3 of her cousins alongside her. 

“Where should I pose?” She asked.

I wasn’t in a mood to open my mouth because my eyes were adjusting to her energy all the while!

“Right there?” She asked for approval.

“Ahh…yeah. I mean yes please.”

She went near the yellow bunch of flowers, put up a hand on her perfect curve and gave an infectious smile! I clicked a perfect shot that day because catching this beauty in a camera wasn’t everyone’s cup of tea.

She looked at her cousins and said

“Guys could you please head back to the sight, I am camera conscious right now and you guys are making me more nervous, I need that perfect bride shot. Please.” she appealed politely. They left.

So it was just me and her on this beautiful windy day,she dressed up as the most beautiful girl ever and my camera was all ready to capture her in the moment. She came closer, a little more closer, I was there slightly bent with a camera, she came closer bent a little and I was freezed.

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