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Hathras incident: the bad side of Indian culture



So there could not have been a better time than this to write it. Another incident, another victim, some days of protests and then back to square 1. You know what here is a litmus test for you. For all the men can you imagine your fellow women getting dragged on, getting raped, and all that she has to go through. The additional director of police, UP says that there was no sperm inside the Hathras’s victims vagina. I mean are you even kidding me? Is that even a thing. Does the people sitting in power realise how tough it is to go through what women go through. Bhim army has been protesting in delhi, rahul gandhi and Priyanka gandhi tried to enter Hathras today and UP CM says that PM Namo has asked him to fastrack this case. My basic question is “is it enough”? You will not understand. This happened on 16th September and when she has died then people are awake now. As I flip channels I see political parties ripping each other off. Someone is trying to play the dalit card. Someone is trying to gain political mileage. Who is to be blamed? Tell me. Is it NAMO, UP CM, police or us. It is us who are to be blamed. The debate is on and on. But when will the results show. Many women are raped and they cannot even file and FIR for the same. How do we expect our society to evolve. This government has made mockery of democracy. All they care about is selling PSU’s, getting worse farmer bills, gain political mileage and question UN. Reflect on it. You think they are safe they are not. Have you seen a man who will not stare at a women’s clevage if she is wearing a sports bra. You will. This shows your mentality. Time is never right. We dont need bullet trains. We don’t need world class infrastructure. The nation where the government does not have data on migrants what more can we expect. More girls will get raped. It will not stop. We need to set some precedent. UP police burnt the girls body even without the consent of her family. Can you imagine what is going on in the nation? Job losses, womens getting raped, migrants being attacked, democracy is challenged. Check and speak. Think about it. Burn those men alive and punish them that no other man can lay hands on another women. Make this country realistic rather than falling in the wrong perogrative.

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NASTI UTHATHEV karnari Neha Kulkarni



If you are wondering whom the article is about, check out this reel and you would definitely know who its is!!

Yes yes!!! You git it right! You have seen her multiple times when your friends have forwarded you her roast videos and you have forwarded them to your friends too! A glimpse into her sweet personality beyond the type of person she is online!

Neha is famous as Nasti Uthathev on instagram and guess what she literally does that and everyone is loving that and millions of views are the proof for that!! Here are some of her most loved reels on instagram!

We know you want to see more of such content. Head to her profile for the same but after reading this article only!

A Glimpse into Nehas early life:

Neha is rising Marathi actress and psychologist. Neha was born in Sanghvi, Pune, Maharashtra. Her home town and current city are same. One of her favourite hobby is acting. During her schooling she was very active child. She was curious to know about the things so she was always seen in extra curricular activities. Moreover, she was also good in academics. She was thoroughly interested in acting and her goal was to contribute something in the acting. Her passion made her to learn dramatics for three years and she did it with full dedication. During her schooling was part on many activities and nearly she was seen in many dramas and acting related activities. Moreover, it was like without her dramas was incomplete in school. 

Neha launched her own company when she was 19 years old. The company is called Breaking stereotypes Pt. Ltd. The moto of the company is to empower the people. The idea of this company stroked her mind when she uses to participate in shows. At very young age she started her career as model and actor, she used to participate in multiple beauty pageants and fashion shows. While doing this she observed that looks, apparel beauty and skin tones are given importance here. She was against this thing because as she believes everyone is beautiful and unique in his/her own way. Just to give break to these things and to change the mindsets of people she came up with the Breaking Stereotypes Pt. Ltd. 

She organizes various Super-glam pageant shows for the upcoming artists. By keeping in the mind, the moto of company the results are announced. Basically, this company is providing platform and initial recognition for blooming talents. This company is owned between Neha and Lokesh Sarwan. Lokesh is a fashion model, fashion blogger and boxer. He keeps himself fit externally and spiritually. Both 0f them are running this beautiful company successfully by pursuing their dreams.

Neha is specific about what she wants to deliver through her content.

She just keeps it natural she grabs the phone creates the content and motivates or make people laugh. She doesn’t care how she will look; what people will say and what will be their reaction towards the video. Talking truly, she does things what she feels is good and she ignores people who are against her. She is like “People will talk about you, because they need topic for conversation. But don’t ever feel low by listening them. Just let them do their work let us do our work”.

She believes making people laugh and making them feel motivated are two important things. This concept idea and content based on this received lot of love and support from the people. Her official page has more than 168K followers and this number keeps on growing day by day and no wonder why people love her because she expresses what others don’t usually do and fans get their experiences and words through Neha’s reels to reach where they are meant to be!

Breakthrough Moment:

Neha lives in Sanghvi with her family. However, she didn’t allow the pain of losing her father come in way to achieve something extraordinary. She did now not surrender on her goals, rather to achieve it and make her family and loved one proud. She managed the whole lot effectively and style and she pursued what she wanted to be.

Neha’s grandmother lost her battle to COVID -19. It was the time when she exactly knew why a person needs to be motivated and that was her goal. After her journey to keep people motivated make them laugh started with this vision. According to reports, Neha said “This epidemic is difficult for everyone. I lost my grandmother, but many others lost much more than me. “The pandemic prompted her to start her own series “Morning Motivation.” She said: “Even in this unprecedented time, even if I can inspire or inspire at least 1% of the audience, I should do the same. “

Neha says her family is the first thing she loves. She loves to live with them. No matter what people says, just I will keep doing good for my family and society.She says that her friends and family are her backbone when it comes to inspiration and she loves her followers because they support her a lot. She is determined towards making her – parents ,friends and supporters feel a push in their life to do something worth.

Future plans:

Neha want to spread love, happiness all over the society. She wants to bring the change as much as possible. She thinks this change can be seen if the mentality of people changes. Moreover, like every content creator she also wants her content to reach more and more people. She also like to help the foundations and help society to resolve serious issues. She does it in every possible way she can. If she gets opportunity in acting and it matches her ethics then she will definitely do that.

Brand Collaborations:

Neha likes events and collaborations if they are actually good and will help her and others in some way. She likes doing social activities to help people and collaborations which empowers the people. While collaborations she reviews them properly and shares an honest review with her audience because she doesn’t want to break her followers’ trust. That’s the reasons her supports love her and keep supporting her.

Here is her first TVC add for Dhotes Academy:

Few valuable words by her to her followers:

Do what you like but firstly find what exactly you like. Because this thing will really help you explore your side and interest. I request all upcoming content creator complete your education simultaneously as I am doing same. If you are really in to it then create content simultaneously. The content should be original don’t focus on others concept create one. Don’t set yourself to be like someone rather be one. Whenever you create content keep it simple and, in your way, – give it personal touch. Just keep patience you will get what you deserve.

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The Biggest Revolution



When we talk about the biggest revolution, most people think about the different revolution coded by their colour as for example, the green revolution, the white revolution, the pink revolution, etc. Some also might think about the Russian revolution or the Iranian revolution. But according to us, these revolutions are nothing as compared to the modern day Digital revolution. It has completely changed the way we live our life, and as for me Digital revolution could be considered as the biggest revolution in the history of human civilisation.


Rajiv Gandhi, also known as the ‘Father of Information Technology and Telecom Revolution of India’ was the man who introduced computer in India. His introduction was followed by a series of riots, as people thought that bringing computer to the country will make everything automated, and thus will cause loss of jobs. Well, now it surely proves that he had a great vision for the country and that he knew that the computer was the only way to help in the development of the country.


Factories all over India, now mostly have computers operating them with minimum staffs operating the machines, which made people believe that computer education is a must as it increased jobs opportunity, reduced the cost of machine repairing, and also thus helping in the development of the country. It has also helped in less error occurrences that might occur when in the hands of the human beings. Reduced labour charge because of reduced use of human hands has also caused in the reduced cost of production of products, thus reducing the selling price of products and even helping the company in targetting customers with lower income potentials.


An important field computers impacted on is the medical field. The computers helped the hospitals out very much. In pharmacies, the pharmacists use computers to keep a record of what medication to give to a patient and the amount they need. Most computers in the hospital are used to keep data of patience and their status. Computers also keep track of equipment placement and status as well. Scientists need the help of computers to find cures for diseases that need cures like cancer and STDs. Without the computers help, cures for a lot of diseases wouldn’t have been found. Computer helped the medical area a lot and we are grateful for that since they keep track of our health.


The telecom revolution also added up to the development of the country by helping people to connect with their friends and relatives over thousands of kilometres. Applications like Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, has helped people to stay connected with their loved ones. Video calling used widely after the development of the 4G connection in India has made people in believing that distance has nothing to do with bonding. Upcoming 5G connection in India will provide even faster internet connection over time, video calling in the upcoming future telecommunication upgrade can make the people to be seen life like whilst in a video call.


The corona pandemic has surely destroyed the daily routine of people, but even after that, the digital revolution made sure that our daily is not left behind whilst fighting the pandemic. Offline classes were changed to online with teacher teaching their students with the help of a presented screen. Private companies made their employees to work from home. People attended conferences with other people staying thousands of kilometres away whilst enjoying their morning coffee. Frustrating Monday mornings were not frustrating anymore, as people need not get up early in the morning, do the daily chores and rush for the metro, instead they could just wake up and instantly start attending the meeting.


CEO of Jio, Mukesh Ambani has till now confirmed that “5G connection would be available to use by the mid 2021”, not before that. But, even then it will not be available for everyone to be used by people door to door. It could be available for use for everyone in India from door to door, only after 2022 January. So, buying 5g phone will not be recommendable if you are not living in Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, or Chennai. Airtel recently tested it’s 5g network in Hyderabad using the 1.8GHz band. Airtel CEO, Gopal Vittal believes that a true 5G experience is possible only after the government allocates mid-band spectrum (2.2-3.7 GHz) for the new networks, which hasn’t happened yet. Once, the necessary spectrum is available, Airtel believes it’s networks can deliver 10 times higher speeds while reducing latency 10 times.

In simple words, Digital revolution has played a major role in the development of the country throughout. It has not only introduced major job opportunities, but has also reduced the workload from the workers and has also helped people to stay connected from a thousand kilometres. Leaving these, there might be a thousand which we might have forget to mention.

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The Mumbai Dabbawallahs



Mumbai a city known for its Nightlife, its charm, the beauty of the City, the Local Trains, Street food, Bollywood Life, and many more. It has the highest numbers of Tycoons and Fat-Cat living in it which they run their business and make a profit every single hour. People come from all over Maharashtra to survive living here and have their two-time food.

A true Mumbaikar can go anywhere and settle, but he still will be missing Mumbai there too. Because the City has given him so much the city’s nightlife, here it gives you a delightful feeling. Sitting on the side of Marine drive and experiencing the beauty of Mumbai is the best feeling ever to remember.

The Mumbai Dabbawallahs carry the image of Mumbai and also represents bombays Lifeline, which is incomplete without them.They provide food to several people in the city.

Here the Mumbai Dabbawallah play a prime role in providing the food daily to the employees of the company, where thousands of workers work. The current technology cannot match the spirit of the 126 years old Mumbai lunch delivery service.

If you come to Mumbai and see a man wearing a white cap and carrying lunchboxes the first thing that will appear in your mind would be what is he going to do with all these?

Will he be delivering these to anyone?

These all questions will appear in your mind which is obvious, a person who is new to Mumbai will get these questions in his mind.

All your questions are answered here.
These are the people who work in a large organization where lunch and is supplied every day to the public of Mumbai. This organization was started 126 years back. Mahadeo Havaji Bachche in Dharamshala, Himachal Pradesh, in 1890 stared this organization but later than came to Bombay and started a food supply chain here.

The Dabbawallah in Mumbai earns Rs 20,000 per month where every dabbawallah is an equal stakeholder of the dabbawallah trust.
They are also in numbers so one Dabba is being circulated among 6 people from station to station and then gets delivered to the customer. This is the rule for the organization they are working in.

They work here as they are not much literate, mostly varkari community people work here in Maharashtra. You would ask how do they work so punctually without making any mistake, or being late. Although the average literacy rate is 8th grade they have managed to work here neatly by following all the dressing sense. We should also apply this in our daily life. To your surprise, their management skills and management case studies are also being discussed in universities like Harvard and Stanford. They should be appreciated for these.

With the technology being improving steadily, they have also led here by introducing their app, you can order from their website, even through SMS.

3,000,00 dabbas are delivered every day in just 6 hours. Most importantly they also have got the six sigmas docile. They have only got 20 seconds to load and unload the dabbas from the local train which they do very easily. The work they are doing is astonishing.

The dabbawallahs in Mumbai are doing a great job.

If you get a chance to see these people working someday, just appreciate their efforts.

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