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Evolution of “The Dhoni”



1.The beginning
India vs Pakistan 2nd ODI, Vizag, April 2005

With three consecutive disappointing performances from his debut, in his just 4th ODI match, Dhoni announced himself on the international stage by making destructive 148 from from just 123 balls against the biggest cricket rivals of India. With the spectacular 15 boundaries and 4 lofty sixes, helped Team India reach 9/356 from 50 overs. Pakistan gave tough fight in response but wasn’t enough as India grab the 58 run win. The remarkable match as a star was born.

2. The Rise
India vs Sri Lanka 3rd ODI, Jaipur 2005

Dhoni introduced himself with this nasty knock against Sri Lanka at Jaipur. The long-haired mighty 25 year old Mahi walked out to bat after the dismissal of Sachin Tendulkar with scoreboard equation 7/1. Came out as pinch hitter, which we might see getting a quick for 50 or so but very difficult to carry that fashion for extended time. That wasn’t the case with Dhoni, as his dazzling inning of 183 of just 145 balls flooded with 15 boundaries and 10 destructive sixes, he took India single handedly win with 6 wickets in hand and chased down 299 runs with 4 overs to spare.

3. The Adelaide cameo
Australia vs India 2nd ODI, Adelaide,  February 2012

Australia while batting first, made a defendable 269 runs from their 50 overs. India while chasing the target needed 92 of 95 deliveries when Gambhir got out for 92. Dhoni, who loves taking a run chase to the very last over scored 44 from 58 balls. What made this inning exceptional was the fact that India needed 13 runs from last over. Dhoni, who hadn’t hit the boundary before the final over, came on strike requiring 12 runs off 4 balls. He dispatched 3rd delivery into the famous Adelaide Oval hill, the gigantic 112 meters six was one of the biggest six ever hit on the venue. Needing 6 off 3, he played in his style and took India to victory with two balls to spare.

4. ‘Dhoni abhi khel raha hai’
India vs Sri Lanka Final, Tri-nation Series, Port of Spain July 2013

After missing a few games before this final, he showed how invaluable he is to the team as he hits a magnificent 45* off 52 balls to win India tri-series.
Chasing a very achievable 202 runs, India was in total control as they reached 3/139 in 32 overs. But after dismissal of Rohit Sharma, team’s wickets collapse like a cards that left India reeling at 9/182. Needing 15 from last over and just no.11 Ishant Sharma for company. Dhoni was strike and hope wasn’t lost. Dhoni, being a confident worrier ready to face. After missing out a first delivery with no run, Captain cool delivered the next three balls for lofty 6, 4 and 6 respectively, finished it off in his style. Ingniting a cracker strip in a dressing room by Dhoni, India won on of the most memorable ODI wins.

5. The roar of Lion in IPL
RCB vs CSK Bengaluru 2019

One the best inning in IPL history by Dhoni. Batted first,  RCB scored 161 runs in their 20 overs. In a defense, RCB’s Stayne and Umesh Yadav put CSK on back foot to 4/28.
Dhoni, in his own style rebuilt the inning, while batting on 60, Yadav came in to defend 26 runs off in final 6 deliveries. Thala showcased his hard big-hitting talent once again as he bagged one four and three sixes in first 5 deliveries. Needing 2 in 1 ball, unfortunately run out non striker led CSK’s defeate by smallest margin. Dhoni records his highest T20 score and became first Indian player to hit 200 sixes in IPL that night.

6. Supergiant for Pune
Rising Pune Supergiants vs Kings XI Punjab, 2016

This was the first time MS was not donning yellow jersey, was drafted into Pune team. Was criticized for his captaincy and lack of form, MS again shut the mouth of haters by his bat.
While batted first Kings made respectable 7/172 in their 20 over. When RPS batted, the struggle all came down the last two overs when RPS needed 29 runs to win. The brilliant bowling by Mohit Sharma in 19th, gave just 6 runs. 23 runs required in the final, over was bowled by Axar Patel. MS was on strike, first ball with no run scored followed by wide delivery. 2nd ball he smashed into stands, again 3rd dot ball and then struck 4,6,6 in a row with last one by helicopter!

7. The Finisher
India vs Sri Lanka World Cup Final, Mumbai, April 2011

In an inning that carried the weight of more than a billion people, Dhoni evolved as greatest of all time. In the biggest match of his career  MS bravely decided to promote himself before Yuvi, who was in brilliant form right through the tournament. Dhoni hadn’t perform well and was in patchy form before final, scoring 150 runs in 8 matched with a highest score of 34. If by chance, his move in the final had failed, he would have been ridiculed by others. But “wo dhoni hai”, he knew his strength and believed in his game, therein lays Dhoni’s greatness. He started the inning slowly as usual, kept it simple. He didn’t even know when he was batting that he completed half century. After Gambhir departs, he took all on himself and along with Yuvi, “Dhoni finishes off in style and India lifts the world cup after 28 years” (I know you hearing these words through Ravi Shastri’s voice while reading). The Dhoni way!!

Throughout this, from start of the match to all the ceremony to press conference, Dhoni hadn’t take a bite of solid food. When he came to press conference, he asked to his very dear friend, cricket journalist Sunandan Lele that “Lele sahab, kuch khane ko hai kya?, biscuits ya kuch bahot bhook lagi hai, Dinbhar se kuch khaya nhi hai”, Lele handed him 4 Goodday biscuits which left in that only packet Lele had. He took that like child and finished them quickly, he was so hungry literally!”
This incident was recently shared by Sunandan Lele himself on his Facebook live, you can still go and watch there.

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All about perseverance rover, NASA’s mission to mars.



Perseverance rover is one in all the foremost explorer which landed on mars as part of NASA’s ongoing 2020 mars missions. The rover was launched in July and executed its landing on 18th February. The rover has travelled a distance of 293 million miles to achieve mars since its landing on a United Launch Alliance Atlas V rocket on July 20. Perseverance isn’t just another rover mission. Perseverance is taken into account to be the foremost advanced and costliest rover sent to mars. NASA had invested around $2.4 Billion to make and launch the mission. Another $300 million is anticipated to be spent so as to keep up the operational qualities within the rover.

The rover could be a size of a tiny low car, weighing around one ton and is ten feet long by 9 feet tall. It even contain some external equipment. First, it’s harboured a singular instrument called the MOXIE or Mars Oxygen ISRU Experiment. MOXIE was an instrument designed to provide oxygen on Mars by transmogrifying the carbonic acid gas molecules present within the Martian atmosphere.

The second major equipment harboured by the rover which can be the cornerstone of human existence on mars in upcoming years; ISRU. ISRU means in place Resource Utilization: or the employment of local resources to fulfil human needs or requirements of the spacecraft. Without ISRU, exploration of Mars within the future decades are going to be incredibly expensive and thereby impossible. ISRU’s ain objective is to initialize the basin human demands for the long run astronauts who will visit mars. If astronauts need to carry oxygen or water or rocket propellent for his or her journey for a two-year journey to Mars and back, the price are going to be understandably excessive. In a way, this is often almost like a traveller from New Delhi having to hold their own oxygen, food supplies and aircraft fuel for a two-year stay in New York: the price per passenger are going to be incredibly high.

If oxygen are often successfully extracted on Mars in some significant scale, this will have two direct advantages: first, the oxygen are often used for human visitors to Mars, and second, the oxygen will be wont to manufacture propellant for the return journey. Thus, if the technology demonstration is successful, NASA can easily proportion the oxygen generation rate per day for MOXIE by 100 times: this could be of great use for a future human mission to Mars.

Third, Perseverance will carry Ingenuity, the primary ever helicopter to fly Mars. this can be the primary time NASA will fly a helicopter on another planet or satellite. Ingenuity may be a technology demonstration: the challenge, of course, is to fly the helicopter within the thin atmosphere of Mars. sort of a drone Earth, a Mars helicopter can help in rover drive planning and in fetching samples from locations that the rover cannot safely drive to. If this technology demonstration is successful, we’ll see a greater role for such helicopters in future missions.

Fourth, Perseverance is that the planned commencement to bring back rock samples from Mars for analysis in sophisticated laboratories on Earth: with the goal of searching for biosignatures: or signatures of present or past life. Perseverance will collect samples and a second rover mission will fly within a decade to assist transport the rock samples back to Earth.
The analysis of Martian rocks on Earth will likely provide a reliable indication of whether life on Mars is possible within the past or at this time.

What will the perseverance do ?

Perseverance is that the opening move in an exceedingly multi-step project to bring samples back from Mars. The study of the returned rock samples in sophisticated laboratories everywhere the planet will hopefully provide a decisive answer on whether life existed on Mars within the past.

Here are the steps within the Sample Return:
As the start, Perseverance will collect rock and soil samples in 43 cigar-sized tubes. The samples are collected, the canisters are sealed, and left on the bottom.
The second step is for a Mars Fetch Rover (provided by the eu Space Agency) to land, drive, and collect all samples from the various locations, and return to the lander.
The Fetch Rover will then transfer the canisters to the Ascent Vehicle. The Mars Ascent Vehicle will meet with an Orbiter after which the Orbiter will carry the samples back to Earth.

This long-term project is termed MSR or Mars Sample Return. MSR will revolutionise our understanding of the evolutionary history of Mars. If MSR is successfully executed, we are going to have an inexpensive answer of whether there was microscopic life on Mars.
But MSR does have its risks. If one in every of the components fails, just like the Fetch Rover or the Mars Ascent Vehicle, MSR is doomed. A hidden risk is strategic. At the price of MSR, there can be 5-10 spacecraft missions to different parts of the solar system: so hence, by choosing MSR, NASA forecloses the choice to undertake those other missions.

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Ipl auction 2021



Ipl is the most awaited season or Indians consider it as a tyohar( a festival). Whether it ipl auction or ipl finale it is one of the most awaited days in India where fans all over India stick to the auction streaming channels and enjoy complete auction.

The Indian Premier league 2021 season is officialy about to begin with its official auction in Chennai, today on 3pm IST. All the team owners and key stakeholders are in Chennai waiting for the auction to begin.

Although this auction is not going to be big one as new teams are likely to be added next year.
This year IPL auction will encompass of 292 players – 164 of them Indian and 125 foreigners and 3 associate player. 8 franchises will be looking forward to buy players this time—

Chennai Super Kings (CSK), Delhi Capitals (DC), Punjab Kings, Kolkata Knight Riders
(KKR), Mumbai Indians (MI), Rajasthan Royals (RR), Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) and Sunrisers Hyderabad (SRH)

This year teams are provided with sixty-one slots. With Royal challengers acquiring the maximum vacancies ; 11 , and harbouring funds worth 25.4 crore, whereas Sunrises Hyderabad hoarding only 3 slots and funds worth 10.75 crore.
Due to covid-19 restriction last year IPL was coerced to be held in UAE but this time efforts will be directed to do the opposite and make it happen in India.

What are the rules of IPL auction ?
IPL auction have certain rules to which all franchises would have to adhere to :-

Rule No. 1: Franchises are forbidden from spending beyond their allotted fund. As a total of 85 crore was assigned to all franchises as a part of their funds KXIP have a whopping Rs.53.2 crore left in their purse to spend on players. Sunrisers Hyderabad (SRH) and Kolkata
Knight Riders (KKR) have the least money in purse (Rs. 10.75 crore).

Rule No. 2 : Of the total sum of money assigned to each team, any franchise is forced to spend at least 75% of the amount. If the player count is met before team expenditure reaches 75% then the rest of funds left will directly channelize into the account of BCCI.

Rule No. 3 : The Right to Match (RTM) card choice would not be open to franchises,
meaning they will not be able to match the offers of other franchises and re-sign the players they released before this auction. Therefore, franchises will need to be interested in the
bidding war to re-sign a released player.

Rule No. 4 : BCCI has initialized the maximum and minimum number of players any team can harbour. Each franchise can have maximum of 25 Indian players and a minimum of 17 Indian players. Similarly, there is a limit on international players as well. Each franchise can have a maximum of 8 international players.

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Pushing the limits: Two youngsters on their way to the journey of 11000 km on a bicycle across INDIA



We all once in life have had a thought of taking a long ride on a bicycle but unfortunately most of the time it fade away. But there are some people around us who has such dedication and run vigorously to accomplish what they thought of. Yes I’m talking about a cycle ride which is on the way peddling across the different 65 cities of India including 14 states covering a total distance of 11000Kms!!! Waooo….even I’m feeling such a thrill while writing this.

Two youngsters from Maharashtra, Sunil Thorat (Aurangabad) and Santosh Balgir (Latur) pushing the peddles relentlessly on roads of different terrains which not only covering a physical distance but conquering their limits and pushing them each time attaining the milestones.

Sunil and Santosh started this journey on December 18, 2020 from the Latur district of Maharashtra. And now after 39 days of a ride they successfully reached to the southern boundary of India, Kanyakumari. So far they’ve covered a total distance of around 2250Kms. They have decided to compelte this ride in 140 days! Take a bow Brothers…this is insane!! They are literally doing an astounding task which is not everyone’s cup of tea.

When asked by the paradox team about the sole purpose behind this ride, two youngsters told that they are doing this spread an awareness of “Conservation and Preservation of Word heritage and Historical monuments”.

Also they are dedicating this great ride to the defense personnel of our country. A noble gesture to show their gratitude for our defense sectors.

They’ve started their journey with limited sources of finance. Raised money from friends and family. Most importantly they emphasized on how some great people from Government officials to Radio, media and educational fields came and standing behind them. Also during ride various strangers coming and helping them anyway they can. This is the beuty of Humanity. People are seeing their mania and hardwork, becoming helping hands for their journey!

They are now heading towards their journey on the Northern parts of India. Here’s the map of ride. They named this ride, “BharatBhraman- a ride across India”

By keeping their passion alive and feeding them with such a great motive, these boys vigorously pushing themselves hard. This is not less than a big valour. The valour of dedication, passion and strength. You guys literally an inspiration to many.

They also remarkably said, “Its not only we, achieving this dream but each of them who once had or have a thought to attempt such adventure.” So the dream is no longer just theirs, it is a dream of many others.

On the occasion of this Republic day, we team paradox, urge everyone who’s reading this to send them good wishes for their further ride and help them in any way you can. If you want to give donations, you can contact us on our Email or simply DM us at any social media platform. We’ll make sure your contribution transparently reach to Sunil and Santosh.

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