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Famous Indian Cricketers from 90s.



Famous Indian Cricketers left a legacy behind and we still remember them whenever we look back at the history of cricket.

In the late 90s when Indian cricket was struggling to make an impact despite having talented players in the team. The clouds of fixing allegations, and corruption looming over the team made them perform poorly. Various key player was at the center of these allegations have been made. In all this chaos when Sachin Tendulkar was denied captaincy and he suggested a player who handle the team in the correct manner and hence Ganguly was given the charge.

The very first thing Ganguly did was clean the team. All the relics of the past were shown to the door. Fresh blood was brought into the team. Yuvraj, Kaif, Zaheer, Sehwag, Harbhajan, and Nehra were brought into the team along with the legendary stalwarts like Sachin, Dravid, Kumble, VVS, and Srinath. He single-handedly cleaned the team of fixers and installed confidence in young players protecting them from any sort of malicious activities in cricket.

Ganguly captained till 2006 and through this, he made team India a very feisty side which before was the humble and polite team. He’s is real Dada of Indian cricket. How can we forget his insane celebration of removing his jersey and rotating it by hand at Lords during the Natwest series final? Complete gesture of dominance and aggression and intimidation. The man, the god of Offside, loved by millions “Dada”

Let’s talk about the remaining famous Indian cricketers which are the heroes of the 90s generation especially. If you are not overwhelmed by that 2003 World cup Jersey then you haven’t lived your childhood if you were born in the 90s.

1. Sachin Tendulkar

Do I need to mention anything about him here. If I did you will slap me hard. If you are reading this article, somewhere it is only because of great Sachin. Kuch to likhana hai to yahi likh deta hu, “God wanted to play cricket so Sachin was born”

2. Virendra Sehwag

The most chillax and fearless personality of Indian cricket. Sir ji ko aate hi first ball pe chowka maarna hi maarna hai aur 300 run six marke complete karna hai. Baap-beta wala trend shuru Karne wale yahi janaab the. His witty lines still entertain us. The powerful striker of Indian team, “Multan ka Sultan” Virendra Sehwag

3. Rahul Dravid

Whenever you say defense I will say Dravid. “The wall” of the team. His defense is so soft that the ball wasn’t even crossing the end of the pitch sometimes. Pareshan ho jate the bowler lekin ye deewar tutati nhi thi. Britannia bat ko famous Karne wale, Gentle, calm cricketer.

4. VVS Laxman

He was more like an Artist than a sportsman when he was batting. “He was a guy who could straight drive a ball similar to the one he has cover driven before earlier, and if he’s on song, he may roll his magic wrist to place it behind square,” said Sachin Tendulkar once. Truly the class and craft of the player. Very very Special “Laxman”

We are all in awe of the these famous “Fab Four” of Indian cricket. Each one of them has different qualities which left us astonished.

5. Mohammad Kaif

The quick and agile player that cricket ever had. He’s reflexes still surprise us. When he’s fielding, the ball seldom finds his way to pass around him, only when the batsman was that lucky enough otherwise don’t even think that you could play a Cut shot or cover drive for boundary when he’s there.

6. Yuvraj Singh

“Sankatmochak” of team literally. If anyone who can take Kaif’s place, he’s the one. His elegance while that cover drive is damn spectacular. And yeah never messed with this man otherwise he will hit six sixes in an over. Andrew Flintoff knew this very well and Stuart Broad still feels the pain given by Yuvi in South Africa.

7. Zaheer Khan

The man of complete accuracy and disciplined bowling. Though he struggled in fielding and batting but when its comes to his bowling, no one can bit him. Just watch his deliveries and specific fielding position for same delivery. Inventor of Nakal ball, “Zak”.

8. Harbhajan Singh

Remember that Eden garden test played between India and Australia where he emerged at his best. Steve Waugh still thinks, ye out of syllabus question aaya kaise. Most charming player of team India. I still feel sad for S Shreesant.

9. Ashish Nehra

His action is simply unforgettable. Brilliant bower holds a very rare record with the greatest Viv Richards of hitting the six out of the stadium at Lords. He did this in the last match of the series played against England in 2002 at Lords’. This incredible record makes Nehra the last player to do so at Lords’. Though India lost that match it was still remarkable for this record by Nehra.

10. Mahendra Singh Dhoni

We know some of you desperately looking for his name in this list. We intentionally put him at last, because we think he’s the best at handling pressure situations and no one can do it better than him. And what could we say about this man? We literally don’t have words for him. Omnipotent!

These famous Indian cricketers inspire everyone out there and keep the legacy alive!

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Making life a golden set ft. Vishwajeet Sangle



Hello Readers!

Recently we interviewed a very great personality, an international tennis player. Yes it was Vishwajit Sangle From Satara. The interview was so inspiring so let’s get to it!

1. As you were from Satara how you came into this field of sports as your carrier?

Vishwajeet – See, not all children from small town have big dreams, some of them do but then there is no source available or a better person to guide that child for achieving the dream. So I always look forward for a mentor and when I played my first state level, there was a senior guy I met, he explained me everything like, which tournament you should play, how to achieve more in the game and all. My parents were in Mumbai and I used to live with my grandmother in Satara, she used to tell me how much sports is important to you and she supported me a lot. So also by the support of loved ones I am at this level.

2. Was there any change or difference in living with grandparents as compared to parents?

Vishwajeet – What i experienced is, over parents you can demand for anything but at my grandparents there were some restrictions like not that strictly but in limit. But I enjoyed both the sides . I love both. Parents are surrounding like as an athlete, I can say that you need a better surrounding to support you, to teach you. Like for tennis it’s an individual game there is no team the player is on his/her own. That’s what i think though.

3. How you came to know that tennis is your career?

Vishwajeet – Honestly, I asked my few friends about this sport, at all with your passion you also need to earn a good amount of money in future. Also, my parents didn’t force me to get a nice job like 9 to 5 and all, they supported me. Then I came to know what I m going to do is balanced, like there is happiness plus money. So then I decided to go for it.

4. What was the scenerio of your first match?

Vishwajeet – I lost, badly. When I started playing this sport at first there were no such tough competitors and honestly I lost because of over confidence. I thought I am going to beat them easily but I lost that match. So I realized facts matter. At state level there were mini matches. But when I played my first international match it was 0-6 I literally scored 1 point and it was terrible. So from that moment I decided to do best, it should be picture perfect.

5. Most of the athletes don’t complete education but you have fone double graduation so what was the thought behind it?

Vishwajeet – My mother always says never stop learning, and I also love to do more challenging things. If I am playing tennis okay I should do something more. Though you are an athlete people ask about your academics, it doesn’t matter if you are playing on state, national or international level and at the end of the day it’s the mentality thay can’t be changed.

6. In our country cricket is more hyped than other sports, what’s your opinion on that?

Vishwajeet – Basically in cricket there are many legends Dhoni, Sevagh, Virat sir and many more but in other sports there are very few to look upto them. The growth of cricket is wild in our country and that why people are connected to it and i also love cricket, I love that game too.

7.What’s your opinion on “sports is a male dominating field”?

Vishwajeet – I don’t believe that infact today there are many female in field of sports, it’s equal, even now a days people are makin thought process in that.

8. People say vegan food is expensive, what’s your opinion on that?

Vishwajeet – Vegan food is not at all expensive. People just hype it a lot. You just need to avoid nonveg and animal based dairy products and besides these we have mamy cheap things to eat. Basically vegan people are helping the environment.

9. What’s the story behind setting up your own company?

Vishwajeet – There were 2 friends who used to call me for help like they used to ak me do you know about sponsorships, marketing and all. So basically I am helping in that way. Some people can’t reach out to me so I thought a company would be a great idea so that I can help many athletes at a time. We don’t have many leaders right now in this field so my mission is to create more leaders.

10. How do you deal with failures?

Vishwajeet – I admire it. First we fail but then we work hard and succeed in our goals, that particular joy is different. It’s just a second chance and we should give our best in it.

11.What was your worst time in your life till now that you never want to recall?

Vishwajeet – There is no such terrific thing in my life. What I believe is whatever happens its happens for the best.

12. How was your experience during your back injury, what did you do?

Vishwajeet – I played many nationals before, at that time I was not paying attention to my body. While I was in Mumbai, I was practicing and I heard a crack, I realized something went wrong, I was not able to move my left leg, then the coach and doctor came. It was a slip disk. I was on bed for 5-6 months. People used to say after slip disk we can’t walk, we need support. But I was like I want to play more, I have to come back again. And I came back again. It taught me a lot.

13. 3 things you like about talent?

Vishwajeet – What I think is along with talent, you need yo work hard, if you want to learn something you can learn anything if you work hard. People say he/she is so talented, but behind it he/she has worked hard 8-9 hours continuously. That’s what I think.14. Who is your inspiration?Vishwajit – First my parents and then many more Bruce lee and all there are many legendary people to admire.

15. As you are a bibliophile which book would you recommend all to read?

Vishwajeet – J.K Krishnamurti – Book of life. It’s a very good book, we get to know practical things. I recommend it to read. It’s an awesome book.

16. Who inspired you to read?

Vishwajeet – My mother, she loves reading, she used to tell me stories, recommend me. She is a great inspiration for me.

17. We talked about your family and career, what about your friends how do they react on you being an international tennis player?

Vishwajeet – I spend most of the time in cafe, library or with my dog. Honestly I have 2-3 friends. They didn’t change. They are happy, they really understand, they respect my sport. Their opinion is also supporting just like family.

18. Do you have any fear of loosing your fame?

Vishwajeet – No, I am not afraid of that. I don’t work hard for fame, that’s not my priority. After all it’s a part of our journey.

19. What is the reason behind posting a story as “Good morning universe”?

Vishwajeet – I feel that I am wishing everyone. I feel good not a big story behind that.20. What are your further plans?

20.What are your further plans?

Vishwajit – Complete focus on my company. Give the best to things coming on the way maybe it’s tennis or company.

21. How can we reach to your company?

Vishwajeet – You can easily reach out through the website. Everything you need to know is in detail.

22. What’s your life mantra?

Vishwajeet – You don’t need anyone else if you believe in yourself. Create you own formula to reach success.

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All about perseverance rover, NASA’s mission to mars.



Perseverance rover is one in all the foremost explorer which landed on mars as part of NASA’s ongoing 2020 mars missions. The rover was launched in July and executed its landing on 18th February. The rover has travelled a distance of 293 million miles to achieve mars since its landing on a United Launch Alliance Atlas V rocket on July 20. Perseverance isn’t just another rover mission. Perseverance is taken into account to be the foremost advanced and costliest rover sent to mars. NASA had invested around $2.4 Billion to make and launch the mission. Another $300 million is anticipated to be spent so as to keep up the operational qualities within the rover.

The rover could be a size of a tiny low car, weighing around one ton and is ten feet long by 9 feet tall. It even contain some external equipment. First, it’s harboured a singular instrument called the MOXIE or Mars Oxygen ISRU Experiment. MOXIE was an instrument designed to provide oxygen on Mars by transmogrifying the carbonic acid gas molecules present within the Martian atmosphere.

The second major equipment harboured by the rover which can be the cornerstone of human existence on mars in upcoming years; ISRU. ISRU means in place Resource Utilization: or the employment of local resources to fulfil human needs or requirements of the spacecraft. Without ISRU, exploration of Mars within the future decades are going to be incredibly expensive and thereby impossible. ISRU’s ain objective is to initialize the basin human demands for the long run astronauts who will visit mars. If astronauts need to carry oxygen or water or rocket propellent for his or her journey for a two-year journey to Mars and back, the price are going to be understandably excessive. In a way, this is often almost like a traveller from New Delhi having to hold their own oxygen, food supplies and aircraft fuel for a two-year stay in New York: the price per passenger are going to be incredibly high.

If oxygen are often successfully extracted on Mars in some significant scale, this will have two direct advantages: first, the oxygen are often used for human visitors to Mars, and second, the oxygen will be wont to manufacture propellant for the return journey. Thus, if the technology demonstration is successful, NASA can easily proportion the oxygen generation rate per day for MOXIE by 100 times: this could be of great use for a future human mission to Mars.

Third, Perseverance will carry Ingenuity, the primary ever helicopter to fly Mars. this can be the primary time NASA will fly a helicopter on another planet or satellite. Ingenuity may be a technology demonstration: the challenge, of course, is to fly the helicopter within the thin atmosphere of Mars. sort of a drone Earth, a Mars helicopter can help in rover drive planning and in fetching samples from locations that the rover cannot safely drive to. If this technology demonstration is successful, we’ll see a greater role for such helicopters in future missions.

Fourth, Perseverance is that the planned commencement to bring back rock samples from Mars for analysis in sophisticated laboratories on Earth: with the goal of searching for biosignatures: or signatures of present or past life. Perseverance will collect samples and a second rover mission will fly within a decade to assist transport the rock samples back to Earth.
The analysis of Martian rocks on Earth will likely provide a reliable indication of whether life on Mars is possible within the past or at this time.

What will the perseverance do ?

Perseverance is that the opening move in an exceedingly multi-step project to bring samples back from Mars. The study of the returned rock samples in sophisticated laboratories everywhere the planet will hopefully provide a decisive answer on whether life existed on Mars within the past.

Here are the steps within the Sample Return:
As the start, Perseverance will collect rock and soil samples in 43 cigar-sized tubes. The samples are collected, the canisters are sealed, and left on the bottom.
The second step is for a Mars Fetch Rover (provided by the eu Space Agency) to land, drive, and collect all samples from the various locations, and return to the lander.
The Fetch Rover will then transfer the canisters to the Ascent Vehicle. The Mars Ascent Vehicle will meet with an Orbiter after which the Orbiter will carry the samples back to Earth.

This long-term project is termed MSR or Mars Sample Return. MSR will revolutionise our understanding of the evolutionary history of Mars. If MSR is successfully executed, we are going to have an inexpensive answer of whether there was microscopic life on Mars.
But MSR does have its risks. If one in every of the components fails, just like the Fetch Rover or the Mars Ascent Vehicle, MSR is doomed. A hidden risk is strategic. At the price of MSR, there can be 5-10 spacecraft missions to different parts of the solar system: so hence, by choosing MSR, NASA forecloses the choice to undertake those other missions.

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