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Mahesh Ranasube-An Artisan behind Cricket weapons



India is said to be land of cricket even though it’s not our national game. Crazy devotees of cricket who treat cricket as a religion are found in every corner of the country. Indian’s love for the sports is manifested in their love for cricket. Many people are involved with the game, some play, some by cover the matches,some stick to their TVs,some to stadiums.Then there are few people who serve the game with unique skills and never ending passion towards the game.

The young lad from Pune, Mahesh Ranasube, now shaping the weapons of various famous top level cricketers. Mahesh has now become a go-to man for revamping cricket bats. The bat-smith who now recently gave a finishing touches to the bats of run machine Virat Kohli, MS Dhoni, Manish Pandey, Shikhar Dhawan apart from Ben Stokes and Joe Root among others.

Ranasube, a club-level medium pacer and still practices at PYC Hindu Gymkhana, has tried his hand on bats ever since childhood. “I used to tape damaged bats, which later helped me repair my own bats when I started playing with leather ball,’ shared Ranasubhe. His childhood passion now emerged him as the only one professional bat repair in the city now!

Mending a bat needs some cricketing knowledge and experience to understand stroke, balance and weight. Revamping a bat changes based on these and preferences of individual. Mahesh didn’t get any professional training for this. He expertise himself from learning and doing this passionately. He perfected the art starting with plain wood to later mastering into professional bats after he started playing with the leather ball.

Started his work station at the garage of small residential building in Shukravar Peth, now has had the place on rent at FC road. What made him to get called by international players? He responded in saying “I used to work on Kedar Jadhav’s bat and he was quite happy with my work. He recommended my name to Dhoni and that’s how most of the players gave me their assignment. I’m grateful to Kedar dada”. Current Maharashtra state player Rahul Tripathi have been widely recommending Ranasube’s work to most of national and international players which helps him get more assignments. Now he’s well known to team players and they call when they need.

Before the match that was happened last time in Pune, Ranasube got an opportunity to mend 12 bats from both team India and England. His work was very much appreciated by former skipper Dhoni and at such level that he gave his four bats to mend. It includes the chiseling of handle and curved the bottoms since they had become flat. “Dhoni’s bat need a bit of extra work, while those of other players required minor touch ups here and there” said Ranasube. Virat Kohli got two bats repaired.

Bat repairing requires so much of procedure including pressing, oiling, knocking, taping and bottom shaping etc. The players were aware of that and when they asked him for charges, Mahesh was too shy to charge the Team India players and others too. But Root and Stokes couldn’t stop themselves from rewarding the fella. Root gave him his batting gloves while Stokes insisted that he accept Rs. 2000 in cash for return of his service. “I was not doing this for money, since more bat belongs to Indian players and serving them made me feel patriotic. Apart from Dhoni, Kohli and Jadhav, I also worked on Manish Pandey, Jadeja’s bat,” said Ranasube.

Since the bat making and refurbishing was his passion, he took it as full time. “We faced a huge loss and family had a massive loan to pay. It came upon me to support my family and now passion helping me get that fulfilled,” he said. A commerce graduate, now looking to take his passion to bigger level. He want make a professional bat manufacturing company. “It looks tough, but not impossible. Right now, I’ve a lot of work and I’m finding myself difficult to manage alone. I want to do this on all-India level and then eventually start manufacturing the best bats”, said Ranasube.

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Gavaskar trolling Anushka: Know the reality behind the drama



When Indian cricket team captain’s performance failed during Thursday’s IPL match. His wife Anushka Sharma was apparently dragged in for his bad performance by former Indian cricket team captain Mr Sunil Gavaskar while commentating the match he stated “inhone to lockdown main bas Anushka ki gendo pe practice ki hai”. And it is not the first time when Virat’s actor wife was dragged in between. She is been trolled for her husband’s failure ever since they started dating each other. From then Virat has been supporting his wife via his Instagram handle.
But now Anushka took stand for herself replying to the joke made on her by Gavaskar saying that, “Mr. Gavaskar, your message is distasteful is a fact but I would love you to explain why you thought of making such a sweeping statement on a wife accusing her of her husband’s game? I’m sure over the years you have respected the private lives of every cricketer while commentating on the game. Don’t you think you should have equal amounts of respect for me and us? I’m sure you can have many other words and sentences in your mind to use to comment on my husband’s performance from last night or are your words only relevant if you use my name in the process? Its 2020 and things still don’t change for me. When will I stop getting dragged into cricket and stop being used to pass sweeping statements? Respected Mr. Gavaskar, you are a legend whose name stands tall in this gentleman’s game. Just wanted to tell you what I felt when I heard you say this,” wrote Anushka. Thereafter twitter was flooded with tweets supporting Anushka Sharma for being trolled by Mr Gavaskar. Many famous names have joined this trend in support of Anushka. Defending his statement Gavaskar says, “I’ve not made any sexist comment. Neither have I blamed Anushka for anything. I would urge people to re-visit the clip,”
But it was found that Mr. Gavaskar was talking about the video where the couple was seen playing cricket in the building preview and was unknowingly shot on camera by a neighbour.
He referred anushka bowling virat in the same video.
Another commentator also added that there privacy should be respected.

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RCB wins last night,Ishan kishan won hearts



Mumbai Indians “man for all seasons” Kieron Pollard’s scintillating strokeplay found its match in maverick Ishan Kishan as they nearly pulled off a Houdini Act before Navdeep Saini’s spectacular Super Over saw Royal Challengers Bangalore win an IPL humdinger on Monday. The small built Kishan put up a powerhouse performance scoring 99 off 58 balls with nine sixes while Pollard’s 60 off 24 saw them match RCB’s total of 201.

After 402 runs scored in an IPL game, it took a Super Over to decide the winner between Royal Challengers Bangalore and Mumbai Indians in Dubai on Monday.

Chasing a steep target of 202, Mumbai Indians captained by Rohit Sharma didn’t look in the hunt before Kieron Pollard and Ishan Kishan stepped up and produced an incredible 119-run fifth-wicket partnership off 51 balls that levelled the scores at the end of the 20 overs. The duo’s scintillating batting display helped MI score 89 in the last five overs.

While Pollard blasted 60 off 24, it was wicketkeeper-batsman Kishan’s 99 off 58 balls that got everyone on their feet.

Just before the two teams were headed for the thrilling Super Over, Kishan was snapped in the dugout, looking visibly tired and distraught that he couldn’t get his team over the finishing line.

Bowling the Super Over for RCB, Navdeep Saini gave nothing away to Pollard and Hardik Pandya as MI could only manage 7 off the Super Over. Virat Kohli after three bad matches did the needful as Jasprit Bumrah couldn’t defend a seven-run target with India captain winning it with a last-ball boundary.

After the loss, Rohit Sharma revealed that a physically drained Ishan Kishan struggled to come out to bat again against RCB. “He (Kishan) was drained out and was not comfortable. We thought we could send him but he was not feeling fresh,” Rohit Sharma said.

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Jab Yashasvi met Dhoni!



When Rajasthan Royals take on Chennai Super Kings in an IPL 2020 match on Tuesday (September 22), all eyes will be on Yashasvi Jaiswal, who could get a place in the starting XI of the Royals.

If he indeed manages that, it will be a remarkable tale of turnaround for this India U-19 star, who was bought by Rajasthan Royals in the last IPL auction for Rs 2.4 crores.

Jaiswal won hearts on social media when the live cameras captured the moment he met MS Dhoni on the field.

Dhoni and Smith has just walked off the centre after the toss and as both players spoke to other cricketers, Jaiswal was seen walking up to Dhoni with a smile. When the former Indian skipper look at the 18-year-old, he greeted him with folded hands. A gesture that is being appreciated by many.

Yashasvi Jaiswal is a son of a shopkeeper from Bhadohi, Uttar Pradesh. He left home at the age of nine because all he wanted to do was play cricket.

Without a roof over his head and no money in his pocket, he landed in Mumbai. His father had spoken to him about his uncle (Santosh), who lived in Mumbai. Yashasvi managed to reach Santosh’s place, but could not stay there for long as it was a one-room tin shed.

From selling panipuri to becoming the ‘Player of the Tournament’ at the 2020 U-19 World Cup, Yashasvi has come a long way. Impressed by his extraordinary batting skills.

Jaiswal was highly rated in the domestic circuit before the U19 World Cup as well, most prominently scoring a double hundred for Mumbai in the Vijay Hazare Trophy last year. It made him the youngest to get to the mark in 50-over cricket. The fact that he sold pani puris to make ends meet before making it in domestic cricket has only enhanced his reputation.

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