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Scientists spot a sign of possible Life on Venus



VENUS- Earth’s evil twin it’s clouds are made of battery acids. At 900 degrees its surface heat enough to melt lead, Venus is pretty much like the biblical vision of hell today. This may be the hostile real estate in the solar system yet billions of years ago Venus looked alike Earth but to the near of sun Venus was doomed and Earth blossomed. Venus burned yet even here life may thrive.

An international team of astronomers has detected a rare molecule in the atmosphere of Venus that could be produced by living organisms. The discovery instantly puts the brightest planet in the night sky back into the conversation about where to search for extraterrestrial life.

The surface of Venus is a more like a hell. However, some layers of its clouds spot surprisingly hospitable temperatures and pressures. Phosphine is a poisonous gas however, the organizers of the study and other experts agree that the presence of phosphine is not proof of life on another planet.

As astronomers look for signs of life outside our solar system, one method is to look for chemicals that result only from biological processes. These processes are known as bio-signatures.

Phosphine can form only in two ways on Earth. It can be created by an industrial process, or it can come from a biological process in animals and microbes that is not well understood. Some scientists consider it as a waste product.

It’s said that phosphine can be found in the bottom of ponds, the insides of animals like badgers and in the waste of penguins. The astronomers carefully looked at all the possibilities for production of the phosphine: volcanoes, lightning strikes or meteorites falling into the atmosphere. Not a single process we looked at could produce phosphine in high enough quantities to explain the team’s findings.

Furthermore, it is noticed that 50 kilometers above the planet’s surface, in Venus’ thick carbon dioxide clouds, it is about room temperature. The clouds are mostly made up of sulfuric acid. But they also contain droplets with very small amounts of water.

The scientists asked themselves if the phosphine could be coming from microbes living inside the sulfuric acid droplets. Than when the droplets fall to the ground, they might dry out but could collect in other droplets and reanimate.

Venus is one of the most beautiful objects in Earth’s sky. But at a closer glance, the less lovely it becomes. Venus is roughly the same mass as Earth. Many scientists think that Venus was once covered in water and possessed an atmosphere where life as we know it could have flourished.

In earlier days of the solar system, Earth was not so hospitable to the desires we have. Even an entire biosphere that did not survive in the oxygen-rich environment that later developed. And much as Earth over time became a home for jellyfish, ferns, dinosaurs and Homo sapiens, Venus was transformed by something into a hell.

Today, the second planet from the sun has an atmosphere stifled by carbon dioxide gas, and surface temperatures that average more than 800 degrees Fahrenheit. The dense atmosphere of Venus exerts a pressure of more than 1,300 pounds per square inch on anything at the surface. That is more than 90 times the 14.7 pounds per square inch at sea level on Earth, or the equivalent to being 3,000 feet underwater in the ocean.

For the last two decades, scientists keep making new discoveries that collectively imply a significant increase of the likelihood to find life elsewhere. Many scientists would not have guessed that Venus would be a significant part of this discussion. But, just like an increasing number of planetary bodies, Venus is proving to be an exciting place of discovery.

If there really is phosphine on Venus, its believed there could be no other obvious explanation than anaerobic life.

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Void Journalism



Bollywood has been an industry entertaining us for ages now and it’s not a secret that the industry had hidden truths since then. From June 14 when we got the unfortunate news of Sushant singh rajput’s death it left all of us shattered, and as it was a mysterious death it turned out to run into the headlines of news channels. Our country had enough with the corona news on TV channels where people got goosebumps by rapidly seeing the news of people dying due to corona and to that the news channels got one more score to increase the TRP. Justice is important and social media, news channels could be a great shoulder to lean on if justice needs to be prevailed. Which some of our indian channels did stand for, but lost the humanity and just craved to cover the updates.There’s no need of highlighting, all of us know how disgraceful the media has turned. Why do people forget that jobs are just part of life and deep down we are humans and should be treated equally with respect. For sure, the information should be passed on to the audience of whatever has gone wrong and they should raise voice against the culprits which they are raising, but they have lost the silver lining of innocence which journalism has with it. SSR case was about covering up his murder mystery which is not what certainly is being covered up, instead vigorously there is this spread of negativity amongst the audience for the Bollywood industry who have been entertaining us since decades. Any person who consumes drugs is the one who is doing the crime, no matter what profession that person is into so it’s not about our Bollywood but the one who consume it, who should get arrested and this is the duty of our NCB and not the journalism media. Same goes with the SSR case, the movement for CBI investigation became global, we waited for so long and finally got the CBI investigation for SSR, the CBI is the one who should look into this matter and let us all know the truth and the news channels are just a bridge between us and the CBI for passing the information but the news channels seems to frighten us more with so called “mirch masala”. The social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter where anonymous people spread hate into the comments who have no idea what actually happened!? Who have just seen these stars in films and not known them in person, just by typing rubbish against anyone is so a sign of illiteracy. And on top of that are the YouTube channels who are giving out fake news on this current topic without not even researching on that particular topic, these people are not only spreading hate but also defaming YouTube platform where 80 to 85 % of people in india are present. They are the one who are harm against the YouTube community .They add nonsense headlines on their videos and just for some views and likes people loose their self respect. Of course India is a democratic country and each has his/her right of speech, but we also should not forget integrity and peace. We should let the people in charge and authorities do their duty so that the culprits may get arrested and the journalism of india should take a step towards humanity while passing out information to the audience and not pass whatever predictions they want behind the question mark ❓

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Instagram takes down Hindustani Bhau’s account after Kunal Kamra tweets to Mumbai Police.


Vikas Pathak is a Ex.TikTok star who had approximately 6 lakh followers. He is very famous on YouTube with over 1.57+ million subscribers (currently). Pathak is a huge fan of Sanjay Dutt and it is evident in his videos that he sounds like Munna Bhai and dresses like Sanjay Dutt from Vastav. Recently in Tik-tok v/s You tube war he deleted his tik tok account and supported you tube community. The reason he deleted tik tok was due to its origin from China.

He has already entered the house of Big Boss (Season 13) . He made headlines after joining the show. His fans were very excited seeing him on that show. There’s a reason people like Hindustani Bhau are chosen for a show like Bigg Boss beacuse of his nonsensical views, overly controversial statements (which more often, make no sense) and over the top attitude.

Hindustani Bhau aka Vikas Jayaram, who is most fondly known as the ‘Pehli Fursat Me Nikal’ guy. He shot to ‘fame’ after he made some controversial statements against people he thinks are anti-national.

What actually happened ?

Instagram has removed Hindustani Bhau’s account. A couple of days ago because of, comedian Kunal Kamra had shared a video of the former Bigg Boss contestant on Twitter and tagged Mumbai Police and Maharashtra Home Minister Anil Deshmukh. He had asked them to take action against the social media star for spreading hatred. Many of his videos have controversial statements.

Kunal stated , in recent video, Hindustani Bhau is seen hurling abuses and asking people to not spare anyone who insults their religion.

Kunal Kamra requested Mumbai Police by tweeting: “HM @AnilDeshmukhNCP & @MumbaiPolice Calling for open violence is a crime. This is a mob building & hate spreading excercise. This is deeply alarming. Could lead to violence & an artist not getting due process. Remarks like “System side main” are an insult to our constitution (sic).”

Hindustani Bhau reaction:

In his defence,Hindustani Bhau had stated that the video uploaded is fake it was cutted in between ,and also appealed to his his original video to Mumbai Police.He stated that he was hurt that an outsider was breaking Ganesha idols in malls. To that, Kunal Kamra still questioned why were comedians targetted, after which Bhau asked him two questions – why did a fellow stand-up comedian mock a Hindu (Chattrapati Shivaji Maharaj), and why don’t stand-up comedians mock another religion?

Soon after, Hindustani Bhau’s Instagram account was suspended. The message from the Facebook-owned portal when viewing his account, reads, “We’ve removed hindustanibhau’s account because it goes against our Community Guidelines.”

Many fans and followers of Hindustani bhau were unhappy after this incident. All of them felt sorry for what happened with him. Some them supported him by tweeting and some of the people also trolled him.

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