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Solo Traveller Aarya Vora is all set to explore Kashmir Valley



Actress Arya Vora is known for her travel vlogger and her fashion plus lifestyle blogger. Nowadays she is getting huge fan followings on her YouTube channel as well and now she is ready to explore the north part of India – The Kashmir trip.

Arya, who starred in the television series ‘Devon Ke Dev Mahadev’, ‘My Friend Ganesha’ and ‘Click Cinema’, has started her own YouTube channel in Lockdown. In a short span, the fan following on her social media is growing massively. Currently, she has completed 10k subscribers on youtube.

While Documenting places in India, Aarya Vora has traveled to many places like Udaipur, Amritsar, Himachal Pradesh, Goa during this lockdown. She has also covered some international trips such as Europe, Turkey, Ukraine, Dubai, and many more.

And now this time she is traveling to Kashmir. She has already shared some awesome pics of her journey on her Instagram profile. Actress Arya Vora’s YouTube videos are always incorporated with lots of fun experiences and this will help her fans with some awesome tips to get to know about this adventurous mode trip. So, do Subscribe to her channel to see more exciting videos of her traveling and make your plan to make some adventures and memorable trips in the year 2021.

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Interesting facts about Jammu and Kashmir : The dream tour.



We are sure Kashmir has been in your travel bucket list since years and this post is the indication that you should totally go for it! So we bring you some interesting facts about Jammu and Kashmir that will make you crave more to travel there!

Here are some fascinating certainties about Jammu and kashmir for you!

It is the moment when a group of parrots are drifting in the early morning sky, the Sun penetrates in the sky like an emperor, you wake up after a towering, elegant and cold night and feeling braze of smooth breeze on the wooden and truly an engineering manifestation of antique style House Boat on the mystical Dal Lake, likewise, you are served by hot spicy tea, ‘Kehwa’, and you are glimpsing elevated cliffs exhibiting their eminence over the landmass.

If you imagined this till now, then you are welcome to heaven on the Earth, The Kashmir.

Making a plan to visit Jammu and Kashmir, now a Union Territory is literally worth your money. However, if you ever make a plan, you will be warmly greeted by the people of Jammu city, the city of temples where you will get assorted streets vendors selling foodstuffs, Toys and many more experiences you will get after stepping in Jammu.

Jammu city is also prominent for its ‘Rajma Chawal’ (Curry of Kidney Beans with Rice). It becomes favourite of whoever tastes.
Here, you can have a Historic and Memorable picture of the entire Jammu city if you start your journey to Mata Vaishno Devi, a religious and archaeological site tracked down on the tops of Trikuta Hills, in Katra. Also, Bagh-e-Bahu, a temple situated sites play a very major role in the Tourism Sector of Jammu city; if you are in Jammu and don’t visit this place, then my friend, you are missing the tangible utopia from where you can discern the river, Tawi.

Jammu and Kashmir indeed is a place of incredibly bygone temples which depicts the history of ancient rulers and kings of The Punjab Territory to The Dogra Community, from Maharaha Ranjit Singh to Maharaja Hari Singh.

The Dogri, being the native language of people living in Jammu city is a very pleasing language . I can bet you will try to memorize it from the people here.
What’s more? Here in Jammu, besides it is called the city of temples and being most visited Union Territory of India.

How could you miss the cuisine in interesting facts about Jammu and Kashmir?

You can have many tastes from Apples to Apricots; from the recipe of Ambal to a very delicious sweet pudding, Phirni; from roaming willingly in Raghunath Bazaar, which is the soul of Jammu, for shopping many kinds of stuff to visiting Parade area and having a bite of Kaladi Kulcha (Cheese stuffed Kulcha) and many more.
This is the real paradise for true foodies! Certainly, add me to the list of foodies, please.

Now, you enter the summer capital of Jammu and Kashmir, Srinagar; after saying goodbye to the winter capital of Jammu and Kashmir, Jammu.
Srinagar is the heart of Kashmir Valley, connecting more than 20 districts of the entire J&K.

Various misconceptions about the Kashmir valley are still prevalent throughout India. There is much more in Kashmir if you ignore the militancy and religious imbalances. Kashmir was evolved from discovery by Kashypa-Mir, a saint, thus Kashmir. Likewise Jammu was unveiled by an ancient king, Jambu Lochan. (As considered by people here)

What actually is Kashmir?

Kashmir is a land where snowflakes render your mood;

It is a land that connects you with actual nature and the realistic climate;

Kashmir is a land where you can enjoy every moment either on lakes or mountains or glaciers;

It is a place that provides you with an atmosphere to confess your love to someone; and it is considered an ideal location to film romatic as well as action movies!

How does the journey to Kashmir valley affect your lifestyle?

A visit to Kashmir makes you feel Royal, you will be served with the self-made Royal, Authentic, Magnetic, and Refreshing cuisine of our land, The ‘Wazwan’. It is basically a mixture of self-grown spices, variety of vegetable oils,then mixed in a very big bowl and is cooked. I can again bet you will definitely like it, and The Wazwan includes both Vegetarian and Non-Vegetarian food sections.

The native cloth which people here wear called ‘Ferran’ will be given to you for your stay. Indeed, all these are the matter of respect.

Our India comes with great land and language diversities which is holding several communities for thousands of years. Lets live in brotherhood and make India proud as she deserves and explore each others cultures and diversity!

We hope these delightful details about Jammu and Kashmir made you love and desire about visiting even more! Its the time to plan!

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Places to visit in july in India-some unexplored places!



When its that time of the year when atmosphere outside urges you to backpack and go exploring different places at the end of the summer holidays we start looking for places to visit in july in India and here we make it easier for you!

India is known to be a house to an enormous number of hidden treasures. It is said that there
are far too many exotic places in India which are almost very tough for you to find, only the
avid travelers and explorers can find these places out of immense curiosity and eagerness to
visit these beautiful places which are still untouched by the modern technology and
civilizations and are still in their purest form.

Let’s take a snippet through the far more hidden gems of India that are still unknown to many.

Some unexplored places to visit in july in India:

LAITMAWSIANG, MEGHALAYA makes one of the best places to visit in july in India!

Ideal time to visit Laitmawsiang is august-september however travelling there at end of july seems to be a good idea too!

Here is what to explore there:

A trip to Meghalaya consists of redundant famous places to be visited by the
travelers due to the immense beauty of Meghalaya. It indeed needs an itinerary
planned to decide on these amazing places. While planning on to the itinerary don’t
forget to include and stop by at Laitmawsiang, a quaint village in East Khasi Hills, to
go and get enlightened by the unforeseen garden caves. Visiting this village makes
you feel like visiting the fantasy world as the place consists of the most enchanting
small waterfalls and rivulets, ponds, water works all in the arms of the nature making
it a perfect picturesque location and immense peace from the daily chaos of our life.


As goa is best place to visit in summer but some unexplored places in goa which look stunning during monsoon one of them is Arvalem caves. So ultimately Goa becomes one of the best and away from summer places in july.

Here is what to explore

Whenever you hear goa the only locations that you can think about are the blue
beaches and the beach shacks and casinos altogether. But once you land in goa head
to a different locale instead. The travelers will get immense joy in visiting the cultural
hotspots of Goa. Start from the green valleys which lead you to the immense
serenity. In fact, you visit the rock cut Arvalem caves in Goa and get to know the
historical background they possess. There is a mythological importance of the cave, it
is said that it was a hideout of the Pandavas during their exile. These facts make it a
place to be really treasured throughout


The hill station is suitable to all season visit. But what a greater experience than visiting it in early monsoon with small rain showers!

Here is what you can explore

If you are on vacation just for the sake of relaxation and unwinding through the daily
routine, then Halflong in Assam is the most recommended place. It is a natural lush
paradise interspersed with the pure air to breathe in. There is absolutely nothing that
you would not like in the terms of relaxing and relishing the peace by sipping on hot
cup of chai and sit comfortably in your balcony of your accommodation to literally
breathe in the refreshing ambience of the Halflong while praising the lakes besides.


This place looks deciduous in summers and snowy white in winters. So if you want to go in moderate atmosphere consider travelling from march to july here.

Here is what you can explore:

There is literally no dearth of the amazing trekking trails when you decide to travel to
the north. Many of us purposely plan to only go on these adrenaline rush treks in the
north, from that the Himalayas and travelers with raging blood have managed to
explore some brilliant trekking trails in Uttarakhand. One of them been Chopta which
literally show-offs its snow-capped trekking expeditions. The excursion camps vary
from minimal to long ones, you get to decide on to which ones you are inclined to.
Taking lengthy routes by camping at Tungnath and Chandrashila. By residing in some
local villages on the way to relax and enjoy the serenity and beauty altogether.


However July marks a beginning of monsoon here with rains pouring down you can consider end of the march to travel here.

Here is what you can explore:

Murud’s popularity come from its well-known and strong marine fort, Janjira. It is
indeed known by the name of Murud, Janjira. This fort is literally balanced atop the
water body that connects to the Arabian sea, just wondering about the place can
give an idea that how astounding beauty Murud, Janjira is. It is growing towering
structure by the shores of a quaint town making it the treasured places to be visited
in Maharashtra. The thing that makes it a treasured gem is because of the
interesting feature of holding a salt water tank in its premise, which indeed is an
addition to the already attracting place.


The best time to visit is november and march but it is recommended to not visit it during summers so however july marks a good time to visit this place.

Here is what you can explore:

When it comes to Tamil Nadu people tend to get attracted to Pondicherry or
Kanyakumari. However, one of the lesser known and hidden delights of the state’s
tourism comes from the small town of Tharangambadi which is a once established
Danish colony. There is fort named Dansborg perched atop the coastal space is a
literal bliss. You would be fascinated by the serenity of the locale and amazed by the
robust structure made of out of different beige hues.
So, there are many go-to-go destinations which are literally jaw-dropping with its
immense beauty and its hidden features which makes them more explorable. The
travelers only have to make an effort of searching these hidden gems in India.

These were some unknown unexplored places in India to visit in India. Happy exploring!

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