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All you need to know about the locust attack.



After the outbreak of pandemic COVID-19, the nation was surviving by adapting the new ways of minimalistic living. Until a new pestilence hammered Indian economy and crops in the form of large Locust Swarms. These swarms were seen in states like Punjab, Rajasthan, Maharashtra and even in some parts of Delhi-NCR as well.
 In a shocking turn of events, the abrupt appearance of swarms shocked the nation. These swarms have returned after three decades with millions of locusts. We can witness them across western and northern India, destroying farms and raising alarm for the nation.

What is a Locust?
Locusts belong to the family of grasshoppers, normally living and breeding in semi-arid or complete desert regions. It is also known as ‘Schistocerca gregaria’. They migrate in vast swarms which cause huge damage to vegetation. The desert locust is supposed to be the most disastrous migratory pest in the world.They don’t victimize people or animals, but quickly eat up the seeds, leaves, fruits, flowers, and maturing notches of the plant. ‘A small swarm with 40 million locusts has an appetite which parallels to the appetite of 3500 people, 20 camels, and 6 elephants’ published by the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO).
Locust outbreak is not new in India, since the beginning of the 19th century, there have been at least eight “outbreaks” causing vast damage to the nation’s agrarian lineage.According to the history of the Locust Warning Office published by the FAO, a “five-year duration” from 1926 to 1931 is tallied to have destroyed crops worth minimum Rs. 2 crores (about 70 crores at today’s price).

Talking to the EarthView, Dr B.B Bhosle Entomologist and former Director of extension, Vasantrao Naik Marathwada Krishi Vidyapeeth, Parbhani said, ‘For laying eggs, Locust need the bare surface, which is hardly found in regions with luxuriant vegetation. So, they can breed in African countries or the Thar desert of India but not in the Indo-Gangetic plains or river deltas.”He further said, “However, green vegetation is mandatory for up-bringing of the hopper. Hopper is the second stage of the nymph from the eggs. Such greenery isn’t widespread in the deserts to sustain the growth of large communities of locusts. So, they migrate from one territory to another and transform in the Adult moth shaping Swarms. “
Bhosale also mentioned that as individuals locusts are not dangerous. But when they accumulate into large populations they transform from ‘solitary phase’ into ‘gregarious phase’, and begin creating swarms.

The worst locust infestation in India has been seen since decades, according to the Locust Warning Organisation (LWO) of India, ‘usually, they appear to strike out Pakistan and enter in the country between July and October lingering in Rajasthan’. 
So, what made Locust so bewildering this time? Swarms of desert locusts already attacked parts of Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, Punjab, and Uttar Pradesh. Delhi, the capital was also alarmed by the wind forecast after the change in wind moments.’The proliferation of attacks is linked with weather dynamics of the Indian Ocean and climate change’, said Dr Bhosle. Further, he also added that heavy rain is a catalyst of vegetation in arid regions which is suitable for the growth of desert Locust. Rising temperature because of global warming made the Indian Ocean particularly warm, which resulted in heavy pre-monsoon rains in north India and the Arabian Peninsula. Suddenly eggs came to life, and it is very much reasonable that wet soil because of extreme conditions favoured the growth of locust swarms more potentially’.After July, westward movements of the swarms because of changing winds as a result of southwest monsoon will be another challenge for states like Rajasthan. The main threat is when they start breeding. As a sole gregarious female locust can lay 60-80 eggs three times during the life cycle of 90 days.”India is a green country, cultivating primarily Kharif crops,” said Dr B.B Bhosle. So, if Locust breeding will be continuous we will face a similar situation like Kenya while cultivating Kharif crop.
Until now 3 million hectares of land were destroyed by Desert Locust. Several Indian media portals reported that around 123,500 acres of cultivated land had already been destroyed in different parts of India.Also, the lockdown affected farmers in tending their crops, because it left them without workers. Such, twin-menace crisis affects the food security of India.
However, we have various advantages in fighting locusts because of deeper knowledge and technology.Since Farmers are aware of the arrival of swarms they have switched to crops that can be cultivated much before swarming season, and the locusts also can be curbed and killed with pesticides.
‘Monitoring for locust breeding is essential, as it is much easier to demolish eggs then fully grown moth Locusts,’ said Dr B.B Bholse, as a primary means to stop their attack. Presently, the methods of controlling desert locust swarms consist of using Chemicals, Pesticides, Beat steel utensils creating noise during late afternoons and evenings, and play noisy music at night to avert locust swarm,” he added.Dr Bhosale also mentioned that accurate wind forecasting can also help in understanding the probable new landing site. He said ‘The direction of Locusts depends on wind direction, speed, and other weather conditions. If accurate wind forecasting is done, it will be helpful to understand probable new Locusts landing sites, where spraying operations for pesticide can be performed earlier, measures and instruction could be prepared in advance’.
However, chemicals and pesticides can be used but are harmful to the environment and humans as they have neurotoxic effects.

Therefore, broad-scale spraying of the dangerous chemical should be avoided. The practice of using must be strategic and with ultimate caution. Since it could harm non-target insects and birds such as ground beetles and Termites.Measures such as Neem, garlic, and chillies can be used to minimize the environmental and human health costs.  The government is laying out a careful road map to deal with both the health and the economic consequences formed because of the crisis, however, the people need to understand the devastating effects of climate change. Despite the planning, it is high time to perform.

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Satyashodhak: the biopic



The wait is over….The most awaited Biopic ‘Satyashodhak’ will be out for the Big screen experience very soon

The biopic of legendary social worker and reformer Mahatma Jyotiba Phule, ‘Satyshodhak’ will be soon available for audience’s viewing. This Biopic will be an aviation in bilingual languages – both in Hindi and in Marathi. Jyotirao Govindrao Phule- is one of the well-known and leading social reformers and activists in the modern history of India. He came as a light of hope for Backward Class people and along with this he was also a great writer, a philosopher with the modern thoughts. He was also the first person to start an Orphanage in India. With the support of his wife Mrs. Savitribai Phule, Jyotibha Phule opened the first school ever for Women in India. This movie Satyashodhak will take you on an inspiring journey of Jyotiba Phule and Savitribai Phule’s life.

With joint efforts of Samata film and P.B. Infra Pvt. Ltd decided to make this movie bilingual – both in Marathi and Hindi language. For the past 3 years, the whole team has given their 100% efforts to make this film more realistic and pure authentic which will connect to people’s hearts. This will be one of the most historic milestones for the entire team who gave their honest efforts for the film.

Talking about the cast, we will be seeing a talented actor Sandeep Kulkarni portraying the character of Mahatma Jyotiba Phule whereas actress Rajashree Deshpande will be seen playing the role of his wife Mrs. Savitribai Phule. The Music is given by none other than Amit Raj. The 80% of the shooting was already done and the remaining one is expected to be completed by May 2021. With the help of great VFX work, you can relive the British era (19th century) in visually stunning manners.

Writer and director Nilesh Jalamkar says, “This film is definitely going to motivate all generations of people but mostly this current generation. And I think everyone will love this film as it is one of the most awaited films of this year.”

Producer Pravin Tayade and Appa Borate said that this one is a huge social responsibility for us to tell the real story of Mahatma Phule to the world and we have tried to give full justice to this film. Producer Pawankumar Kahakkar and Pattebahadur promised that both Hindi and Marathi audiences will love this movie. On the other hand Co-producer Binder Singh, Vishal Wahurwagh, Pratik Bansode mentioned that, the team is sure about this movie fulfilling all your expectations. Samata Films, P.B. Infra Pvt Ltd and the entire team of Satyshodhak are delighted to remember the legend on his 194th Anniversary today.

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The status of human values in India



Since ancient times India possessed the wisdom of human values. Satya(truth), ahimsa(non-violence), dharma(right action), shanti(Peace) and prema(love) are the five human values in indian culture, if you follow these then it is believed that you will attain moksha(salvation). But in today’s era these human values are degrading at alarming rate due to rise in inhuman values within people. Every indian is being brought up with these five values but the problem is they dont follow them now. These inhuman deeds like lust, pride and others are making indians more vulnerable to give wisdom to the world. People unknowingly believe in maya(illusion) , unaware of the fact that it’s not the reality.

Technologies were developed to enhance human abilities not to disable them. Technology intead of enhancing human abilities is degrading those abilities. Let’s see how people are practicing inhuman deeds. We often watch these reels video wondering if we can do the same and when we do the samething we want more to do that and the cycle repeats, social media is becoming more powerful to enhance our inhuman value, these tricks of social media are binding us to do the right thing for us.

Ever wondered what is the source of the rapidly increasing inhuman values in india ? India was invaded and dominated by many nations across the world before independence we were betrayed by our own people either for “Power” or for “Money”. So the only reason for this rapidly increasing inhuman values is “Power”, we follow the people who are more powerful than us, in our case we started following western culture, whatever they do we tend to follow them. In india there are less people who know the value of yoga but there more people who know Coka Cola. And the second reason is money, we are so fallen deep into the well of maya that we dont even understand what true happiness is. We tend to find the happiness through material gratification but the happiness lies within ourselves.

India has lost its true wisdom, all because we tend to follow the most powerful. This is only resulting into increase in negativity. Lust, pride, loneliness, money have over powered our senses killing all the wisdom we have. We see majorly rapes cases and suicides most of in the news all these thing promotes more chaos. Lack of education also promotes these inhuman deeds. To give an example, crime in south indian states are far less than the crime in north indian, and the major factor that contribute is lack of Education. But its not late yet, many Indians have brought back our true wisdom as well. The value of meditation, forgiveness, and many more are being taught to the western world through Indians in order to change India. If we teach the powerful people true wisdom eventually our people will change.

This is true that the status of human values in India is diminishing due to our tendency to get happiness from the external world. Human values are only factors that redefined your character and make you wise. In the world of darkness don’t let the light of true wisdom of India get dim. If we don’t change for the sake of our people or world then no one would dare to change. Parent’s, friends and teachers everyone has a role to bring back our wisdom, the only thing is trust people to whom you want to show the wisdom of India.

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