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My question is are you really free? Have we set women free? When I say this don’t say this that you have given them equal rights. You have not. Right from there birth life is tough for them. If a girl child is born then you will not appreciate it. Your in-laws will prefer a boy child. When she starts exploring the world then you don’t want them to do good. You don’t want to teach her well. All you can think of is always dominating them and suppressing them so much that they cannot fly. But boss you cannot dominate them. They will rebound. Why does she need to take her husband’s surname? Why does she need to consistently prove that she is a woman. Why does she need to prove her individuality?

Well I will share a story of mine. A friend of mine, his girlfriend, says that she will take her surname post their marriage. The guy is very adamant that he will not give his surname to his girlfriend. Is it necessary? You tell me. I am Ankur Unnayan. Why does my girlfriend need to be Simran Sharma Unnayan? She can be Simran Sharma post marriage. I will tell you one thing very strongly that women are very strong.

Answer one question? Does your mother work? You will say no. Because for you only your father works. Is she paid well? Does she have equal rights? You will never consider this that she is a housewife then that is a work that continues without any leave. This office is open 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. Does she get any remuneration for it? No. You don’t even consider being a housewife a work without being paid.

You feel that it is very easy for them. No it is not. Recently, Zomato introduced period leave for women. A section of the media applauded it and another section did not. Why do we need to celebrate it? It has to be considered normal. Don’t you think? Any woman who works and manages the house is celebrated. Celebrate everything. Provide her the space to breathe. Let her be the way she wants to be. She wants to stroll naked on the beaches let it be.

Recently, Kannada actress Samyukhta Hegde was shamed for wearing a sports bra in a park and working out by a local Congress leader. She was a woman. Is that the type of nation we want to live in? All the above facts are applicable in the city contexts. When you descend to the Indian villages the situation goes into remorse. Women are not allowed to think. They are beaten, they don’t have rights, they are not educated. We need to celebrate women and normalize this.

In 2020 also every girl has been eveteased once on this planet. What is the kind of environment we are providing. A man is ever asked what will he do when he goes home? No. If I own a supercar and I have a hot chick sitting in it I will be considered cool. Can a girl do the same. No. You think it is easy for them. Right from 00:00:01 seconds of their birth they need to prove themselves. They never have it easy. My readers, I cannot guarantee that a day will come when men and women are on an equal level playing field? This has been the case since the onset of mankind. We men have it very easy. We need to rethink and level it up.

They will lead their lives. Come in the next part and I will show you what more do you have. Feminism. Think about it? Let’s make the world a better place.

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Tara Alisha Berry: Sparkling like a real Tara!



Tara Alsiha Berry

An ever enthusiastic and cheerful Tara Alisha Berry gave us a glimpse in her personal life and her insights in life and we had a wonderful session! An Indian film and theatre actress, known for her works in Tamil, Hindi and Telugu films.

Here we have a chit-chat session between our host Shalini Gupta and Tara Alisha Berry-

Q. What was Tara Alisha Berry in her childhood?

Tara Alisha Berry:

“ I was stubborn, not an anti-social person and my friend circle kept increased from my close relations. And initially, I was very confused when I entered this industry because some people told me to do modelling, some of them used to advice me to go with music video and casting. I used to say to all in the film industry that ‘Don’t have any plan B and don’t have any backup plan at all.’ “

Q. Which platform will you prefer the most from this: Web series or OTT or Music album?

“I am always ready to do anything in acting. I would like to do anything on a media-related platform. If I believe in the story and ideal with my director, I will be 100% part of it.”

Q . How theatre plays an important role for media aspirants?

“In my point of view, the screenplay is completely different from theatre. When I was studying at Japan university, I have done much screenwriting. You know when you are on the stage, the last person in the last row should feel what you’re feeling. So that is the main thing in acting.”

Q. How much are you fond of acting?

“ Since I have participated in many extracurricular activities from my childhood. I have taken part in many programs in my schools and colleges. But in my college, I came to learn about the eternal things in acting. I love my passion and I love acting. So if you want to be happy, you need to follow your passion. If you wake up every day, choose what you need to live for.”

Q. Have you ever been in this situation that you are not satisfied with the project or you are not satisfied with your director but you need to adjust?

“ Yes, absolutely I have been in that situation and every actor experienced this condition. I have believed in my part I played and I need to earn money to live in Mumbai.”

Q. What is your opinion about this common phrase among Indians, ‘Unless you didn’t have a godfather from this industry, you couldn’t enter in this industry?

“Honestly, I don’t think it is true at all. I believed in the hard work in this industry. Even I know people with godfathers in the same industry can easily pick the chance for the first time. But after that, it depends upon the actor/actress. The fact is that the audience likes you or not and your hard work speaks there. At the end of the day, the audience is going to decide for you”

Q. Are any other skills needed in this film industry other than acting or it is oddly enough?

“No, acting alone is not enough. You need to be very patient and positive. There would be some months with no jobs and you may think that it would be better to shift over to plan B. At that time, you need to be persistent. I am very lucky that I am having such kind of people in my life to pull me out from those hard times and be there in my thick and thin. And sometimes, you might be alone, so you need to have the skill to pull out yourself from the bad situations.”

Q. Which do you believe is the most Hard work or Smart work?

“I think the combination of the both. Hard work is essential and I believe in hard work. Also, I am a least smart worker but I have my managers Kunal and Arthi who are handling me in this industry over the years. And also, smart work needs prior experiences.”

Q. What is the daily routine of Tara Alisha Berry?

“I usually go to sleep earlier between 10 pm to 11 pm and wake up at 7:30 am to 8 am. Then I open the window of my room and I take my dog down. Subsequently, I take my tea and breakfast. I do yoga and workouts, particularly I am interested in Zumba as it is one of my favourites. After these activities, my routines are not similar. It may change daily. In sometime, I used to spend my whole day with my cat and dog.”

Q. Are you a dog person?

“I am a lively person. and love all animals, living beings except moths and butterflies (chuckles). I kept the snake for a few days as I found it in my garden. Some people are scared about dogs or any other animals. So, what I like to say is you don’t have to rear a pet and you don’t need to dislike it.”

Q. What are the best qualities that you possess and mention two worst qualities that you would need to be changed?

“Firstly, the worst qualities are I am very stubborn and I would become very anxious if the things were scattered and not at the fixed place. I am a very emotional person and Yeah, I know that being emotional is not a disadvantage. At sometimes, I would be in bad mood. On the other hand, my advantages and positive qualities are I am a hardworking person and I am highly committed to my work. I am confident and I would always say, ‘Yes, I can do it.’ I encourage people and I give them mental support. I believe don’t be too judgemental about yourself. Because you know more about you than anyone else.”

Q. What is the best thing in this film industry and what is the one thing that you prefer to change in this industry?

“ We can get a wide exposure among people is the best thing in this industry and the industry needs to change is that more women should be placed in powerful positions. As I love to see women in powerful roles like directors, main roles and DOPs. “

Q. What do you like to say about the term ‘Feminist’?

“Lots of people think that feminism is ‘male bashing’ and it is completely incorrect. Feminism is the idea only about gender equality. Women are just the same as men and normal human beings.”

Thank you, Tara Alisha Berry.

It has been a wonderful session with you. Our sincere regards to Tara Alisha Berry all of your future success from PARADOX INDIA

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‘Ziddi’ by MJ5 boasting a powerful audio is securing colossal love from the audience!



India’s youngest and coolest boyband are seen grooving over their latest released song Ziddi with nicely suited outfits and some killer dance moves. What makes this song a delight to watch is it’s storyline which is lot relatable!! Like every boy has a girl in life who is Ziddi and can’t be convinced at all! So, the song relates to many of us and the lyrics just rotates in our mind for over a day reminding us of that ! From beats to lyrics, outfits to moves and from choreography to lyrics everything about the song is just so perfect that we just cant get over it !! The beats of Ziddi and moves of MJ5 are some really fantastic combination. Trust us, you will never regret because these champs never let you down be it music or dance!

Ask “Ziddi” team of MJ5 to bring fresh content to the table and they will bring the best out of their skills! And this time in whole different vibe they have made us go ‘HAWWWW’ with the EDM style Carribean type music becoming the first Indianboyband to put their hands on such type of music. This song is literally a grooving song and you can’t help but move your legs on the beat! Watching them is such a delight from good old days to today when MJ5 are such a hit!

MJ5’s wish was to give India their first Boyband. They did with Bawaal and now once again justifying it with Ziddi. Thissong ‘Ziddi’, is MJ5’s second Hindi track produced and conceptualised by Nitish R Kumar. The song is about how the boys struggle confessing their love to their lady love because of how Ziddi she is . The performance and vocals are given by Kartik, Rohit, Dennis, Himanshu and Vishnu itself. They are 5 men army whether be it choreography or the song or winning hearts! This is the second official music video of MJ5 after the grand foraying into the world of music with their very debut music video called “Bawaal”. Bawaal was released in the month of March 2021 which ignited the music and dance industry with a magnificent performance. As the name suggests it made “Bawaal” with their debut. It crossed over 19M+ views on YouTube and still counting.
Ziddi is receiving lots of love and appreciation from the audience. It’s receiving attention from industry as it is one of the freshly made content which is uniquely conceptualized. The video is so different because of it’s amazing look and feel. Just in less than a week, Ziddi had 1M views or may we say love from all the corners of the world ! We won’t be surprise at all to put forth that after 3 week of release, they have over 3M+ views and the counts are just adding up. Comment’s like “We are proud to have an Indian boyband to represent us” were showered and mentioned all over. We alljust hope this video breaks all the records and sets up a new benchmark turning out to be a gigantic hit.
The music and lyrics are given by Dixant Shaurya and Nitish R Kumar. The official song is associated with the music label- MJ5 entertainment . It was directed by Kishalay Tiwari and Nitish Kumar who has worked along with Maestro A. R. Rahman Sir. “Ziddi” is available on all music platforms.
MJ5 have always been a inspiration to many and we always look forward to them to freshly brew some content. Man they never disappoint !! They work towards improving their vocal skills experimenting with the new style and dance moves. Recently, we had an incredible interactive Interview session with MJ5 for “Ziddi” and as always they were Amazing.

Then what are you waiting for? Tap on the link below to watch Ziddi now!

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