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Assam floods: Unpredictable,uncovered disaster.



Water, the second most important factor of living can also turn tables to us unexpectedly! The “unpredictable” disasters of nature have shown a colossal effect on Assam. 

Every coming year brings loss of human and animal lives, broken chain of infrastructure and an emotional breakdown of that every civilian who voted. The another channel of floodwaters washed over Assam last week. Over 27,63,719 people in 25 districts had vastly been affected, the death toll had risen to 79. Some 47,465 people have taken shelter in 649 relief camps across the state. Excess of water took a huge toll on livestock and affected deepening the loss of over 1,16,404 hectares of cultivated area according to report by Hindustan Times.

Among the mightiest rivers of India is Brahmaputra, a trans- boundary river that passes through Assam. Instability of sedimentation and steep slopes makes it extremely dangerous. Additionally, the entire area falls under in an earthquake- prone zone under disastrous blessings of coal mines.

Coal, one of the main reasons for the pollution of India. Out of World’s top 10 polluted cities, 6 are of India. India’s coal industry kills 1,20,000 people every year, says Greenpeace.

‘First flooding’ was considered a good omen previously as it was precious for replenishing the fertility of the land. However, undue flooding leaves the region staggering on an annual basis and ironically they are affected by the side effects of good human causes in the form of coal mining.
Human good causes have given nature so much that a well derived formula: Human Factor+ Good cause= Natural DisastersCoal mining is a responsible factor for flooding to fire and explosion. With numerous tragic and major loss events in the headlines over past months, let’s see what are the main risks affecting this sector and how these can be mitigated.

While, the mining industry has the potential to disrupt ecosystems by wiping out wildlife populations in many different ways, the clearing of land i.e. Deforestation, leads to floods in downstream areas as it reduces the upstream area’s capacity to absorb rainwater, resulting in greater proportions of runoff flowing water into the city. Tailings also wash into the area’s rivers from mines, which restrict their flow.
Assam is endowed with both the monsoon rains and the Himalayan rivers, of which the major contribution is by the Brahmaputra. No geographical good news can match this. Although each year, lives are lost, millions are displaced, villages, crops, and basic infrastructure get destroyed in Assam. The melted water in summer merges with the monsoon, causing the annual flooding.

At the time when we look at the solutions for flooding, the faulty embankments worsen the situation.

What would console the flood hit citizen when the structure meant to control the floods worsens it more?
4,500 km immense Embankments encircling 103 tributaries, alongside the Brahmaputra have been built costing Rs 30,000 crore over last 60 years by successive governments in Assam reported by The Quint.
While Embankments protects some, they destroy some!Taking the instance of Dibrugarh village, which falls on the southern bank of Brahmaputra. Its massive embankment protects it from the floods but a village nearby Patra Gaon, strikes with flood frequently as it does not have Embankments. So when the floods come, the embankments channel the floodwater in abundance and high intensity towards these suburbs. While one village is saved, the other is left to deal with a double-whammy waters doubling their trouble. Landslides due to Mining and faulty drainage have weakened Assam’s aging embankments. Moreover, 80% of them are poorly maintained.
Civilizations have always development around rivers and so is the situation in North East. Townships have sprung up across Assam without proper flood-risk management.

Is it limited to North-East regions?

Not only kaziranga but every other national parks faces problems because of Mining. Extensive deforestation and cutting of highlands have only worsened the situation.
The NTCA has blamed the “stone mining or quarrying established in the intervening area” between Kaziranga and Karbi Anglong hills for “destroying the wildlife habitat which is essential for long-ranging species like tigers, wild buffalos and Indian elephant.”
After the glance of Elephants slaying in Kerala, the whole nation felt sorrow and irony is that the permissions are granted for mining in an elephant reserve. Dehing Patkai, amazon of India where 98 hectares of land is eroded because of mining. Also, in Chattisgarh the Mahanadi which is a livelihood for local people, and Hasdeo Arand forest. Is drying up, and also getting polluted just to fulfill the demand for coal. This affected more than 4 crores of people.
Why animals are killed due to floods?It is told that the flooding is essential for the survival of Kaziranga National Park, world-famous for its one-horned rhinos. Earlier the animals could simply shift to higher surface within the park. “The Karbi Anglong hill is as a hill that is visible to the wild animals from a distance,” explained Bibhab Kumar Talukdar, CEO of NGO Aaranyak, which works on nature and wildlife preservation. But in 2019, as 90% of Kaziranga got flooded, the water engulfed every inch of the park even the higher ground. Unexpectedly, the animals had nowhere to run. And according to the numbers of government of State, animal deaths are shocking – 350 animals killed in 2016, 503 in 2017.

Is There a Solution?
Well, to stop mining is not possible. As India is developing nation and coal has a lion’s share in it. But the stakeholders of India can direct the country towards sustainable development.
Himanshu Thakkar, Head of South Asia Network on dams, rivers and people suggests:Better Flood forecasting i.e. Information about floods forecasts should reach the affected villages in time. We must strengthen just those embankments that are really required. And in place of constructing embankments, we should create more space for the river, inspite of restricting it. 

Another possible solution is a Sponge City. A sponge city is a city that is designed to passively absorb, clean and use rainfall in an ecologically familiar way that reduces hazardous and polluted runoff. It is connected to the main water plant of city.Associated techniques contain spongy roads, rainwater harvesting, rooftop gardens and water conservatives such as ponds and lakes, even China and Japan is working on the same concept.
In the latest budget for 2020, the government has allotted Rs. 600 crores for “exploration of coal and lignite”, an increase of 20% compared to the Rs. 500 crores allotted in 2019. Meanwhile, the budget for “conservation, safety, and infrastructure development in coal mines” have been reduced by almost 33% from Rs. 200 crore in 2019 to Rs 135 crore in the budget (Data taken from
It’s high time for us to realize the importance of Sustainable development. The actions are taken, NTCA has instructed the Assam government to take “immediate action” to end mining, quarrying and stone crusher undertakings within a 10 km radius of the tiger reserve. But that’s not enough
India needs to shift it’s focus from coal to solar, before the outbreak of COVID-19, Sunil Dahiya, an analyst at the Centre for Research on Energy and Clean Air, said there was “a clear indication that coal will not fuel future electricity growth,” which will mostly be provided by renewables such as solar and wind. Reported by Boell organization.
Climate challanging crises are a new normal across the world. A magic pill that is specified to battle these impacts is complete phasing out of coal and transitioning to renewable power.
A report by the International Renewable Energy Agency’s (IRENA) said that renewable energy could assign more than 40 million people by 2050. It said that total energy sector job can reach 100 million by 2050, so the growth can be achieved even faster. If we take a step to make a change.Perhaps it’s time that we end being normalizing on the yearly demolition and act, not just react.
Remember, the most important stakeholders of a country are it’s citizens!

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Satyashodhak: the biopic



The wait is over….The most awaited Biopic ‘Satyashodhak’ will be out for the Big screen experience very soon

The biopic of legendary social worker and reformer Mahatma Jyotiba Phule, ‘Satyshodhak’ will be soon available for audience’s viewing. This Biopic will be an aviation in bilingual languages – both in Hindi and in Marathi. Jyotirao Govindrao Phule- is one of the well-known and leading social reformers and activists in the modern history of India. He came as a light of hope for Backward Class people and along with this he was also a great writer, a philosopher with the modern thoughts. He was also the first person to start an Orphanage in India. With the support of his wife Mrs. Savitribai Phule, Jyotibha Phule opened the first school ever for Women in India. This movie Satyashodhak will take you on an inspiring journey of Jyotiba Phule and Savitribai Phule’s life.

With joint efforts of Samata film and P.B. Infra Pvt. Ltd decided to make this movie bilingual – both in Marathi and Hindi language. For the past 3 years, the whole team has given their 100% efforts to make this film more realistic and pure authentic which will connect to people’s hearts. This will be one of the most historic milestones for the entire team who gave their honest efforts for the film.

Talking about the cast, we will be seeing a talented actor Sandeep Kulkarni portraying the character of Mahatma Jyotiba Phule whereas actress Rajashree Deshpande will be seen playing the role of his wife Mrs. Savitribai Phule. The Music is given by none other than Amit Raj. The 80% of the shooting was already done and the remaining one is expected to be completed by May 2021. With the help of great VFX work, you can relive the British era (19th century) in visually stunning manners.

Writer and director Nilesh Jalamkar says, “This film is definitely going to motivate all generations of people but mostly this current generation. And I think everyone will love this film as it is one of the most awaited films of this year.”

Producer Pravin Tayade and Appa Borate said that this one is a huge social responsibility for us to tell the real story of Mahatma Phule to the world and we have tried to give full justice to this film. Producer Pawankumar Kahakkar and Pattebahadur promised that both Hindi and Marathi audiences will love this movie. On the other hand Co-producer Binder Singh, Vishal Wahurwagh, Pratik Bansode mentioned that, the team is sure about this movie fulfilling all your expectations. Samata Films, P.B. Infra Pvt Ltd and the entire team of Satyshodhak are delighted to remember the legend on his 194th Anniversary today.

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The status of human values in India



Since ancient times India possessed the wisdom of human values. Satya(truth), ahimsa(non-violence), dharma(right action), shanti(Peace) and prema(love) are the five human values in indian culture, if you follow these then it is believed that you will attain moksha(salvation). But in today’s era these human values are degrading at alarming rate due to rise in inhuman values within people. Every indian is being brought up with these five values but the problem is they dont follow them now. These inhuman deeds like lust, pride and others are making indians more vulnerable to give wisdom to the world. People unknowingly believe in maya(illusion) , unaware of the fact that it’s not the reality.

Technologies were developed to enhance human abilities not to disable them. Technology intead of enhancing human abilities is degrading those abilities. Let’s see how people are practicing inhuman deeds. We often watch these reels video wondering if we can do the same and when we do the samething we want more to do that and the cycle repeats, social media is becoming more powerful to enhance our inhuman value, these tricks of social media are binding us to do the right thing for us.

Ever wondered what is the source of the rapidly increasing inhuman values in india ? India was invaded and dominated by many nations across the world before independence we were betrayed by our own people either for “Power” or for “Money”. So the only reason for this rapidly increasing inhuman values is “Power”, we follow the people who are more powerful than us, in our case we started following western culture, whatever they do we tend to follow them. In india there are less people who know the value of yoga but there more people who know Coka Cola. And the second reason is money, we are so fallen deep into the well of maya that we dont even understand what true happiness is. We tend to find the happiness through material gratification but the happiness lies within ourselves.

India has lost its true wisdom, all because we tend to follow the most powerful. This is only resulting into increase in negativity. Lust, pride, loneliness, money have over powered our senses killing all the wisdom we have. We see majorly rapes cases and suicides most of in the news all these thing promotes more chaos. Lack of education also promotes these inhuman deeds. To give an example, crime in south indian states are far less than the crime in north indian, and the major factor that contribute is lack of Education. But its not late yet, many Indians have brought back our true wisdom as well. The value of meditation, forgiveness, and many more are being taught to the western world through Indians in order to change India. If we teach the powerful people true wisdom eventually our people will change.

This is true that the status of human values in India is diminishing due to our tendency to get happiness from the external world. Human values are only factors that redefined your character and make you wise. In the world of darkness don’t let the light of true wisdom of India get dim. If we don’t change for the sake of our people or world then no one would dare to change. Parent’s, friends and teachers everyone has a role to bring back our wisdom, the only thing is trust people to whom you want to show the wisdom of India.

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