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Ever-widening mystery of the Parallel Universe.



One of the biggest mysteries in the range of the scientific world is the Multiverse theory. The idea of the existence of multiple realities has widely taken the minds of scientists. All that our telescope could see so far is the tiny fragment of the unimaginable large ocean of universes.

The theory of Multiple or Parallel Universes blurs the line between scientific reality and science fiction. Nobody knows for sure whether all these exist! Hence, that is why it is a Theory.

The matter of beliefs having another world similar to ours always puts us at the age of the seat. Today, this article will help you to dig deeper into the climax of this ever-widening mystery of the Parallel Universe.

Around 13.7 billion years ago, it is believed that everything started with some unknown trigger that caused the expansion and inflation of space that is our Big Bang theory. As the immense energy of this initial expansion cooled, the light began to shine through. Eventually, the small particles began to form into the larger pieces of matter we know today, such as galaxies, stars, and planets.

The word ‘Universes’ sounds out of one’s mind although it’s silliness to deny the term. A multiverse is a hypothetical group of multiple universes together these universes comprise everything that exists the entirety of space, time, matter, energy, information, and the physical laws and constants that describes them.

The different universes within the multiverse are called parallel universes, alternate universes, or many worlds. Perhaps there are other Universes, even with different versions of different histories, alternate outcomes, than our own and us. When it comes to physics, this is one of the most exciting possibilities of all, but it’s far from a certainty.

Parallel Universe, solely isn’t the whole thing! There are more probabilities of the existence of Multiverses and Mirror verses or Parallel universes.

Hugh Everett, a physicist believed that the Universe is constantly splitting and each of its splits became its Universe. This is now known as the Multiple World theory. In the Multiple World theory, there are versions of you living in that life right now. All of that originated from you but it’s not you any more yet the identical versions of yourself.

There are many theories proposed by scientists that suggest the possibility of a parallel universe. Some of them are below:

Bubble Universe Theory

Bubble Universe states that Universes are like bubbles much unseen by each other because we don’t have such technology. Every bubble has slightly different laws of physics and then we could only exist in one that had the right physical laws to allow us to exist.

String theory

Some dimensions that extend an object into one or more spatial dimensions are called branes.

A 0-brane is a zero-dimensional object, a point.
A 1-brane is a one-dimensional object, a string.
A 2-brane is a two-dimensional object, a membrane.
And a P-brane is a p-dimensional object.

Because some versions of string theory have 9 spatial dimensions, p-branes may exist for values of p up to 9.

It suggests that what we think of as our Universe is only the 3-dimensional surface embedded with a larger super-universe with nine spatial dimensions. To understand this better assume each page of a newspaper as its two-dimensional surface embedded within our three-dimensional world.

Quantum Mechanics.

Another theory is of quantum mechanics but the collapse of the wavefunction isn’t understood yet. It has two sets of the rule when you’re not looking at the wave function it simply evolves but when you are looking at it and make a measurement or if the wavefunction interacts with the external environment it collapses.

The continuous space-time requires a continuous solution hence, the wave function has to be continuous to reach the criteria of state of a particle. Schrodinger’s equation explains that all.

Even before the String theory, the idea existed that the geometry of the universe would allow us for travelling through two distinct points through a smaller path. In science, we can call it Wormholes. The concept of wormhole arises from Einstein’s theory of general relativity. Wormhole theory supposes that a theoretical passage through space-time could create shortcuts for long journeys across the Universe.

It is believed that we are connected to another brane, a brane of 4 dimensions. If the two branes overlap (brane of 3rd dimension and a brane of 4th dimension), it is conceivable that there would be a way to travel from one brane to another brane. It’s seemingly impossible to do this so wormhole plays the role here making it appear possible to connect to another Universe.

For the formation of Parallel universes, there are innumerable possibilities of the arrangement of the configuration of particles. The arrangement of particles in the cosmic patches may either repeat or differ. This brings us to the conclusion that there are infinite “parallel universes.” The copies might be exactly like us or might differ by one or more particle’s position.

For long, it’s also considered by some, the idea that information enters a black hole exits into a parallel universe employing a wormhole at the center of the black hole. Such ideas are highly speculative and deterministic by Science. If a wormhole were held open with negative energy, it would provide a means of connecting different Universes in Space.

All that we are talking about is theoretical physics and hence multiple universes really could exist. Physics is more scientific and not philosophical. Nevertheless, science is close to taking the abstract and making it physical.

Every possible alternate timeline for the universe is real and they all happen in an ever-large and ever-branching way. It’s like an individual chooses its adventure where every possible story happens although we won’t realize that because we’d be stuck living out just once. We call these Daughter universes.

Similar to what Multiple World’s Theory states.

Imagine yourself in the parallel version of you that went into the other fields rather than what you are doing today. Mirrored copies of subatomic particles could be made so other copies of us could exist in a parallel universe. Imagine every decision you’ve ever made created a new thread in time!

We might take the possibility as a true happening in this case as in an infinite universe and infinite time everything is bound to happen somewhere. Besides, where parallel universes exist, travel between them is undertaken.

However, no above-mentioned theories have any experimental support yet.

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Dussehra: Victory of Good over evil



Dussehra: Victory of Good over evil, is celebrated on the 10th day of month Ashvina. Victory means Prabhu Rama over Ravana in famous hindu epic Ramayan. Also it means the end of Durga puja and Ramlila. In Ramayan, Ravana kidnaps god Rama’s wife Sita, as god Rama & Laxman cuted of the nose of ravna’s sister surpanakha. So to claim vengeance on them Ravana kidnapped sita. To get back maa sita Prabhu Rama and Laxman faught battle against Ravana with the help of hanuman, Subriv & other Vanar sena.

In this battle Ravana’s brother Bhibishan also helped god Ram against Ravana . At the end of Prabhu Ram wins the battle and rescues Maa Sita. Thereafter this victory is celebrated by burning the statue of Ravan, Kumbhakarn, his son Meghnath. Dusshersa is a climax of long day celebration of Navratri.


           The nine days of Navratri is the time to reflect on oneself, observe silence & practice fasting. Fasting cleanses the body of toxins and silence purifies speech & mind. What does Dasehra means Das means ten and hara means take away. Which came after Navratri means nine nights if darkness.  On each day of Navratri we pray to that form of goddess durga to take away that darkness of ignorance within us. After that on tenth day on the occasion of Dasehra we burn all the evil, bad things, thoughts, bad habits inside us in that fire in the form of Ravna as evil inside us.

Dusshera: Victory of Good over evil

Ravana is not the demon or evil, you yourself are one. In the battele of Ram and Ravana, god Ram had been invoked Durga May to help him win the battle against Ravana. We also should invoked Durga to help us in gaining back our Sita. Sita?  It is awareness inside is which has been traped in maya surround us. To make our soul clean and pure we have to burn the evil in the fire by fighting and winning battle against evil. many evils and negative aura lives within us, we should overcome this with good things. This is what Dasehra symbolise.

It is a supreme festival of Hindu culture with true meaning. Furthermore it also symbolize the feminism as the battle is to bring back maa Sita from the Ravana. Whenever person crosses his limit, go beyond it and try to hurt marayda of stree. She will transform into Durga and will punish that person to death. Rama won the battles and the light and happiness spreaded. its our choice, either we want to be Ravana & get entrapped in the worldly pleasure or want to Rama (A spiritual being).To symbolise and to aware Dashera is celebrated do its called, Dussehra: Victory of Good over evil!

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Priyadeep Kaur : Published author at 19!



Priyadeep Kaur is a published author at age of 19. She is the transpiring novelist and her work has been sighted by Shri. Narendra Modi – Prime Minister of India. Priyadeep spent her antecedent days in Shiv Ki Nagari Kashi – Banaras. She is proficiently known as Kashi Ki beti in her hometown. She is awarded with Uttar Pradesh (U.P) Gaurav, Atal Samman 2018, and the title Shaan-e-Kashi. 

More about Priyadeep:

Priyadeep currently is staying in the ‘City beautiful’- Chandigarh. She furthermore worked with a national TV channel of Rapper Badshah. ‘Millions Of Faces in a Face’ is her first book, which received massive love from readers especially from youngsters.

Her second book named Oscar for loving, Grammy for Not! is listed as the best-selling book on the amazon and she grabbed the best-selling author title. Apart from studies she was also highly interested in extracurricular activities during her school days and now Priyadeep Kaur is a published author at age of 19.

Q. When did your journey into writing began? 

Priyadeep: “I am fond of writing back from school days. My grandmother passed away, I found dairy of dad- he had written a poem dedicated to his mom. The poem was very heart touching and emotional. So, I felt like I should also start writing, then I started writing small poems and about things happening around. Then I also started writing parodies on teachers just to express my thoughts. When I was in grade 10, then I started compiling my writings together. That time I use to read novels from ‘Chetan Bhagat’, ‘Nikita Singh’ and from many other novelists too. So, at that time I thought should try writing a book. That’s how the journey started.”

Q. When did you realised that you should be a writer and your writing should get published?

Priyadeep: “Actually, as soon I completed my first book writing, actually I started writing that book when I was in the 11th grade. So, I at that time it was bit hard for me to get things done in a commercial way to get my book published and it took lot of time for that. Then I started doing research how to get book published and I also mailed my work to many publishers. So, I got few replies and with one of the publishers I got my book published. And soon it was available for reading.”

Q. What was the most surprising thing you learned while writing novels?

Priyadeep: “I learnt my things from my novels and one thing I want to mentioned is – there is very slight difference between the things we imagine and things which really happen. I think people who are into writing are a kind of overthinkers, they think a lot. They think from different perspective and try to create an anonymous situation out from it. Being writer, I imagine many things but they are not into real life. So, its very important to keep imaginary world and real life separately and keep the things sorted.”

Q. A person can’t be a writer if he/she doesn’t have strong emotion, what are your views?

Priyadeep: “I would not agree on this personally, but a person can be a writer if they are not good grammar, even if they are not having a particular knowledge of language and to portrait things. Emotions are necessary for writing; we need to feel the situations in that particular way. Although very body has emotions it’s not necessary that to be a writer you should have strong emotions, with time and practise you can achieve it. I agree emotions play a vital role in writing and every one of us have emotions and everybody can write.”

Q. What was your childhood dream?

Priyadeep: “I wanted to be singer actually, that was my childhood dream. When I was 4 years old, my dad introduced me to pandit Anurag dixit. He uses to conduct my classical music classes and I was fond of performing in school and at many other places. So later I started to go in shows and started performing at very small age. I also used to sing local songs at that time. Since 12 grade I started performing- singing and also recorded few songs. At that time, I was also busy into writing and getting book published. So, writing made me feel somethings, like that’s what I want to be. So, I continued by writing.”

Q. What are the techniques and strategies you keep in your mind while you are writing?

Priyadeep: “Actually I try my best to justify the title, which I have given to the book. I think title should be always justifying. Then draft your story accordingly so you can keep the track of it. So, I make the points and draft and then start writing the book, so it’s easy for me if I need to add on few things in between. Mainly I focus on the words and vocabulary add it accordingly. I prefer to sketch the character and his nature, so its easy to maintain and build the story.”

Q. Generally how long does it take to complete a book?

Priyadeep: “My first book I completed in six months. And it took lot of time to complete my second book, because I have joined the office and started working at production house in Chandigarh. Now I am launching my next book, so it took me around 3 months to complete it, which I stared writing during lockdown. So, it’s in pipeline and will be out soon. Although it depends on the time and story to complete a book, it may differ from writer to writer.”

Q. How was your experience working with Badshah sir as a creative producer?

Priyadeep: “It was a very nice experience; I had a wonderful time with the team. We also shoot few songs and I learned lot of things about real life and reel life. I determined the people are so much different in real life, then we usually see in reel life. Specifically talking about BADSHAH sir, as we see his personification in songs, he is completely different in real life. He is very sweet, innocent and humble person. In real, he is not much interested into parties. He is very hardworking and fully dedicated to his work. The whole team was amazing, I got few friends too and the overall journey was awesome for me. I learnt many things from them.”

Q. Can you tell us about the moment when you meet Shri. Narendra Modi (Prime minister of India) and you and your work recognised by him?

Priyadeep: “It was an awesome moment for me, I am very grateful for that. Talking about my family they have framed the photographs and pinned to wall everywhere in my house. For them it was a very proud moment. For me it was a very happy and different kind of adventurous moment. I wrote a letter to PM office randomly and unexpectedly I got response to launch my book by him. I think that was one of the best moments as of now in my writing journey.”

Q. What are your future plans?

Priyadeep: “My next book is coming in November and I am also doing a freelance work in Chandigarh right now, it’s a project of 6 months. So, need to go to Ahmedabad for that work. I have completed two more books in lockdown so I will be planning about there editing and publishing. Due to covid I have many projects pending, so when things will settle need to complete the projects and shoots.”

To know more about Priyadeep Kaur published author at 19- journey and about her life. And some intresting facts- Watch full Instagram interview session with her on IGTV – Paradox India.

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