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You are too fat to flaunt your curves, you are too dark to get a good Rishta, you are too slim kuch khaya kar yaaar, you are too young to be working, you are too old to get married, you should do something else,theres no scope here,you aren’t in shape to post pics in a tight dress, yeh karlo accha pati milega, wo karlo accha job milega.

These are constant dialogue we hear from so called 4 log(which we aren’t able to find for lifetime) and eventually we grow accepting what we say. This becomes a reason to use fairness creams, why we go to gyms, choosing a stable career that we don’t love, settling on a accha rishta, leaving jobs, taking pills to get in shape and sometimes the burden and the depression.

Ever thought why we end up listening to them ???Why we don’t ho to gym because we want to get fit and feel fresh??? Why don’t we do jobs that we love?? Why don’t we actually choose our happiness and choose what others say about us??

How many of us are totally comfortable seeing in the mirror and not feeling ashamed?? How many of us still blame ourself because something doesn’t work out a relation that broke a year ago?? How many of us think at 3 am that we aren’t good enough for someone pr we aren’t a good child to our parents?? How many of us feel depressed and refuse to speak up because society is our priority and not us??

The most ignored part of our last few generations and most important part of todays generation, the part of life if lacked causes serious damage to mental health, the part which takes years to be discovered and the part which is becomes a priority when discovered is the SELF LOVE.

Loving ourself should be our priority,because when you love yourself,you become your priority, you think of yourself first and this isn’t anything selfish, you are born for yourself and you will die alone then why not live life on our terms?? do what makes you happy, improve because you want to, look in the mirror and be proud how long you have came, love yourself like you expect others to love you, be your own hero,be your own love of life, keep yourself priority and wait for the magic.

Moon won’t look extra beautiful but you will be your own moonlight in the dark!

You won’t hear romantic songs in the background but will surely hear your own voice.

You won’t feel special for someone but the most special person for yourself.

You won’t write love letters but every day you will write a thank you note to yourself for whatever you have and whatever you have achieved.

You won’t need a kundali to match you will need meter of happiness to gain!

You won’t need people to appreciate you, you will be appreciating yourself everyday.

Love the different you, love the most amazing you!!! Then all you will see is the new you, the confident you, the you that doesn’t care about anything, the you that seeks happiness and follows heart

Fall in love with yourself and Rise like there’s nobody as special as you. Accept yourself and forget the rest.

Ohhh wait!! Have you proposed yourself yet???

Say hey me, will you be my most favourite person forever???

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Top 10 Amazon prime web series Hindi



Its Weekend and here are top 10 amazon prime series hindi you must binge watch right now if you haven’t yet!

  1. Mirzapur – A middle class family gets into trouble when their father takes a case against the mafia of Mirzapur, Akhandanand Tripathi whose son makes things even ugly by gunpointing the family and making the two brothers work for them , who later on want to take over the mafia business.
Mirzapur (TV series) - Wikipedia
  1. Paatal lok – Four suspects are taken into custody for attempt to assassinate a journalist. As the suspects don’t tell anything the inspector on the case finds about their past where he finds the bitter dark truth about underground world. Must watch for dog lovers.
Paatal Lok - Wikipedia
  1. Breathe – A thriller story of a young boy who has a heart condition and on the transplant waiting list and his family is worried as his frequently hospital visit. On the other side the top organ recivers are getting killed where the inspector is searching for the killer .
Breathe (TV Series 2018– ) - IMDb
  1. Chacha vidhayak hai humare – the series starring Zakir Khan who has a same surname as the MLA of the state and gets his things done by telling that he is nephew of the MLA in reality has no relation with him gets in various trouble because of these lies.
Chacha Vidhayak Hain Humare Season 2 Review: A soulless and unengaging  affair
  1. Inside edge – It’s a story which gives an insight of cricket premier league held in the country of how betting is done and match fixing for earning through these bettings.
Inside Edge (TV series) - Wikipedia
  1. Family man – A middle class man who is actually a spy for NIA to stop terrorist attacks by lying to his kids and having family troubles because of his unsafe job.
The Family Man (Indian TV series) - Wikipedia
  1. Tandav – A indian political story of PM whose son thinks he is ready to lead as the next PM but his father thinks he is not . Has ups and downs in the family and some old friends.
Tandav (TV Series 2021– ) - IMDb
  1. Bandish bandits – Two different types of singers one who is classical singer whose guru is very strict about his gharanas and teaches him to be like hime on the other hand a young modern day girl who has modern music taste and no rules meet and have various adventures together.
Bandish Bandits - Wikipedia
  1. Four more shots please – Four female friends from different walks of life deal with romance, work-life conflicts, ambitions and anxieties in modern-day India.
Four More Shots Please (TV Series 2019– ) - IMDb
  1. Made in heaven – Two friends having a partnership as wedding planners working with every weeding very closely and the male one is gay and living in indian society illegally and how this affects their business.
Made in Heaven (TV series) - Wikipedia

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Dussehra: Victory of Good over evil



Dussehra: Victory of Good over evil, is celebrated on the 10th day of month Ashvina. Victory means Prabhu Rama over Ravana in famous hindu epic Ramayan. Also it means the end of Durga puja and Ramlila. In Ramayan, Ravana kidnaps god Rama’s wife Sita, as god Rama & Laxman cuted of the nose of ravna’s sister surpanakha. So to claim vengeance on them Ravana kidnapped sita. To get back maa sita Prabhu Rama and Laxman faught battle against Ravana with the help of hanuman, Subriv & other Vanar sena.

In this battle Ravana’s brother Bhibishan also helped god Ram against Ravana . At the end of Prabhu Ram wins the battle and rescues Maa Sita. Thereafter this victory is celebrated by burning the statue of Ravan, Kumbhakarn, his son Meghnath. Dusshersa is a climax of long day celebration of Navratri.


           The nine days of Navratri is the time to reflect on oneself, observe silence & practice fasting. Fasting cleanses the body of toxins and silence purifies speech & mind. What does Dasehra means Das means ten and hara means take away. Which came after Navratri means nine nights if darkness.  On each day of Navratri we pray to that form of goddess durga to take away that darkness of ignorance within us. After that on tenth day on the occasion of Dasehra we burn all the evil, bad things, thoughts, bad habits inside us in that fire in the form of Ravna as evil inside us.

Dusshera: Victory of Good over evil

Ravana is not the demon or evil, you yourself are one. In the battele of Ram and Ravana, god Ram had been invoked Durga May to help him win the battle against Ravana. We also should invoked Durga to help us in gaining back our Sita. Sita?  It is awareness inside is which has been traped in maya surround us. To make our soul clean and pure we have to burn the evil in the fire by fighting and winning battle against evil. many evils and negative aura lives within us, we should overcome this with good things. This is what Dasehra symbolise.

It is a supreme festival of Hindu culture with true meaning. Furthermore it also symbolize the feminism as the battle is to bring back maa Sita from the Ravana. Whenever person crosses his limit, go beyond it and try to hurt marayda of stree. She will transform into Durga and will punish that person to death. Rama won the battles and the light and happiness spreaded. its our choice, either we want to be Ravana & get entrapped in the worldly pleasure or want to Rama (A spiritual being).To symbolise and to aware Dashera is celebrated do its called, Dussehra: Victory of Good over evil!

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