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“Remember to look up at the stars and not down at your feet. Try to make sense of what you see and wonder about what makes the universe exist. Be curious. And however difficult life may have seem, there is always something you can do and succeed at.”
– Stephen Hawking

Why astronomy matters in our life. Many of us thinks that it’s just branch of science which deals with study of stars, space, universe etc. Even Wikipedia has the same definition. And it’s not wrong at all neither it will. Before understanding the importance of astronomy in our life, first we need to be aware about ourselves. Yes, often we have such question, where do we come from? The stuffs that resides in our(so called) body, where did we get it from?

You might not know about it but we all are made up of Stardust. Astronomy tells us the composition of matters which occurs in different celestial bodies, actually resides in body too! The matter that we all made up of is nothing different than the those which found on planets and stars. So, Astronomy is a key to understanding who we are and how we stack up.

If not stars, there would be no glass and steel, no internet and no iron-enriched vitamins to helps us make it through the day. Thus, learning a bit astronomy/physics could go a long way in understanding just how we got that. And it should be our genuine curiosity to know about such things.

Recently, we had a stunning interstellar visitor, comet NEOWISE. How fascinating that was to get to know about that comet. Just think, it was visible that time and won’t be back again for almost 6800 years. Its wondering, what that traveller will see on the Earth when it will pass again! That’s fascination we get from astronomy. It gives us an importance of our existence in this vastness field called Universe.

Thousands of years ago, people thought that we are at the centre of universe and everything revolved around us. They were so much used to believe on the several blind Faith about universe. For thousands of years people were so much busy with their problem on the Earth. Then the legendary man, sir Galileo Galilei, pointed the telescope at the sky and everything has changed since then! Humans have come to understand how universe works and the science behind everything.

Astronomy is like everytime you learn something new by looking(studying)at same thing. The process of knowing the unknowns keeps on going. What we know is a drop, what we don’t is an ocean. That how big the universe is to get and astronomy is roadmap to dig out that mysterious, undiscovered stuffs and phenomenon.

The Butterfly Nebula

The big thing to know is that your place in the universe doesn’t end at the edge of the deep blue sky. The constellations fascinates us, in part because they are linked to the concept of of time and distance that are beyond our earthly imaginings. But instinctively, this tiny flickering points of lights are portals through which we might find answers to some of life’s toughest questions. Astronomy unravels the biggest question such as where did we came from and where we are going. Almost everyone is intrested in astronomy at their respective extent. But unfortunately, there are numerous people who don’t even understand the fact that the Earth orbits the Sun. Also, many people have no idea how eclipse happens, why planets shine like stars, even unaware of the difference between planets and stars. This is really disappointing to know how much awareness left to be spread.

Astronomy is the ultimate means of communicating with Nature. Anyone who’s looked up at dark night non polluted sky can easily appreciate the sheer rush from seeing all those points of light. Such jaunts is so deeply humbling.

I personally think astronomy as character building field. It helps to understand this vastness along with the fact that how small we are in this vast and eternal universe. Ego, status, prestige, money, fame, caste, creed all this fleeting things doesn’t matter when you’re looking towards the Milky way, Sagittarius, Vega, Sirius, Saturn, Jupiter, Mars!!!

There are so many obstacles that are disconnecting people from sky. From light pollution to many indoor distraction like hundreds of TV channels to videos games, Facebook, Instagram. There’s is saying written on book by Marcus Aurelius, the Meditations:

“Dwell on the beuty of life. Watch the stars and see yourself running with them”.
It expresses gratitude, generosity and humbleness.

Finally, Astronomy is logical outgrowth of Sapien’s inherent curiosity and cussed need to know why….
“Why” is more important for everything. It’s our curiosity which makes us driven throughout our life. As Aristotle once noted, “All humans by nature have desire to know.”
The more curious you are, the lesser your worries become and even more questions will arise with abundant amount of answers you will have, that’s what curiosity is all about and Astronomy is driven by curiosity!!!

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Dussehra (victory of good over evil)



Dussehra Is celebrated to represent victory of good over evil means prabhu Rama over Ravana in famous hindu epic Ramayan. Also it means the end of durga puja & Ramlila. In Ramayan, Ravana kidnaps god Rama’s wife Sita, as god Rama & Laxman cuted of the nose of ravna’s sister surpanakha so to claim vengeance on them Ravana kidnapped sita. To get back maa sita prabhu Rama & Laxman faught battel against Ravana with the help of hanuman, subriv & other vanar sena. In this battel Rawan’s brother Bhibishan also helped him against Ravan . at the end of prabhu Ram wins the battel and rescues sita. Thereafter this victory is celebrated by burning the statue of Ravan, kumbhakarn, his son meghnath. Dasehra is a climax of long day celebration of Navratri.

           The nine days of Navratri is the time to reflect on oneself, observe silence & practice fasting. Fasting cleanses the body of toxins and silence purifies speech & mind. what does dasehra means das means ten and hara means take away. Which came after Navratri means nine nights if darkness.  On each day of Navratri we pray to that form of goddess durga to take away that darkness of ignorance within us and after that on tenth day on the occasion of dasehra we burn all the evil, bad things, thoughts, bad habbits inside us in that fire in the form of Ravna as evil inside us.

Ravan is not the demon or evil outside you it is inside you. In the battel of Ram and Ravana, god ram had been invoked durga to help him win the battel against Ravan, And he won. We also should invoked god durga to help us in gaining back our sita. Now what is sita?  It is awareness inside is which has been traped in maya surround us. To make our soul clean and pure we have to burn the evil in the fire by wining the battel against it which lies inside us that’s what dasehra symbolize.

It is a supreme festival of Hindu culture with true meaning. It also symbolize the feminism as the battel is to gain maa Sita again back as Ravan has kidnaped her. whenever  man crosses his limit and try to hurt marayda of stree. She will become god durga and make him to death. When the Rama wins then there is only light. So choice is ours. Either we become Ravana & get entrapped in the worldly pleasure or become Rama (A spiritual being)

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Know what you have celebrated these 9 days!



The Celebration of Good over Evil

Navaratri is the opportunity for removal of vanity and evil influences and learning to achieve the ultimate truth and meaning of life through spiritual means.

Navaratri (Nava-nine; Ratri-nights) is usually celebrated, as its name suggests, within a span of 9 nights and 10 days. It falls on the Ashvin month according to the Hindu calendar. It celebrates the victory of good over evil; the defeat of negative energies by the righteous or morally upright. The rituals performed during Navaratri is dedicated to Devi Ma, the divine feminine. Each night is dedicated to the worship of nine personalities (Navadurga) and express gratitude to the Mother Divine. Devi is considered as the omnipresent cosmic energy. Devotees often fast, meditate, pray and perform certain rituals.

The rituals are followed by external festivities such as cultural functions and fairs. Cultural functions include Garba/ Dandiya nights and other social functions whereas rituals include Ghatasthapana and other spiritual activities. Women gather up in various societies and perform their rituals together.

But things have changed amidst this Pandemic. People are avoiding social gatherings. They are visiting temples with their masks on and abiding by the guidelines of the Government by following the social distancing norms. Most of the relatives are greeting each other via online platforms and celebrating this auspicious occasion by face-timing each other.

According to sources, many cities (like Indore, Raipur, etc.) have cancelled Garba nights, thus, leaving the hearts of many youngsters broken. Each State Government has taken precautions not to let more than 100 people assemble anywhere.

Jagaran reports that Prayagraj is celebrating Shardiya Navaratra in a unique manner. Famous singers across the city are preparing for devotional songs and performing them via online platforms so that people can get access to the divine celebration by staying at home as well.

Navaratri’s focus is to show reverence to the creation which is a gift of Devi Ma and it is rightly done if we start respecting our Mother Earth in the right terms.

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Why do we have blood types?



Blood is bodily fluid that circulates through body and deliver essential nutrients and oxygen to every cell of our body.

For thousands of years nobody really understood blood. A greek doctor from 200 BC believed that blood was created from food and liver, this thought lived nearly 1500 years. It was early 17th century when a British ‘Dr. William Harvey’ discovered that blood circulated circulated through body. This experiment spawned the age of blood transfusion. In 1665 an english physician successfully kept one dog alive by transfusing blood of another dog into his body. Later after two years doctors experimented transfusing animals blood into human body in which the human patient died due to blood clotting.

It wasn’t until 1900s when ‘Dr. Karl Landsteiner’ understood that animals even humans have different blood. He later researched on blood and developed a system to categorize blood type known as A-B-O blood group system. Dr. Landsteiner traced transfusion complication like death and blood clot is caused by two things Antigens and Antibodies. Antigen is anything that triggers our immune system to respond. Usually viruses and Bacteria fall in this category, usually our immune system recognize these invaders and deploy antibodies to destroy them. Antibodies are proteins produced by our immune system that can recognize, investigate and if needed can destroy Antigens.But our own body also produce some Antigens called Self-Antigens which our immune system leave them alone. The whole A-B-O group system  is based upon these sugar based Self-Antigens and corresponding protein based antibodies. 

Depending upon the presence and absence of these Antigens and Antibodies our blood is divided into four types. Type A blood has A-antigen on blood and B-antibody in plasma. Type B blood has B-antigen on blood and A-antibody in plasma. Type AB has both A-antigen and B-antigen with no Antibodies in plasma. Type O has both A-antibody and B-antibody with no Antigens on blood. 

The positives and the negatives after our blood type is given by detecting the presence or absence of Rh protein based Antigen. Presence of Rh protein gives positive sign after blood type while absence gives negative sign after blood type. 

Blood is foremost the most important fluid in our body. By understanding our blood we can ensure tranfusing right blood type to the needy ones.

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