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REALITY SHOWS- The joy of realness!!!



Besides providing us wholesome entertainment, television also has an innate ability to convince people with some lessons!
“Reality shows may be the most effective mode of learning”.
There are life lessons, that can be derived from reality television.

Kaun Banega Crorepati-

Kaun Banega Crorepati is an Indian television game show, basically based on the British Programme, who wants to be a millionaire? Since, 2010, it has airing on Sony tv. Amitabh Bachchan is the main host of the show, this is an Indian television quiz show, where many participants across the country participate and earns money!

1The kapil sharma show-

The kapil sharma show is an Indian Hindi stand up comedy show broadcast by sony entertainment television. The show was started on 23 April 2016. And, the hosted by KAPIL SHARMA. Normally, every episode includes in two parts, with a first part of comic satire enacted by the actors of the show and second part includes celebrity interview , where popular personalities from various fields accede in an interaction with Kapil Sharma. This is the best show to decrease the stress. Kapil Sharma being one of the most loved comedian in India, also has a huge fan following around the world.

The voice-

The voice is an Indian singing reality show. The series includes 4 coaches who critique the artists performances. Each coach has their own team, they also compete each other to win the title. The show first started on 6 June 2015 on &tv and has 3 seasons. The voice is structured in 3 phases- bling auditions, battle rounds and live performances. This show is truly based on talent and it’s a real inspiration show to watch!

Mtv supermodel of the year-

It is an reality television series, which firstly premiered on 22 December, 2019. This show is focused on the women’s life and how they compete each other for the title of supermodel of the year. This platform is really emerging the life of a women by providing them with an opportunity to begin their career in the modelling industry. There are 3 main judges on the show and 2 mentors who guides the contestants and motivate them too. The contestants has to face many challenges for the title, but they boost up their confidence through every challenges. This platform not only regenerate confidence but also transform their elegance and boldness to supermodels.

Big boss-

Bigboss is an Indian reality television game show started by Viacom 18. A number of contestants live in a Bigboss built house and are isolated together in the house. A Bigboss house is built for every season and in every season they portray different themes. The house is well furnished and decorated. Bigboss provides all the basic necessary things to the house members. There are also many rules and regulations, which participants has to follow in the house. I

Indian Idol-

Indian Idol is a singing reality show, that has aires on Sony entertainment television since 2004. The show has completed many seasons including Indian Idol junior. There are many contestants, who gained a huge fame after participating in Indian Idol. This show encourages many singers. This is one of the best singing reality show to watch. And, Indian Idol is one of the longest running reality show.

India’s got talent-

India’s got talent is an reality series, aired on colors. This is a very uncommon reality show where the contestants from various states present their unique talents. The participants always try to improvise their talent. This is one of the shoe, where people can never get tired watching of. India’s got talent is a show, where it has been showcasing some incredible talent from our country and the judge’s also have created a place for themselves in the hearts of audience!

Khatron ke khiladi-

It is an Indian reality and stunt television show, which is currently in its 10th season. Celebrity contestants face their worst fears and perform a series of death defying stunts. The participants of the show are also chosen very nicely. The host is the key of the show. Once you start watching this program you cannot stop yourself to watch until the next day. The tasks are very much intersting and adventurous!


Mtv Roadies is basically an youth based reality show- airs on MTV. In this show, the contestants are followed up by the group, and a group of contestants travel to different places and has to attempt many challenging tasks. The fan following of the show is huge and every youth is very much fond of this show. This is certainly a big platform to showcase talent. The whole journey is basically based on the youth generation.

10) Dance plus-

Dance plus is an Indian dance reality show , which has been started on 26 July 2015, on star plus. The show has amazing talented contestants , each of the contestants has the heart of audiences with their incredible performances. A must watch show for dance lovers”. In this show people come to make their dreams true. There are also many big dancers of the world on this stage. Every season of the show has received a huge positive response from the audience. Dance plus is one of the India’s top dancing reality show.

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Yashraj Mukhate rap and everyone’s Pawri!




The new world is a world full of trends. Some try to support a trend and others tries to be a trend. To gain popularity/fame being viral/trending is the best way. And this can be achieved by hardwork and being unique, having some qualities that others don’t have. In fact, everyone in this world is talented but a few are recognised those who try to explore themselves without a fear of failure. We are in life to discover our talents. No human is well developed talent when he takes birth. Talent is hidden. Those who find it and works to improve it they succeed in life.
We must try our best without fear of negativity.
Yashraj Mukhate is one of those hidden talents, who discovered himself after alot of hardships. Now he is becoming famous worldwide with his talent.
Yashraj Mukhate was born on 29th November 1996. Yashraj Mukhate is a well-known personality over internet for his dialogue based musical creations. He is one of the Budding Singers/Songwriter s, professionally working as a music producer from the last six years. He completed his schooling from Holy Cross English High School in Aurangabad, Maharashtra.
Then, he completed engineering in Electronics & Tele-communication from the Sinhagad College, Vadgaon in Pune, Maharashtra. He was interested in music & singing since his childhood. He sang his first song at the age of three years, and the song was ” Mera Mulk Mera Desh. ” He learned to play guitar and harmonium. In August 2020, he made an edited video adding a rap song to a dialogue delivery by Rupal Patel playing the role of Kokila in the television soap opera SNS. The video quickly garnered millions of views on Instagram within a few days and memes were also trended related to the rap song.
He is from Aurangabad Maharashtra. Before “Rasode Main Kaun Tha” he has composed so many songs but sns song made a gem of an artist get introduced to the world. Then, “Tuada Kutta Tommy” dialogue from the Big Boss gone viral too. Shehnaaz Gill, who was all over the headlines for her viral mashup video ‘Sada Kutta Kutta’ created by Yashraj Mukhate, has loved that video and even talked about the same in her recent Live session on Instagram. In BB13, Shehnaaz and Sidharth Shukla (SidNaz)’s jodi was the much talked topic. Her cute antics, dialogues were picked by Yashraj and he created something which can be watched number of times. ‘Twada kutta tommy, sadda kutta, kutta’ was trending on the internet. It has got various versions and many celebrities such as Shakti Mohan, Mukti Mohan, Raveena Tandon, Shikhar dhawan and others have danced on this.
In his latest video, he made another viral video. For the uninitiated, the girl in the viral video is a well known Pakistani influencer and content creator also known as Geena. In the original video that’s still a top trend on the social media, the young woman, seen having fun with her friends is heard saying: “Yeh humari car hai, Yeh hum hain, aur yeh humari pawri ho rahi hai” (This is our car, these are us and our party is going on). And this trend is still growing day by day.

  • Sahaj Sabharwal
    ( Author-: Poems by Sahaj Sabharwal )
    Jammu city, J&K, India
    Contact -: +917780977469

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Interview: Sanika Gadgil.



Sanika being a sweet and generous person shares her real life experiences, her thoughts, her goals and what type of person she is with us.Believe us or not she’s one of the most interesting people we interviewed. Just like an open book she wants to live it all and experience it to fullest! She also believes ‘Work is worship’ and whatever the task is allotted to her she believes in giving her 100% no matter what!

May it be her famous character Nisha from serial Molkarinbai or Meghana from Maza Hoshil Na she has truly done justice to the curated characters which looks like written perfectly for her. She is such a treat to watch when it comes to portraying a character that should be as natural as designed.

We and some of her fans were excited to know about her journey and her life and we could barely find a source to do so. So team Paradox reached Sanika Gadgil and asked some questions that all of us wanted to know.


SG: I can’t say acting was my passion, but the craft always fascinated me and I thought that this is something I want to be good at. I was always keen to discover myself as an actor and evolve in it. Yeah, waise to waqt ne hi kiya haseen sitam because over the journey I discovered small and big edges of acting and fell in love with it.

2. We have been following your dance videos and the steps you were grooving at were just so graceful ! So your dance skills helped you in

SG: Well I have learned kathak ( I am a kathak Visharad), I took admission in Dahanukar college(junior college) St.Andrews College(degree college) for the cultural background it has, so that I can participate in various events and BMM festivals that take place in the college(olio named english drama competition)but unfortunately in my second year olio stopped taking place and the reason for which I joined the college wasn’t fulfilled. But luckily I got selected for a play named ‘Mughal-E-Azam’ which had kathak dancers from all over India, this experience enriched me emotionally, physically and professionally as well as evolved my skills. I found it as one of the turning point that shaped me as a human being.

3. If given a chance to play a bollywood character,which character it would be and why?

Well there are many iconic characters that bollywood gave us, its hard to choose just one, but Illena Dcruz’s character from Barfi is really a role that I would love to explore and Ranbir Kapoors character Ved from Tamasha is such a challenging yet effortless role, it would really be a challenge and something I want to try out!

4. What are your personal favourites from the Marathi industry?

This is a hard one! Marathi industry gave us gem of actors and choosing between them is really tough, like it largely depends upon the characters that they have portrayed. Like I have always been a fan of Subhodh Bhave sir, his versatility and the amount of hardwork he puts in whether it is on TV or in cinemas it’s just beyond appreciation and Shubhangi Gokhale mam too. Also not to forget Sukanya Mone mam,she is also among the actors I always look upto!

5.How’s been your experience working on sets of Maza Hoshil Na?

Its been amazing, like you get to work among different,experienced and best actors of the industry. The senior actors teach me lot about improvisation.The director has also played a major role in building up the character Meghana. Gautami and Virajas have been amazing so far, we discuss over our careersand more importantly there is mutual respect among us. It is not a long running character but surely it a long lasting character that I will take with me for long span of time.

6.Do you find theatre more challenging as compared to TV?

Actually I think both the platforms have its own challenges and different experiences. There are perks of theatre that there is no room for mistakes but it doesn’t allow retakes so its one time, give your best shot. Its like you are done once then you are done. As of television its like you have to maintain the constant emotions and expressions till the best shot comes out. In my personal opinion as an actor I want to explore every platform whether that be OTT or theatre, everything has its own beauty to be explored by an artist.

7. What experience you will like to share with our readers?

When I was 18 I used to play a small role in a play, I only had one work that was to go on stage show my face pick up something and come back. So at a point I was irritated ki yaar yeh kya hai, iski koi roz rehearsal karta hai kya,why am I travelling everyday to do this? But I kept on doing it and one day there was a small activity where we were told to show a scenario without speaking a word and I was thinking and thinking what to do. So I acted like I am in a local train and sab dhakka bukki chal rahi hai and I suddenly sneeze! (There wasn’t corona then! Otherwise this scenario had been different now!(laughs) and then a lady is seeing me like I have done a crime, so I turn awkward! But then I had a realisation that mucous of my nose is fallen on her hand! And then I awkwardly wipe it up. The fun fact was that I have never experienced such kind of situation but I was able to portray the situation all out of imagination and make my audiences laugh. All started laughing and then I practically realised ,acting is has its roots in reality and wings in imagination. You can be a good actor if you observe well. And everything happens for a reason, that small role can teach something really really useful.

8. What is something valuable you learned in this whole journey?

I learned to be grateful for everything and owe my success to those who were by my side in the journey. I can’t be enough thankful to my parents, my family, my teachers who have always shown confidence in me and their best wishes and blessings have made a huge contribution in my growth and I will always remember this and keep myself grounded. Last but not the least my friends and co-actors have been very supportive in the process.

9. What is one important thing in your bucket list that you like to share?

In my college days I used to teach kathak in an orphanage. I will soon begin to teach dance to the underprivileged children,help them out in their studies. I will definately dedicate sometime in sharing my knowledge with them.

10. Message to your fans and readers?

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