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Satyashodhak: the biopic



The wait is over….The most awaited Biopic ‘Satyashodhak’ will be out for the Big screen experience very soon

The biopic of legendary social worker and reformer Mahatma Jyotiba Phule, ‘Satyshodhak’ will be soon available for audience’s viewing. This Biopic will be an aviation in bilingual languages – both in Hindi and in Marathi. Jyotirao Govindrao Phule- is one of the well-known and leading social reformers and activists in the modern history of India. He came as a light of hope for Backward Class people and along with this he was also a great writer, a philosopher with the modern thoughts. He was also the first person to start an Orphanage in India. With the support of his wife Mrs. Savitribai Phule, Jyotibha Phule opened the first school ever for Women in India. This movie Satyashodhak will take you on an inspiring journey of Jyotiba Phule and Savitribai Phule’s life.

With joint efforts of Samata film and P.B. Infra Pvt. Ltd decided to make this movie bilingual – both in Marathi and Hindi language. For the past 3 years, the whole team has given their 100% efforts to make this film more realistic and pure authentic which will connect to people’s hearts. This will be one of the most historic milestones for the entire team who gave their honest efforts for the film.

Talking about the cast, we will be seeing a talented actor Sandeep Kulkarni portraying the character of Mahatma Jyotiba Phule whereas actress Rajashree Deshpande will be seen playing the role of his wife Mrs. Savitribai Phule. The Music is given by none other than Amit Raj. The 80% of the shooting was already done and the remaining one is expected to be completed by May 2021. With the help of great VFX work, you can relive the British era (19th century) in visually stunning manners.

Writer and director Nilesh Jalamkar says, “This film is definitely going to motivate all generations of people but mostly this current generation. And I think everyone will love this film as it is one of the most awaited films of this year.”

Producer Pravin Tayade and Appa Borate said that this one is a huge social responsibility for us to tell the real story of Mahatma Phule to the world and we have tried to give full justice to this film. Producer Pawankumar Kahakkar and Pattebahadur promised that both Hindi and Marathi audiences will love this movie. On the other hand Co-producer Binder Singh, Vishal Wahurwagh, Pratik Bansode mentioned that, the team is sure about this movie fulfilling all your expectations. Samata Films, P.B. Infra Pvt Ltd and the entire team of Satyshodhak are delighted to remember the legend on his 194th Anniversary today.

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Mia Lakra: An Orphic Personality who won hearts!



mia lakra

Mia Lakra

Mia Lakra is an Indian super Model, entrepreneur, television personality and actor. We all know Mia from Splitsvilla. She made her first appearance into the television from the prominent show Splitsvilla. She was seen in the season 8 initially. During the season she was bestowed for the best Stylish Youth Girl of Splitsvilla. Postliminary, she aroused as a wild card entry into the Splitsvilla again in season 9. She was likewise part of copious T.V channels like – MTV, Channel V, Big Magic and NDTV profit.

More about Mia

Mia completed her graduation in B.A. Hons. Journalism and post-graduation in English journalism from Indian institute of mass communication, new Delhi. She was born on 25 September 1992 in Delhi. Promptly, she started her career in the modelling when she entered in college. Talking more about Mia she retains scintillating acting skills too. She is fitness aficionado and also, she loves dancing, listening to songs/melodies, and scrutinizing new places.

Mia lakra used to own ‘MMS’ I.e., MiaMeeStreet clothing line under which she is soon coming up with affordable unisex shirt & t- shirt in the market; which everyone can buy it and flaunt it because that would be Mia Lakra’s own brand. Simultaneously she has her own grooming institute by the name of ‘TML’ again which stands for “The Mia Lakra” which the fans have given her the name during the show.

Recently we had an interview with Mia lakra where we had few interactive QNA and fascinating entertaining activity. In this degree, here is frame to peek into it.

Q. You are a multitalented personality, you did journalism and then stepped into model career, later featured in splits villa. So, what was your journey like?

Mia: “I wanted to tell you, if its possible don’t leave your education and qualification in between, that’s most important part of life. Well, I completed my graduation and post-graduation too. But simultaneously I was following my passion too. Giving auditions, doing research on this and practising to get better. That’s how I been through this and now I am with you people as Mia lakra.”

Q. What challenges you faced while stepping into modelling and how did you overcome it?

Mia: “Basically I come from family where I was thought always be confident and never give up. So that’s how I overcome the challenges mainly, by being confident. I have faced criticism and been judged over things on every step as of now, but I was focused on my goal and used to ignore these things. Being focused is the thing that can help you, if not then there are many people and things to distract you. Just be mentally strong you will get everything you wanted.”

Q. What were your plans and the mindset after splits-villa and the future plans?

Mia: “I wanted to do somethings that belongs to me. So started investing on myself, because when we invest on yourself, we get the desired output from it. I started grooming institute, guiding people and training them. I have a store of unisex t-shirts and few more things and it known as MiaMeeStreet. I been in few realities shows too after that my main moto was to be financially independent and I am working on it.”

Q. How you plan your day, how you decide which outfit to wear- on this day and that will look good on me?  

Mia: “Actually I don’t plan particularly about that, as because there are many plans at various location so its bit difficult. Just I keep in mind I want to reach on time. Talking about outfits I don’t keep up often with new trends and fashions. I just my focus is to choose the proper outfit that suits me, that makes me look beautiful and will enhance my personality in some way. It depends on us how we carry that thing and how can we make it look more fashionable it doesn’t matter its branded or not.”

Q. How the splits villa played an important part in your life and what changed you observed into yourself?

Mia: “Talking truly, there was a drastic change in my life. It was like turning a from normal person into someone like people, family and society admires you and they love, respect you. At that time, I was feeling very happy and blessedly. I always try to keep my attitude-image proper as because I don’t want to make my loved ones, family, friends to feel low at some point because of me, actually that’s my responsibility too. My moto will be always to make them feel proud at every event and every step of life.”

Q. What are your current or upcoming projects as of now, please can you give some light on that?

Mia: “I am focusing on personality development and grooming these days. I am guiding and teaching people about grooming and personality development as a freelancer. Simultaneously I am part of the pageants too, as jury- I need to focus on the participants and their grooming and everything about them. I am also coming up with few more unisex T-Shirts soon.”

Q. What exactly the modelling takes? Whether it’s about look, grooming or something else. What is modelling according to you?

Mia: “Talking truly the looks matter till an extent, there are variety of modelling the definitions of looks and requirements changes. Modelling is all about the way you carry yourself and how confident you are. Apart from modelling carrying yourself and being confident is essential in day-to-day life.”

Q. What are your interests apart from modelling and this industry?

Mia: “I am very fond of travelling, I love to travel. I like to meet and interact with different people and places, knowing about them, their culture and everything. I like doing shopping too. Apart from this just be the person you are. Always be down to earth as because no one remembers you by our holding or things they remember you by nature and how you treat them. Your attitude and nature will decide who you are. To add more on this always love yourself and enjoy the things you do.”

Q. Was there any part in life that was very depressing and how did you overcome it?

Mia: “frankly speaking after losing my father, I was pretty low and emotional, mentally disturbed after that incident. Had some personal problem too during the lockdown with my relation. But later the I cut off that part out of my, it was hard for me to go through that situation and there was lockdown so there were only few people to talk and support me emotionally that time. Now things are better, I am happy – yesterday’s pain made me stronger today to deal with any upcoming situation in life.”

Q. Who is your role model in your life?

Mia: “I really love and look up Priyanka Chopra and Deepika. They have struggled a lot to reach the position they are on. They are my inspiration and they motivate me at every frame of my life. Of course, my sisters, brothers and my family are my factor of motivation in life, they support me at every step.

Q. One advice given by someone to you, that is very close to your heart?

Mia: “My sister gave me advice, she says always be patient in your life, as because I am impatient person, I get excited and feel low quickly over many things. My family thought me whatever you do in your life, always be patient, humble and respect other people. If you spread love surely love will shower on you. Always try to be independent in your life” 

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Bollywood actresses can definitely be friends. Here’s the proof



We all have heard about cat fights specially when it comes to two actresses working together and sometimes even being in the same room but you will find little about how two bollywood actresses can be friends and sometimes even best friends. Shouldn’t be a shocker but here we go!

Dia Mirza and Aditi Rao Hydari and Diana Penty: The bollywood actresses hit jodi!

These three bollywood actresses share a tight bond of love, respect and craziness for each other and why won’t they! In the show ‘Cheers to that!’ by Janice Sequeira, these three seemed to have a very strong bond. And there is no second thoughts about it. While Mirza and Aditi each other from childhood, they met the cocktail star at an event and these three are unbreakable since then. It is a very rare sight. Dia mirza who had an intimate wedding with beau Vaibhav Rekhi invited few close ones and one of which was Aditi Rao Hydari and do we have to say anything more!

Dia Mirza with Diana Penty
Aditi and Diana Penty

Kareena Kapoor Khan and Malaika Arora

They are often spotted in parties, gyms and events together as if they are a team so much so that when one went missing, the other one feels incomplete and that’s what we call a tight bond. They are true bffs of bollywood where most are defaming each other. Both of them share a beautiful bond with each other’s sisters. Karisma Kapoor, Malaika and Amrita Arora and Kareena Kapoor Khan, all these four share a very strong bond and some even say they are the “Original Veeres” and we only hope that their love for each other grows.

Jacqueline Fernandes and Sonam Kapoor

You can always find them laughing at inside jokes, passing each other compliments and never letting each other down. Jacqueline and Sonam have always seen uplifting each other and proved that women support women. The kick actress always showers praises for her bff and calls her a true inspiration. When most friendships doesn’t last a year, they are strong since 2013. Jacqueline also said that Sonam is her fashion guru and she sticks to her advice when it comes to fashion. It seems to be very clear that Jacky has found a true supporter in Sonam.

Sonam and Jacqueline having fun!
Posing for the red carpet

Katrina Kaif and Anushka Sharma one of the favourite bollywood actresses duo!

When they say two leading actress can’t be friends, these two names prove the notion wrong. These two gorgeous women met at the sets of Jab tak hai jaan and has been friends since and their friendship grew on the sets of Zero. They also appeared on Koffee with Karan together and share a very pure bond. Kaif even attended Anushka’s wedding reception and posed for a decent picture. These two also share many beautiful pictures of each other. While promoting Zero, Anushka Sharma shared a picture, featuring Katrina and wrote: “Love this girl.”

Anuskha Sharma posted this on her Instagram
  1. Alia Bhatt and Deepika Padukone
    New besties of Bollytown, Deepika and Alia seem to have a fun time together. Deepika Padukone and Alia Bhatt are often seen together. First at a Coldplay concert and very recently at Deepika Padukone’s birthday bash! These two leading ladies appeared on Koffee with Karan and talked about what they called it “the elephant in the room” Ranbir Kapoor. How both of them have one man in common. They further discussed how chill Ranveer and Ranbir are together and it seems all’s very well amongst these four.
Alia and Deepika on Koffee with Karan

Sonali Bendra and Sussanne Khan

Through thick and thin, that’s exactly how we will describe their friendship. They are the true examples of what a good friend should be like. This twenty years of friendship can only be seen in films but they brought it to the real life! Sonali has always showed her love towards Sussanne and said how important her friends are in her life and how they were a ray of hope when she was undergoing treatments for cancer and we so hope that each and every friendship is like theirs- true and pure.

Sonali and Sussanne

We hope Bollywood who has witnessed tremendous cat fights gets to see even more bollywood actresses friendship that lasts forever.

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