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Future scope of Artificial Intelligence: Future or fate?



There is lot of debate over what is future scope of artificial intelligence and what is its fate. Here are all the answers!

Inside your cranium is the thing that does the reading, thinking, feeling. This thing, the human brain, has some capabilities that the brains of other animals lack somewhere. It is to these distinctive capabilities that we owe our dominant position on the planet. Other animals have stronger muscles and sharper claws, but we have cleverer brains. Our modest advantage in general intelligence has led us to develop language, technology, and complex social organization. The advantage has compounded over time, as each generation has built on the achievements of its predecessors.

Intelligence is rare and valuable community, and we should proud that we are having this with us. From the mysterious brain of Dolphins and the nature’s greatest Architect, Spider, to our beloved Siri, Alexa and driverless cars – intelligence is the most powerful and precious resource in existence. There are countless untapped opportunities for advance technologies to have significant impact on world.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Almost all of us encountered with this words anywhere in life. And also have some idea about it like we are quickly relate this to Google and it’s not wrong Google is widely using AI technology everywhere.

Artificial Intelligence refers to the simulation of human intelligence in machines that specifically programmed to think like human and mimic their actions. In simple way, AI is the programming given to the machine to work as Human mind such as learning, problem solving, thinking etc.

AI is ubiquitous now, used to recommend what should you buy, gives you suggestions on you tube, sort out the music list depends on your actions and mood, Alexa, siri, Google assistant, who’s photo, what’s in photo, spam detection Netflix, everywhere you found the AI. Depending on how machine compares with the humans in terms of versatility and performance, AI can be classified under one, among the multiple type of AI. Based on their likeness to the human mind and their ability to “think” and perhaps even “feel” like humans, there are four types of AI or AI based systems;

Reactive Machines

Oldest form of AI and extremely limited capability. These machines do not have memory based functionality. So they do not ability to Learn. They could only be used for limited set of inputs. The popular example of this AI machine is IMB’s Deep Blue machine that beat chess Grandmaster Garry Kasparov in 1977

-Limited memory machines

In addition to having the capabilities of Reactive machines, they also capable of learning from previous data to make decisions. Nearly all the present AI applications are falls under this category such as Virtual Assistant, chatbots, self -driging cars, image learner etc. You might have heard about Deep learning, it also comes under this category.

Theory of Mind

Above types of AI exist in abundance, the next two type of AI exist, for now either as concept or the research and work on them in progress. This are the next level AL system which researchers are currently innovating them. This category allows us to understand the entities interacting with by deeply their needs, emotions, belief, thought process and decisions making. Artificial Emotional Intelligence is already budding industry working under this category.

Self- awareness

The final stage of AI development which currently exist only hypothetically. It refers to AI which, is self explanatory and evolving to be so alike to the human brain. Creating this type of AI would take decades and it will always be the ultimate objective of AI system research.

Next we’ll see the alternative system of generally used by various tech companies. Classification of technology into;

Artificial Narrow Intelligence

It represents all.the existing AI including the most complex Deep learning and Machine learning system. This machine can do nothing more than what they are programmed to do and thus they are limited or narrow range of competencies. This sort of AI more commonly seen in the movies like HAL in 2001 or Skynet in The Terminator

Artificial General Intelligence –

Ability to learn, perceive, understand, and function same like human beings. The concept or technology of Bio mimicking is from this category. If you want to learn more about Bio mimicking, let me know in the comments I’m sure you will be interested to learn about it. Its quite interesting. This system makes AI just as capable as human replicating our multifunctional capabilities.

Artificial Super-intelligence

This is utmost, by far the most capable form of intelligence on Earth. Probably mark the Everest of AI research. In addition of Bio-mimics capabilities like human beings, it also has huge memory, fast data processing and analysis and decision making capabilities. Many of experts believes that having such potential powerful machines may mark the fate of human existence, may threatens our way of life. Several movies bring up the topic and showcase AI. There is also a wonderful book on this titled “Superintelligence ” by Nick Bostrom.

Seeing the picture of current AI development, there is a long way to get the ultimate advance AI system. Computer power is growing, algorithms and AI models becoming more sophisticated and somewhere generating the unimaginable volume of data measured in billions of gigabytes everyday. As a result AI is tightly intervining into our life. “We are currently in the middle of a powerful new wave of Artificial Intelligence.” This states the promising future scope of artificial Intelligence.

If your brain is curious to know more about AI technology check out the following link. It has whole You Tube original series titled The Age of AI hosted by our beloved Ironman, Robert Downey jr. Just see first 10 min and I bet you can’t see just one episode.

So the future scope of artificial intelligence is very broad and huge and totally depends on the human ability to design!

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Dussehra: Victory of Good over evil



Dussehra: Victory of Good over evil, is celebrated on the 10th day of month Ashvina. Victory means Prabhu Rama over Ravana in famous hindu epic Ramayan. Also it means the end of Durga puja and Ramlila. In Ramayan, Ravana kidnaps god Rama’s wife Sita, as god Rama & Laxman cuted of the nose of ravna’s sister surpanakha. So to claim vengeance on them Ravana kidnapped sita. To get back maa sita Prabhu Rama and Laxman faught battle against Ravana with the help of hanuman, Subriv & other Vanar sena.

In this battle Ravana’s brother Bhibishan also helped god Ram against Ravana . At the end of Prabhu Ram wins the battle and rescues Maa Sita. Thereafter this victory is celebrated by burning the statue of Ravan, Kumbhakarn, his son Meghnath. Dusshersa is a climax of long day celebration of Navratri.


           The nine days of Navratri is the time to reflect on oneself, observe silence & practice fasting. Fasting cleanses the body of toxins and silence purifies speech & mind. What does Dasehra means Das means ten and hara means take away. Which came after Navratri means nine nights if darkness.  On each day of Navratri we pray to that form of goddess durga to take away that darkness of ignorance within us. After that on tenth day on the occasion of Dasehra we burn all the evil, bad things, thoughts, bad habits inside us in that fire in the form of Ravna as evil inside us.

Dusshera: Victory of Good over evil

Ravana is not the demon or evil, you yourself are one. In the battele of Ram and Ravana, god Ram had been invoked Durga May to help him win the battle against Ravana. We also should invoked Durga to help us in gaining back our Sita. Sita?  It is awareness inside is which has been traped in maya surround us. To make our soul clean and pure we have to burn the evil in the fire by fighting and winning battle against evil. many evils and negative aura lives within us, we should overcome this with good things. This is what Dasehra symbolise.

It is a supreme festival of Hindu culture with true meaning. Furthermore it also symbolize the feminism as the battle is to bring back maa Sita from the Ravana. Whenever person crosses his limit, go beyond it and try to hurt marayda of stree. She will transform into Durga and will punish that person to death. Rama won the battles and the light and happiness spreaded. its our choice, either we want to be Ravana & get entrapped in the worldly pleasure or want to Rama (A spiritual being).To symbolise and to aware Dashera is celebrated do its called, Dussehra: Victory of Good over evil!

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