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As I need water, food, and oxygen to keep me alive so do movies to put a smile on my face. I ain’t spend a day without watching a movie or a web series (at least an episode). I do love web series and why shouldn’t I? They are tantalising, enchanting, astounding, resplendent, and can take one’s breathe away but the most importantly they entertain us. See, I can talk about web series for an hours but for the time being I must confine myself to only one of them. After pondering over for a couple of hours I decided to write about ‘friends’.
   ‘Friends’ goes down as one of the best web series ever made and the best sitcom ever. Now some may say I’m bragging until they see it by themselves. As one can’t pick holes in any of direction, writing, acting, music, screenplay etc.etc. Talking of the ‘friends’ it’s an American sitcom comprising ten seasons aired between 1994 to 2004. It depicts story of six youngsters three of them are boys and the rest are girls accompanied by a herd. Who hang out together, eat and drink, go on vacations and do much other stuff too.
   I’ll tell you about everyone of them succinctly, starting with lady characters. First comes fashioninsta, confident, and candid Rachel played by Jennifer Aniston. She’s all about enjoying herself and not letting other’s thoughts screw her up. For me she’s more of a G.f. material. Then comes Monica played by Courtney Cox, a germaphobe, chafe, hospitable and a termagant sometimes. She’s undoubtedly the closest to a marriage material woman. Phoebe, third and last female character and the most peculiar one played by Lisa Kudrow. She’s an outlandish, off-beat, kinky blonde woman with great sense of humour. Her loyalty and promptness to help others makes her a very heart of clique.
   Now I shall tell you about the boys and that’s where I get bemused with who’s my the most favourite character? Is he a sarcastic, hopeless and awkward and desperate Chandler or handsome and innocent Joey? Well I can’t tell. See I like Chandler as he’s the funniest and no can be at zenith of sarcasm as he does. I like Joey too as I’m also an epicurean and who else got the better fall for it line as he does. However while moving to the last character my confusion rises to the peak, as I introduce to you, Ross a.k.a ‘The Divorce force’. An undisputed king of expressions and timing. A paleontologist who’s a pundit of ‘Unagi’ and literally a blend of all other characters. I think I’m done with my introduction theory and I just hope every group has these type of ‘namunas’. So finally, it’s time to wind up my humdrum monograph if it’s not and say goodbye. Here I drops the mic.

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Top Amazon prime series Hindi



Here are the top Amazon Prime series Hindi you must binge-watch this weekend if you haven’t already!

Mirzapur –

A middle-class family gets into trouble when their father takes a case against the mafia of Mirzapur. It is Akhandanand Tripathi’s son who makes things worse by gun-pointing the family and making the two brothers work for them. Who later want to take over the mafia business.

Mirzapur (TV series) - Wikipedia

Paatal Lok –

Four suspects are taken into custody in an attempt to assassinate a journalist. As the suspects don’t tell anything the inspector on the case finds out about their past. Where he finds the bitter dark truth about the underground world. Must watch for dog lovers.

Paatal Lok - Wikipedia

Breathe –

The story of a young boy with a heart condition who is on a transplant waiting list, and his family is concerned about his frequent hospital visits. Meanwhile, top organ recipients are being killed as the inspector hunts for the killer.

Breathe (TV Series 2018– ) - IMDb

Chacha Vidhayak Hai Humare –

This series stars Zakir Khan, who claims to be the nephew of the state’s MLA while actually having no relation to him. As a result, he gets in various trouble.

Chacha Vidhayak Hain Humare Season 2 Review: A soulless and unengaging  affair

Inside edge –

It’s a story which gives an insight of cricket premier league held in the country of how betting is done and match fixing for earning through these bettings.

Inside Edge (TV series) - Wikipedia

Family man –

A middle class man who is actually a spy for NIA to stop terrorist attacks by lying to his kids and having family troubles because of his unsafe job.

The Family Man (Indian TV series) - Wikipedia

Tandav –

A Indian political story of a PM whose son thinks he is ready to lead as the next PM but his father thinks he is not. Has ups and downs in the family and with some old friends.

Tandav (TV Series 2021– ) - IMDb

Bandish bandits –

Two different types of singers one who is classical singer whose guru is very strict about his gharanas and teaches him to be like hime on the other hand a young modern day girl who has modern music taste and no rules meet and have various adventures together.

Bandish Bandits - Wikipedia

Four more shots please –

Four female friends from different walks of life deal with romance, work-life conflicts, ambitions and anxieties in modern-day India.

Four More Shots Please (TV Series 2019– ) - IMDb

Made in heaven –

Two friends have a partnership as wedding planners working with every wedding very closely. The series revolves around various weddings and relationships. It shows reality of Indian Society in many ways.

Made in Heaven (TV series) - Wikipedia

These were top amazon prime series Hindi! Tell us what more recommendations are you looking forward to?

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What if the Money Heist characters were my friends in real life…?



I love money heist and I don’t see why wouldn’t one? It’s fascinating, thrilling, perfectly depicted, and it just makes you fell in love with each character, I don’t know how they could do it, but they surely did. It happens rarely that I like something and don’t think about it, same with money heist. It’s lingered in my mind for months and I thought of it as ‘What if the money heist characters were my friends?’ What would be my life? How would they ease my problems and pains? Let’s think.
     First I’d be thinking of the supreme leader, mastermind, wise, meticulous, clairvoyant, and no non-sense person one and only our very own ‘Professor’. We know that Professor has immense, and nonpareil abilities to deal with difficulties and problems and that’s why he being my friend would make my life way simpler. He would help me to deal with my exams, studies, career problems, and legal problems also. His presence would assure my saftey incase someone hurts or threatens me. Moreover it’d be enlighting to talk, and debate with him plus learning different things and aspects of life from him is like learning from the best. The most important thing that’ll happen to me, if he were my friend is identifying myself and my purpose and that’s what matters the most.
     Let’s just imagine if professor would impact this much on my life then what would happen if Tokyo, Berlin, Nairobi, Lisbon, and Denver were my friends too. Berlin, a commamding, strange, savage yet romantic, lively, and completely team-man is someone whom you want by your side all the time. Because he’d inspire you to do something great and keep your back for always, and would teach you the essence of life and love through his poetic yet practical nature. Berlin who was terminally ill but never allowed it to impede him is a great man to have as a friend.
     If Professor and Berlin are all about teaching and supporting, Tokyo and Denver are all about the fun. Tokyo being a reckless, impulsive, brave, smart, and very hot woman is absolutely irresistible. If she were my friend it would put me in a different dimension where every boy wants to be my friend, and it would make me quite a popular, wouldn’t it? However it’d be naive to deny that her recklessness would put me in a danger situations, but who cares when you’ve Professor backing up. Whereas Denver is a party animal, totally extrovert but has a ridiculously weird laugh. His relationship with his father and Monica tells us that he’s a good hearted  and trustworthy person. Which means if it were possible then Denver would be my loyal friend with whom I can enjoy the life with whom I can eat, drink, and travel. Life would be adventurous if Denver were my friend.
     At last I need to talk about Nairobi and Lisbon. Nairobi, a cool, calm, and loving person would help to overcome stress and depression in life. Moreover she’s such a lovely person to spend time with and talk about dreams. On the other hand Lisbon is preoccupied and depressing yet a smart and brave woman. However why I want her to be my friend is because she’s an ex-cop and having such person behind is always lucrative.
     So this is how my life would be easier, interesting, and adventurous if money heist characters were my friends in real life.

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