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With PAATAL LOK India gets its own crime thriller displaying teamwork and power of storyline! It becomes a must watch for Indian audience!

This is a hindi-language crime thriller web television series which was first aired on Amazon Prime Video on 15 May 2020. The series is written by a group of four people namely Sudip Sharma, Sagar Haveli, Hardik Mehta and Gunjit Chopra. It is directed by Avinash Arun and Prosit Roy. The genre of the series is based completely on crime-thriller. It consists of about 9 episodes packed completely under one season. The main protagonists are Jaideep Ahlawat (Hathiram Chaudhary) playing the role of a policeman, Neeraj Kabi (Sanjeev Mehra) plays the role of a high profile journalist and Abhishek Banerjee (Vishal or “Hathora” Tyagi) ,though he did not had much role or dialogues in the whole series. But, it was this person about whom this whole series was made upon.

This show had a lot of positive reviews and comments, The day pataal lok was released, ” NDTV gave it a 4 star rating. The Hindu wrote “powerful all around”. IMDB gave it 7.5/10. Overall the acting of all the characters, the storyline, the casting, the direction, the dialogues, comedy, thrill, everything was all well maintained giving a very powerfull and strong series all in all.
In the end the series is overall very whelming and enjoyable. It surely isn’t a family entertainment series as it comprises of a lots of abusive and cuss words, spoken in daily India. You should certainly resist it if you hate such language. This show portrays the real India, the real casteism in India, the real Indian underworld. What we see and hear in the news is not all true. Many are cooked up just to lower the hunger of the media and the people. This is what is actually portrayed by this show. Also, this show comprises of a lot of brutal murders and killing. Do not watch if your heart is weak. But if not, you should surely watch it by skipping those scenes.

Anurag Kashyap tweeted that pataal lok is “the best crime thriller to come out of this country”, adding that “It comes from the understanding of Real India. The dark heart of India,the communal and casteist India.

ACTING 7.5/10



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Delhi Crime makes it big at Emmy Awards



Delhi crimes unfolds the story which took place in 2012 in the National capital of the country based on the Nirbhaya Case the web series opens about how the Delhi cops work hard to nab the men who committed this huge crime of raping a girl which actually horrified the entire nation globally.

The characters like Shefali shah played the role of the main lead female officer in the series as the woman who got hold of the suspect involved in this incident. Likewise many other characters involved in the series commendably played their part and was undoubtedly loved by audience which deservingly won the title of the best drama series at 2020 International Emmys Award particularly the first win for India in the event.

This Indian web series changed the mindset of many people dwelling in the country about how the cops function and actually works with all their possible efforts to get suspect which leaves no chance but to triumph over the evil. Richie Mehta it’s writer, brought together the cast of talented performers who contributed their amazing acting skills which made it the best Indian web series. The series was released on Netflix with excellent reviews which also returned with a second season with some of the casts returning with a different story.

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Know the platform you watch!



During the time of this pandemic, these OTT platforms are the only thing that has helped us in not getting bored and also in keeping up with time and watching the series and movies being released of which some of the old school people might not be a part of. With cancellation of all the shooting, even the television did not had much to show. They tried showing every thing on repeat, which obviously would get boring, and that is when the OTT platforms came down to help us by releasing the already shot series and movies . These are the only companies that grew in economy, while everyone else dropped because of the constantly releasing series and movies and also the previously uploaded ones which people watched to get entertained after the boredom. So, after shortlisting we have came up with the description of the top OTT platforms people use the most in India.


Launched on September 7, 2006, it is owned and operated by the world famous online shopping app owner, Amazon Inc. The Amazon Inc was founded by Jeff Bezos in Bellevue, Washington, July 5, 1994. Buying the subscription of one thing, gives you a thousand benefits including free delivery, Prime music, Prime video, Kindle and some Early offers. With it’s headquarter built up at Hydrabad, the Amazon based company is still in demand with a total of lakhs of deliveries done by the delivery agents everyday. Also, with it’s low-priced subscription fee of Rs 999 yearly and Rs 129 for a month, almost each and every person in this world owns it’s subscription. They have also come with an AI, profusely known as Alexa. Bosch is the top grossing show currently on Prime followed by the boys and the catastrophe.


Voot is a video streaming platform owned by the Viacom 18 group and operated from Mumbai. They broadcast their content in various languages such as Hindi, English, Kannada, Bengali, Gujarati, etc. It also broadcasts some of the tv channels which are owned by the Viacom 18 group like Colors tv, MTV India, Nickelodeon India. In February 2020, Voot introduced paid subscription known as Voot Select costing Rs. 99 and Rs. 499 for monthly and yearly subscription respectively. The most watched show on this platform is mainly roadies. Best series of voot as per me is supposed to be Asur followed by the raikar case.


World’s oldest and the first, this company was actually launched even before Google was launched, on august 27, 1997 by Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph in Scotts Valley, California. Netflix has a total of 4 different subscription plans available for India. With series and movies releasing every month and with all of them grossing wonderful hits, This platform is the most demanded and the most watched OTT platform not only in India, but also in the world. Netflix’s initial business model included DVD sales and rental by mail, but Hastings abandoned the sales about a year after the company’s founding to focus on the initial DVD rental business. The top grossing show on Netflix is Stranger things with 64 million viewers since it’s July 4 premiere, followed by umbrella academy and money heist.


Headquartered in Mumbai and owned by the Zee entertainment enterprises, this on-demand video streaming service is available in multiple languages such as English, Hindi, Bengali, etc. The service has been launched everywhere except for United States, because of Dish Network’s clause in the contract ZEE has with the satellite provider, which is a major provider of Indian channels in the country. The subscription costs ₹999 for a year. Monthly/Quarterly/Semi-annual plans are also available. ZEE5 Club is an OTT television entertainment pack that provides exclusive access to television shows before they telecast on TV. Apart from ZEE5 and Alt Balaji shows, it offers over 1000 movies, ZEE Zindagi shows and more than 90 Live TV channels. The trending list of Zee5 is filled with shows like gandi baat and the final call.


Originally launched as hotstar, which was owned by the Star India group, was later on purchased by the Star India’s parent company, 21st century fox by Disney in 2019. It has 2 paid subscription namely VIP and premiuim, of prices 399 and 1,499 respectively. It telecasts tv and non tv shows, plus with subscription, you get to see tv shows before tv on hotstar. It telecasts in languages spoke commonly all over the country such as Tamil, English, Bengali, Hindi, etc. Headquartered in Mumbai, this online broadcasting website is owned by the walt Disney company and the parent company being Star India, distributes it’s content far beyond the lands of India like Canada, Singapore, UK, US Indianesia, etc. Also the best Indian web series on Hotstar being special ops, criminal justice and hostages.

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Top 10 drama series which should be in your watchlist



1. You – A jealous stalker who falls for a girl and stalks her and makes decisions for her without her knowledge and starts dating her as a normal person around her and a jelous stalker when she’s not around

2. Virgin River – A nurse moves to a small town to forget her past which is haunting her . She fell in love with a guy is is too afraid to commit because of her past

3. The Umbrella Academy – An industrialist who built Umbrella Academy is dead and he had kids whom he had trained each of them with different powers to save the world come together to solve this mystery

4. The man in the high Castle – A 1950s story about WWII about Nazi Germany and Japan war in America and there are some video tapes about illusionary world with same people helping Nazis aquire America

5. Suits – Well known lawyer Harvey specture hires Mike Ross who hasn’t passed in lawyer exam but he hires him as a lawyer anyway as he is too good in what he does ( If you like this also watch – Pearson , Billions )

6. Messiah – A god to people who perform miracles and has a huge amount of followers is being investigated by a CIA agent who thinks he’s a con

7. Last Tycoon – Beginning era of film industry with a great eye for stories and character man who’s career is going up and up having different type of love story

8. Bosch – Detective Harry Bosch has been accused of murdering a serial killer is been on trial and simultaneously solving murder of a young kid

9. The Affair – A novelist and a young waitress start up an extramarital affair knowing the consequences in the future that could change their lives forever

10. The Good wife – State attorney is caught up in a scandal and is imprisoned for it and his wife starts looking for a lawyer job and is trying to earn for her family gets challenged by an young associate for the job ( If you like it also watch – The Good fight )

Article by : Swarad Deo

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