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Are You Doing Somersaults In There?



You are a strong woman, because a strong woman raised you. The cycle is eternal. A girl who is a day dreamer thinks about fairies and mermaids. Always moody, freaking out if she puts on extra weight, having no hygiene care, all her stuffs on the floor of her bedroom, her life is mess and as complicated as her shades of lipsticks. Careless and fearless just into her world having fun. She want to enjoy her life as high as her heels. Famous Brands names is what fascinates her. Running a race towards career and opportunities. The race of standing shoulder to shoulder besides men. She want to earn lots and lots of money and buy all her happiness of Gucci and Versace. Struggling for the break which she could probably turn into gold. All she craves for is load aim and fire. She want her life highlights to be the best ones. From applying for jobs to being the one who offers job her struggle says it all. Career is her first priority at any point. And the freedom which she wanted for so many years is what career gives. A life where she keeps the main points as Career, Money and Freedom

From knowing the brand’s names to naming a child her life takes a reverse gear. The one who got freaked out for gaining weight starts eating all she could eat. She turns her high heels she wears into flat slippers. Yes, with those flats she steps into a role of being a mother. A lifetime responsibility. The feeling of carrying a child in that tummy where she used to only think of burgers and pizza is beyond the explanation. A sense of reliability and responsibility naturally comes within her that moment. The change in her priorities are life changing. Just a positive result of being pregnant makes all her hormones dance. She gets nervous. She has no idea how will she deal with it. She doubts herself that whether she might become a good mother or not. She starts thinking about her struggle and sacrifices she made all these years for her career. But all these worries just fades away when she sees the tiny baby sac in the ultrasound scan. Seeing the baby, her tears explains it all that she had shifted all her priorities to being a mother. Just two pair of cells and a miracle. In this journey of 9 months these two cells blossoms into billions of cells. A tiny human protected in mother’s womb. Together, the mother and baby share this journey of life. This magnificent adventure called Pregnancy.

The mother gets all set for the rollercoaster of of hormonal changes and as it’s a initial stage morning sickness is what she goes through. That tiny little one there in first month is just 1 to 2 millimeters. And how adorable that could be? By then we come to know whether it’s a baby girl or a baby boy and the family rushes into finding a beautiful name for the baby. The first month is full of emotions and thoughts about the next coming months.

A month passes by and in the second month the real action starts where the baby beats its little heart, developing brain and tiny little limbs. Seeing all these, a mother would nearly know what heaven feels like. All these days, months is a very precious period in life of a woman. That girl who had a keen diet now by just smelling some food would get food cravings. Drastic changes the body and mind faces in this experience.

The third month were the baby develops all its organs and even tiny tiny fingers develops their nails. The baby starts moving in the womb. The best feeling a mother could have during pregnancy is the movement of baby.

And now starts the second trimester month 4 where mom is back to normal from the huge rollercoaster of hormones, a mother starts getting a mom to be feeling here. Shopping is in our nerves no matter what the situation is. All oversized shopping is done by this time. That happiness of seeing small little socks, nappies and caps of baby is so adorable. A mother in these days is just in wait of that pretty little eyes to blink and smile.

The month 5 where the tiny little baby is now about six to nine inches long. This month he or she will develop fingerprints on those cute little fingers and permanent teeth buds behind fully formed baby teeth just to bite you when they appear. The mother glow and show the the mom to be feeling.Then comes to end the second trimester in month 6 where the little angel when stretches or gets hiccups the mother feels it too.. Baby’s adoring eyes now open and close, vocal cords are functioning.

Month 7, The time when you make listen beautiful poems and stories to the baby in the womb. All joy happiness travels down to the baby. Entering the third trimester now the baby can see, hear and taste.
By the last two months all are eagerly waiting for the tiny tod to arrive and even the baby starts to develop the lungs brain and other systems to be ready to live outside of the womb. And by the last month the baby measures about 18 to 21 inches long and weighs about six to eight pounds.

The rush towards hospital when the water breaks, the family and friends with the mother all in tears for the arrival of baby. After facing lots of labour and pain the mom to be finally becomes a mother and sees those tiny little eyes. The work of placenta finishes. That girl who was a day dreamer is a mother now. Life around her  changed in many aspects. Cheers to the motherhood.



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The solo traveller: Aarya Vora



Solo travelling! Why is this considered as a big milestone? For a long time, solo
travelling was considered to be too outrageous, especially for women.
In the last decade or so, with the advent of different trends in the travel industry – it can be said – has received a facelift. Women have embraced their adventurous side like never before.

Paradox had a live session with a very young and passionate person who is
enthusiastic about travelling since her childhood and nowadays has become a
blooming limelight because of her journeys in different parts of the world. She is an Actor, Model, Vlogger, and a Traveller- Aarya Vora.

Aarya Vora, social media star formerly known as Trupti Vora, started her career as a model in Ahmedabad. Graduated from HL College, and have been pursuing her dreams for a couple of years. She starred in multiple platforms: My Friend
Ganesha (lead role), south films like Padaharella Vaysu, Nirdosh and
Tirumandiram, TV Serials such as Devo ke Dev Mahadev, and multiple Gujarati
productions, some of which were successful and moved ahead with about
200-400 episodes.
No doubt this pandemic was troublesome for many of us but was also an opportunity for many to turn their life around. The sultry actress launched her YouTube channel in the times of lockdown with her Vlogs like ‘Mumbai during Lockdown’, ‘Lockdown Shopping’, ‘and Finding love in Lockdown ’,‘ Lockdown Trap ’,‘ Quarantine Effect and Online Marriage’ got immensely popular. OTT and YouTube channels are breakthrough mediums for entertainment for the
people nowadays. So Aarya decided to capture her solo travelling moments and bring out something entertaining for people. “I am hoping to bring quality entertainment and right information for them through my vlogs,” says Aarya. This ambidextrous actress enjoys solo travelling and is in a love with this wonderful world. She has already stepped into exploring cooking, travelling, fashion, dancing on her channel.

Arya’s journey being a travel vlogger left her scrutinizing Udaipur, Amritsar,
Himachal Pradesh, and South Goa in 2020, all she did by taking precautionary actions which were required during these lockdowns. Apart from Indian destinations she has been to Turkey, Ukraine, Dubai, and Singapore.

Let’s get enrolled into her travel journey and know-how, a trip can be scheduled and enjoyed to the fullest.

Q. You are a multifaceted girl with multiple dreams! From a Successful actress to a successful fashion blogger & solo traveller, how has the transition been?

Aarya: It was an amazing experience. My transitions from being a model, actor, business person to a blogger and solo traveller taught me a lot. I always loved solo travelling and I already used to travel from before. I love to travel just by myself and take up challenges. So sooner or later I was going to turn my passion into a profession, and now finally I did it. So I am happy about it.

Q. Being a solo traveller, how do your research and planning take place? What do you think is the most difficult part of planning a solo trip?

Aarya: Doing a solo trip, however, is easier said than done and even more so
when you are doing it for the first time. There are a lot of things – from budget to itinerary – to be planned. Definitely research is very important before I decide to travel. I have to note down all the main points, where to go, how to explore the place, in which hotel I would stay, how to book tickets, transportation to go from one place to another.
Managing everything on your own is somewhere the most difficult part of being a solo traveller. Especially when you are sick you feel very helpless. Talking about budget, two things that determine your solo trip budget to a considerable extent are transportation and accommodation. Accommodation, however, is the trickiest part of all. In every city or small town, you will find luxury establishments as well as budget boarding places. So, be sure where you have to stay before you leave.

Q. What is the best thing about being a solo traveller?

Aarya: I believe you will be free of the term ‘Dependency’. Best thing about being a solo traveller is that you don’t have to depend on anyone. When you’re on vacation alone, the lack of familiar people to interact with forces you to engage much more directly with your surroundings—on where you are rather than who you’re with. Since you have to take care of everything on your own and handle difficult situations on your own, it makes you more independent and brave. Solo travel is an opportunity to discover yourself as you discover the world. You can inject a bit of challenge into your life which might otherwise be on autopilot.

Q. The old saying states that travelling makes the world feel smaller. What do
you think, the world grows beyond expectations or it just shrinks when you travel to the other end of the world?

Aarya: I feel like the world grows. Travel also makes the world feel bigger.
Exponentially. The more you see, the more you realize there is to see. And it
feels like crazy exploring the habitual of any place. I have read a lot of
information about India and everyone would have had an intellectual concept of it. But now I have smelled the hot stench of the streets of Delhi. Got the beautiful experience of loud jangle of the music and admired the way the sun makes the marble of the Taj Mahal glow. Any place I visited is real to me now, in taste, sight, sound, feel and smell. This excites me to explore more, because the world is infinite.

Q. Does traveling make you a better person?

Aarya: The way travelling helps us is unique. It increases self-awareness.
Being more open to others while on our journey, also makes us more open to
ourselves. You learn to embrace the unexpected when things don’t go to plan. As I missed my flight while returning from Canada, anyhow I managed the situation. You learn to trust your instincts and follow your own path with a deep respect for
others. In simple words you become more genuine and a nice human.

Q. Is it hard to become a Solo Traveller? Do you worry about being a solo traveller before setting off?

Aarya: A solo traveler needs to learn many new skills, and among the many skills required, is the talent to take your own pictures for the perfect memoirs. It is not only the places that matter, but your presence in them that makes the difference.

People who have never traveled alone often describe their first solo trip as a
most wonderful experience of life.
Of course, traveling alone has its perils too— There’s the mental hurdles to
overcome. And then there’s also the practical stuff that makes travelling that little bit more difficult when you’re alone. Such as safety concerns, loneliness, and the dreaded single supplement. Also, solo travel might be boring for some, or in certain cases, but to others (like myself), it could be quite fulfilling. Solo travel can be the ultimate in self-indulgence; you can rest when you want and pour it on when you’re feeling ambitious. And there is no one to judge. It’s your own day to salvage or chalk up to a learning experience. You can do exactly what you want to do—all the time.

Q. Is it better to plan out a trip or just leave everything open-ended?

Aarya: Solo travel is a pretty sweet deal. But it can be hefty.
When I’m going to a new place and have a short time-frame, I prefer to plan out some of the bigger things that I want to do, especially if I need to purchase tickets ahead of time…like I did in Ukraine or Dubai. Honestly, planning helps you to sort out the thing you wanted to do. It makes the process easier and the trip, more enjoyable. Flight Tickets, Accommodation, Traveling locations, everything
needed to be sorted for an assured safe journey. Pointing out my life, planning
works best for me and my travel style.

Q. What is your idea of success or your mantra in life?

Aarya: “There is no mantra to achieve anything in life. It’s hard-work and your dreams that make you different from others. For eg: I travel solo, there are a lot of girls who travel solo and I’m not the only one who is doing this. I’m different because I go for experience, do something adventurous and explore unexplored parts of the world.”

Q. What are some common items that travelers bring with them?

Aarya: According to the point of Travellers, we really don’t know what will be needed at what time. So, be ready for the worse.

When it comes to traveling, we are indeed to be practically aware of the items to pack. To avoid any inconvenience on the go, research about the place where you are going. Suppose if it’s a Hill station, then make sure you grab everything to make yourself warm. First Aid and some light snacks.

Q. When you see yourself as a Vlogger and influencer, what does that mean to

Aarya : It fits in as a great responsibility. Being an influencer means people follow you and believe in what you say. At present I’m promoting plenty of big and famous brands. So, I feel it’s my responsibility to count on the Right one for them. Right now the blogging industry is booming and I’m glad to be a part of it and be able to reach out to people. Since our fan followers get influenced by what we post or blog, so whenever I blog or post something I make sure I keep my fan
followers in my mind.

For Aarya, travel is Freedom, Elation and Discovery!
She feels like traveling allows her to grow. In a weird way it gives her permission to be herself. Discover a deeper level within!

Follow Actress Arya Vora’s YouTube videos, that are always incorporated with lots of fun experiences and this will help you with some awesome tips to get to know about adventurous mode trips. So, do Subscribe to her channel to see more exciting videos of her traveling and make your plan to make some adventures and memorable trips in the year 2021.

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The sleeping Giant.



In this vast world, you are the most important person. “Stop thinking about other people in the world and start thinking about yourself: in past pages of the history there was never anyone else exactly like you, and in all the infinity of time to come, there will be never another.”

Basically, you are the creature for your creativities, you are the product of your: heredity, environment, physical body, conscious and subconscious mind, experience, pain, time and hard work……. And something more, including powers known and unknown. You, yourself are the mystery box with key. You just need to unlock yourself at the right time and at the right place.

You have the power to affect, use, control, or harmonize with all of them. And you can direct your thoughts, control your emotions and ordain your destiny with yourself. Just learn to be with yourself. Just interact with yourself. For you are mind with a body.

MIND consists of the gigantic powers. Powers of the conscious and subconscious mind. One is the giant that never sleeps and other is which when asleep is powerless. When awakened, his potential power is beyond our imagination. The thing is that we need to explore it, need to awaken it and need to use it in the right direction.

What wouldst thou have? “What wouldst thou have? I am ready to obey thee as thy slave — I and the others slave of the lamp,” said the genie.

Awakening the sleeping giant in you is the most important thing you have to do now. This giant is the most powerful creature in the world. More powerful than genii of ALADDIN’S lamp. The genii are fictional but you, yourself are real sleeping giant. Now the sleeping giant, like the genie, must be summoned with magic. But you posses this magic. The magic is your positive mental attitude. Your perspective towards life, towards problem, towards everything will decide the power of the magic inside you.

That magic has power to bring the wishes into reality. You are on the journey called life. That’s where you’ve been launched. You are boarding the ship and you are the pilot. That’s because you are going somewhere. You are not standing still and hoping for the best. You are on the way through rough and often unfamiliar waters. To reach the end of journey, you need many skills of navigation. So, invest time and what you have on skills. Saving money won’t make you rich or happy but investing them on your skills would definitely give you high return. These returns would stay with you till end of the life.

Ahead of you may be disappointment, adversities, and dangers. These are the rocks and hidden shoals past which you must sail on your course. Don’t wait for the help and motivation. If you want that thing acct for it, do whatever is necessary. Instead of dreaming ‘one day’ start making it ‘day 1’. “Anything in life worth having is worth working for”.

Some part of this article is from book, success through a positive mental attitude.

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Protect your phone



We understand how close people are with their phones, and not only because they have to, but also because of the cost and features. Some people invest all their income so as to buy the best phone they can afford. And for that people need to know how to extend your phone’s battery life or even save your phone from different mishappenings that might occur in our day to day lives. So, here we are with some tips and tricks that can help you to save your phone from such mishaps
1. Tempered glass and back cover :- Always use your phone with tempered glass and back cover on. This might save your phone from dangerous falls. Also, try to use a tempered glass that covers each and every section of your screen. Also, use a back cover which has extension on its four sides that will help it not to get scratched when it falls down. Well, as you know it’s better to scratch or break a thing that will cost you only 200/- than to break something which will cost you a fortune.
2. Avoid software updates after two generations :- Phone manufacturers only provide software support for approximately two generations. This is the reason that the latest iOS updates are only compatible with the 4S and later models. In some cases, you will have the ability to update even if your device is older, but it is very likely that doing so will cause a lot of performance issues.
This may be because it is difficult to create stable updates that will work across a wide variety of devices, but most people believe that the reality is more sinister. After all, why would Apple want to keep making updates available for older phones when they can simply push consumers into making a new purchase every couple of years? Either way, you can extend the life of your smartphone by avoiding updates after two new generations have been released.
3. Power down regularly :- You would never leave your laptop running for several weeks at a time, yet most of you have not turned your smartphone off in months. Keep in mind that your phone is very similar to a computer in many ways. Simply allowing your phone to power down for a few minutes at least once a week will help it run more efficiently, and this will also extend its useful life.
4. Remove unnecessary photos and videos :- Almost every smartphone user has experienced serious lag times that make it frustrating to use their mobile device. In the vast majority of cases, this happens because the storage and RAM capabilities of the smartphone are being maxed out. This can make the phone much less responsive, and it often convinces people to upgrade before they truly need to. To avoid this unnecessary expense, make sure that you regularly remove any apps, photos, documents or text messages that you do not actually need.
5. never share your privacy :- always keep in touch with all the widgets from the notifications area, turn them off when not in use like location, Bluetooth, hotspot, these can be very dangerous from your privacy concerns and also for viruses or other harmfull softwares.

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