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Are You Doing Somersaults In There?



You are a strong woman, because a strong woman raised you. The cycle is eternal. A girl who is a day dreamer thinks about fairies and mermaids. Always moody, freaking out if she puts on extra weight, having no hygiene care, all her stuffs on the floor of her bedroom, her life is mess and as complicated as her shades of lipsticks. Careless and fearless just into her world having fun. She want to enjoy her life as high as her heels. Famous Brands names is what fascinates her. Running a race towards career and opportunities. The race of standing shoulder to shoulder besides men. She want to earn lots and lots of money and buy all her happiness of Gucci and Versace. Struggling for the break which she could probably turn into gold. All she craves for is load aim and fire. She want her life highlights to be the best ones. From applying for jobs to being the one who offers job her struggle says it all. Career is her first priority at any point. And the freedom which she wanted for so many years is what career gives. A life where she keeps the main points as Career, Money and Freedom

From knowing the brand’s names to naming a child her life takes a reverse gear. The one who got freaked out for gaining weight starts eating all she could eat. She turns her high heels she wears into flat slippers. Yes, with those flats she steps into a role of being a mother. A lifetime responsibility. The feeling of carrying a child in that tummy where she used to only think of burgers and pizza is beyond the explanation. A sense of reliability and responsibility naturally comes within her that moment. The change in her priorities are life changing. Just a positive result of being pregnant makes all her hormones dance. She gets nervous. She has no idea how will she deal with it. She doubts herself that whether she might become a good mother or not. She starts thinking about her struggle and sacrifices she made all these years for her career. But all these worries just fades away when she sees the tiny baby sac in the ultrasound scan. Seeing the baby, her tears explains it all that she had shifted all her priorities to being a mother. Just two pair of cells and a miracle. In this journey of 9 months these two cells blossoms into billions of cells. A tiny human protected in mother’s womb. Together, the mother and baby share this journey of life. This magnificent adventure called Pregnancy.

The mother gets all set for the rollercoaster of of hormonal changes and as it’s a initial stage morning sickness is what she goes through. That tiny little one there in first month is just 1 to 2 millimeters. And how adorable that could be? By then we come to know whether it’s a baby girl or a baby boy and the family rushes into finding a beautiful name for the baby. The first month is full of emotions and thoughts about the next coming months.

A month passes by and in the second month the real action starts where the baby beats its little heart, developing brain and tiny little limbs. Seeing all these, a mother would nearly know what heaven feels like. All these days, months is a very precious period in life of a woman. That girl who had a keen diet now by just smelling some food would get food cravings. Drastic changes the body and mind faces in this experience.

The third month were the baby develops all its organs and even tiny tiny fingers develops their nails. The baby starts moving in the womb. The best feeling a mother could have during pregnancy is the movement of baby.

And now starts the second trimester month 4 where mom is back to normal from the huge rollercoaster of hormones, a mother starts getting a mom to be feeling here. Shopping is in our nerves no matter what the situation is. All oversized shopping is done by this time. That happiness of seeing small little socks, nappies and caps of baby is so adorable. A mother in these days is just in wait of that pretty little eyes to blink and smile.

The month 5 where the tiny little baby is now about six to nine inches long. This month he or she will develop fingerprints on those cute little fingers and permanent teeth buds behind fully formed baby teeth just to bite you when they appear. The mother glow and show the the mom to be feeling.Then comes to end the second trimester in month 6 where the little angel when stretches or gets hiccups the mother feels it too.. Baby’s adoring eyes now open and close, vocal cords are functioning.

Month 7, The time when you make listen beautiful poems and stories to the baby in the womb. All joy happiness travels down to the baby. Entering the third trimester now the baby can see, hear and taste.
By the last two months all are eagerly waiting for the tiny tod to arrive and even the baby starts to develop the lungs brain and other systems to be ready to live outside of the womb. And by the last month the baby measures about 18 to 21 inches long and weighs about six to eight pounds.

The rush towards hospital when the water breaks, the family and friends with the mother all in tears for the arrival of baby. After facing lots of labour and pain the mom to be finally becomes a mother and sees those tiny little eyes. The work of placenta finishes. That girl who was a day dreamer is a mother now. Life around her  changed in many aspects. Cheers to the motherhood.



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Namita Thapar and her tweet of the decade!



Namita Thapar: Let’s fix the work-life balance to have a more productive and mentally fit generation.

Executive Director of Emcure Pharmaceuticals and Shark Tank India Judge, Namita Thapar recently tweeted something which started an online debate. She expressed her views on how employees are living a life that is focused on working, and in this, they forget that they have a family as well. Also She asked people to stop wearing the badge that, ‘I work for long hours, I travel a lot, I have no time for the family’. She also urged all her fellow entrepreneurs to take steps to improve and maintain the work-life balance of their employees in all the companies. She further added that maintaining the work-life balance of the employees will ensure that, ‘we have a mentally fit and more productive generation’.

“Stop wearing ‘I work long hours, I travel a lot, I have no time for family’ as a badge of honour. Let’s fix work life balance at all companies so we have a mentally fit and more productive generation next that get quality time and involvement from both parents”, said Thapar in her tweet.

Thapar’s this tweet caught attention of all the entrepreneurs and common man as well. This tweet sparked an online debate. Majority of the people came in the support of this tweet. They agreed to the statement of Thapar, and said that having a balanced life can help you in many ways. Some of them also came in to support the concept of 4-day work weeks in India. She suggested the companies that they should create a less-pressurized environment in the work-place so that employees can balance their work life and personal life balance. 

Earlier this week, Thapar shared her views on the importance of being inactive. She said that not doing anything can increase the productivity of a person, “alone and quite time for reflection is a must”, she further added in her tweet. 

This tweet became a topic of debate because this topic affects the common men and their families. Maintaining a well-balanced life will not only help them to spend time with their family, but it will also help them in maintaining good relation with their family and friends. This will bring harmony to the family. Most of the people commenting on this post are common man, and they have completely agreed with Thapar’s thoughts. Her tweet has been re-tweeted around 1,183 times and liked by around 8,000 people. She has received a very positive response from the citizens. This tweet got the eyes of many people and her thought was well appreciated.

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We asked girls most attractive things about men! Check out top 5!



In today’s world it’s an undeniable fact that everyone out there wants to look good. Who wouldn’t, right? An ordinary man can look extra ordinary by adopting few things in his clothing sense. These are top 5 attractive things about men.

But one should keep in mind attractive clothes never attracts the person. The way you carry out them, they way you present yourself will make you stand out among the crowd. I am not thoroughly saying the clothes don’t attracts the person, they do attract but we should know perfect combinations, day today styles and should be updated according to the trend.

If you apply few things surely you will be able to impress or attract the person. Here are the few tips will make you look sexier.

Rolled sleeves:

This seems quite simple. The rolled sleeves? Yes, the rolled selves can make you look incredibly sexy and attractive it is one of the top 5 attractive things about men. Women find forearms attractive – If you work out 5-6 times a week, incredibly your forearm will impress anyone out there. When you wear a long sleeve shirt do try this, it will suddenly make you look 100x more attractive. This makes you look manly, cool, bit casual and totally approachable. The best thing about this style is that, it works on any kind of long sleeve clothing- a sweater, button-down shirt, Henley, jackets etc.

Well-fitting Suit:

Mostly men look stunning in the suits. This is the time when you attract the person or leaves your impression behind. That’s the reasons why the all women find Zayn malik sexy. Its not only because he is a good-looking man. It’s because he is a handsome hunk when he’s wearing the suit. Well-fitted, clean cut and the classic one. The thing here matters is not just about what you are wearing, its also about how you’re wearing it.

You won’t look attractive, sexy, capable and powerful in the suit if the fit isn’t right. To get the right fit, make sure the jacket suit fits good at your shoulders snugly. The important thing the sleeves should just end 2 fingers about the wrist bone. Pants should match the jackets, with a proper length and proper fitting. If the fits don’t match your size you can go with personal designed suits.

The stylist shoes :

You won’t believe but the most of people starts looking at you right from the shoes. The shoes are among top 5 attractive things about men, the first things the attracts the attention of many peoples. Actually, shoes can make or break even the most attractive outfit for man. Generally, men don’t care much about the shoes and goes with any kind of shoes with any kind of outfits. This thing may make you look unattractive to women. If you don’t know much about the shoes try wearing the leathers shoes. It will make you look attractive. According to survey it is stated that women seem to find men who wears these shoes as more masculine, intelligent and sexually mature.

Solid tee or Henley:

The solid tee and Henley are the simple outfits for men that will make you look attractive. Talking truly Henley are undeniable sexy. They are also considered better then pain tee. Sometimes solid tee may go out of the style but Henley never go. Mostly the Henley go matching with jeans or any casual pants. It said that in a sea of men wearing t shirts, you will stand out. While still enjoying the comfort of wearing the casual clothes.

Leather jackets:

The leather jackets the nuclear when you talk about attractive things about men. The leather jackets are tough but very smooth to touch the women attention. Leather jacket over a solid tee can make your looks upgrade to grade A.

Leather jacket is the thing that all men need to add into their wardrobe. Talking about the facts wearing the leather jackets makes a guy feel more confident. The most important thing man who looks confident can make anything he wears sexy and stunning. Its doesn’t matter he do have a good brand clothes or a good physique. But if she carries himself and look secure with himself and capable of things happen. Then he will be the sexiest man in the room.

IMP:Make sure you don’t judge anyone’s character or a personality with his/her brands. Start investing in yourself, because that will make you look sexier. Investing in a wardrobe won’t make you look sexier. The worst but best truth of today’s world is women finds the men sexier and more attractive who works on themselves, for their dreams, for their passion.

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