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Are You Doing Somersaults In There?



You are a strong woman, because a strong woman raised you. The cycle is eternal. A girl who is a day dreamer thinks about fairies and mermaids. Always moody, freaking out if she puts on extra weight, having no hygiene care, all her stuffs on the floor of her bedroom, her life is mess and as complicated as her shades of lipsticks. Careless and fearless just into her world having fun. She want to enjoy her life as high as her heels. Famous Brands names is what fascinates her. Running a race towards career and opportunities. The race of standing shoulder to shoulder besides men. She want to earn lots and lots of money and buy all her happiness of Gucci and Versace. Struggling for the break which she could probably turn into gold. All she craves for is load aim and fire. She want her life highlights to be the best ones. From applying for jobs to being the one who offers job her struggle says it all. Career is her first priority at any point. And the freedom which she wanted for so many years is what career gives. A life where she keeps the main points as Career, Money and Freedom

From knowing the brand’s names to naming a child her life takes a reverse gear. The one who got freaked out for gaining weight starts eating all she could eat. She turns her high heels she wears into flat slippers. Yes, with those flats she steps into a role of being a mother. A lifetime responsibility. The feeling of carrying a child in that tummy where she used to only think of burgers and pizza is beyond the explanation. A sense of reliability and responsibility naturally comes within her that moment. The change in her priorities are life changing. Just a positive result of being pregnant makes all her hormones dance. She gets nervous. She has no idea how will she deal with it. She doubts herself that whether she might become a good mother or not. She starts thinking about her struggle and sacrifices she made all these years for her career. But all these worries just fades away when she sees the tiny baby sac in the ultrasound scan. Seeing the baby, her tears explains it all that she had shifted all her priorities to being a mother. Just two pair of cells and a miracle. In this journey of 9 months these two cells blossoms into billions of cells. A tiny human protected in mother’s womb. Together, the mother and baby share this journey of life. This magnificent adventure called Pregnancy.

The mother gets all set for the rollercoaster of of hormonal changes and as it’s a initial stage morning sickness is what she goes through. That tiny little one there in first month is just 1 to 2 millimeters. And how adorable that could be? By then we come to know whether it’s a baby girl or a baby boy and the family rushes into finding a beautiful name for the baby. The first month is full of emotions and thoughts about the next coming months.

A month passes by and in the second month the real action starts where the baby beats its little heart, developing brain and tiny little limbs. Seeing all these, a mother would nearly know what heaven feels like. All these days, months is a very precious period in life of a woman. That girl who had a keen diet now by just smelling some food would get food cravings. Drastic changes the body and mind faces in this experience.

The third month were the baby develops all its organs and even tiny tiny fingers develops their nails. The baby starts moving in the womb. The best feeling a mother could have during pregnancy is the movement of baby.

And now starts the second trimester month 4 where mom is back to normal from the huge rollercoaster of hormones, a mother starts getting a mom to be feeling here. Shopping is in our nerves no matter what the situation is. All oversized shopping is done by this time. That happiness of seeing small little socks, nappies and caps of baby is so adorable. A mother in these days is just in wait of that pretty little eyes to blink and smile.

The month 5 where the tiny little baby is now about six to nine inches long. This month he or she will develop fingerprints on those cute little fingers and permanent teeth buds behind fully formed baby teeth just to bite you when they appear. The mother glow and show the the mom to be feeling.Then comes to end the second trimester in month 6 where the little angel when stretches or gets hiccups the mother feels it too.. Baby’s adoring eyes now open and close, vocal cords are functioning.

Month 7, The time when you make listen beautiful poems and stories to the baby in the womb. All joy happiness travels down to the baby. Entering the third trimester now the baby can see, hear and taste.
By the last two months all are eagerly waiting for the tiny tod to arrive and even the baby starts to develop the lungs brain and other systems to be ready to live outside of the womb. And by the last month the baby measures about 18 to 21 inches long and weighs about six to eight pounds.

The rush towards hospital when the water breaks, the family and friends with the mother all in tears for the arrival of baby. After facing lots of labour and pain the mom to be finally becomes a mother and sees those tiny little eyes. The work of placenta finishes. That girl who was a day dreamer is a mother now. Life around her  changed in many aspects. Cheers to the motherhood.



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Know the line between ego and self respect.



You often make a statement so easily like she has gotta hell of an ego or sometimes she is full of attitude..pata nahi bhai kis baat ka itna attitude chadha hai bandhi mein! There are few convos in male circle which includes uss bandhi ke piche bhai ne apni self respect kho di hai! Theres as thin as hair, a line between these two concepts self respect and ego.

For example when you have a huge fight with your parents and you refuse to eat a bite of food and you expect them to say sorry and then you admit to have food (yaha koi self respect ya ego kaam nahi aayega do thappad padenge mummy se,ek belan bhi pad sakta hai! fir kha lena khana chup chaap). On a serious note when you have a fight with your best friend and you know its your mistake but you still aren’t able to apologise because ‘mein kyu karu,wo aake kare’ this is an act done out of ego (baadme wo sorry bolne ke baad 2 thappad kha hi lena)

But when it comes to self respect it is when you are sorry,you multiple times have apologised and got insulted and now when it comes to your self worth all you need to care is your self respect. The fact that your self worth determines your self respect is little of a unspoken concept. But when you know your worth,you settle for the best, you refuse to accept what does not fit into your instincts, you know what you have and you know what you want out of yourself.(This does not mean you should go and tell your papa that your self worth is a new audi and you want that) This sums up as you know you deserve to be treated with respect and be loved with dignity so you shouldn’t settle for someone who would treat you as an option!


Why should I talk to them first? Is ego. But Why should I ALWAYS talk to them? Is self respect.

See in the mirror how perfect you are! Know what power you have and how amazing you can be! Let others know how should you be treated and do not settle for something that isn’t acceptable! Have self respect because you know your self worth…but don’t be someone with high standard worth that is mistakenly treated as ego.


Sometimes keep ego aside to have amazing humans in your life because they deserve to know there worth too!

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Be Grateful!! Know why??



When was the last time you smiled and were truly happy with no complaints? If you took more than a second to think, then here I have something for you. A video have been spreading in various platforms recently, a lecturer named Karthik introducing a kid named Ashish as his best friend. This kid supports his mother who is a fruit vendor near woodland showroom in Vasai West Maharashtra. The guy says how cheerfully the kid greets him when he returns after some days. Even without seeing his face behind the mask Karthik got welcomed by Ashish. He later describes how alert and alive the kids five senses are and how skilfully he communicates and handles the accounts. When he was asked about his birthday both mother and child said neither they celebrate nor they know the date. The conversation continued where Karthik gets to learn how the kid looks upon his life through his innocent eyes. Karthik lend his hands to support Ashish in every possible way.
This kid who was blessed with those skills whether was fortunate enough for education or not we don’t know. We don’t even know the struggles he had to face in his day to day life. Truth is there are many like this kid who struggles for their daily wages in the age to get education. There are Hundreds and thousands of children in developing and under developed countries who are still illiterate who had to work from their childhood. If the fundamental capabilities such as emotional, physical and social capability of individuals are not developed in early ages it would affect the Childs learning potentials. It’s only through education they will get a bright future.
The word education which is derived from a Latin word ‘educare’, means to bring up, or to bring out. Every man is born with certain inherent talents. These talents are to be brought out and made use of, then only they will shine. Education lead a man from darkness to light and ignorance to knowledge. Education does not mean only reading, writing and doing arithmetic. It has different aims to be achieved. The most Important among them are knowledge, social, moral and spiritual aims. A man without education is nothing, but an animal, ‘Vidya Vihinah pashu’, says a Sanskrit shloka. So we being educated should turn and look at people around who suffer and should be helping hands to them. During this pandemic where every single person is suffering, the crisis of those living at the fringes of the society is lot more than ours.
There are many blessings around us. Life can be hard but looking around the people who are less fortunate than us can be a reminder to be both grateful and appreciative. From family to career to cup of coffee we have are things to be grateful. Even during storms of life we should be focusing on all right things and leave out the ones that are hard. Being grateful motivates one to be a better person.
“Cultivate the habit of being grateful for every good thing that comes to you, and to give thanks continuously. And because all things have contributed to your advancement, you should include all things in your gratitude” – Ralph Waldo Emerson
Next time before you complaint remember this,then smile knowingly and be grateful for your life. Let’s be another Karthik for another Ashish and make our world a better place to live.

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Girls Are Coming Out of the Woods – A Discourse on Rape in India



“Girls are coming out of the woods,
wrapped in cloaks and hoods,
carrying iron bars and candles
and a multitude of scars, collected
on acres of premature grass and city
buses, in temples and bars. Girls
are coming out of the woods
with panties tied around their lips,
making such a noise, it’s impossible
to hear. Is the world speaking too?
Is it really asking, What does it mean
to give someone a proper resting?

These words taken from the poem Girls Are Coming Out of the Woods by Tishani Doshi only begin to talk about the issue of rape in India. For years we have seen, read, and heard of tragedy after tragedy, girl after girl, injustice heaped upon injustice, in state after state. Where does it stop? Where do we draw the line? What are we doing?

The Problem

Let’s call a spade a spade; we are afraid. We are afraid to speak up for the victim. Haven’t we heard of case upon case where people are being silenced for their dissenting words? Therefore, we cower. Even though we say we want a change we are unwilling to be the agents of change. Our mothers, our well meaning mothers tell us not to get involved. After all, they don’t want to see us harmed, or worse, murdered.

The Reason

I don’t write this article to condemn, I am writing first and foremost, to myself. I am writing to the people of India to rise up out of your slumber and take a stand against the iron hand of injustice weighing upon our nation. Women, who are worshiped as gods are also treated worse than criminals. My fellow Indian, would you do that to your god; the god you have set up of brick and stone? Have you then no reverence for flesh and bone?

The Answer

This is not an article for answers, of those I have none. I have questions, and questions, and questions for us to ponder upon. In a book I once read it says to look out for the cause of the widow and the orphan. But to quote Tishani Doshi, they are a victim to “…all the lies/ whispered by strangers and swimming / coaches, and uncles, especially uncles…”. This cannot go on.

In Conclusion

So I ask you, my friends, spread your arms and feel the winds of change. Let us stand together and encourage the victims to come out of the fear, out of the shackles of bondage, out of the woods of despair, and to speak, to write, to sing; let us stand together for those who are oppressed, especially those who are so because they were not born boys.

Girls Are Coming Out of the Woods

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