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I am a woman – Hear me roar!



A woman!? No! How about an independent woman? That sounds pretty cool right. But our society somewhere does not think it sounds cool. A woman who is exactly born in the same way how men are born but once they enter the world they aren’t accepted the same way. A girl child i supposed to be a burden  on parents which they have to keep with them for some years and with deals of money  is married to someone unknown with not even bothering about her choice. And since then a woman starts sacrificing and this term somewhere is constant. A girl faces Mensturation in her young age, the cramps, the over bleeding has no option but bearing it and somewhere in all these things she starts becoming more and more strong and nurture the gift of nature  and then more and more struggles comes on her way  it could be about facing mental breakdown at puberty, career, relatives, family pressure or may be love affairs and also the pain of carrying a baby for 9 months in womb with so many mood swings and further giving birth to child is like having a lifetime responsibility which cannot be ignored like we ignore our other responsibilities of keeping a clean healthy world or saving water and these things are not mentioned to dominate men but only to empower woman and just to showcase the reality. But all these things are primarily which every girl faces and this is not a secret anymore Everyone knows about it and change is somewhere in a snail walk though slowly but it’s into action.  But guess what ? if these things are getting well somewhere the modern world has modern issues, even in case of women.

Now a woman, is educated, marries whom she want, has become much more independent than before, she knows how to handle a family with children and also be a CEO. Her decisions are in power. She rules it like a queen. But this queen basically being a woman still is not free to live. Cruel world still think she is just a woman and can’t be more than a wife to her husband and should not have a individual life.A life where she is not asked for her body to get a job, a life where she can wear clothes unapologetically , a life where she feels safe while coming home from office at night, a life where she is not judged by her body shape, a simple  life with basic rights is all a woman wants.

There are women with divorces and heartbreaks they loose all their hope for life, future gets blurred,struggle behind the responsibility of being a single mother is beyond explanation but still some of them stands strong faces this cruel world alone and turns the table. But every individual does not have that power of patience or capacity of bearing the pain and struggle and so some give up. But here’s what we should learn, giving up is neither a solution . It will not create any difference or any awareness. Life is unpredictable. You never know what’s next! It can turn just like a caterpillar turning into a beautiful butterfly. Nothing can stop you if you are strong and focused. Of course it’s way more hard in reality then in these little sentences but there are many inspiring stories in reality which will make you believe that it’s never too late to shine.

Roll your sleeves and let them know that what a woman can do. Let them keep saying that girls are not supposed to debate and keep opinions and you silently battle everyday and make your voice heard with your actions. If they say don’t visit temples on periods worship your work and work more and more harder on difficult days of month. If they laugh at you , you silently laugh at them on their mindset. If they tell you to not sit in weird postures make yourself so powerful that you can make them dance on your orders. Let them shoot you with their words, let them cut you with their eyes, let them kill you with their hatefulness but you still like air keep rising higher and higher. Make them realise that they exist because a woman had carried them for 9 months in her womb ! Show them you can turn every stone into diamond which is unbreakable!

And a open request to all the literate men , you could help the women bring this change where she is treated equally and respectfully. You men are a ray of hope which can make a huge difference in these issues just by respecting a woman. By seeing at her in a way where she has to not manage her clothes but her beautiful hair.Accepting the thought that a lady can be your boss. A wife though at home all day also is on 24 hours of duty being housewife,she also deserves a sunday in a year! Every girl has right to choose her life partner so respect her decision and let your daughter marry the one of her choice. A girl just like a guy wants to hangout and explore her life , let her have fun. And make her believe that you stand by her in all ups and downs.

To every woman out there, who is suffering – stay strong it is said that Good actors are given tough roles to act in a film! And storms make the tress take deeper roots.

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The problem solver element: Self Motivation



Theses days all of the people are integrated with the negative thoughts and feel demotivated. Seems we have lost the battle, we have dropped our weapons and surrounded. Then the question invokes can we get spark to do our things ? can we make our life better than before/now ? Yes, for sure you can do. Just you need to find the reason and lit your lamp with the spark of desire. In short amtanirbhar – motivate yourself. It’s not that difficult or out of the context as we usually think. It’s pretty easy if you are determined but terms and conditions are always applicable.

The first thing you need to do is to find out the thing you love to do most, then try to engage in. As we know success or the happiness is hidden in the work we love. As per human nature we all want to achieve our goals. We day dreamed about that, we always imagine that situation. What if really you are there, so let’s take a step closer towards it. Make your day plans- own plans execute them try to fix bugs and errors that leads you out of it. Adding up the days will make your week planned. Then you can directly shift to a week-long plan, for example : you should set a short goal to complete your work then track the process often and then try to complete it in a week.

We all know it will be not that easy, what if we failed ? but at the last you will be step closer towards it. Setting the tasks is good thing, if you complete it in time then you are on the right path. If not don’t worry the goal setting will teach you efficient time management. At last you will be better than yesterday. The thing matters here is to be better than today and I think that’s not that hard for you. I know you are capable to do so.

Don’t do something because you have to do, work on that because you wanted it to be done. A burning sense of passion is the most potential fuel for your dreams. We all say motivation is just for few days or even few hours, but it depends on our desires. You know you yourself are the unique creature of all time and your desires are fuel that makes you run. Being consistent can make big difference.

Don’t stop when you are tired of it or want to quit, just remember why you started then work on it until you are done with it. We should make self-promises, as because here we can’t lie. Never ever think I am smartest, may be you haven’t meet your better version.

Be into your stuff thoroughly, water your grass such that you don’t even need to check others grasses are green. Every grass will dry one day but will grow much greener other day. Seems nature knows solution to every problem.

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Failure? Complains?
All you need to know



The world facing the huge pandemic- the covid-19. Its worst out there. Nearly it’s been year we are locked -down. The situation is getting worst sometimes. Actually, due to this thing many of are mentally disturbed. We overthink, we be sad for no reason and often get annoyed to simple things in surrounding. We’ve simply had enough: Enough of being inside. Enough of working remotely. Enough of having businesses shut down. Enough of schools being closed. Enough of being isolated. Enough of everything.

We all complain about the things, we live over the excuses in day to today life. You don’t like the way you are – change it. You don’t like what you do – change it. Change is everything and the rule of the mother nature. Adopt yourself in every condition, always be ready to face upcoming hurdles. Complaing about the things is not going to change the situation. You’re the one who can overwrite the story and create new history. Fit in your mind no one is coming to help you in life and no one will is going to save you. Nothing will change until you act for the change. If you make changes on daily basis…. Daily improvements to make your life better. Leo Tolstoy once said: “everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one things of changing himself”.

Actually we all have heard this before many times in life but none of us acted for it. Talking truly we have reason for every problem and solution for the for the problem of others. And that’s just it isn’t it .. you cant change the world until you change yourself. The world could be right, if man could be right. Getting the motivation from other sources wont work until your fuel starts burning. Be self-addicted, self-motivated, self-focused. The day people start talking about you that day would the day you start making changes. You deep inside know you are the problem for the problem because you don’t find the solution for problem. So gradually problems don’t go away and decide to stay up there with you. Knowing that thing and not making the changes is ALL ON YOU.

When you started and you feel like quitting. Remember the all those who said you’d fail. Remember what made you to do this. I know beginning is half done but being in constituency is never done, starting is hard – working on it is tough. Remember pain is temporary greatness lasts forever. You can quit but before that take a deep breath look back into life and ask yourself how bad do you want? Stick it out and get your rewards. The rewards wont leave their home to come up for you. You should approach them , you fail , you approach, you get. If your will and hard work is real rewards can leave their home and live up with you. If you think getting more money is reward then you are on the wrong bus.

At night when you are broke- you ask life why me? For the pains and problem. God whispered why not you? I believed you can do, I know your ability. I am giving you this because I want you to be better. I want you to help. But you doubt yourself, although I believed in you. If you don’t want me ? you will be reasons for the permanent tears and pain in your life. He said you are the solution for the problem until you see it as a problem. You are drowning yourself in a dead sea. Now you are one who will decide what you have to do.

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How to kill a person with a smile ft. Sakshi Margaje



Sakshi’s Love for her Audience Proves She’s Queen Of Many hearts.

Sakshi Margaje, the popular Influencer and Social media content creator, puts out every sort of fun content to entertain her audience!
In just a short duration, she has won the hearts of millions through her extremely relatable and funny videos. In an interaction with Paradox India, she opened up on her experience of the content creation journey.

Sakhshi’s videos are all about goofiness and her motivating fitness moves. She enjoys a following of 17k and has acquired more than 30 million likes on the app.

From talking about trolling on social media to the best thing about using Instagram, Margaje revealed it all! Before we get on with her big reveals, check out some of her interesting clips right here:

Her hilarious videos and interesting have become the talk of the town, especially for youth, and she has risen to fame in a very short span of time. Here is everything you need to know about the internet sensation.

The stunning content creator Sakshi Margaje is known for her incredible short clips on Instagram, but it is her style sense we just can’t seem to get enough of! She is a diva, who rocks the feminine, girly-yet-sexy vibes with enviable ease. Her workout gear and body-hugging silhouettes have gained a lot of attention ever since she came into the limelight.

It’s not long since Sakshi started her journey, describing her time period as a content creator she says,”Though I started making videos in September! I never expected that people would shower their tremendous love on me. But as the time passed, I got many messages saying I inspire them with my dedication for fitness and other videos, and they love how positive I am (I am not😂).”

She joyfully said, “People loved the Maharashtrian side of me and they demanded for marathi videos.”
Sakshi is a skillful girl enjoying every bit of her life. She also expressed her fears by saying that, ‘she was kinda insecure at first to make original videos but when people liked what she did, she became confident enough to get into this marathi comedy too.’
She also shared something funny about her followers, well let’s see what juicy she got for all of us now?

“I call my followers Zhandu Baam because the same as Baam they heal the pain’.

We all know how good Sakshi is when it comes to creation of content, but apart from that you will be astonished to know she is a studious girl. She completed her 11th and 12th from Bhandup DAV. Born and brought up in Mumbai (Kanjur Marg) and belonging to a typical Maharashtrian family with thought that study should be the main concern, she was not always praised for the work she did.
“My parents always said “yeh sab thik hai par, padhai karo” 😂 First my mom and dad didn’t give a damn about my content creation thing but now when they see me doing brand collaborations and talking over the net they are somewhere happy and proud,” says Sakshi.

Sakshi being totally herself on social media is a treat to our eyes with her not only goofy but beautifulpics as well!

Concluding with a message for her followers she says,“Never give up or never settle for anything less and love the way you are because no one can love you more than yourself ♥️.”

It’s important that social media influencers talk about things not always being perfect and just “keep it real” with their followers, and it’s so heartwarming to see Sakshi Margaje doing just that. More power to this Supaarwoman!

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