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The boundless power of the morning



What time do you get up in the morning?

There is a world famous personality named Hale Errold, he was a hugely successful businessman, with great perseverance he overcame the physical disability caused by an accident.

But he suffered a huge loss in the Great Depression of 2008, billionaire Hale went into debt.

“Hell, you get up early in the morning!” “Everything else will happen automatically” Hale was disappointed He started getting up at four o’clock, and Hale says, his life has changed!

Are dawn and sunrise so magical?

What to do after getting up so early in the morning? Hale provided a codeword for this question.


Here are six life-changing habits.

1) Silence – (Meditation)

– Sit quietly and peek inside yourself, that is meditation!

– Touching one’s inner consciousness is meditation!

– Removing the virus by formatting the computer of the mind is meditation!

– Meditation is necessary to make the mind happy and refreshed!

– Meditation is the realization of how low one’s needs are, and how vain all worries are!

– Meditation is the act of connecting oneself with the vast, wonderful and blissful universe, and enlivening one’s own mind and body!

2) Affirmations – Positive self-notification

– Offerings are self-talk!

– Informing yourself,

– Build a goal that you have set on a very powerful intuition!
– In the next five years, in the next one year, in the next one month, in the next one week, and all day today, to revise my mind over and over again is self-suggestion!

Ideas seep into deep intuition, and dramatically come true.

– Since the power of intuition is huge, every thought rooted there, whether it is good or bad, really happens.

If something is said thousands of times, it is projected inwardly, then why speak inauspiciously?

– Instead of inviting destruction by saying bad things, ‘Ya sukhanno ya’! ..

3) Visualize – (Mixing good ideas in mind.)

Visualization is to imagine in the mind that the intense desire has been fulfilled, to express the joy of its fulfillment and to embody it in a subtle way on the mind!

Imagination is the most precious and most influential gift given to man by nature.

– Proper use of imagination transforms an ordinary person into a successful person.

– Every day we should keep in mind that we have achieved our goals.

Says Michael Phelps, a gold medalist in the swimming competition. When I start to fall asleep, I try to see in my mind exactly what I want to do.

– Olympic-winning athlete Lane Beechley said, “For the last four years, I’ve been getting the same results, that is, I’m standing with a winning medal in my hand, and it’s raining champagne on me.”

– Mike Smith said, I draw the dream I want on a piece of paper, write a note about the dream, and put it in front of my eyes in different ways.

– When famous industrialist Azim Premji was asked about the secret of his success, he said, “Success comes twice, once in the mind and the second time in the real world!”

4) Exercise

– To get rid of laziness from the body, to keep the energy flowing in the body, to keep the mind strong and happy, exercise is necessary!

– Suppose the body becomes lazy or the mind becomes corrupt!

– If energy is not diverted through exercise, yoga, pranayama, it turns to extra matter, and man becomes a slave to lusts.

– A person who is enslaved to bad habits loses consciousness, makes such a person feel uncomfortable.

– He cannot concentrate on anything, and therefore he cannot be happy, an anonymous fear is formed in the mind.

– The only way to break all this evil chain is to exercise, hit dips, wear sunscreen, do pullups, sweat on a treadmill, do pranayama. Keep the consciousness in the body alive.

5) Reading

People who read books live many lives in one life.

– People who become wise by the experience of others by this justice rule the world.

Warren Buffett, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg all read two books a week.

6) Scribing –

Writing introduces you to a new meeting.

– Writing empties the mind, removes sorrow, transmits new energy to the mind.

– Writing opens new avenues, opens the door to new progress.

– Santani has said, Disamaji should write something.

– Writing is also an effective tool for self-communication. Writing strengthens thoughts.

– When I wake up in the morning, I should write down what I am going to do all day today.

– If there is a problem, it should be written down and the solution should be written down.

– Dreams should be drawn on paper by sending the mind freely in the sky of dreams.

– What I am going to do to fulfill those dreams, I have to write the planning, planning too,

– Assign yourself tasks every day, and when done, declare yourself victorious.

– Writing frees my mind, lightens the burden of worries!

– Write letters to a close person, sometimes write inspiring stories.

– This is how the intuition blossoms, the source of energy flows loudly.

Each of these six habits is life-changing. How many of the above six habits have you developed?

Now each of us has a lot of free time … that time should be wasted on reading negative posts and thinking about it or you have to decide whether to try to implement all of them or any of the above.

It takes at least 21 days of practice to get used to anything … and you will probably have more than 21 days off now.

So let’s make good use of this time and build a strong mind and strong body for future life ….
Such a time and opportunity will not come again and it should not come …..
It is time to work on yourself …. to live for yourself ….. to take advantage of the situation ..

Want to worry, don’t worry.

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We asked girls most attractive things about men! Check out top 5!



In today’s world it’s an undeniable fact that everyone out there wants to look good. Who wouldn’t, right? An ordinary man can look extra ordinary by adopting few things in his clothing sense.

But one should keep in mind attractive clothes never attracts the person. The way you carry out them, they way you present yourself will make you stand out among the crowd. I am not thoroughly saying the clothes don’t attracts the person, they do attract but we should know perfect combinations, day today styles and should be updated according to the trend.

If you apply few things surely you will be able to impress or attract the person. Here are the few tips will make you look sexier.

Rolled sleeves:

This seems quite simple. The rolled sleeves? Yes, the rolled selves can make you look incredibly sexy and attractive. Women find forearms attractive – If you work out 5-6 times a week, incredibly your forearm will impress anyone out there. When you wear a long sleeve shirt do try this, it will suddenly make you look 100x more attractive. This makes you look manly, cool, bit casual and totally approachable. The best thing about this style is that, it works on any kind of long sleeve clothing- a sweater, button-down shirt, Henley, jackets etc.

Well-fitting Suit:

Mostly men look stunning in the suits. This is the time when you attract the person or leaves your impression behind. That’s the reasons why the all women find Zayn malik sexy. Its not only because he is a good-looking man. It’s because he is a handsome hunk when he’s wearing the suit. Well-fitted, clean cut and the classic one. The thing here matters is not just about what you are wearing, its also about how you’re wearing it.

You won’t look attractive, sexy, capable and powerful in the suit if the fit isn’t right. To get the right fit, make sure the jacket suit fits good at your shoulders snugly. The important thing the sleeves should just end 2 fingers about the wrist bone. Pants should match the jackets, with a proper length and proper fitting. If the fits don’t match your size you can go with personal designed suits.

The stylist shoes:

You won’t believe but the most of people starts looking at you right from the shoes. The shoes are the first things the attracts the attention of many peoples. Actually, shoes can make or break even the most attractive outfit for man. Generally, men don’t care much about the shoes and goes with any kind of shoes with any kind of outfits. This thing may make you look unattractive to women. If you don’t know much about the shoes try wearing the leathers shoes. It will make you look attractive. According to survey it is stated that women seem to find men who wears these shoes as more masculine, intelligent and sexually mature.

Solid tee or Henley:

The solid tee and Henley are the simple outfits for men that will make you look attractive. Talking truly Henley are undeniable sexy. They are also considered better then pain tee. Sometimes solid tee may go out of the style but Henley never go. Mostly the Henley go matching with jeans or any casual pants. It said that in a sea of men wearing t shirts, you will stand out. While still enjoying the comfort of wearing the casual clothes.

Leather jackets:

The leather jackets the nuclear when you talk about looking sexy. The leather jackets are tough but very smooth to touch the women attention. Leather jacket over a solid tee can make your looks upgrade to grade A.

Leather jacket is the thing that all men need to add into their wardrobe. Talking about the facts wearing the leather jackets makes a guy feel more confident. The most important thing man who looks confident can make anything he wears sexy and stunning. Its doesn’t matter he do have a good brand clothes or a good physique. But if she carries himself and look secure with himself and capable of things happen. Then he will be the sexiest man in the room.

IMP:Make sure you don’t judge anyone’s character or a personality with his/her brands. Start investing in yourself, because that will make you look sexier. Investing in a wardrobe won’t make you look sexier. The worst but best truth of today’s world is women finds the men sexier and more attractive who works on themselves, for their dreams, for their passion.

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The problem solver element: Self Motivation



Theses days all of the people are integrated with the negative thoughts and feel demotivated. Seems we have lost the battle, we have dropped our weapons and surrounded. Then the question invokes can we get spark to do our things ? can we make our life better than before/now ? Yes, for sure you can do. Just you need to find the reason and lit your lamp with the spark of desire. In short amtanirbhar – motivate yourself. It’s not that difficult or out of the context as we usually think. It’s pretty easy if you are determined but terms and conditions are always applicable.

The first thing you need to do is to find out the thing you love to do most, then try to engage in. As we know success or the happiness is hidden in the work we love. As per human nature we all want to achieve our goals. We day dreamed about that, we always imagine that situation. What if really you are there, so let’s take a step closer towards it. Make your day plans- own plans execute them try to fix bugs and errors that leads you out of it. Adding up the days will make your week planned. Then you can directly shift to a week-long plan, for example : you should set a short goal to complete your work then track the process often and then try to complete it in a week.

We all know it will be not that easy, what if we failed ? but at the last you will be step closer towards it. Setting the tasks is good thing, if you complete it in time then you are on the right path. If not don’t worry the goal setting will teach you efficient time management. At last you will be better than yesterday. The thing matters here is to be better than today and I think that’s not that hard for you. I know you are capable to do so.

Don’t do something because you have to do, work on that because you wanted it to be done. A burning sense of passion is the most potential fuel for your dreams. We all say motivation is just for few days or even few hours, but it depends on our desires. You know you yourself are the unique creature of all time and your desires are fuel that makes you run. Being consistent can make big difference.

Don’t stop when you are tired of it or want to quit, just remember why you started then work on it until you are done with it. We should make self-promises, as because here we can’t lie. Never ever think I am smartest, may be you haven’t meet your better version.

Be into your stuff thoroughly, water your grass such that you don’t even need to check others grasses are green. Every grass will dry one day but will grow much greener other day. Seems nature knows solution to every problem.

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