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You Can Change Your World



We know we can’t change the world in a day. Although we also know that Positive Mental Attitude (PMA) is essential. PMA is one the 17 principles of success and also most effective way towards life. When you start applying the other principles with PMA, you are on the road if success. Then you are on right track and headed in right direction.

To achieve anything worthwhile in life, it is imperative that you apply PMA, regardless of what other principles you employ. PMA works as catalyst with other principles. There is film difference between NMA and PMA. It’s NMA, combined with same principles but it works as catalyst which results in crime or evil. NMA leads you towards path of devil. And grief, disaster, tragedy–sin, disease, death– are some of the rewards.

The book success through positive mental attitude includes all 17 principles. These were termed as PMA, The science of success.

These 17 principles are:

  1. Positive Mental Attitude (PMA).
  2. Definiteness of purpose.
  3. Going the extra mile.
  4. Accurate thinking.
  5. Self-discipline.
  6. The master mind.
  7. Applied faith.
  8. A pleasing personality.
  9. Personal initiative.
  10. Enthusiasm.
  11. Controlled attention.
  12. Teamwork.
  13. Learning from deaft.
  14. Creative vision.
  15. Maintaining sound physical and mental health.
  16. Using cosmic habit force( universal law)
  17. Budgeting time n money.

These 17 principles are found after reaserch and study. As long as you live, from this day forward, you can analyse your success and every failure– that’s it, if you imprint these 17 principles indelibly in your memory.

There is no other known method by which you may keep your mind positive.

Analyze each and every principle and start implementing in your life which you have been neglecting. In future when you apply these principles with PMA, and very soon you will be able to lay your finger on what has been holding you back.

If you have PMA and you don’t succeed, then what?

This question may strike in your mind now. This is because you are in zone of NMA. When you will apply PMA these questions will be vanished. Although you applied and don’t succeed, it may be because you re not using each and every principle necessary in the combination for success to attain specific goal.

How you can change the world?

This question may appear impossible or something out of box. But a lesson learned from a child may change your thought. This is wonderful story of a minister who implemented his logic learned from his child.

One Saturday morning, minister was busy in preparing his sermon under difficult conditions. His wife went for shopping. It was rainy day and his young son was restless and bored. The minister in desperation, picked a magazine and thumbed through it with until he came across a bright large picture. It was the world map. Then he tored the map into peices and asked his son to solve this puzzle.

He said ” Johnny, if you will put together, I’ll give you a quarter.” The preacher thought this would take lot of time and will keep Johnny busy. After ten minutes his son came with solved puzzle. The minister was amazed and shocked. The peices were neatly arranged and the world map was back in order. ‘Son, how did you get that done so fast?” asked preacher.

“Oh,” said Johnny, “it was very easy. On the other side, there was picture of man . I putted together pieces and then turned it over. I figured out that if I got the man right, the world would be right.

The minister smiled, and handed his son a quarter. ” And you’ve given me my sermon for tomorrow, too”, he said. “If a man is right, his world will be right”.

There was great lesson in this idea. If you are unhappy with your world and want to change it, the place to start is with yourself. If you are right the world will be right. This is what PMA is all about. When you have PMA, the problem of your world tend to bow before you.

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Protect your phone



We understand how close people are with their phones, and not only because they have to, but also because of the cost and features. Some people invest all their income so as to buy the best phone they can afford. And for that people need to know how to extend your phone’s battery life or even save your phone from different mishappenings that might occur in our day to day lives. So, here we are with some tips and tricks that can help you to save your phone from such mishaps
1. Tempered glass and back cover :- Always use your phone with tempered glass and back cover on. This might save your phone from dangerous falls. Also, try to use a tempered glass that covers each and every section of your screen. Also, use a back cover which has extension on its four sides that will help it not to get scratched when it falls down. Well, as you know it’s better to scratch or break a thing that will cost you only 200/- than to break something which will cost you a fortune.
2. Avoid software updates after two generations :- Phone manufacturers only provide software support for approximately two generations. This is the reason that the latest iOS updates are only compatible with the 4S and later models. In some cases, you will have the ability to update even if your device is older, but it is very likely that doing so will cause a lot of performance issues.
This may be because it is difficult to create stable updates that will work across a wide variety of devices, but most people believe that the reality is more sinister. After all, why would Apple want to keep making updates available for older phones when they can simply push consumers into making a new purchase every couple of years? Either way, you can extend the life of your smartphone by avoiding updates after two new generations have been released.
3. Power down regularly :- You would never leave your laptop running for several weeks at a time, yet most of you have not turned your smartphone off in months. Keep in mind that your phone is very similar to a computer in many ways. Simply allowing your phone to power down for a few minutes at least once a week will help it run more efficiently, and this will also extend its useful life.
4. Remove unnecessary photos and videos :- Almost every smartphone user has experienced serious lag times that make it frustrating to use their mobile device. In the vast majority of cases, this happens because the storage and RAM capabilities of the smartphone are being maxed out. This can make the phone much less responsive, and it often convinces people to upgrade before they truly need to. To avoid this unnecessary expense, make sure that you regularly remove any apps, photos, documents or text messages that you do not actually need.
5. never share your privacy :- always keep in touch with all the widgets from the notifications area, turn them off when not in use like location, Bluetooth, hotspot, these can be very dangerous from your privacy concerns and also for viruses or other harmfull softwares.

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Be Grateful!! Know why??



When was the last time you smiled and were truly happy with no complaints? If you took more than a second to think, then here I have something for you. A video have been spreading in various platforms recently, a lecturer named Karthik introducing a kid named Ashish as his best friend. This kid supports his mother who is a fruit vendor near woodland showroom in Vasai West Maharashtra. The guy says how cheerfully the kid greets him when he returns after some days. Even without seeing his face behind the mask Karthik got welcomed by Ashish. He later describes how alert and alive the kids five senses are and how skilfully he communicates and handles the accounts. When he was asked about his birthday both mother and child said neither they celebrate nor they know the date. The conversation continued where Karthik gets to learn how the kid looks upon his life through his innocent eyes. Karthik lend his hands to support Ashish in every possible way.
This kid who was blessed with those skills whether was fortunate enough for education or not we don’t know. We don’t even know the struggles he had to face in his day to day life. Truth is there are many like this kid who struggles for their daily wages in the age to get education. There are Hundreds and thousands of children in developing and under developed countries who are still illiterate who had to work from their childhood. If the fundamental capabilities such as emotional, physical and social capability of individuals are not developed in early ages it would affect the Childs learning potentials. It’s only through education they will get a bright future.
The word education which is derived from a Latin word ‘educare’, means to bring up, or to bring out. Every man is born with certain inherent talents. These talents are to be brought out and made use of, then only they will shine. Education lead a man from darkness to light and ignorance to knowledge. Education does not mean only reading, writing and doing arithmetic. It has different aims to be achieved. The most Important among them are knowledge, social, moral and spiritual aims. A man without education is nothing, but an animal, ‘Vidya Vihinah pashu’, says a Sanskrit shloka. So we being educated should turn and look at people around who suffer and should be helping hands to them. During this pandemic where every single person is suffering, the crisis of those living at the fringes of the society is lot more than ours.
There are many blessings around us. Life can be hard but looking around the people who are less fortunate than us can be a reminder to be both grateful and appreciative. From family to career to cup of coffee we have are things to be grateful. Even during storms of life we should be focusing on all right things and leave out the ones that are hard. Being grateful motivates one to be a better person.
“Cultivate the habit of being grateful for every good thing that comes to you, and to give thanks continuously. And because all things have contributed to your advancement, you should include all things in your gratitude” – Ralph Waldo Emerson
Next time before you complaint remember this,then smile knowingly and be grateful for your life. Let’s be another Karthik for another Ashish and make our world a better place to live.

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Girls Are Coming Out of the Woods – A Discourse on Rape in India



“Girls are coming out of the woods,
wrapped in cloaks and hoods,
carrying iron bars and candles
and a multitude of scars, collected
on acres of premature grass and city
buses, in temples and bars. Girls
are coming out of the woods
with panties tied around their lips,
making such a noise, it’s impossible
to hear. Is the world speaking too?
Is it really asking, What does it mean
to give someone a proper resting?

These words taken from the poem Girls Are Coming Out of the Woods by Tishani Doshi only begin to talk about the issue of rape in India. For years we have seen, read, and heard of tragedy after tragedy, girl after girl, injustice heaped upon injustice, in state after state. Where does it stop? Where do we draw the line? What are we doing?

The Problem

Let’s call a spade a spade; we are afraid. We are afraid to speak up for the victim. Haven’t we heard of case upon case where people are being silenced for their dissenting words? Therefore, we cower. Even though we say we want a change we are unwilling to be the agents of change. Our mothers, our well meaning mothers tell us not to get involved. After all, they don’t want to see us harmed, or worse, murdered.

The Reason

I don’t write this article to condemn, I am writing first and foremost, to myself. I am writing to the people of India to rise up out of your slumber and take a stand against the iron hand of injustice weighing upon our nation. Women, who are worshiped as gods are also treated worse than criminals. My fellow Indian, would you do that to your god; the god you have set up of brick and stone? Have you then no reverence for flesh and bone?

The Answer

This is not an article for answers, of those I have none. I have questions, and questions, and questions for us to ponder upon. In a book I once read it says to look out for the cause of the widow and the orphan. But to quote Tishani Doshi, they are a victim to “…all the lies/ whispered by strangers and swimming / coaches, and uncles, especially uncles…”. This cannot go on.

In Conclusion

So I ask you, my friends, spread your arms and feel the winds of change. Let us stand together and encourage the victims to come out of the fear, out of the shackles of bondage, out of the woods of despair, and to speak, to write, to sing; let us stand together for those who are oppressed, especially those who are so because they were not born boys.

Girls Are Coming Out of the Woods

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